20 Incredible Sex Tips To Give Him Pleasure He Won't Forget

Do you want to increase your confidence with your guy in the bedroom? The following sex tips are surefire ways to make him go crazy.

By Gerald Matiri
20 Incredible Sex Tips To Give Him Pleasure He Won't Forget

Secrets to making him obsessed with you

If you ask most guys, they would tell you that nothing in the world gives them a thrill like sexual pleasure that is also safe. They just cannot think of anything else. The weird part is that bedroom matters do not get discussed too much in detail despite the kind of attention safe sex receives. People talk about them in general terms and emphasis is placed on how to make women happy in bed. Bearing this in mind, you want to know what contributes to a mind-blowing lovemaking session and exactly what you need to do to give him an unforgettable experience. Give these 20 pleasure tips a try.

Tips for lighting the fire of desire

Sexual tension is breathtaking and makes partners feel good while giving them something to anticipate each day. If you didn’t know, men love to play around just like women before having intercourse. Sexual tension is meant to make sex better. Do you want him to build up anticipation and drive him insane that he jumps on you right away? Relax and read this carefully. There are certain standards you should follow to make him build the tension.

1. Talk about sex with your guy

You cannot simply jump into bed with him without discussing beforehand. This is a subject that needs to be talked about explicitly, lovingly, fearlessly, and practically. Do not be afraid to bring up even the most sensitive issues. If you don’t talk to him, how will you know how to give him a bone-rattling session? Make him ask you what he wants and let him know that if he doesn’t ask, he might not get it. Sexual conversation can be a great part of the foreplay and it should be hot and very intimate.

2. Eat something yummy with your guy

A killer body is not the only thing that can make him go crazy over you. Seeing you eating something like a strawberry or sucking a lollipop can tickle his imagination. You can even get messy while you eat delicious chocolate feed him like a baby. Be fun but keep it classy. This tip is very sensual, but remember not to go overboard.

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3. Flirt ferociously with your guy

You may not be a talented flirt but you need to learn how to flirt like a bad girl. This is one way of letting him know that you want him. It is an effective mechanism for building anticipation for sex. Be naughty but not outrageously flirty. Find a balance between directness and subtlety. You will be planting sexual desires in his head and every time you make a hint. That is how he will yearn for more as he wonders.

4. Smooth, lingering touches to your guy

As long as he is attracted to you, even the slightest touch would turn him on. But do not make it too obvious and avoid it in public. This is a private affair so it should be kept subtle. Let your palms graze against him for a while as you speak, cook, or do another activity together. You can lay your hand on his shoulders and accidentally touch his ears. Again, do not go over the top or grope him. Compliment his beard as you let your fingers run through it. Touch his face and place one finger on his lip and tell him to remain silent. Remember that you can only touch him when the two of you are close. Whether you are at the coffee shop, in his house, or in a cab, sit very close to him as you put your hands on his thighs. Subtle touches can do a lot of magic.

5. Dress to impress your guy

You have been endowed with a beautiful body and so you must flaunt it. Under no circumstance should he see the boring version of you. Put on your best dress if you are going out and apply the right amount of makeup. Make sure that you feel confident but comfortable in your choice of clothes. The right dresses are those that flaunt your curves and highlight your body assets. Show just the right amount of skin and put on your best heels. There is no way he would keep his eyes off your body and he will be thinking about leaving the party so you can have sex.

6. Watch sexy and romantic films together

Do not let bedroom matters between the two of you get dull due to lack of sexual tension. Lovemaking is not a simple routine like exercising. To make sex new and exciting, you must plan for it and surprise him once in a while. Perhaps you hate dirty movies and don’t want to hear this. Typical pornography seems to degrade women so you don't have to watch it if it's not your thing. But if you are keen, you can find sex films which are geared to a romantic experience rather than a dirty session. They are good for you and your partner. Make sure you cuddle as you watch.

Be inspired by sex films

Even though they say keeping a TV in the bedroom is unhealthy, it can be a great accessory for romantic moments. Watching arousing videos with him would give a burning desire and get your juices flowing before you get down to the real thing. Sexual movies can also enlighten you on new bedroom tactics. Just looking at aroused characters is sufficient stimulation for him. To enhance the pleasurable mood, close the curtains, dim the lights, and start playing those sex flicks. Within no time, he will be on top of you.

Blowjob tips that will make him crave for more

Before you give him a blowjob, ask for directions first. You want to know if he is into it or not. It is not a good idea to ask him directly but you can make suggestive statements or lay down options for him to choose. Depending on your level of confidence, it can be easier or a little tricky. Nonetheless, asking for directions is vital because you will know how to give him the ultimate pleasure. And you will be surprised at how he returns the favor. Remember that a good blowjob needs to be safe. Only do it to a trusted partner. Most guys love blowjobs and they feel cared for through this erotic generosity. If you want to give him an unforgettable oral satisfaction, follow these explosive blowjob tips that will make him crave for more.

7. It has to be fun for you and your guy

Oral sex is vital for a meaningful relationship. It shows that the partners trust each other. It shows that they are willing to give as much as they want to receive, especially during sex. So, you must have some motivation to go down and make the experience enjoyable, pain-free, and comfortable. It is very important that your hand stimulation and oral techniques coordinate to make him want more. What he may not say is that he wants more stimulation and pressure than what your mouth delivers. For that matter, you have to combine handjob and mouth techniques in the best way you can.

8. Create prolonged pleasure

If you are great, he might want the oral pleasure to continue for a longer time. Your blowjob must not be hurried all the time. It is a part of sex that should be enjoyed and not hurried. At some point, slow down the action to make it prolonged. At the same time, be keen on his responses. While he comes close to the climax, hold still or minimize the intensity of the blowjob. Then after the relaxation, rev up the intensity to build his arousal once again. You can even take it as a challenge and see for how long you can make him sustain the sexual desire in bed. You have to pay attention to his body language so that you may know when he is about to orgasm. The two of you needs to communicate and find ways in which he can prolong his sexual satisfaction. This will be for your benefit as well.

9. Wet the entire manhood of your guy

It is a fact that sexual stimulation feels awesome when things are wet. Do not be afraid to apply a lot of saliva as you use your soft hands to distribute wetness all the way from the head to the bottom of his shaft. If producing more saliva is a problem, try chewing some mint to activate the salivary glands. If you need more lubrication, find coconut or almond oil which as they have a good taste and cause a lot of sliding.

Tips on how to avoid boredom in bed

Maybe you have been with your guy for quite a long time and sex can start to become routine. When his moves start getting boring, it is high time you switch to something new. From new sex positions to new sex toys, you have a lot of options. Routine is a killer of many relationships. Did you know that boredom can sometimes result into cheating? Adding something fresh in the relationship can do wonders. Are you serious about maintaining a fun sexual relationship with your guy? Here are good tips for you.

10. Make some noise

Sex should not be a silent activity. Don't be afraid to express your pleasure by being loud in the bedroom. Moans will show him how enthusiastic you are as he makes love to you. The volume of your noise should turn on both of you.

11. Touch him everywhere

Your hands must wander all over his body. Spread your fingers on his chest, play with his nipples, and grab his lower back once in a while. His perineum is very sensitive so be sure to apply some pressure. Caress and prod it gently during sex and if he likes, you can do the backdoor play for extra pleasure. While his sensations erupt, be sure to touch him with aggression. Scratch his back with your nails but don’t hurt him.

12. Play the ball game

His twins are mystical parts of his body and they deserve to be pampered. This will make him feel safe around you. Touching them carefully yields a sensation beyond compare. If this is something you've never thought about, then now is the perfect time to do it. It will make sex feel more pleasurable.

13. Try new scents

Tastes and scents during sex can enhance erotic stimulation. If he likes your perfume, use it in bed. Take a bath with some scented oil and ask him to smell your body and kiss you. Let him know where he should smell and kiss. If he dislikes the scent, you will know it. During foreplay, you can use flavored lubricants such as strawberry and chocolate. There are some guys who don’t like flavors or scents but prefer the natural smell of a woman who is turned on. If this is your type of man, you are very lucky because you don’t have to keep worrying where to find sensual fragrances. Here is a wonderful trick you can try: call him before you meet explain how wet you are because all you can think of is him. When he arrives, don’t talk much but ask him to smell your body. Touch your private parts with your fingers and then give him a little taste, literally.

14. Clear the bush

So you want to be different in bed? Why not surprise him with a clean-shaven cooch? Use shaving products that completely remove the pubic hair. Try creams that do not bring itchy regrowth so that your skin stays smooth and mesmerizing. Any product you apply on your genitals should be safe. This is a big turn-on tip for most guys. This will definitely be an unexpected surprise for him.

15. Make sex interesting when using a condom

Sometimes, a condom is necessary for safe sex. Needless to say, it will protect you from unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases. Putting on a condom doesn't have to be boring. He doesn’t have to be the one putting it in his manhood all the time. He will appreciate if you do it. This is how you should put it on him: make sure the rolling side of the condom faces you and then hold it with your mouth. Stick your tongue inside the condom such that he can see your tongue poking out a little. Get close to the head of his shaft and start unrolling it over his manhood. Do not forget to allow a small space at the tip for semen. Be very careful not to tear it with your teeth.


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Tips for making him have an explosive orgasm

A mind-blowing orgasm is the reward a man receives for a well-done job of pleasing a woman. If you're able to give him the best sex of this life, then he'll never be able to forget you. Follow these tips that will change your sex life.

16. Make him watch as you touch yourself

This sex tip will definitely build the erotic tension. Put on a hot outfit and find some vibrators. You can do in any position you like: sit in front of a mirror, on a table, on the floor, lying in bed etc. there are many ways you can play with yourself say on the labia until you orgasm. Stimulate yourself slowly and slow down just when you are on the verge of climaxing. Show him what works for you and explain everything. Do not be shy and make sure you describe how it feels like when you do it yourself. You already know that you have a G-spot and you are lucky if you know where it is found. Make sure you show him how to hit it. It is usually triggered through the front walls of your vagina during sex and also when flexed with a vibrator or fingers. It is easier to show him when you are completely aroused by inserting your finger and pressing your vagina walls gently. Its location differs from woman to woman. It is a ridged part which makes you feel like you want to urinate when touched. Make sure that you and your guy keep it in mind. Ask him to find it with his fingers and while he does so, you will be blooming with pleasure and he will be yearning to make love.

17. Take sex out of the usual place

The bedroom is not the only place for having sex. You can go to a picnic with a nice blanket and enjoy yourselves or do it in his car at a deserted ground. For some men, the fear of someone intruding is a turn-on. It increases arousal as the adrenaline levels shoot. Outdoor sex can be truly exciting when done correctly. Nevertheless, don’t do it at the beach when everyone is watching. A little discretion is important.

18. Explore sex fantasies

Most people think that their fantasies are weird or gross. Some men cannot say what they fantasize about because of either shyness or fear of embarrassment. If you could make him experience his fantasies in real life, he will utterly be obsessed with you. There are certain tactics you can employ to make him share his wildest dreams with you. First of all, explore the tamest ones; then proceed to the wildest when you are totally comfortable with one another. Open up first and do not judge him even if he sounds ridiculous or weird. Make sure you are not forcing him to speak out. He will open up more if you support him and show interest. Finally, promise to keep it a secret.

19. Lead your guy

A romantic relationship usually involves one who is submissive and another who is dominant. Next time you get in bed with him, try switching roles! Also, try a new thing like a sex position you have never done before. Be the one to initiate everything from foreplay til the end. It may not be easy at first but you don’t need to worry. Talk dirty to him to keep him attracted to you. If he doesn’t initiate new sex positions, take control and direct him. Teach yourself various positions before you meet him and feel free to share your discoveries. They don’t have to be complicated and start with those that don’t require too much flexibility. Taking the lead might make you nervous but you'll both enjoy it.

20. Apply the delaying techniques

If you didn’t know, longer foreplay contributes to powerful orgasms. You should help your man hold back so that he may last longer in bed. Begin with a slow back rub and have some cool-off sessions. This requires a lot of discipline. One of the positions that can help him delay is the girl-on-top. He will resist the urge to thrust because you are in control of the sexual motions. The other tip for making him prolong his session is the squeeze. Before he reaches the peak, place your thumb somewhere at the base of his manhood and your middle finger on the opposite side and squeeze. Then resume the act.

Try these tips tonight

Keeping the sex flame burning requires a lot of effort. Maybe it has never been your forte but it's never too late to learn and improve. Start harnessing the wonderful power of raising his sexual pleasure. The timing, mood, and setting determine the extent of pleasure he receives. If it is fun for him, it is going to be fun for you too. Mix up the 20 tips and see what works best for him tonight.



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