20 Warning Signs To Tell If He Is He Losing Interest In You

You need to find out if you should feel comfortable or paranoid when it comes to him? Read this 20 signs and find out if he is losing interest in you.

By Vera Aries
20 Warning Signs To Tell If He Is He Losing Interest In You

Are You Paranoid Or He Is Losing Interest In You

The comfortable interpersonal relations, of course, which also include love connections, are one of the most complicated things in the world since Adam and Eve. Internet and social networks just further complicate our lives when it comes to love relationships. But the main question is how to know if he is still interested in you or you are just paranoid searching for bad signs? Maybe you think it's all right and you are just paranoid, or you just do not want to admit to yourself that your boyfriend "cools"? These are clear signs that will (unfortunately) take off your "pink glasses." Today, we bring you twenty signs to help you recognize that he simply is losing interest.

1. It Seems To Ignore Exclusively You

He does not respond to your messages, and when, after a few days, you are still waiting for him to respond he just says: "I'm no longer so much on Facebook / Twitter," or more, or I haven't seen the message. Well, maybe you would have believed him, if you didn't see his friends regularly report on their crazy social life, where also he is included on the Internet, with fun and coffee from the crowd. Think well and you will recognize that you are doing the same thing and pretend busy when someone is trying to have contact with you, and you are not interested in. The sooner you settle down with the newly created situation, the better for you. One thing is for sure: he is losing interest in you.

2. He Does Not 'Like' More Of Your Posts

The same thing usually happens at the beginning and the end of a relationship. At the beginning of your socializing, he may not have the habit of 'liking' the status and photos of the person who is attracted to. You, in fact, should be like that - and not immediately poke the likes of all the photos he posted since he registered on Facebook. As your relationship progresses gradually, your status will grow to an increasing number of his comments and 'likes.' It's the nicest part of a relationship - the butterflies in your belly, you think you're in love. But if he previously liked your things on social networks, and suddenly stopped, but you know that he is not busy working, then it's a sure sign that he is losing interest in you! Of course, you will quickly understand this and immediately try to publish things that you think will be very pleasing to him. It's pretty pathetic, and of course, it does not bring you anywhere. The only thing that is even worse than trying to post something that he is interested in, is to ask him "Why you do not like and comment on my status anymore?" or "Are you losing interest?" So, avoid doing this three things, accept the fact that he is losing interest, and try to do something else to keep him.

3. He Publishes More Photos And Often Changes Profile

If your guy constantly publishes new photos on social media, where he is alone or with some friends, there is something to worry about. Especially if previously he had photos of you two. On the one hand, he is more active than ever on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and on the other hand he pretends to be busy and does not have much time to get in touch with you.

4. Does Not Log In To Social Networks When You Are Together

Is he changing his habits when it comes to the Internet and social networks? Does he stay mostly late in the evening in front of the computer, when you fall asleep? Does he shut down the computer or minimize the chat when you entered the room? Strange behavior begins to be noticed even when the cell phone is concerned. Is he hiding it from you? Is he always on the vibe? Does he not answer phone calls when you're nearby? These are just some of the signs that you should not take for granted for too long. It's time for an alert. Because it's more than sure that he is losing interest in you and maybe there is someone else in the picture.

5. If He Does Not Call You To See You, He Is Losing Interest

It's simple and easy: if the boy cares, he wants to see you. If in the last moment you are the one who is constantly trying to schedule a date and you are constantly pushing him to make space in his free time for you, it is a sign that something is wrong. When a guy is interested in you, he will try to spend more time with you. He will ask you to go on a date, to take a simple walk in the park together or to just watch a movie at home. It doesn't matter how busy or how tired he is if he will always make space for you. But if that changed in your connection, then is a sure sign that he is losing interest.

6. He Does Not Respond To Your Messages And Calls

Do you know that he has his phone always carrying with him, and again, after a few hours, does he answer a message or a call? And even if he is overworked and busy, he just needs a few seconds to reply to you message. Or if you do not get an answer after a few hours, you will contact him again, and then you get "I was busy, don't stress out for no reason," know that you are not so important anymore. It's okay if sometimes happens to him to not call you or reply on your message, but if this starts to be his daily routine and you feel so ignored, then it's surely a sign that he is losing interest in you. Calling him, even more, won't change the situation, so you need to find another way to make him crave for you.

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7. You Are Most Often Seen In A Common Company

It is logical that at the beginning of the relationship you will want to spend as much time as you can, but this should not change later. First date or the hundredth, it doesn't matter, because a man that is interested in you will always want to spend some time alone with his girl. Of course, you will go out with your friends, family members, etc., but if your attendance only falls on group exists (which he actually suggests), that is definitely not a good indicator. If you mostly go out with other people and never go on a date alone, it's a sign that he is losing interest in you, maybe doesn't feel comfortable in your company anymore and definitely doesn't want to spend his time with just you. One thing is for sure: he is losing interest in you.

8. He Does Not Show Affection In Public

We do not think that you should constantly be "bothered" and kissed when you are at a cafe or other public places, but you know how someone cares and shows his affection, even in public. If you set one near the other, and he has not grabbed your hand or kissed in a flash, or if you sat next to each other, and at no time he did not even hug you. Unfortunately, he does not feel close to you anymore. This cold behavior it's a sign that he is losing interest in you.

9. If Intimate Moments Are No Longer Fulfilled, It's A Sing He Is Losing Interest

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Even if your intimate life is not empty, if he starts losing interest in you, you will feel that something has changed. Perhaps it is not consecrated as before, or literally, you are just "doing something intimate" in order to say that you have intimate moments. Actually, instead of combining these moments and making you closer, they make you more distant. If he refuses to be intimate with you, which can be verbally or physically, If he moves away when you try to embrace him or kiss him, he no longer wants to hold your hand in the public eye and keep "pulling" away to spend as little time with you as possible, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. All of this things are considered as intimate moments, and the lack of them is a sign that your guy is losing interest in you.

10. He Is Always Lying To You

Lies are also an indicator that he is losing interest. The trust is very important in every relationship. When a man is in love with you, he wants you to know everything about him. However, if he is often lying, it means that he hides some things from you and it does not matter to him if you are hurt because of this behavior. It's also possible that the relationship is squeezed and his lies will help him feel better. However if a guy lies to you that he is busy and working, in order to avoid spending time with you, it's because he is losing interest in you. So this tiny lies, as he considers it, are a sign that something big is happening beyond the surface.

11. He Cheated On You

There is no justification for the lack of faith in the relationship. It doesn't matter if you are one week together and going out or one year. If he cheats you, he has certainly lost interest in you and your relationship. This is a sign that he is losing interest in you, but before stressing out, think well because in this situation it all depends on you. Would you rather stay in a connection where you have been cheated and try to fix things just because you feel comfortable being in a relationship? Or is it better for you to move on and find someone that deserves you and your affection?

12. He Starts A Quarrel About Everything

If there is a quarrel about every small thing in your relationship, then it is possible that he wants to break with you, but he does not know how. In order to conceal his own confusion and frustration, he starts arguing for the sake of it. This shows you that he is losing interest in you and does not like your company anymore. But before making some decisions, make sure that the reason of the quarrels are not some things you both did wrong, or some problems and stressing situations he had lately, but the fact that he is losing interest in you.

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13. If He Compares You With Other Women He is Losing Interest In You

If your guy often compares you with other women, telling you how someone is better cooker than you, or how some other girl has more fulfilled career, that shows you that he thinks they are better than you. Do not let him confuse you and make you feel insecure. Talk to him. But, remember, this kind of talks mean that he is losing interest in you, and there are other women out there that are more attractive to him.

14. He Doesn't Make Future Plans With You

By future plan, we are not talking about conversations about marriage or kids. When we say future plans, we are talking about summer vacation or his friend's wedding that will be six months from now or just where he wants to spend the Christmas holidays. If he makes some plans about all of these occasions, but he doesn't include you, it is a bad sign. That means that he is not that into you and doesn't want to spend his time with you. The reason for this may be that he does not see the future with you. Also, it is possible that he plans to break up with you soon and he thinks it is meaningless to talk about the future and to make plans with you. Anyway, one thing is for sure he is losing interest in you.

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15 He Doesn't Show Excitement Or Disappointment

If he does not show excitement when you have an appointment to spend some time together, and he is not disappointed when you cancel it, it means that he is not that into you or with other words, this is a clear indicator of losing interest to you. If he likes you,/loves you he will be happy to see you and spend some time with you. But if you cannot see any excitement or happiness, then be sure that something is not right. One thing is for sure: he is losing interest in you.

16. He Does Not Listen To You

He does not listen to you. If he does not pay attention to what you are saying or if everything you say is taken with the reserve, that means something is definitely wrong. The person who is interested in you, will carefully listen to everything you want to say and to every wish you have, so he can make you complete it. Not showing interest in your conversations is a sign he is losing interest in you.

17. He Is Behaving Uninterested

You have some stressed period or some problems at work or with your family. And you turned to him hoping to have a companion and support, but all you got was uninterested behavior. This is a clear indicator that he is losing interest in you and hasn't got any purpose to help you with your difficult times.

18. He Rather Spends Time With His Friends

In the beginning, he couldn't wait to spend some time with you, but now things have changed, and he rather spends his time with his friends. No, you are not paranoid. Something is wrong, and he definitely is losing interest in you.

19. He Doesn't Communicate With You

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Is there a change in communication? Maybe at the beginning, you two were comfortable spending a lot of hours on the phone or tinkered with the messages? But now he is not calling you for days. If you are constantly wondering why he is not calling you, maybe the next thing you will hear is "I want to end the relationship." One thing is for sure, he is losing interest in you, and that is why he wasn't communicating with you as he was in the beginning.

20. He Tells You That Something Is Not The Same

If he is comfortable enough with you and directly tells you that something is not the same in your relationship, trust him. Man are simple creatures that usually speak what they mean. So this is not a way to make you jealous or make you crave for him more. But it is simply, he is losing interest in you.

Final Word

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Losing interest is the most common reason why relationships end, no matter if they are at the beginning or it's a long-term relationship. These 20 signs will tell you if your guy is losing interest in you. If you found yourself in the above signs, that means that you are not paranoid and you stressing about your relationship is justified. Definitely, something is wrong with your connection, and your boy is no longer interested in you as he was earlier. If you recognize some or all of these signs, and if this happens for a long time, do not ignore them, and talk to your crush or boyfriend. Feeling stressed because of the new situation won't lead you anywhere. Maybe there is something that it can be done in order to save the connection or maybe it's time for everyone to go on their own path.