150 Random Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend When You're Bored

Bored with your boyfriend on a Friday night? Here are some random questions to ask your boyfriend. Stop being bored with these questions.

By Sanchari
150 Random Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend When You're Bored

Enjoy asking questions to your boyfriend

When we are bored, the first thing that comes to our mind is to engage ourselves in something that would be interesting. But, if you have gone out on a date with your boyfriend and midway it has turned into a boring one, then it’s a problem. Don’t worry, you have an option. You can ask your boyfriend some random questions to perk up the mood.

Shoo away the boredom with fun quiz

If you think that boredom can creep in only when you are single and lonely, then you are wrong. Even couples feel bored sometimes in the presence of each other. But, how you handle the situation is completely your call. The best thing to do at that point in time is to ask some random questions related to your boyfriend’s childhood or teenage time. He will be more than happy to oblige you with his stories and tales. We have prepared a list of 20 questions for you. You can ask these questions when you are getting bored.

20 fun questions for your boyfriend

1. Share with me one sporting event of your childhood that you remember till date. 2. Which was your first car? 3. Tell me one of the most embarrassing moment of your life. 4. Who is your all time favorite actress? 5. What do you like the most – beaches or the woods? 6. What is your dream job? 7. Are you fond of dogs and cats? 8. Tell me something about your first love. 9. What is your pet name? Who named you and why? 10. What are your hobbies?

Next set of questions

11. Name your teenage celebrity crush. 12. Is it the same till date or has it changed now? 13. Name one movie that you regret watching in the theatre. 14. What do you do when you are bored? 15. Have you ever tried any tongue twisters? Which one? 16. What was your favorite book as a child? 17. Which was your favorite cartoon character as a kid? 18. Given a chance, would you make any prank call? If yes, then to whom? 19. Name three things that you cannot live without. 20. What’s that one dumbest idea that struck your mind recently?

Bored? Try random quiz questions

Coax your partner to play a fun quiz game with you when you are getting bored. Prepare a set of random funny questions for the date beforehand. Whenever you feel like there is nothing more to talk about, bring out the questions one by one. Allow your boyfriend to speak about his dreams and desires while you sit back and listen to him. His passion will change the mood of the night. Your boyfriend will join in the fun with you by answering random questions. This is also one way of understanding your partner. If he really loves you, then he will make sure that you are always smiling even at his cost. Be his guest ask him these random questions

Random questions to ask when you are bored

1. Do you have any broken bones? 2. Did you get any speeding ticket? 3. What is your favorite morning beverage? 4. Do you exercise often? 5. What is your favorite cuisine and which restaurant serves it the best? 6. Do you have any favorite brand of clothing? If yes, then what? 7. Have you ever tried singing karaoke? If no, then do you want to give it a try tonight? 8. During childhood, have you dressed up like a girl? 9. Have you tried any dating site? 10. Have you ever caught hold of a fish only to let it go?

Some more questions to ask

11. Do you like the Spice Girls? 12. What is the one closely kept secret of yours that nobody knows till date? 13. Name one of your favorite sports. 14. Which movie you love to watch again and again and can never get bored of? 15. Share the memories of one of the best date you ever had. 16. If you had the chance to date an actress, then whom do you want to date? 17. Accidentally, if you stumble upon a magic lamp, then what are the three wishes that you want him to grant? 18. What is the worst thing that anybody has spoken about you? 19. Tell me which cartoon character resembles me and why? 20. As a kid, most of us have some funny ambitions. What was yours?

Some more just for fun

21. If you are given a chance, then what song will you sing to impress the judges of a singing competition? 22. Have you ever taken a ride on roller coasters? Did you scream with fear or did you enjoyed it? 23. What is your favorite Disney movie of all time? 24. Do you like any of the Disney princesses? 25. Has the thought of committing a crime ever crossed your mind? 26. Do you still have your childhood teddy bear with you? 27. If you had a pet dog, then would you like to dress it up? 28. Which foreign accent would you like to pick up? 29. If you ever directed a film based on our love story, then whom would you choose to play our respective roles? 30. Will you try to convince my father if he is dead against our relationship? How will you convince him?

Planning activities with your boyfriend

When was the last time you and your boyfriend did some activity together? Hit the road with your boyfriend. Both of you will push each other to go that extra mile. But, in case you have tried all kinds of activities still you are getting bored, then here is the next bunch of questions to cheer you up.

Still feling bored? Carry on with the quiz

1. Do you have the habit of singing in the showers? 2. How is your relationship with your mother and another sibling? 3. Do you have the habit of snoring while sleeping? 4. Do you believe in the concept of love at first sight? 5. What is your take on the working mother? Do you support it? 6. Who was your favorite teacher in school? Did you have a crush on her? 7. What is your take on infidelity? 8. Will you accompany me at night if I am not sleepy even though you feel like hitting the bed right away? 9. Which friend of mine do you find pretty? 10. When you are free what is that one activity you would love to do? 11. Which board game do you like the most? 12. Do you love to dance? 13. When was the last time you lied? 14. What activity do you prefer when you are getting bored? 15. On a scale of 1-10, rate how funny you are? 16. Do you love to play pranks on others? 17. Are you good at taking pranks? 18. Do you have any favorite shopping place? 19. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “superhero”? 20. Have you been to any Disneyland?

Hint your boyfriend that you are bored

Sometimes the boys think that they are so funny and charming that the girl sitting next to him cannot get bored. But, that is not the truth, right? So, when you are getting bored with the usual conversation, try some new topics to discuss. Ask him these funny questions randomly.

Funny questions to ask him randomly

1. If you find out that I am spy who is here to find out information about you, then what will you do? 2. Which cheese do you like on your sandwich? 3. Which is that one word that I will never hear from you? 4. Which food you will refuse to eat even when you are starving? 5. I love to play Candy Crush. Have you ever played the game? 6. Do you love to hear Britney Spears’ song? 7. Is there anyone whom you are jealous of? 8. Will you be able to spend a whole day without mobile phone or laptop? 9. After marriage, will you like to plan a bachelor’s trip with your bachelor friends? 10. Have you spoken to your parents about me?

10 more questions for you

11. If you had the talent to build an app, then what app will you develop and how it is going to help you? 12. Is there anything in your room that will come as a surprise to me? 13. If you get locked in the mall for the whole night, then what will you do? 14. How long can you hold your breath? 15. If you are a brand yourself, then what will be the design of your logo? 16. Your wardrobe is filled with which color shirts and –shirts? 17. Do you keep your wardrobe clean or it’s a complete mess? 18. Do you like the unsalted or the salted butter? 19. Which genre interests you more – horror or the drama? 20. Do you have any fetish for shoes?

Can’t get bored with the following questions

Nowadays, we are totally obsessed with technology. You must have noticed that when you are with your boyfriend, at one point in time both of you get busy with your mobile phone. This is one of the reasons why you get bored even when you are with your boyfriend. It’s funny how technology, which was supposed to bring us closer is actually creating a wall between two people.

Poke him further with these questions

1. Where would you love to go for a romantic date? 2. Is money more important to you than love? 3. Can you get intimate with someone whom you don’t love? 4. What do you think is the right age for you to get married? 5. Do you believe in the concept of open relationship? 6. How will you react if you accidentally stumble upon your ex-girlfriend? 7. Do you have any secret fantasy about your love life? 8. Do you know how to cook? 9. Which is the one dish that you master at cooking? 10. Given a choice, would you love to feast on meat everyday or choose salads to stay healthy?

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Some more options for you

11. If some guests have shown up without notice, what would you do – order from a restaurant or cook for them? 12. Are you a party animal? 13. Tell me one song that you want to dedicate to me. 14. To what extent will you go to make me happy? 15. Do you like to travel? 16. Which part of the world excites you the most? 17. Would you marry for love or for money? 18. What do you like the most – a pizza or a burger? 19. Are you happy with your name or do you want to change it? 20. Would you like to go to a rock concert or a comedy show?

Enjoy your boyfriend’s company

The questions that you ask can vary from completely outrageous to utmost romantic depending on how your boyfriend is replying. Within no time, you will realize that there is a spark in your eyes that reflects on your boyfriend’s eyes too.

Hypothetical questions to bring out the romantic flares

1. If you knew that the world will come to an end within a month’s time, then what are the things that you would definitely do and things you will avoid doing? 2. Do you want to relive any moment of your life and why? 3. What do you like the most in your favorite cartoon character? 4. If you were bestowed with the responsibility of creating rules for the society, then what is the one rule that you are surely going to implement? 5. How strong is your G.K.? 6. What will you carve on your tombstone? 7. Do you like girls who have short hair or do you prefer long hairs? 8. Do you like Pizza Hut or Domino's better? 9. If you open a restaurant, then what will you name it? 10. Is there any material possession you want to save first, in case a natural calamity strike?

10 random things to ask

11. Who or what inspires you the most? 12. What is your worst nightmare till date? 13. Have you dated someone before me? If yes, why did you break up with her? 14. As a child, did you ever thought of running away from home? If yes, then why? 15. If you are upset, where would you go and hide from everybody? 16. Do you shout when you are angry or you just keep it to yourself? 17. Do you like to attend family dinners? 18. In every family, there is one person whom we try to avoid, who is it in your family? 19. On your birthday, which is the one gift that you have been expecting, but hasn’t received till date? 20. Do you like to celebrate your birthday in a grand way or do you want to keep it simple?

Communication is the key

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you will have to communicate properly. If you are feeling bored in the presence of your boyfriend then let him know. He will definitely do something to cheer you up. Question him, if you aren’t sure. It will help you to bond with your boyfriend even better.

Questions to bond with your boyfriend better

1. Have you ever been arrested? 2. Did you ever drink and drive without getting caught? 3. Do you love flying? 4. What is that one thing that you need to buy now? 5. If you are allowed to loot one shop, within an hour time, then which shop will you choose? 6. Do you love ice creams? 7. Which is your favorite flavor? 8. Do you love to hit the gym or do you love to do free-hand exercises? 9. If you could steal one quality of your parents, then what will it be? 10. Describe yourself in three words. 11. Do you say “Sorry” when you are wrong? 12. If given a chance, will you change your name? 13. Did you date two girls at the same time? 14. Do you believe in old school romance? 15. What according to you will be the best gift for a girl – flowers and chocolates or gadgets? 16. According to you, what is your biggest strength? 17. Do you have any weakness? 18. If you come face to face with my ex, then how will you react? 19. Do you believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day? 20. How were your grades in high school?

Always remember

It is not that hard to stay away from boredom. You just need to concentrate more on things that are important to you. Whenever you are with your boyfriend, enjoy your time and get to know each other better. Keep up the momentum of your conversation going by asking random questions to your boyfriend.