How To Effectively Seduce Married Women Into Bed

It is possible for a man to develop feelings towards a married woman. Seducing her and getting her to your bed needs some skills. Find out how to seduce one.

By Dagmar Thomson
How To Effectively Seduce Married Women Into Bed

How to Effectively Seduce Married Women into Bed

It is common to see married women who are not satisfied in their marriages. Most of these women are just staying in the marriage because they are afraid of being single again. With this in mind, you need to know that it is not just a walk in the park to seduce a married woman into your bed and sleep with her. You need to offer her what she is not getting in the marriage. That way, she will be more willing to be seduced and have an affair with you. It is very difficult to seduce a married woman who is devoted to her husband and marriage. You cannot seduce such a woman with sweet words that you could use on a woman who is not married. You need to remember that this woman does not care to have an affair so you need to seduce her in such a way that she falls for your charms and sleeps with you. You first need to attract and impress a married woman so you can easily seduce her into bed. The following tips will help you to seduce a married woman and even have an affair with her.

1. Always Praise Her

You might be surprised to know that many men do not know how to praise a woman. You need to use powerful words when you want to praise a married woman. You can use words like spectacular and outstanding to praise her. Such words work wonders in seducing a married woman. A married woman is used to her husband or friends telling her that there are things about her that she needs to improve. When you praise a married woman with certain flattering terms instead of pointing out her flaws, she will feel that you understand and appreciate her than her husband does. This will make it easier when you want to seduce her. It is also known that women love to be praised. Therefore, when you use such creative words to seduce a married woman, she will like your company more and will feel attracted to you. It will make her feel like she is special and this will improve her self-esteem.

2. Compliment Her Style to Seduce Her

When you want to seduce a married woman to sleep with you, you need to praise her beauty. Most women are attracted to men who are impressed by their beauty. When you compliment a woman on her style, she will like you and she will want to be friends with you. It will be easier for you to seduce a married woman once she becomes your friend. You need to remember that when you are complimenting a married woman, you should not be too direct as she will be suspicious of your intentions. On the other hand, if you praise too much, she will become bored and start avoiding you. This will effectively hinder your goal to seduce her or even sleep with her; so be careful of what you say.

3. Applaud Her Achievements

You should know that a woman would always be attracted to a man who recognizes her achievements however small. This will work effectively on a married woman since her husband might be too busy to recognize her achievements. When you show a married woman that you are the type of man who recognizes even the smallest of achievement, you will be scoring points with her. This will help you to slowly fit yourself into her life and succeed to seduce her into your bed.

4. Always Make Her Laugh

In most marriages, you will find that the fun has died out. If you want to seduce a married woman in such a marriage, you need to be the one giving her this fun. If you are the type who can easily make a woman laugh, then this is a walk in the park for you. Each time you talk to a married woman that you want to seduce, you need to make her laugh always. For you to keep her entertained, you need to know what she likes and detests. This will help you to avoid making jokes that will either bore or irritate her. When you always make a married woman laugh, she will always want to hang out with you even when she wants to be left alone. When she is lonely, she will always come looking for your company and this will aid you in effectively seducing her. When you are always funny, she might not even notice it when you try to seduce her.You will sleep with her even before you know it.

5. Thank her Whenever She Does You a Favor

Most women, especially the married ones like it when a man thanks them. When you thank a woman, it shows her that you are a gentleman and she will be attracted to you. When you want to seduce a married woman, you need to be by her side and do the things that her husband is not doing for her. This will help you to become successful and seduce her into having an affair with you. This will work with a married woman whose husband takes her for granted and is not grateful for what she does for him. You need to show gratitude when a married woman does even the smallest of favor for you. You can even text her when you are not together to show how grateful you are. This will make her feel that you value and respect her. This will give you the chance to be close to her and be able to seduce her into your bed.

6. Like the Married Woman's Way of Reasoning

When you want to seduce a married woman, you should first ensure that you talk about other stuff that is not personal. You should not discuss religious stuff, as this will hinder you when you want to seduce her in the end. As you discuss these things, be sure that she knows you like her way of thinking. This will make her feel that you appreciate her and are not just interested in her beauty only. In the end, she will want to share more stuff with you and your bond will grow. This will help you to seduce her gradually and eventually drive her to your bed.

7. Make that married Woman Feel Special

If you want to succeed in seducing a married woman, you need to make her feel special in a way that her husband has never made her feel. Every woman likes it when a man treats her as if she is one of a kind. When you find yourself attracted to a married woman, you can seduce her by giving her surprises. You can take her flowers or treat her with romantic lunches and dinners. You can even dress her up each time you meet and make sure she is aware of this. This will make your bond grow and you will easily seduce her into sleeping with you. However, you need to be careful that your intentions to seduce her are not so obvious.

8. Listen to Her

You will be surprised to know that most married women do not have someone whom they can talk to about the problems in their marriage. When you give such a woman a listening ear, she will become attracted to you and your chance to seduce her will grow. When you give her the support she needs, always ensure that you do not agree with everything even when she is wrong. In addition, do not try to slander her husband. If you do, your chance to seduce her will go down the drain, as she will cut off ties with you.

9. Be Confidential

A married woman will always avoid having affairs outside her marriage, as she is afraid of the complications they bring. No married woman wants be caught being unfaithful by her husband. Therefore, when a married woman tells you her secret, you need to reassure her that you will keep her secrets. She needs to know that she can count on you for anything. That way, she will be closer to you and you can seduce her since she will not be afraid of being caught. You need to be discreet and reliable for you to seduce a woman who is married.

10. Be Confident That You Will Her To Your Bed

It is not going to be an easy road when you decide to seduce a married woman. You will find that she will not always fall for your charms and it might take some time for her to accept you. Whenever she says no to you, you should not let your confidence be affected. You need to show her that you are not afraid of rejection and this might make her become attracted to your strong will. Keep going on and being charming and you will be able to seduce her into your bed.

11. Respect Her

You could be the kind of man who always knows how to seduce a woman into your bed. However, the greatest skill is to make that same woman sleep with you more than once. Any woman especially married ones always want to feel respected no matter the situation. If you are seducing a woman for a long time affair, then you definitely have to respect her. You need to show her that you respect her and her wishes and she will be all yours.

12. Create an Emotional Bond

A woman could be attracted to you physically but has no feelings towards you. For you to seduce a married woman, you need to make sure that you create an emotional bond with her. The emotional bond will make you closer to her and when you seduce her, it will not backfire on you. Attracting a married woman to the extent of seducing her into bed is never easy. Even with the skills that most men have, seducing a woman who is devoted to her marriage is hard work. When you seduce her, you need to offer her something she is missing or is not getting from her partner. You just need to remember that a woman whether young or old will always want certain things in her life. Give that woman the time of her life and you will find her eating from the palm of your hand.