Reasons Why Physical Attraction Is Important In A Relationship

Psychology says that physical attraction is important in a relationship. There are many different scientific reasons for why someone catches your eye.

By Joyce Ann Washington
Reasons Why Physical Attraction Is Important In A Relationship

Physical Attraction is Important in a Relationship

Physical attraction is important in romantic relationships. Physical attraction is the degree of a person's physical features that are considered beautiful to any specific person. When people look for a romantic partner, psychology says that people tend to choose someone who they find is physically attractive to them. Although men more consciously seek physical attractiveness, it is found that women also emphasize the importance of physical attractiveness. Psychology says that physical attractiveness is even more important than education, humour, kindness, and intelligence. People tend to attach a more attractive person to having a happier life than someone who is less attractive because people associate positive qualities to attractiveness. Below, are a list of negative effects of lacking physical attraction in a relationship.

Lack of Physical Attraction Equals Poor Sex Life

Many relationships that lack in attraction normally end up with bad sex lives with their partner. Some people have been in long-term relationships for 15 to 20 years, others only in their mid-thirties with a few kids and attraction is lost. Some couples don't sleep in the same bed, others, not even in the same room. Psychology says that many people who are in these situations have never had a good sex life with their partner. The poor sex life often occurs when neither partner initiates sex, or one of the partners constantly turns down sex. The constant shutting down of sex will make the partner asking for sex to completely shut down and stop asking. When their sex life is poor, one or both partners tend to look for love, affection, and attraction elsewhere. People who are physically attracted to one another will easily have a good sex life. When you are attracted to someone, it's hard to keep your hands off of them. If there is a lack of attraction, then you won't be interested in your partner and you will more likely decline sex and not be interested in it.

Lack of Attraction Equals Lack of Affection

Lack of attraction can equal the lack of affection for your partner. With the lack of affection, this can mean that couples don't have much, if any, physical attraction with one another, such as holding hands, kissing, or hugging one another. Some of these couples who lack affection are rarely in the same who at the same time, and if they are, there is no conversation and maybe even awkward. Think about this, if you partner feels more like a roommate than a lover, then it's clear that there is a lack of affection, and moreover, a lack of attraction. Many people will stay in these affectionless relationships because they fear to be alone, but as I stated before, the lack of attraction can lead to one or both partners seeking affection from somewhere else.

Lack of Attraction Equals Lack of Respect

When a person is not affectionate towards another or there is no attraction amongst the two people, chances are they don't have respect for this person either. Things like insulting your partner in public or humiliating them are signs of the lack of respect. If someone is not physically attracted to their partner, they won't care about their feelings or value their opinion, which opens the door for the lack of respect.

Physical Attraction is Based on Instinct

Researchers have found that people tend to know they are attracted to someone within 90 seconds of meeting them. Personality, the structure of a person's face or body, or even a person's smell can be the first things that will physically attract you to another person. Research has also found that people both consciously and unconsciously put even a moderate level of attractiveness as a necessity when they are picking a romantic partner. Men tend to typically be more physically and sexually attracted to women with larger breasts and long hair, but research has found that they are also attracted to fertile women. Women are more sexually and physically attracted to men with masculine features.

Male Attraction to Fertile Females

Psychology has found that men can detect women who are fertile. Men enjoy more women who are curvy, with wider hips and skinny waists. Research has found that those women are typically the ones who are most fertile. It has been found that men are able to attract women's fertile state due to their scent during their menstrual cycle. Men have claimed that the scent of women on their menstrual cycle verse not, were more attracted to the scent of women on their cycle and claimed the scent to be pleasant. Research also found that men found women who were fertile have more attractive facial features. Sixty percent of men in a study found that women at the peak of their fertility, eight to twelve days after her last menstrual cycle, men thought that women were more attractive. Men also thought that women's voices sounded more seductive during their fertile period.

Female Attraction to Masculinity

Women, on the other hand, are more attracted to men's masculinity. Women are generally sexually and physically attracted to men who are seen as an "Alpha male". Women tend to be more physically attracted to men with "traditional" male features, such as a big nose, strong, square jawline, and his body has a masculine, broad-shouldered body frame. Traits like this normally signify high levels of testosterone and found in may "Alpha males". Women are also attracted to men who are direct, confident, decisive, and straightforward. Not all women find the sweet, kind, and passive guys attractive. Women who are fertile are more attracted to manly men than when they are not. A study found that when women were in their menstrual cycle, if they had male partners with more feminine features, the male's masculine features stood out as more attractive to them.

Birth Control Can Affect How Women See Men

A woman's menstrual cycle isn't the only thing that can draw her physical attraction to her male partner. In a study, it was found that women who started their relationship with a man being on birth control, whether long-term or not, have greater sexual attraction and satisfaction to their male partners. Some women who stopped using birth control pills once they got into their relationship reported that their sexual attraction to their partner was not as high as the other women.

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Attraction of the Smell

Perfume and cologne are nice smells for both women and men when it comes to the opposite sex, but natural scents are mainly attractive to both sexes. People are generally smelling other people's pheromones_ known as the mixture of bodily fluids and chemicals found in sweat_ which is involved in sexual attraction. Women tend to love a man's musky, sweaty smell and they find a man who has this smell as more attractive. Men also like a woman's natural scent. Pheromones release chemicals that excite people of the opposite sex.

Out of My League Attraction

When a person is out of your league, you are more attracted to them physically. Research has found that the reason people are more attracted to people who are out of their league is because it is the ideal of that person that keeps us wanting more. Physical appearance and social status are the things that people admire which separate the attractiveness and unattractiveness of a person. For example, women like a man who is confident, and sure of himself. Because of people developing crushes on others who are out of their league, they tend to try to improve their own physical attractiveness and status to match the person they are interested in so that they can be noticed more. Although having a crush on someone is nice, research has found that people who finally end up in a relationship with their crush found that things didn't end up working out. This could be because the idea of that person and who they really were, didn't match.

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Physical Attraction Doesn't Equal a Good Relationship

Sometimes physical attraction doesn't mean anything like I stated previously. Psychology has found that physical attraction is a poor indicator of the future of someone's relationship. Research has also found that the typical alpha male tends to hop around from woman to woman and doesn't generally want to stay in a monogamous relationship with his female counterpart. Research has found that when women are looking for a long-term mate or future husband, the last thing they are looking at is attractiveness. Women tend to move away from men who are seen as manly men when long-term relationships come into play. Because a manly man is more likely to cheat and not want to settle down, women look for men who smile more, seem cooperative and have more feminine features.

The Importance of a Personality

Personality is also important in a relationship. Some characteristics can seem more or less attractive to both males and females. A study found that people with more positive personality traits, such as kindness, increased the perception of facial attractiveness on a person. People with negative personalities can be a turnoff for many and some people will perceive others as less attractive with many negative qualities.

Personal Preference

Although many people are instantly attracted to physical attractiveness and positive characteristics can make a person seem more attractive, people still have their own personal preferences. Some people may not see all of the negative traits that you see as bad and they tend to look into the person's heart. Some people's personality may mesh better with others than they do with your own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We've all heard it before. Even though there are universal and cultural definitions of beauty, we all have our own perception of what attractiveness is.

Final Words on Physical Attraction

Although physical attractiveness is important in a relationship, people still have their own personal preferences of what they consider attractive. Some women think that men with more feminine facial features are attractive. Also, if a person is moderately attractive, their personality may have more of an effect over time to make someone more attractive. The longer a relationship goes on, physical attraction, with age, becomes less important in a relationship. The knee-jerking reaction people get when they first see a person who they are physically attracted to can go downhill sometimes and you may end up in a short-term relationship because the person's personality didn't match with yours. Physical attraction is important in a relationship, but it can't be the only thing used to keep your relationship alive.

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