Gypsy Magic: Romani Spells, Charms, And Folklore

Gypsy Magic isn't just crystal balls and fortune-telling. Read on to learn more about the rich history of the Romani culture!

By Annie
Gypsy Magic: Romani Spells, Charms, And Folklore

The Term "Gyspy" and the Romani History

We may not realize it, but magic is the norm for many cultures. It is often practiced every single day without skepticism. To these cultures, integrating magic in their lives is no different than eating three meals a is natural to them. ​

There is a group of magical people that lived a nomadic life, and we often refer someone from this culture as a gypsy. However, this term can be considered a derogatory word that was coined long ago in an effort to describe an Eastern European, or Indian, group called the Romani. In the present day, this group refers to themselves as the Romani ​or Rom. The term "gypsy" comes from the word Egypt, where the Romani is initially thought to have originated from. Eventually, the word gypsy was used for any type of nomadic group and has become a synonymous​ term for one who uses magic and pays attention to nature.

To this day, the descendants of Romani are still discriminated against throughout the world, but even more specifically in Europe. Despite this hardship, they cling to the magic they integrate into their culture. Browsing the internet for the term gypsy will bring up images of fan girls posing outdoors wielding peace signs. However, this is far from what the gypsy term was originally​ derived. Yes, travelers may find themselves closely aligned with the gypsy lifestyle, however, it is important to note that there are many other characteristics of this magical culture. While the term "gypsy" may be a term of endearment​ for many, it is important to note that there are other titles to use that are less offensive.

Romani Magic and Folklore in Present Day

Gypsy magic is not much different from the sorts of spells we seek today. We often question the validity of spells and their effectiveness, but to the Romani, the magic they practice is considered quite useful. In fact, many of the magic called upon by the Romani can be equaled to the types of requests Roman Catholics ask of their Saints: recovery of lost articles, love spells, and protection for example.​

Charles Godfrey Leland was a 19th-century folklore researcher who studied the gypsies and their magical culture. He spent many years studying the folklore and magic they practiced. He found that horses, for example, were revered as spiritual animals, and keeping a horse skull could keep the paranormal from entering a home. ​In general, gypsy magic was often centered around animals, and nature, and their divine powers.

Charles Godfrey Leland

As nomads, the Romani's cattle and animals were of extreme value. Leland noted that life on the road was not easy for a gypsy. Perhaps this is why many of their magic spells focus on the protection of their animals. They paid close attention to their animals and at times would even use them in their magic spells. ​

Romani Superstitions and Magical Symbols

Gypsy magic also consists of what some might consider superstitions. The Romani believed that when looking for stolen goods, or animals, if they came across knotted willow branches, it was common practice to take the knot and exclaim, "I tie up the thief's luck!" The Romani believe that knots in willow branches magical and​ created by fairies and symbolized luck. It was thought that whoever unties them is doomed to receive bad luck. When the Romani called upon magic, they would also often employ the use of amulets, or talismans to enhance their charms. Precious symbols may have consisted of knives, stones, shells, or other natural elements. Just as it is in other magical cultures, there is a strong connection between magic and nature.​

Charles Godfrey Leland

Romani in pop culture brings to the mind images of gypsies with magic crystal balls and tarot cards for fortune-telling. This is because fortune-telling comes from the folkloristic magic that is typically associated with the Romani people.

Similar to other ancient cultures, the Romani gypsies believe that there are unique individuals among them that possess more magic than others including those that have healing powers. In some cultures, these magical people are referred to as Shaman or witches. The Romani refer to their healers as chovihanis. Call it magic spells or call it healing, tomato tomahto, it often comes down to the same idea for each group​.

Allie Theiss

Romani Magic is a Part of Everyday Life

Romani magic is deeply rooted in their culture, and this folklore is seen in a different way than typical western cultures. To the Romani, it is a part of their lifestyle that is passed down from generation to generation and as such is cherished by the current generation. If you are lucky enough to know someone of Romani descent, it is worth the time to politely ask them about their roots and learn more about their family's magical history.​

Try Your Hand at Romani Magic with this Love Spell

🧚Walk Away🧚 *~Leave the unhealthy situation, and enjoy the new doors that open as a result!~* This reading can also be viewed on my youtube by copy the following link Or the link in my bio - please subscribe You've been wanting to make a change for a while but fear and doubt have been holding you back, and this is stopping you from experiencing all the new opportunities and blessings which will come to you as a result of this change. Today the Fairies are telling you that now is the right time for you to make these changes. They are gently pushing you to walk away from something that is no longer serving you and urging you to make those changes you've been wanted to make. Be reassured it is safe to do so and let go of any fear or worries that are holding you back, when you make this change you will be healthier, happier and feel lighter. The Angels and fairies will be with you through this change, helping and guiding you as you grow. They will also give you the courage to be assertive but fair with others and yourself and help you stay motivated and committed to your goals. You may call upon the fairies for their help by holding a daffodil bulb and saying “Kind fairies I ask thee today, Use your tender loving magick, To help me through this change.” You should then thank the fairies by offering them a gift, Plant the daffodil you have been holding outside for them. The daffodil bulb which you have planted will grow as you make your changes, and will bloom into a beautiful bright yellow flower just like you are shining brighter after your change. Love, Light and Fairy Blessing Fairy Willow With the aid of my spirit guides I tune into the cosmic energy of the universe to give daily oracle readings 🕊️. . . . . #dailytarot #dailyoracle #tarot #oracle #angels #natureangel #fairy #faerie #vegan #angelicguidance #readings #lifeadvice #angelologist #fairyologist #tarotreadersofinstagram #earthangel #Archangels #angelcard #dailyreading #divination #cardoftheday #loveandlight #blessings #dailycard #fairyoracle #angelmessage #divineguidance #dailycardreading #spiritguidesme #dailyoraclecard

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When practicing magic, it is important not to interfere with the free will of another person. Thus, this magic spell from Romani culture is a safe choice for beginners. It promotes courage within the beloved to declare their love without using magic to disrupt their free will. Do not be discouraged if your objective does not profess their love for you; it may not mean that the magic did not work, but rather the apple of your eye is not in love with you and perhaps it is the magic that is telling you it is time to move on. All in all the Romani culture is full of interesting perspectives, and valuable knowledge that has been diluted over the centuries due to persecution. As you continue your educational journey through the mystery that is the Romani culture, I leave you with a love spell from Shirley TwoFeathers. ​

"This should be done at the same hour on seven consecutive Fridays, ending on the one closest to the Full Moon (before the moon reaches full, not just after).​ Take a pink candle and mark six rings around it, at equal distances apart. This will give you seven sections of a candle. Light the candle and call out the name of the one you think loves you. Then say: Gana, be with me in all that I do. Gana, please bring me a love who is true. Give him (her) the strength to put into words His (her) feelings, and sing like the song of the birds. Think about the person for a few moments – think of them coming to you and declaring their love then repeat the chant. Keep doing this until the candle has burned dawn to the first line. Then extinguish the candle (by pinching it out, never by blowing) and put it away till next week. On the final week, keep it up until the candle burns itself out."

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