50 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Get To Know Them

To forge a better understanding of your crush, here is a list of passionate questions you can ask him.

By Mausam Bharati
50 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Get To Know Them

Ask your crush everything you have in your heart

One of the best feelings in this world is that of having a crush nearby. It is amazing to have eye contact or cross by that person for whom you're fascinatingly smitten. It is even better than being in a relationship, for that anticipation makes moments lively and dramatic. You obviously want to know your crush more closely and check your compatibility. Your conversations can start from being subtle and cute to racy. Nothing is more intoxicating than observing every move of your crush, especially if he/she is showing similar interests and overtures of cute and affable emotions. Relationships are the next juncture after things become smooth and congenial. The unparalleled moments of that inexplicably strange feeling keep you on the edge while getting to know each other. Crossing each other in the corridors, surprise meetings, introduction through common friends, rock concerts or parties together, sitting across diagonally in the classroom, and group outings where you can't help simply gazing at your crush are undeniably the most cherished. Gradually, as you come closer, you want to know more about your partner. To know him/her, a small amount of effort must be made by asking simple and subtle random questions which your partner should be more than willing to answer. It not just helps build a trustworthy relationship, but also assures you of a perfect match.

Get to know your crush in 50 questions

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Here is a list of a few ultra-fine random questions to ask which should allow you to be free and express your giant love and curiosity towards a boy or girl. Many of these cute questions must be asked over text to maintain that curiosity. It also gives him time to think about his answers. What is your best and worst habit? What is that one quality of which you're proud? Do you wish to eliminate that bad habit, and have you ever tried to do so? Do you like reading? Which is your favorite genre? Is there any particular fictional character you absolutely love? Are you fond of movies? Who are your favorite actors? Let's see how close our likes and dislikes are. πŸ˜› If you were granted super powers like in "The Avengers," what would you do with them? Something like saving the world from evil? πŸ˜‰ Do you like pets? If given a chance to steal some celeb's cute dog, whose dog would you chose? What makes you really nervous? Are you particularly phobic toward something?

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You should ask your crush his/her likes/dislikes

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What is that one thing your parents would be startled to know about you? Well, it could be something either mischievous of scholarly. Do you like to travel? If given a chance to move now, which part of the world would you like to travel, and why? We all love music, I'm sure. Who is your favorite singer: boy as well as girl? Let's twist this a little. Which is the worst song that you've heard? This answer should be interesting. Who is your celebrity crush? Would you like to go on a date with this cute boy or girl? What gift would you take and what destination would you choose? This sounds so unimaginably exciting. How often do you watch the news? Do you think it's good to stay updated about global events? How does it help us in daily life? I'm sure it makes conversations more compelling, even over text. Compliments are the sweetest things. What is that one captivating compliment someone gave you that you still remember? Was it given by a boy or a girl? We all have a family and there has to be something fussy about them? What is that one weird thing about your family?

Now ask more serious questions; your crush may not answer every one

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Were you ever bullied in childhood? How did you tackle it, and did that change you as a person? If you were transformed into the opposite gender right now, what would you like to do and achieve? I know that would be total mayhem, but still, it would be hilarious to watch as the drama unfolds. πŸ˜€ What is the one gift that you cherish most? Who gave it to you? Have you still kept it protected? Have you ever lost someone close to you? Do you still miss his/her presence? Why were you so close to him/her? If you woke up as a celebrity next morning, who would you like to be? I'm sure it is the cute Justin Bieber. πŸ˜›

Ask intimate questions about your crush's life

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If you knew that you would likely die at the end of this week, what are the things you would like to do? Let's not make it emotional. Something scintillating and out of the box. We've seen how random child prodigies often make our parents berserk about our own performance. If there were one academic super skill that you would like to possess, what would it be? When it comes to vacation, would you prefer to relax on a fine beach or explore the magnificent art and culture of Europe? If you just won a lottery of $100 million, where would you like to splurge? This makes me wonder what would I do. Isn't it a thrilling avenue to think about? Who is your favorite performing artist? Do you copy or follow that style? Would you like to make certain changes in the album, songs, or garments? Which is your favorite brand? Let's talk about the luxurious ones. Which is your favorite luxury brand? I'm sure if you win that lottery, I would see you freaking out in the urban landscape of Paris. What is the one embarrassing story that your friends still tease you with? Do you feel funny or disgusted about it? What is your concept of an ideal spouse? Should he or she be more focused on you or the children? How will you keep the relationship alive, happening, and smooth even after decades of being together? Who do you think can describe you the best? Someone in your family or a buddy? That description should be honest and approved by you, no matter how funny it gets. Which is your favorite television series, and how many times have you watched it? I'm quite confident we can have a bingo here. If you were to go back in time, what age would you choose? Which incident of your life would you like to change? Between infinite wealth and a terrific partner who would love you crazily and unlimitedly, what would you choose? How long have you been working out? You look unbelievably flawless. Which is that one thing you're looking for in your partner? Something you think is really difficult to find – that if you did, you would never let that person go. What have you done to be so fascinatingly attractive? What is your idea of a perfect date? Like an exemplary candlelight dinner with long drives or adventure sports event. What would be your preference in appearance? Sexy or smart? You look intelligent either way, and I think you're a model blend of both. When it comes to making the first move, do you have an opinion about who should do it first? Well, I personally don't feel like playing by rules and conventions. We must set our own.

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Make your crush answer all of the typically seductive questions that you ask

Have you ever gone skinny dipping? How exciting was it for you? How about doing it together? Let's give each other some challenges and goals. Do you find tattoos attractive or cute? Do you have any? Have you thought of some design beforehand? If there is something you could suggest to me, I might go and get it done. What turns you on the most while on a date? I'm talking about that one characteristic that completely swoons you. I'm sure your parents are truly good looking. Whom do you look like more? How often do you lie, even over text? Is it always for your defense, or are there other reasons too? If given Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, what all places would you like to go? Let me explore your wild and roguish side. Which activity consumes most of your time in a day? It can be either your hobby or mundane tasks. Which are the sports that you personally like to play the most? Is there any lovable celebrity associated with it? Are you a fan of any particular international team or league? If I were to take you out someday, where would you prefer to go? How do you manage to look so organized and amazing throughout the day? You never look tired or laid back. Where do you get all the energy? What is your chosen cuisine? Do you know how to cook? If there were a special person coming to your place, what dish would you like to cook for him/her? What have people said about that one thing which makes you noticeable instantly? I have my own answer ready for that, but I want to know if I'm right first. Do you like people who are courageous enough to ask you out for a date? Don't you think we should go on an awesome date together tonight? πŸ˜‰

Get personal with your crush, and then ask

The list doesn't end here. There are millions of other random improvisations that can set the pace of this anticipation and titillation. You don't have to be grammatically correct or well behaved all the time; it can be spontaneous. You can take the risk of being impulsive by asking daring questions. That makes you look even more attractive and wanted. There has to be a spark clearly visible when you meet your crush. To make it even more electrifying, these questions could be of great utility. It will also bring you both closer and help know each other's innermost secrets after this fun-loving research. Keep in mind that no matter what you do, don't let the sensational feelings of sweet anxiety fade away. Even if you get into a relationship, these questions can be twisted and turned to arouse emotions and assure your perpetual attraction. Asking them over text is even more enjoyable. These questions help you subtly flirt with your crush, which makes it even more exciting, adorable, and delightful.