40 Endlessly Romantic Ways To Say I Love You Over Text

If you lack some inspiration to say 'I Love You' over text in a cute and romantic way, the following messages will surely complete your work.

By Vera Aries
40 Endlessly Romantic Ways To Say I Love You Over Text

The Cute Face Of Love

The biggest secret and mystery throughout the ages, the most desirable, and also the most hated. She's a clumsy piece of stone that simply does not want to come out of your soul. She is a priceless question that has never been answered. What is the secret of love? In every second of your existence love is the main topic, still you can't see her or touch her, you can only feel her. She is secret ghost that floats in time. Love is a path walked countless times, and yet you yearn to go through her again and again because every new step is a new moment, a new surprise, a new uncertainty. How many times have you killed her, and she persevered in resurrection. Is she so powerful? So cunning and despite all that she killed you again, and you want to revive her? Maybe sometimes you are afraid of her, the fear that constantly whispers in your ear not to let her again in your heart, not to give yourself fully to her, but she certainly has the power to consume you... And what happens when you agree to let her in? What if you allow her to take possession of you completely? When you indulge completely and forget the fear, you override the doubts and all the thoughts that warn you to be cautious. What will happen when she becomes your master, when you do things contrary to your reason, when you forget about everything around you, the whole world. What will happen when without thinking you let love rule within you? What is the purpose of love? Are there really fairy tales and can you ever be the main character that lives in the songs of eternity? So many questions but there is only one answer - love is the answer. Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen in one human life. However, love isn't always about rainbows and butterflies and funny and cute but she is the engine that keeps us going forward in life. Love helps us to face more courageously and firmly all the obstacles that life offers us.

Love Is Best When It Is Shared

Many couples think that as soon as they spend some time together, romance is no longer needed but they're wrong. Romance is needed and it should be cherished no matter how long a couple has been together. Whether it be 2 days or 20 years, romantic gesture is always welcome. Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how much you respect him/her, how much you love him/her and how proud you are for him/her. Do not take for granted that he/she already knows that. Words mean a lot to the one that we love but remember to make those words kind. The best way to revive more romance in your relationship is by sending cute, funny or even sometimes secret message to the one you love. Send your boyfriend/girlfriend love messages whether you live together or are on different sides of the city. Wherever you are in the world, a romantic love text is always welcome.

There is no worse feeling than when you miss the one you love. Perhaps you have not seen him or her for a few days, perhaps a week or even more. It doesn't matter when you saw that person last, because it feels like an eternity. If you start to miss your significant other from the moment they left, you need to know that this person means a lot to you. When you feel true love, you'll become more positive and you'll start thinking about your future with your loved one. You'll crave for him/her until the moment you hold the in your arms, and by then, show them just how much you miss them with any of the following messages in this text.

Countless Cute Love Texts

One of the biggest problems couples have in relationships is monotony. As couples we get into 'The Routine' and we often get stuck in a rut. It takes time, energy and plenty of patience to make a relationship work. Yes, it's tiring, but if a strong relationship is something we want, we must work at it. If we don't strive to be our best everyday, then our relationship will not survive. Today, love letters, unfortunately, are a thing of the distant past, and even technology doesn't help much. If you're creative and eager however, you'll never have a problem with thinking new and interesting things to spice up your relationship. If you still lack inspiration the following messages will surely help you accomplish your goal.

40 Endlessly Romantic Ways To Say I Love You Over Text - Enjoy!

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Cute Texts

With being cute you can get more close with your partner, and also you can get under their skin in a more interesting and funny way. Don't forget to show your cute side to your loved one and remember that being funny and cute is free. If you lack inspiration we're here to help with few ideas to easily turn your imagination on.

#1 "Hundreds of people are looking for happiness, thousands for beauty, millions for joy, the whole world is looking for love, and I found everything! YOU."

#2 "You know, tonight I counted the stars and noticed that some are missing, but then I remembered that they are hidden in your eyes..."

#3 "The moon will tell you that you mean the world to me, the stars will tell you that you are part of me, the wind will bring my love to you, and you just have to put your funny smile on you!"

#4 "Imagine something beautiful, cute, sweetest, add to it infinity, expand it with eternity, decorate it with stars, and only then you will know how much you mean to me."

#5 "I'm in my bed. You're in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place."

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#6 "It's a good feeling that you exist in my life and it does not matter how and neither when, nor why, It's nice to open your eyes just to see that you are here in my heart...It's a good feeling that you exist in my life and it does not matter how and neither when, nor why, It's nice to open your eyes just to see that you are here in my heart..."

#7 "I wish that I was a guest in your thoughts, I wish I was a wine your lips, I wish that I am a pearl in your eyes and that I will remain in your arms forever."

#8 "I need you like the sun needs the dawn, like the heart needs its body, like the night needs its stars, like the restlessness needs its silence, like the drops need their rain, like the blood needs its veins!"

#9 "I feel how strongly you are flowing through my body and walking through my soul, leaving inseparable traces who with each beat of my heart remind me that I exist for you only."

#10 "If I ever loved somebody, guarded, dreamed of every night, carried in my thoughts, told the truth, whispered sweet words, then it was YOU!"

"I miss You..." Texts

#11 "If I should measure the intensity of how much I miss you in waves, I would sink tonight." This text is really deep because it shows the intensity of how much you love your significant other.

#12 "Even if I spend the whole day with you, I will miss you as soon as you leave."

#13 "I only miss you when I'm breathing."

#14 "I'd like to be in your arms right now." With message like this you will show to your boyfriend/girlfriend how much you desire him in the moment and that you starve to be in his/her arms.

#15 "When I'm with you, the hours turn in seconds. But when we are not together, the days turn into years."

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#16 "I wish to teleport to you ..."

#17 "At school they taught me that: - one year has 365 days; - one day has 24 hours; - An hour has 60 minutes; - One minute has 60 seconds, but they did not teach me that 1 second without you lasts forever."

#18 "I will teach the wind to pronounce your name, the flowers to smell like you, I will teach the sun to caresses like your palm, the stars to shine like your eyes. Then you will be all around me. I miss you honey!"

#19 "When I do not see you - I'm blind, when I do not listen to your voice - I'm going deaf, when I'm not laughing - I'm grieving, when you're not here with me - I'm going crazy!"

#20 "If someone succeeds to write your name in the sun with ice cubes, I will admit that he/she loves you more than me. Miss you babe!"

"I Love You..." Texts

For every question - LOVE is the answer, to every problem - LOVE is the answer, to every disease - LOVE is the answer, to every pain - LOVE is the answer, to every fear - LOVE is the answer! LOVE is always the answer, because LOVE is everything that exists! Below we offer you some funny, cute and lovely ideas for inspiration, so don't hesitate to share your love to your partner always and forever.

#21 "Hundreds of hearts are too little to collect all my love for you."

#22 "Do not look at me so, because I'm just a message and I came to tell you that the one who sent me can not live without you and that he loves you very much."

#23 "I'm sending you a star to show you the way to me, I'm sending you a kiss to show you how much I think about you, I'm sending you my heart to show you how much is beating for you."

#24 "The heart is a treasure that is not sold, but bows. And I bowed my heart to the angel who reads this message."

#25 "I sleep because I dream of you, I wake up because I need you, I burn because I want you, I'm dying because you're not near me, and I want to live because I love you!"

#26 "I'm going by the sound, I'm trembling. I'm expecting a restlessness when a note touches my heart and quench my thirst when your whisper liberates my soul. Simply the sound of the guitar knows the secret ... about the dance of Love!"

#27 "It's a good feeling that you exist in my life and it does not matter how and neither when, nor why, It's nice to open your eyes just to see that you are here in my heart..."

#28 "I have the whole world if I have you."

#29 "It does not matter where I am. I'm only yours."

#30 "Unhealthy, indestructible, totally, unthinkable, abnormal, crazy, magical, extremely, irresistibly, famously, frankly I LOVE YOU!"

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Cute Texts For Good Night and Good Morning

You want to show someone how much you care? Do you want to put a smile on someone's face? Send a text to beautify the night of the one you love. We offer you some ideas for inspiration. And remember, life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop hoping. So dream, hope and love, and make your life beautiful.

#31 "Let the stars cover your sky, the moon sleeps in your smile, love settles your heart, and I am your dreams. Goodnight and sweet dreams honey."

#32 "Just for you, this morning, birds sang. Only your name was spoken by the plains. Only for you clouds float in the sky. YOU are the only one that my heart is calling."

#33 "When you wake up in the night, look out your window and receive my kisses through the most beautiful star!"

#34 "I send you as many kisses as there are stars in the sky, and one good night as big as the moon. I hope that your dreams will be sweet to you as you are!"

#35 "May this night be one of the most beautiful in your life, let the sky keep you safe and let the stars guard your place. Good night, my love."

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#36 "Take me through the night dream, hide me in the palm of your hand. Wait for me like never before. Be my sun after the clouds. You are my life, hope and strength."

#37 "I wish to place 1000 kisses on your body! I wish for your touches on my skin! I wish to fall asleep beside you and to wake up telling you gently: I LOVE YOU!"

#38 "Look at the sky - one of the stars is me, and all the rest are my love for you. Good night baby!"

#39 "Love the morning because it brings a new beginning, love the day because it is full of life, love the night because it is full of love and love me because I love you more. Sweet dreams my cute boyfriend/girlfriend."

#40 "And as the sun shines from your smile, while stars shine from your eyes, I will be a playful bird in a carefree flight that drinks nectar from your lips. Morning baby!"

Final Word

To live, to yearn, to wake up every morning with the thought that you need someone is the most beautiful feeling you can have. It makes life special and unique. The only one, in a way that was once only part of our dreams. What is that? What is this feeling that can pass all the obstacles just to merge two hearts? Yes, that's love! Love - so small a word, yet filled with many emotions, feelings... Filled with enormous light, joy and sometimes secrets. Love has always existed and it was a feeling without which, if I think, the human race could not survive. Regardless of the time, place and position in which they were, people were always able to give love and even give their lives to those who loved them. Love is like a music box that is closed with a padlock, and the key is the one we love. If we open our hearts, love will open our souls. When the music from the music box touches your soul, love begins. Infidelity, lies and secrets are poisoning love. Lesser lies and secrets slowly destroy love. Great lies and infidelities destroy it faster. But, love does not mean just pain and hurt. Love means to give the love to the one you think that is the one and to sincerely and unconditionally love someone. Love is the nicest thing in the world, but only if it is returned! So, always carry love in your heart, because that's the way you will be happy. To be loved, is the nicest thing that can happen to you. The days spent without love are wasted days! Finally, remember that love is the most powerful weapon and love rules without a sword and binds without a rope!