How To Revmoe & Get Rid Of Black Magic Spells

Sometimes we might find ourselves affected by black magic spells. It is not easy to get rid of them. However, if you wish to free yourself, find out how here.

By Dagmar Thomson
How To Revmoe & Get Rid Of Black Magic Spells

How to Remove and Get Rid Of Black Magic Spells

Black magic has many names that are known throughout the world. Black magic is a common term for words like curse, voodoo, and witchcraft. It is used for evil purposes by summoning evil spirits. The spirits world is the basis of all black magic spells. A person who has learned the art of black magic can do witchcraft and can control the evil spirits. People who are angry or jealous can pay a black magician to hurt their friends, relatives, husband or even anybody at your home. Black magic can be administered to someone in the form of drink or food. If someone like your husband or friend has your photo or belonging, he or she can give it to a black magician to perform black magic spells. Black magic symptoms can make you think you are falling sick or you are just having bad luck. Some of the symptoms are blindness, body odor, insomnia, terrible headaches, seizures, and miscarriages, just to mention a few. There are remedies that one can use to get rid of black magic. However, you need to know that not all black magic have remedies. Some black magic is too powerful that the ingredients for the remedies are hard to find. Here are some of the remedies that one can use to get rid of black magic spells.

1. The Lemon Remedy

You should do this on a full moon in the morning between sunrise and an hour after sunrise to get rid of black magic symptoms. Cut a lemon into two and sprinkle some sea salt on each half. First, use one-half of the lemon to stroke your aura then the other half. Then place the halves on your altar facing up. The next day between sunrise and an hour after sunrise, get rid of the lemons. Repeat the whole process again using another lemon. Do this for twelve days continuously. In the end, you will get rid of the black magic spell in your body and home.

2. The Angel Cure

For this remedy, you require a celestite crystal. You need to cleanse the crystal by placing it in light for about five to ten minutes. Hold the crystal in your hands close to your heart and say a small prayer. Pray to Archangel Michael asking him to get rid of any black magic in you. Ensure that you keep the crystal for one full moon cycle and always purify it using the sun’s light. It will help to remove black magic from your system and home in general.

3. The Rose Overdose Cure

Roses are known to have the most positive energy of all living things. Therefore, they are both highly revitalizing and purifying. You need to prepare a warm bath at home for this cure. Put a quarter cup of rose water and white petals from 12 roses. Soak your body in the water for at least forty minutes. After your bath put four drops of rose flower essence under your tongue and another four drops before you sleep. For the next twenty-eight days, ensure that you place two drops of flower essence under your tongue and every day before you get in bed. This will help you to get rid of black magic.

4. The Saltwater Cure

You first need to make a warm or hot bath. Add one cup of sea salt, one cup of Epsom salt, and a quarter cup of baking soda. Dissolve this mixture in the water by stirring in a counterclockwise direction. Before you get in the water, hold your hands in a prayer position and pray for the water to be pure. Imagine that a very bright white light surrounds the water and get in the water for about forty minutes. Ensure that you drink a lot of water before your bath. You will get rid of black magic when you finish your bath.

5. The White Sage and Selenite Cure

Use a selenite wand to sweep your energy downward and away from your skin. Light the sage bundle so that it burns like incense. Wash your aura in the incense smoke by waving the smoke around your body. Be careful that no burning sparks fall on you. When you are done, extinguish the sage by placing it in a bottle, and you will have removed any black magic spell on you.

6. Use an Amulet to get rid of Black Magic

An amulet is an item that you can use to protect yourself from bad energy like black magic. An amulet will weaken the effect of black magic so that it no longer harms you. An amulet can be any item that is sacred to you and has a strong meaning to you. It can be a shell you picked from the beach, jewelry special to you, or even a hair clip you wore as a child. Ensure that you always keep the amulet close to you all the time and it will help to remove any black magic spell you might have.

7. Salt and Magic Herbs

A ceremonial bath has the ability to get rid of any black magic that is hurting you. If you feel like a spell has been cast on you, just light some candles and prepare a warm bath. Sprinkle the following in the water to increase its cleansing: power, a pinch of salt, basil, wormwood, mugwort, hyssop, patchouli, and vetiver. As you take your bath, try to have positive thoughts and the bad energy will go away.

8. Burn “Uncrossing” Incense

The same magic herbs used to have a bath can also be burnt to create “uncrossing” effect. Any black magic spell cast on you will be broken by the “uncrossing” effect. You do not have to burn all the herbs. Just take as many as you can bundle together. Tie them up with a string and light them. Once the bundle completely burns, know that the spell will be broken. Mugwort, vetiver, and wormwood are very powerful. You can carry them in a cloth as a way of repelling evil spirits.

9. Try a Binding Spell

This white magic spell turns someone’s energy from evil to good. You can use this spell on someone who has cast a black magic spell on you. It will not harm the person, but it will prevent him or her from hurting you more. All you have to do is engrave the person’s name on a candle and light it. Look into the flame and visualize the person being enveloped by bright white light. The spell will be complete once the candle burns down on its own and your symptoms will disappear.

10. Use a Prayer

There are black magic spells that are so powerful that only prayers can break them. You can say a prayer on your own and do this every day for it to be effective. If you are religious, you can talk to your religious leader and ask for guidance. You can also ask your religious leader to help you pray and remove the black magic spell affecting you.

11. Use Positive Energy

You should know that black magic gets its energy from negative energy. Therefore, positive energy has the ability to weaken black magic. You do not need any spell, just lots of positive energy. When you feel like bad energy is surrounding you, all you need to do is to think of something funny and laugh your heart out. When you meet up with the person you think has cast a spell on you, just be friendly and happy. You can even try to make the two of you laugh. This will ward off any bad energy he or she will try to bring your way.

12. Try Magic Mirror

This technique will remove black magic permanently when you know who has cast a black magic spell on you. It can be someone you know like your friends, relatives or even your husband. You need to take a mirror and place it standing up in a container of black salt. Black salt is used in many voodoo spells for protection and to get rid of negative energy. Place a photo of the person cursing you on the opposite side facing the mirror. The mirror will reflect the bad energy from you back to the person. This will permanently get rid of the black magic.

13. Wax Paper Spell

This spell is very easy, and you can do it on your own. You just need to get a wax paper and write the name of the person who has cast a spell on you. Put three spoons of salt on the paper and fold it to look like a package and tie it with a string. Use it as a pendant and wear it around your neck for three days and nights. On the fourth day, open up the package and remove the salt with water. Once you have removed the salt, burn the paper and the string. Get a pendant or amulet that you can wear for nine days. By the end of the ninth day, the black magic will be removed permanently, and you will be spell free.

14. Magical Dolls

Earth element shadow doll! To keep you grounded, and protected!

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Black magic uses dolls to cause harm. However, you can also use a doll for protection. You can make a doll to represent you. That way, when a black magic spell is cast on you, it will go to the doll. When you feel that the effects of black magic are no longer coming to you, you can get rid of the doll permanently. Ensure that you dispose the doll as far away from you as possible so that the effects of black magic do not come back to you. Black magic spells are very powerful and can have a negative effect on the targeted person. If you get a feeling like someone like your husband has cast a black magic spell on you, just look for the easiest remedy you can use. Have positive thoughts that it will work and all will be well. All you need to do is to stay calm and be strong.