What Is Twin Flame Separation And How To Get Reconnection

You found your twin flame but the separation was inevitable? Leave the depression aside, read this article and get some advice on how to get reconnection.

By Vera Aries
What Is Twin Flame Separation And How To Get Reconnection

What Is A Twin Flame Love

The ancient Greeks believed that our souls were once whole and then the Gods divided them into two halves that will be able to find themselves again and to merge on Earth in order to become complete. It's the essence of the twin flame. When you encounter this soul, you feel as if you have found a part of yourself that you have always lacked. Many explain this feeling as a symptom of fulfillment in the presence of another person. They share complementary and compatible life goals and their spiritual creed is often associated. They also feel very pleasant side by side, more than any other relationship. Between them is unconditional love. There are many soulmates that we relate with and that we encounter at different times of life. We can find a close soul in our loving partner, friends, and even family members. But when we say that we long for our other half, we think of our spiritual twin - our twin flame. We all have only one spiritual twin flame that is at the same energy level as ours, but at the opposite frequency. When the frequencies of twins with identical energy are overflowing, a yin and yang matching is achieved. At the moment when the twins flame are recognized, their souls begin to return to their essence through a process of union. We can know whether we have really met our twin flame only if we connect with him on an emotional and spiritual level.

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Purpose Of Finding The Twin Flame

Meetings in the relationship/marriage of spiritual twins flame are very intense. It is a deep experience that changes both partners. They will never be the same again because they experience themselves in a different, intense way. The ego can try to resist that intensity, and push the relationship into a conventional love relationship. Then there are dramas, separations, quarrels and misunderstandings until the twins understand that they should surrender to unconditional love. A meeting between the twins will achieve the goal only if both people are emotionally and spiritually mature about this relationship. The purpose of meeting a twin flame is the spiritual awakening, which at first is distinguished by all of those confusing moments of recognition. We feel that we know each other from before, from another life, we recognize ourselves, the chemistry is strong, the emotions are intense, and the feeling of love at first glance is obtained. But at the energy level, things are still much deeper than that. With the twin flame, we connect right through the chests, from the heart, and the two energies with the same intensity but the opposite frequency merge into a third, single energy. It is the true energy of love, the one that is greater than all people in the world, who seeks unconditional commitment because this is the only way we could experience spiritual awakening and achieve a higher level of awareness. The spiritual awakening contains the answer to some of the greatest substantive questions of humanity of the type "What is the meaning of our existence?". The relationship with the twin flame guides us right to this knowledge, but only if we do not oppose it and we are not trying to transform it into something superficial that would not require our 100% commitment and from which we could leave undamaged.

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The Love That Will Completely Unite You

Although two souls, the twin flame souls can easily lose themselves in each other. When the twin souls get through, love can become very seductive. Then we think we feel unconditional and unselfish love for the other half, and it is actually the bond of twin souls. Every half must be conscious and cautious not to lose and drown themselves in the other twin because when one soul loses itself, both twins souls are lost. Twin flames, though they share the same energy, are special individuals, with their own past, with often completely different interests and habits. In this way, twins show themselves as two opposites, polarities whose diversity in mutually expressing opinions, attitudes, and feelings are enough to confuse both of them in the first stages of love. However, the advice below will show that the love that twins flame feel completely unites them.

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Crises That Can Lead The Twin Flame To A Separation

A twin flame connection passes through crises in which they try to apply the dysfunctional rules of love relationships, which they should completely reject. At that stage, the readiness of the twins and their maturity is actually being tested. If they succeed in passing that phase and not sabotaging the course of their energy, they will increasingly come together and jointly continue the adventure of spiritual awakening. But, if they do not succeed, it can lead to a separation. Many spiritual twins flames never reach a complete union. They remain stuck in the testing phase and crises, ego, conviction, anger, resistance, manipulation, and threats. And no one can stay long at that stage because its main feature is intense pain. In this case, the twins suffer so intensely that the entire intensity of the initial recognition and love turns into unbearable pain. Then the twins choose separation, aware that they can not suffer together until the end of their lives. The twin who was more mature and more conscientious, who paid more attention to the relationship and suffered greater pain, independently continues the path to a spiritual awakening. When crises lead to separation, the reconnection is not an easy process. But do not fall into depression. For every problem in the twin flame connection, there is good advice and a solution.

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How Feel The Twin Flame After Separation

When the twin flame breaks up, both twins fall into depression. The feeling that follows after separation the twin flame souls never leaves them. They know that they have lost something of the most valuable and most precious in life. The best thing that can be found in human love. This intensity and energy connection will never be able to be reached with some other people. That is why after separation, twin flames try to achieve a reconnection in their love relationship/ marriage. There is no finding another twin flame or love like this connection had, because the flame it is a third element composed of the existing of this two, and not finding another one like the twin flame are the consciousness who appeared at the moment of separation of the twins. It is impossible to achieve the same connection with someone else, because everyone has only one spiritual twin flame in life. The twin flame burns only once and then either flashes or extinguishes. Depression is a symptom of every twin flame separation, and the re connection is the next step.

False Twin Flame VS Your True Twin Flame

Sometimes, in the beginning, when we start a relationship, everything can be so perfect, that we might thing we found our real twin flame. But is this true? Even the false twin flame can have some characteristics like the real, making difficult for us to make the difference. The following 16 symptoms will help you to distinguish between the false and true spiritual twin flame.

False Or Real Twin Flame Depending His Behavior Symptoms

It doesn't matter if you were in previous relationships or marriage, these signs will tell you if you have found your real twin flame.

1. True and false twin flame might have similar characteristics. At the beginning, it might be difficult for you to notice if your partner is your true twin flame because the false twin flame can have the same characteristics and some similar behavior as your real true flame. So you will need to search for more than one reason to find out if someone is your true twin flame. 2. The false twin flame talks about your past. Did you make some bad choices in your past? Perhaps you dated the wrong guy or messed up somewhere? Your false twin flame will always remember your past and will face you with your bad choices. The real twin flame only talks about your future and wants to find solutions for your future problems. 3. The false twin will make you feel nervous and anxious. The real twin flame will make you feel at home. When the problems arise, the false twin flame will make you feel worse and cause some nervousness and anxiety in your life, while the real twin flame will always be your best friend that will make you feel comfortable no matter what the situation is. 4. You false twin will make you doubt about your relationship, while your real twin flame will always make you feel secure. Uncertainty is a symptom that something is wrong in the relationship and that you are dating your false twin flame. But if you feel secure with someone, if he advises you when you need it, and he makes you feel like home, then he is your real twin flame.

Symptoms Of False Or Real Twin Flame Depending What He Brings In Your Life

5. With the false twin flame, you will never know where your relationship is going. The real twin flame will always give you the best place in his life. The false twin flame might have the same behavior with other girls, as with you. This is a symptom that he is not the right one for you. But if your guy has eyes only for you, and he gives you a place in his life as soon as he meets you, then be sure that you found your real twin flame. 6. Fear of your success is a symptom of a false twin flame, and the real twin will not only be happy for you but also advise you on how to get the success you are looking for. When you start to advance in your career or on some other part in your life, your fake twin flame will make you feel guilty about it and try to make you feel bad about your success. The true twin flame will motivate you to succeed and will be happy for you. 7. Excuses are a symptom for a false twin flame. If your boyfriend tells you that it is not the right time to have a relationship and that you should both stay single for as long as possible it is a bad sign. Not that he makes you feel unwanted and bad, but he also shows you in this way that he is not your true twin flame. Your true twin flame will always want a serious connection with you and will be happy to present you as his girlfriend. 8. You will feel pain in your relationship with your false win flame. Disagreements with the right twin flame for you will never cause you pain. Quarrels are part of every relationship. The difference is that your false twin flame will use quarrels to offend you and make you feel bad about yourself. The real twin flame will always have respect for you and will understand that quarrels might be a good thing for your relationship, and make you become more mature and a better couple. 9. Having a shared vision of your future is a sign to know if you are with your real twin flame. Your fake twin flame will always have different future plans, than yours. But with your real twin flame you will have compromises on your future plans and you will build them together.

Phases Of Love Of Twin Souls

Read these phases of twin flame love and the advice how to deal with them.

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1. Recognizing and awakening Twin souls are recognized at the spiritual level and feel as if they knew each other before. 2. Testing Initial spiritual recognition begins to fade. Be an ego. One or both twins are trying to continue the relationship as they previously maintained the love affair (holding hands, the same patterns of seeing). All this is related to ego and beliefs. Internal conflicts are beginning to wake up. The twin soul will encourage you to review all the previous beliefs about love and love relationships. There is a question of doubt, and one or both souls begin to look at the other side in a critical and suspicious way. 3. Crisis At this stage, twins realize that they must reject selfish beliefs about love or love. At this stage, they realize that they have to leave their beliefs so far. On the surface comes stubbornness and anxiety. There is fear in them, which creates dysfunctional habits. Despite the fear, both souls of twins come back to each other, again link, forgive, and love. This phase provides an opportunity for treatment and maturation on an emotional and mental level. 4. Escape and Separation Escape and separation is something through which all twin souls must pass through to fully understand who they are. Even if you refuse to accept it, the relationship with the twin soul requires time and care. At this stage, you will feel depression because you lose control. You will be afraid of abandonment and desire for power. One side will be scared of this connection and will not know how to deal with it. But soon after the separation can come to a reconnection in the twin flame love. 5. Surrender Both sides are completely dropped. They know they can not influence the direction and outcome of the relationship. They begin to believe that their relationship will develop exactly as it should be. They believe that ultimately everything will happen in the best possible way. 6. Enlightenment Ego completely dies. It comes to spiritual awakening and self-awareness. At this stage of the soul, they reach emotional, mental and spiritual maturity. At the surface comes new creative abilities. The goal of this phase is complete surrender and preparation for unconditional love. 7. Harmonization By entering this stage, both souls of twins are awakened and followed the previous advice. They return to each other and have a reconnection into a powerful and strong energy. They realize their full potential. In the final phase, you enter into a harmonious relationship and fulfill your mission.

Occasional And Temporary Separations

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Then, occasional and temporary separations can occur so that each half of the twin flame will be strengthened in their individual space and not be flooded with the energy of the other half. Even when both reveal their differences or the inability to achieve an external relationship, they simultaneously feel the magnetic attraction and the need for aging together. At this stage, such a relationship can turn into frustration and suffering until both twins realize that acceptance and unconditional love are what they need to learn to achieve their own fulfillment through unity with the other half of the soul. Many twins of twin souls experience a brief encounter in their early youth, and then they face separation, oblivious to each other, not because they want it, but because there is no other way for their shared soul to grow individually. They will unite only when they are safe and powerful, in their own individual. To make the process fulfilled and fulfilled its meaning, both half must be emotionally and emotionally mature for this relationship.

What To Know When It Comes To Twin Flame Separation

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After the initial phase of ecstatic union and fairy-tale partnership, things begin to warm up. Ego starts a conflict, and uncertainties and traumas are coming to the fore. As a result, almost every twin flame relationship initially goes through drama and dysfunction. Understandably, this comes as a devastating blow. What happened to a perfect, pink relationship in which there are only kisses and affection? At that moment, many pairs of twin flames are confused and disoriented. Is that all a lie? Is it all an illusion? The answer is "no". The intensity you experienced was not the fruit of your imagination. The notable feeling and action that appeared was not a mystical phenomenon. It was real, do not doubt it. It is simply buried underneath the layers of the damaged ego. It could be said that the only purpose of twin flames is to help us achieve maturity and the best possible version of ourselves. In fact, no matter how difficult they can be, the twin flames are so powerful because they are catalysts for growth. Our twin flames help us to ruthlessly expose ourselves to dark, broken, discarded and hidden parts of ourselves. And not only that, our twin flames stimulate our inner growth by unintentional (or deliberately) inciting anger. The anger we feel towards them is the only true reflection of the anger we feel towards ourselves. Sometimes one or both partners in relation to the twin flames become furious, and yet they are so connected that they are incapable of sharing their life apart.

The Cause For Twin Flame Separation

Read this symptoms and find out what lead to separation with your twin flame, and how to get re connection to your relationship or marriage.

1. Psychological and spiritual immaturity for twin flame relationship/marriage

Life is a process of growth. Not only do our bodies grow but also our inner self. One of the main causes of twin flame separation is immaturity. When we are immature, we have low emotional intelligence, which means that it is difficult for us to recognize, manage and deal with our and other emotions. And not only that, spiritual immaturity develops proportionally with the stubbornness and ego size. In other words, the greater the ego, the less harmony is. The Ego believes that it is charming, beautiful, omniscient and perfect. But when challenged in any way, hell begins. Almost all of us are led by ego - if we were not, we would be enlightened. But not all of us are the same. There is a strong ego and a weak ego. The stronger ego will most likely escape from a person or a situation that makes him feel powerless. This happens in relation to twin flames. In fact, the relations of the twin flames are basically created to disperse the ego ... and the ego despises it.

2. Lack of respect and self-love

The main precondition for the smooth functioning of the relationship of Twin flames is the love for oneself. If we do not love ourselves, we can not love the other. Instead, love is infected with necessity, interdependence, and "conditions." We can never provide unconditional love to our partners if we do not provide primarily love for ourselves. As a result, some twin flame relations are, unfortunately, decayed under the burden of insecurity and hatred towards themselves.

3. Separation because It is necessary to learn more life lessons

Life should have prepared you before you enter the twin flames relationship. Sometimes this means that you need to enter into other relationships, establish new friendships or expand your life experience (travel, volunteer, get a new job) before you are ready to share your life in a relationship/marriage with your twin flame. It's all about attempts and mistakes. Some circumstances will give you gentle insights, and others will break you. In any case, do not close the world. The more you test your boundaries, the more you will learn.

4. Healing is needed

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Sometimes our twin flames appear in a moment of life when we are suffering immensely. Our suffering can stem from the tragedy, death, abuse, or even the breakup of some other relationship. Maybe we were not ready to open ourselves emotionally. Therefore, a healing process is necessary.

5. It's just not the time yet

Life can be mysterious. Sometimes twin flames are separated because it is not the appropriate time for their relationship, and the reconnection will come later in life. Sometimes we have to pass some other roads and we have to meet other people. Sometimes we do not even know why. The best thing we can do in this situation is - do not give up. It can be very difficult, but choose to believe that this experience will help you become stronger and wiser. Who knows what the future brings? Maybe reconnection with your twin flame will come more quickly than you think.

Meeting After Separation

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The identical energies of our twin soul are turning to our essence, our supremacy. Through this relationship, we become more than we already are. Whether our twin soul is really ours, we become matched with them physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually. When twin flame is separated and they meet once again after many years after the life of separation and unconscious lusts of each other, the physical encounters and merging are a very intense and indisputable event. At this meeting the twin flame face the deep, hidden feelings in them. When they have a physical encounter, both can feel the fusion and rise that leaves the twin half of it further altered. It is such a profound experience that both of them can no longer be as they were before, because intensified unification creates a stronger sense of self in each half, meaning they look at themselves in a completely different way. The whole feeling of who we really are is deeply changing after the twin souls are merged. Meeting and merging with the second half of themselves lead to awakening and a stronger sense of self-existence, opening deep feelings and insights at the level of the soul. No matter if it was relationship or marriage between the twin flame, this feeling is more intense after the separation.

Advice On How To Get The Twin Flame Re connection, After The Separation

Leave the depression aside, and read this advice in order to a get a reconnection in your twin flame love relationship or marriage. Separation from the twin soul is a deep emotional craving. During this period, it seems to you that everything is decaying and all you can feel is depression. At this stage, you have to relieve the emotional burden and mumble your ego. You will have many questions that your twin soul will not answer. Do not focus on her path. Your twin soul is borne with the same things as you do. He has to face his problems before the reconnection. A lot of twin souls become obsessive during the separation period. Take this time to deal with your inner problems and become a complete and fulfilled person before you get a chance to reconnection. Stop that circle of obsession and depression. At first, it will be very difficult for you, but you will only achieve this if you achieve inner peace. Treat yourself to exploring your soul and discover why you want to have control over the soul of a twin. Be patient and learn to live in the moment. Do not worry about what the future brings you. You will find that there are fears in you that you did not even know existed. Give yourself time to explore and win them. This period can last for years and during this period you will learn how to leave the depression aside and how to love yourself. Even if it seems to you that the twin soul does not like you and lives his life not thinking about you, this connection is stronger than you. You are spiritual partners who came to the relationship for a specific purpose. Whatever you do, nothing will break the strong bond you have with your twin soul. At this stage, feel compassionate. Souls explore life, but all the while they have an open heart for their twin soul. They start to engage in art, writing, music, learning, or some other creative activity. Remember there is no place for depression or condemnation in this relationship. Each party learns in their own way. Your love is free and you will feel it at a subconscious level. You will be strong all the time. The goal of this phase is to completely forget about the ego, to develop good communication and to leave the outcome of the event. By changing these parts in your character and following this advice, you will have a reconnection with your twin flame that can end with a good relationship or even marriage.

Final Word

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Feeling like you've met your other half is a symptom of twin flame love. To meet your twin soul in this life - whether it is a privilege, love, happiness, suffering, challenge, or an unreasonable course on the path of spiritual development, it is a unique experience that we surely learn from when it happens to us. Twin flames need to be distinguished from the term and the concept of a soulmate because we can meet more soulmates and have a few in our lives. Related souls come and go through our lives so that we can learn something through the relationship with them. With them we can be in marriage, family related, friendship or love relationships. The spiritual twin or twin flame is one of the souls we encounter throughout our lives. You may have more soulmates, but only one twin flame. The twin flame is the mirror of your soul. The two of you are experiencing life at the same spiritual frequency. That means your relationship is special yet difficult. It's not so easy to recognize the true spiritual twin and to protect it from separation. So use the advice given in the text above, and with this advice maybe you can soon have your relationship/marriage with your twin flame again.