30 Dirty And Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl To Turn Her On

Sometimes it is all about asking the right questions to set the mood, so here are a few dirty ones to ask your girl before you split the sheets.

By Sarah
30 Dirty And Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl To Turn Her On

Playful Questions

A great first move to text your girl is: "Are you thinking about me?" It doesn't matter what the answer actually is because it is guaranteed that she is now.

First and foremost, make sure that this is not the first thing you are saying to a girl for the first time. She will most likely think you are creepy, disgusting, thirsty, and/or a pedophile. Try a cheesy pick-up line or an actually engaging conversation topic first. By paying attention to her will make her want you more. If you ask the right questions, the girl can do most of the dirty work getting all hot and bothered on her own. If you are starting with a normal conversation, transitioning into playful banter can make or break how dirty the talk gets. Try to swing in a nice pun or two into your questions. Easy ones can always start with the weather - like "How is your night going?" or "What do you like to do when it's raining?" (it helps if it's raining) or even, "It's so hot outside, what do you want to go do?" Pique her interest by being witty. Don't show all of your cards too soon, but let her know you are interested in starting a clever and interesting conversation. If you are more of the class clown or goof ball type, you might be able to pull off the kind of corny, but cute, dirty questions like, "Do you think you can help me with my pants? I think the zipper is broken" or "Why don't you come sit closer to me? You look cold." These are ways to break the ice and get a smile, which is a foot in the door to the dirty side, but be patient it isn't an automatic in yet. A complete game-changer at parties are asking questions like, "How good are you at strip poker?" and "Do you want to make a bet on this game of beer pong? Winner gets to pick what we do back at my place." The competition will make her feel even hotter than before. If you have inside jokes with her, absolutely use them! This will woo her quickly because you remember your conversations with her. Tease her and get her in the mood and then it is game on. Time to move on to some other serious questions.

Asking "What are you...?"

How to get the answers to those dirty thoughts you're already thinking.

Maybe you guys are past that though; maybe you want to subtly step up your game. Texting questions like, "What are you doing right now," "What are you wearing?" and "What are you doing later tonight?" have a large success rate for starting things off hot. These questions incite anticipation and sexual vibes. Get more intimate with questions like "What would you want to do to me later?" "What is your favorite position, what are you in the mood for, or what would you want me to do to you?" Her imagination of all the possibilities you two could be doing will be writhing. "What are you into?" could also incite an interesting conversation. She might become shy, or reveal that she is definitely into the same kinky stuff as you, or stuff you might be willing to try. Manage your risks and reward with dirty questions like this. So how kinky are you? Refrain from asking the typical question: "What do you want to do?" This is the easiest way to kill the mood because there is no real thought behind the question and now she's having to think too much instead of just imagining what dirty things you want to do to her. She'll be too worried about how she looks and wanting the night to go well, instead of being naturally flirty.

"How do you like...?" Questions

Asking a girl how she likes things will really get her going quick. Texting questions like, "How do you like back rubs?" and "How and where do you like to be kissed?" can be a good way to start things off. If you already have a history with the girl play that to your advantage and ask questions like, "How do you like it when I pull your hair, grab your ass, or kiss you slow?" "How do you like to start off in the bedroom?" The biggest one to get answered: "How do you like it--fast and rough or nice and slow?" That is really going to heat things up as she thinks about you and what she is in the mood to do to you. A few of my favorite texts of all time to get are: "How do you like my lips on yours?" A super sweet one, that most women will be suckers for is "How do you like your coffee in the mornings?" She will be a sucker for the sweet and sexy things that are said and willing to let you know exactly what she likes and how much she likes it too.

Ask "Would you want...?"

Make this girl feel dirty by asking what you might want to do to her later.

Open her up more with the very pleasing questions that will get her all riled up and salivating over you. Text her questions like "Would you want me to go down on you? Would you want to try something new? Would you want me make dinner or bring something over?" Girls love it when you take interest in them and what they like and want. Sometimes that means they won't be able to keep quiet until you kiss them and get them feeling dirtier. You can play up your fantasies here too if you want, but keep them light. "Would you want to do it outside on the balcony?" or "Would you want to get out of here and check out this cool spot I heard about?" Make her feel special by sharing something semi intimate about you. She will be wetter than the cool river spot where things could get even hotter. Text her some of these special, topic secret, bonus questions along the lines of complimenting. "Is that a new dress? Have you lost weight? Did you do something to your hair? You smell amazing, what is it? Why do you look so good? How did you get so sexy?" Boom, she will be staring star-struck in awe into your eyes and begging you to take her immediately.

The "May I..." Questions

Chivalry is not dead, and consent will get you really far with this (and any) girl.

Just the same as the Would You Want questions, texting her these May I questions will make her melt in your devilishly handsome hands. They say nice guys finish last, but that's because your girl will finish first if you ask these polite questions to make her feel dirty. "May I kiss you? May I get you another drink? May I take your shirt off? May I slide your panties off? May I pull you closer?" She will be oozing with excitement at the thought of you peeling her clothes of slowly, and these texts will only spice up the anticipation. Bonus tips: When you are actually making your moves, asking "Is this ok?" also keeps things seductive because your attentiveness and desire are to please her, even if you are just being sly. If she seems stressed, again, take notice and be (or at least act) sensitive. "Is there anything I can do to help or make you feel better?" This might lead to some cuddling, then kissing, and then the good stuff. It might not be the hot and heavy stuff, but then again... Either way it's a win-win for everyone. As stated before, paying attention to this girl will truly pay off. Ask dirty questions specifically about her, her likes, what she's wearing--then make it about the both of you. She likes vodka and cranberry? Tease her and then tell her sometimes you drink cosmos, even when it isn't a dare. Does she look good in that dress? Let her know, and then by the end of the night, if it goes well, you can use the corny line, "I'd like to see that dress on the floor later." Otherwise, stick to complimenting her smile, eyes, and/or hair, then pull out the May I's and more direct questions.

Skip the questions and be direct

Though girls love being asked their opinions, they love thinking dirty and being told what you want to do to them too.

Women love when men know exactly what they want. They don't have to think, ask questions, or feel self conscious about anything when you take control. Text her things like "I can't wait to have you in between my sheets," and "I want to put my hands all over you." You could even take it up a notch with, "I'm going to kiss you all over" or "I'm going to make you feel so dirty and good." and also, "I can't wait to see you on top of me." If you keep it up all night, so will she! Even the simplest "I miss you," "I can't wait to see you," or "I want you...bad," text is going to start a good and dirty conversation. Let her know what you want, whether that is what position you enjoy or where you want to get dirty, she is going to appreciate and get more excited by your open honesty, more so than by any dick pic you send. "I want your hands on my back as I kiss all over your body." is a direct way to get the message across of what you want. Then, if you actually show up in the bedroom--that is what will keep her coming back. Whether you are only banging one girl, or bagging them on a more frequent basis, these questions and tips will help you with the ladies. Try your best at wittiness and conversation, so if you put in the effort you will be rewarded. Remember, some of these questions are great for any girl, but you need to make sure you aren't coming off too strong on the first move--she will run away faster than a you can get a "May I..." out. Best of luck and keep it kinky.



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