Psychological Definition Of Spiritual Intelligence

Read this article and learn everything about spiritual intelligence and how it is the intuition that comes from the purity of the heart and the depth of faith.

By Vera Aries
Psychological Definition Of Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence

People that are spiritually intelligent have developed intuition and deeper understanding of the world, people, and events through faith. Living in the simplicity of the heart, they are also able to overcome selfishness through their own inner spontaneity and are capable of observing things beyond the usual prejudices and ideologies that govern our everyday life. This is not about any supernatural or parapsychological thing. It is about faith and spirit, about simply transcending what limits us primarily to our minds and hearts. Spiritual intelligence is the intuition that comes from the purity of the heart and the depth of faith, gives us a peaceful spirit and mind. It opens us to more courageous decisions, for concrete actions. Spiritual intelligence is something with which we approach the problems of meaning and life values. By using this intelligence, we put our actions and our lives into a wider, richer, and more meaningful context. Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence with which we estimate whether a particular procedure or some life path is more meaningful than the other. It is the basis for the proper functioning of the rational intelligence and emotional intelligence. Rational intelligence helps us to learn certain rules. For example, emotional intelligence allows me to experience the situation in which I am and to act within the limits of that situation. That is, to let the situation lead me. My spiritual intelligence allows me to ask whether I want to be in that situation at all. Would I rather change the situation and create something better? It prompts me to ask why these rules exist. Spiritual intelligence teaches me that the rules that exist can change, and such things do not know either computers or animals.

People are essentially spiritual beings because they ask questions: who am I, what is the meaning of my life, what is the meaning of suffering, where am I, where am I going, etc. With all the possessions of man, there is also an existential-spiritual component. Today, all human abilities that can be measured are emphasized, but the man carries something we can not measure and we will never be able to do it. It is his spiritual component i.e spiritual intelligence. The idea of "spirit" comes from the Hebrew word "ruah," and in Latin, it is called "spiritus." That is why SQ stands for spiritual intelligence. The spirit is considered a driving force or a life-giving principle that breathes life. Life is not something we can catch, to our eyes it is invisible, but the eyes of the spirit clearly see and understand it. The Bible says that God, after creating man, breathed in him - his spirit. By this spirit we create, revive, and launch the world. That is the spirit of "sacred discomfort" that keeps us constantly making something new and even better for future generations. Spiritual intelligence is something that is common to us regardless of race, age, gender, and religion. Spiritual intelligence is the language we all talk about. Spiritual intelligence has "programmed" us to be as we are, but, it also gives us the potential for reprogramming. With spiritual intelligence, we can grow, transform, and expand our potential. Spiritual intelligence is helping us in solving existential problems. It gives a "deeper" meaning to life struggle. We can rely on it when we are caught up in the problem of good and evil, life and death, with deeper causes of suffering and despair. At a rational level, we try to drive these problems away from ourselves, and at the spiritual level, when confronted with this, we discover what has been living subconsciously in us for a long time.

LOOK INWARD πŸ‘€ _____________________ Most of us prioritize externally oriented attention. However, a whole other world exists that most of us are far less aware of: an internal world, with its varied landscape of emotions, feelings, and sensations. ✨ _____________________ For some, turning attention inward can be distressing, because it may tune us into emotions that are not comfortable. However, constantly distracting ourselves through attention turned outwards will not remove those underlying emotions. ✨ _____________________ The observing self has no limitβ€”it can never be objectified. It has no boundaries. It has no beginning and no end. It cannot be located. It cannot be seen. The observing self is featureless. But it undeniably exists as our experience demands we acknowledge. And it is knowable. When we empty our consciousness of all content, we penetrate into that realmβ€”the realm of pure awareness ✨ _____________________ Are you aware of yourself and your emotions?? 😌

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Spiritual Intelligence Does Not Depend On Religion

It is important to emphasize that our spiritual intelligence does not depend on religion. A person can be spiritually intelligent regardless of whether they belong to a religion or not. If the person lives in harmony with themselves, people, and nature, they have a high SQ. Likewise, a person can be spiritually humble and do the rituals of their religion. An example of that is the people we call the "traditionalists" in church. They go to Mass on Sundays and the rest of the week they live as if they had never heard of God, church, and morality. These people did not integrate and absorb the treasures that the church offers them and that is why they are spiritually stunted. Their religion offers them a "cure" for their life's problems, but if they do not "drink" the cure, they can not act. So religion can help in developing the spiritual intelligence, but it does not mean it does, it depends on the person. A person who is spiritually intelligent is in harmony with themselves, nature, and their source, and a person who is spiritually dumb is cut off, hides from people, cannot look into other people's eyes, and escapes from nature because it has the impression that everything is wrong. To be spiritually intelligent means living a life with full lungs, to self-love, to enjoy your own business, family, and friends.

Spiritual intelligence: The Highest Level Of Knowledge That Brings Us Peace And Happiness

The knowledge that can bring us the most benefit in life is that, regardless of life circumstances, we can find and live in freedom, pleasure, peace, and love. Spiritual intelligence is often considered supreme and encompasses all other intelligence, and by definition, we can call it the highest level of linking things to a larger picture. Here's how it works and how it develops.

Be present without judgement in every moment.

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Third Intelligence

In this life we strive for happiness, fulfillment, joy, sharing with other people. We strive to achieve success, realize material and spiritual goods in order to enjoy them and to make our life harmonious and happy. In psychology, when psychologists found a way to measure intelligence at the beginning of the 20th century, a great interest in rational intelligence (IQ) had emerged. In the mid-90s David Goleman, a psychologist by definition, a journalist, and author of the popular book, Emotional Intelligence, argued that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a basic precondition for proper IQ use. At the beginning of the 21st century, enough evidence emerged from the field of anthropology, neurology, psychology, and quantum sciences that it could be argued that there is a third intelligence - SQ, spiritual intelligence.

INNER SELF πŸ’œ _____________________ The greatest and most important adventure of our lives is discovering who we really are. Yet, so many of us walk around either not really knowing or listening to an awful inner critic that gives us all the wrong ideas about ourselves. _____________________ 1. Make sense of your past In order to uncover who we are and why we act the way we do, we have to know our own story. Being brave and willing to explore ourselves _____________________ 2. Differentiate Differentiation refers to the process of striving to develop a sense of ourselves as independent individuals. _____________________ 3. Seek Meaning In order to find ourselves, we must all seek out our own personal sense of purpose _____________________ 4. Think about what you want Knowing what we want is fundamental to finding ourselves. _____________________ 5. Recognize your personal power When we know what we want, we are challenged to take power over our lives. _____________________ 6. Silence Your Inner Critic To be an adult, we must also break the ways we self-parent, either by criticizing or soothing ourselves.

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Spiritual Intelligence Is Typical Just For People

While rational intelligence is present even in computers, and emotional intelligence in the majority of mammals, spiritual intelligence is unique to humankind and, in the opinion of many authors of the spiritual psychology, by definition, it is the foundation of the other two. Intelligence generally signifies the knowledge of interrelations, the perception of connections between things, beings and structures. Spiritual intelligence is often regarded as supreme and encompasses all other intelligence, and we can also call it the highest level of linking things into a larger picture. It enables us to live intelligently, which means living happily and enjoying life.

Spontaneous Wisdom That Unites Emotions And Rationality

We usually think that intelligence is something very serious and is intended to solve problems, and in that way, in the modern world, we give a great advantage to rational intelligence. But rational intelligence will often not lead us to the desired goals. If we give priority only to logic and rational thinking, for which the left side of the brain is in charge, often the attitude of "That's the problem, that's something serious." can block other options. In contrast, the right side of the brain, which manages emotions, tells us: "It's just a game, it does not matter even if you lose it." But if we lean ourselves exclusively on that side of our personality, we can be in the clouds, and even be lost in excessive emotionality. Spiritual intelligence is the spontaneous wisdom that helps us balance these two perspectives and the two intelligences. If we just let go of the current, it may happen that we lose sight of the goal, and if we have only the goal in mind, we can become rigid and insensitive.

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Why Is Spiritual Intelligence Superior?

Spiritual intelligence represents the depth of understanding, the level of consciousness of human and divine, pervading and unifying the lower forms of intelligence - emotional intelligence (EQ) and rational intelligence (IQ). That's one of the reasons why spiritual intelligence is top-rated, the highest. The other is that she awakens and develops later than other forms of intelligence, because it comes as a result of the pursuit of ourselves, through growing up, maturity, experience. Through persistent orientation in relation to rational intelligence, and then in relation to emotional maturity and body awareness. If we stop at the meritorious intelligence coefficient, where the materialistic approach to life is directed, if we block our emotional and spiritual development, if we do not listen to our body and soul, because we do not find rational reasons for it, we will remain stupid and dysfunctional, no matter how smart we are. In fact, if we have a very high IQ, we are in a heavier position. A very clever man struggles for something higher, it is clear to him that something exists, but he does not recognize the instruments of understanding that. He used to rely on intelligence and logic, to draw conclusions based on mathematical principles, to associate parts in one whole. The brain for us means intellect, while intellect is only one instrument, one "sense" of our being, by which we observe and interpret the world around us and in ourselves.

For deeper perception and connectivity, we need more developed emotional intelligence. It is the love of our being who loves other human beings, in search of warmness and tenderness. In this sense we begin unraveling life in the material and intelligent world, so, emotions are older than reason. By definition emotions are suppressed with growing up and favoring reason, to be awakened again as a form of consciousness, when doing physical awakening, discovering sexuality and the inevitable confusion in distinguishing the body from love. And yet, our spiritual intelligence is something we have even before birth, meaning spiritual intelligence is the oldest, although it awakens last. If we consider life as a life cycle and not as a line between birth and death, if we consider the descent into the material as a continuation of the experience of living, if we know more levels of reality, the non-linearity of time, and multidimensionality - we engage in our spiritual intelligence. Spiritual intelligence understands, conceives, accepts, and practices things that for the rational intelligence are not available - even if it is in the highest meritorious. The reason accepts what spiritual experience verifies because a man that is clever enough cannot lie to himself for a long time that he did not feel, experience or live body and soul sensations for which there are no rational explanations and measuring methods. When reason recognizes the existence of the possibility that there is something above reason, he opens the way to spiritual intelligence - which has led him all the time through it, because it has led him into matter, into the reality of the known level of existence. But reason can only do that through the passage of love, through emotional intelligence, which impels us to become more conscious intuitions, to have preposterous and desperate hunger, which overcomes the ability of our mind to compensate for it - hunger for essence, meaning, freedom, peace. Guided by hunger, love and courageous reason, we reveal a higher meaning. Greater love, but also greater hunger, greater fear, and greater courage. At the level of spiritual intelligence, we are more lonely than ever, though never cut off and closed in ourselves, as if we were just smart. At the top, everything is love. In deep knowledge, neither meaning, essence, freedom, nor peace is important. It's important to exist.

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Everything About Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is an inner wisdom, an ability to think beyond existing frames, empathy, and an opportunity to know one's own self. Spiritual intelligence is organic wisdom, the so-called "Wise I" that prevails in each of us. Although it sounds more "east" is not related to a certain religion. It is related to several eternal questions such as: "Who am I?", "What is the purpose of my life?", "Where do I belong?." Spiritual intelligence in psychology and in literature is mentioned before 15 years ago, but its deep application is experienced in the 21st century by defining the notion of "Spiritual Intelligence - SQ. Spiritual intelligence is what allows us to wish and dream and to achieve our goals. It represents what we believe in, and the role that our deep faith and values system have in the moves we make in all aspects of our lives. Spiritual intelligence represents the third (after the rational and emotional) important intelligence that makes one person complete.

The spiritual intelligence coefficient is still not popular with other coefficients. The reason lies in the disbelief that spirituality can be measured and put into a category by psychology. But spiritual intelligence has led great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa. They were visionary and transformational leaders who had the ability to determine and achieve their goals. Their way was not through imposing, but rather by creating cultural dialogue, teamwork, and expediency.

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

It means to think, to behave from a position of consciousness about oneself as a spirit, not as a form, soul, or body. Most of us believe that people are only physical forms and identify with their bodies or with the features that are added to bodies such as nationality, race, sex, profession, etc. This faulty sense is what fosters fear, anger, and sorrow in life. From a spiritual point of view, these emotions are always the result of the ego, which blocks access to our true spiritual nature, which is filled with peace, love, and cheerfulness.

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Final Word

Observed from the definition of psychology, the above mentioned, however, suggests that something is nice in mankind. Despite the existing bad and depressive habits, the awakening of spirituality is a fact that can no longer be concealed. The same is happening in the sphere of politics, science, education... How long will this awakening last and when will humanity finally wake up is not possible to forecast, but it is already clear that new ways are open to all those who think and want to work and act differently. It is necessary to get rid of the old patterns of belief that keep us in this ocean of life tied to the bottom. We live in a world where everything is on the market, everyone gives their recipes and answers, but if you have not met yourself, if you do not build up spiritually and morally, then you are not able to discern the truth of deception, you are unable to make a decision that will change your life.