50 Dirty Talk Phrases To Make Your Partner Horny During Sex

Looking for a quicker way to get hot with your beau? It is time to have a rollicking, dirty, sex session after turning your partner on with these phrases!

By Jess DeVille
50 Dirty Talk Phrases To Make Your Partner Horny During Sex

Learn how to get your partner really horny

If you're in brand new relationship and learning how to turn on your new boy-toy or you're in an established relationship or you're looking for a way to spark up an old flame or you're hoping to get into something new soon…well, girl, we're there with you! Know this ahead of time: you're beautiful, you're sexy, and there's a reason men are attracted to you! We're just here to help with the extra stuff; frosting on the cake. Cake is wonderful, right? It's delicious, it's filling. But most people need frosting on their cake. That's where dirty talk comes in. Actually, frosting and dirty talk sounds like a wonderful combination, but we'll get to that later.

You've hit a brick wall when it comes to constructing the perfect dirty phrase to turn on your partner. Well, you've come to the right place. The following advice, when put to good use, will not only turn him on, but will also physically make him crazy horny! Let's get started.

When to start talking dirty about sex?

Timing is of crucial importance before you get down to business and throw a phrase of passion out there. Remember, wrong timing can always ruin the mood! For most women, this could be after a nice dinner, after getting into a dirty conversation, and after a few glasses of wine. For men - pretty much anytime! There isn't a wrong time to turn on the heat, unless, of course, he's in a business meeting. And even then, a dirty text can still be a great turn on.

Just hit the right buttons

1. If we weren’t at this party and these people weren’t around, I would physically jump on you right now! 2. What would you say if I asked you for sex right now? 3. It might sound greedy, but I'm horny for your cock so bad right now. 4. I’m going to drain your balls tonight! 5. I wish I could control myself better around you, but when I see you all I want to do is rip your clothes off and have sex with you. 6. I need to feel you inside me. 7. Nobody has ever fucked me like you do. 8. Even when you’re in a bad mood, you make me horny. 9. I’m going to mark you as mine tonight. 10. When we get home, I’m going to make you reach a wonderful orgasm.

Turn on your partner like crazy

11. Knowing that you can physically overpower me makes me so crazy horny. 12. What would you prefer I wear tonight, a thong or panties or nothing at all? 13. Would you discipline me if I was acting bratty? 14. I’m going to break you tonight. 15. If these people weren’t here, I would be on my knees with your cock in my mouth. 16. I can barely concentrate; I just keep thinking about you grabbing me and taking me. 17. Guess what color my panties are? 18. I just want to wrap my pussy around your cock. 19. I wore these panties just for you. 20. I feel so horny and helpless when you dominate me.

Sex and dirty talk to build crazy momentum

21. If you play your cards right, you’ve got some fun coming your way. 22. Tonight we’re going to do what I want to do. But don’t worry; it’s going to be a lot of fun! 23. It’s a pity we’re not in bed right now because all I can think of is feeling your body on mine. 24. I just want to be your little fuck doll. 25. I want to feel your cock in my mouth. 26. I love it when you fuck me like a slut. 27. Fuck me like you mean it! 28. I want to taste your cum. 29. Making you cum hard is my number one priority right now. 30. Taste me.

31. I don’t want to be physically able to walk tomorrow so fuck me harder, partner. 32. Use me. 33. Don’t stop. 34. You’re going to make me cum. 35. I love your dick. 36. Fill me up. 37. I want your cum. 38. Grab my breasts and squeeze my nipples. 39. I’ve been really bad and need to be physically punished. 40. You’re not leaving here until I have your cum in my dirty mouth.

Rough sex when talking dirty

41. Pull my hair and slap me. 42. Please fuck me harder daddy. 43. Make me your dirty bitch. 44. Cum for me. 45. Sometimes my legs get physically weak when you have sex with me. 46. Just thinking about you makes me so dirty wet! 47. I miss your cock. 48. I masturbated thinking about you last night 49. Still feeling sore after last night. 50. The hottest thing about last night was feeling you shoot your load inside me.

Create a safe sex space when talking dirty

Deciding on a safe word or safe phrase before getting dirty and down to business is a wonderful idea when considering not going too far. Knowing boundaries is the key so that neither party becomes uncomfortable or turned off and ultimately disinterested. Respecting that chosen safe phrase maintains a level of mutual understanding when venturing into new things, and likewise ignoring the safe phrase can transform the bedroom into a hostile environment, preventing the turn on effect that should be associated with sex. This is less important in long-term relationships, as it is more probable you know how to turn on your partner without crossing any boundaries. But when you're still in the learning phases of how to turn on your man or woman, there's a balance of playing it safe and trying new, crazy things you have to learn and master. Once comfort is achieved and you know what's not cool and what's preferred - go crazy!

Building on the foundation of dirty talk

There are multiple facets of adult entertainment that both men and women enjoy in addition to the obvious, vaginal penetration. Some of these are different forms of the actual act itself, and some are more pre-sex rituals that can be considered different forms of foreplay. This is just as important (if not more important) than knowing the right things to say or wear to turn on your partner.


We'll run through a few examples here to be aware of when learning your new partner or spicing things up with your current beau. 1. Porn This is something that must be handled very delicately, as there are many different types of pornography and not everything is for every audience. For example, your partner may be very interested in man-on-man adult acts, but you may have some personal issues with watching this type of act take place whether religious or personal taboo. If this were the case, you need to voice your concerns. There are more controversial types of pornography, such as rape porn, and this makes most people uncomfortable. If this were to come up, know what you're going to say and how you're going to react. But maybe he's not into pornography or you share the same category of interest when viewing adult videos - then all systems go! Always trust your gut instincts and never watch or engage in something that makes you feel less sexual.

2. Heavy petting This one is a bit more obvious, open, and you likely have no issues in this department. There are erogenous zones that are similar from person to person, and you can certainly start here when exploring your partner's body. But they may have other areas that get their motor running faster than the ordinary spots. This could be their neck. If this is the case, some light kissing and licking will drive them wild. It could be their upper thigh. This fetish makes for a much easier transition into getting the big things started as well. You can never go wrong by asking your man where he wants to be touched - there's nothing hotter than being the boss.

3. Playing dress-up This could look like an assortment of things. And what could be more fun to add some additional sexiness to the mix? You can be anything you want to be, and a more confident you as well. Maybe he likes more fantasy type scenarios, leaving you to options of dressing up as goddesses or fictional video game characters. Perhaps he's more into the traditional sexy roles, so you can be a sexy nurse, a horny dancer, or naughty schoolgirl. He's most likely open to suggestion, as long as your pussy is accessible and boobies are out. Make a game of it! One day, you're the teacher and you're here to administer discipline. Another you're his dutiful nurse, aiding to his every need. This also gives him the opportunity to change his roles and practice his hand at learning what you like as well. It's a definite win-win situation, and nothing is more fun.

You probably knew this was coming. This could be a very telling and awkward part of getting to know each other; that's worst case scenario though. More than likely, no matter what is coming out of your closet (literally), he's going to be totally into it. Among some of the most common fetishes are the categories of self-pleasure (masturbation) or watching someone else masturbate. As long as you aren't pulling out a double-sided dildo that you're looking to share with your man, he probably won't be very alarmed or uncomfortable. He may be more shy and uncomfortable to share any toys that he has with you. But he may have some. So you need to be prepared for that. Though some men use some type of vibrator to stimulate themselves anally, it's much more likely that he has used a sort of cock sock or pocket pussy. You can join in on this type of adult fun, as well! Get creative! Use your imagination! This is what sexual exploration is all about. Extra fun: food in the bedroom. Sure, he's beefcake and you look good enough to eat, but bringing in tangible, edible food is such a delicious way to "spice" or "sweeten" things up, so to speak. You can use whipped topping and squeeze it out onto his "member," so you can suck it off, or you can drip melted chocolate all over your body leading down to your lady-bits and let him lick you up and down. If you two are a bit more eclectic and fun-loving, something interesting like laying pepperonis in creative spots on your body may be something that suits you two a little more aptly. Whatever works for you two, go for it. Perhaps food isn't really your flavor in the bedroom, and that's fine too.

We've talked dirty, now what?

Now comes the real fun! Sex is a beautiful, intimate act that brings two people together in an unimaginable way; this doesn't mean it has to be serious or lack fun! There are different ways to get started into the ‘dirty-dirty’, and every couple is different and enjoys different things. It's common that the man and woman alternate performing oral sex on each other; either bringing each other to climax or in a teasing manner. Here is a great place to enter some of the more creative phrases you learned earlier! If you are trying to get him riled up, but without exhausting his member, steer clear of the "finishing moves”, like saying anything related to wanting him to cum or wanting his swimmers in your mouth. That's giving the green light, which could leave you unsatisfied if you were looking forward to vaginal intercourse. A good direction to go is talking about how horny he makes you or how wet that you are. This could sound like, "I've been thinking about your dick all day" or "I am so unbelievable wet right now". Talking about how wet your pussy is will definitely get him thinking about dropping your panties and giving you the D in a major way. But if you really just want to please him orally and maybe get some head in return, feel free to hit with some phrases more like, "You better cum for me," or "I can't wait to taste you orgasm." Then it is all systems go! Now, don't be afraid to ask for what you want! Many women are so embarrassed to ask for their man to go down on them or touch them in a way that is pleasing. Trust me here: he wants to lick and touch you. There is no bigger turn-on than making a woman reach an orgasm; this is for a few reasons. First, a woman's orgasm is a beautiful, magnificent moment and it's super sexy. Secondly, he wants to feel your attraction to him in a physical manifestation. He may know you're into him, especially when you're talking dirty, but this actually shows just how into him that you are. And finally, it makes him feel powerful. He's the man. He's your man. And now he'll feel like it.

Refractory period

You've built each other up while talking dirty all day, you've likely worn a matching bra and panty set to set the mood, you've partaken in different pre-sexual acts to become even more intimate, and you've gotten each other off. You're in the refractory period. You're exhausted, likely hungry, thirsty, and you're ready for a shower. The intimacy doesn't have to end! One of the biggest mistakes that a couple can make is to finish intimate times after you've cum. Hit the shower together! While you may end up starting the whole process over again, it is a very sexy and comfortable thing to be able to shower together and wash each other up! Squirt the soap and shampoo on each other, rinse each other off, and take turns toweling each other down. Slip on his shirt after you're all dried off to give him that "she's mine" feeling. Let him feel like he owns you. You're his property now. One of you grab some food, while the other grabs some drinks. Maybe you're a coffee type of couple, or maybe you enjoy cocktails after doing the big bang; whatever works for you! The key here is working as a team to meet each other's needs. If you're still feeling extra mushy-gushy, you can share a plate or feed each other. Get re-fueled together so you can drain each other again in a little while. Lie down together and get some rest. Maybe it's the middle of your Saturday, and it's not quite bedtime. Turn on Netflix and relax while binge-watching your favorite sitcoms or stand-up comedians. Turn on some of your favorite calming music. Just absorb each other and be each other's comfort. Once you're rested up and re-fueled, maybe start using your dirty talk again. "I can't stop thinking about how you felt inside of me," or "Gosh, I can't wait to fuck you again." It won't be long until his juices are flowing again and his little soldiers are bursting to invade your space.