The 100 Best Conversation Starters For Girls

Girls, are you struggling to find the right words? Here are 100 conversation starters that will help you break the ice and get the words flowing.

By Rose Elementary
The 100 Best Conversation Starters For Girls

How Girls Can Start the Conversation

When you see a boy that you like, you know you have to start a conversation with him. This can be really hard for girls, but totally worth it in the end! Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned professional, these are the best conversation starters to use to talk to the boy you like. You can be funny, sweet, sexy, flirty, and interested, all by using these questions or phrases that let a boy know that you want to be his girlfriend. Plus, if you're struggling to talk to your friends, there are some conversation starters for girls to use on friends as well!

Conversation Starters for Girls Just Starting Out

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Starting conversations is hard. If you're just entering the flirting game and you're trying your best to get a boy to like you, try using some of these simple conversation starters to get the ball rolling. Guys love it when girls take the initiative to start conversations, and before long you'll go from friend to girlfriend! 1. What's your name? Mine's (name). It's nice to meet you. This one may seem way too simple and obvious, but if you're nervous around a boy you like, it can be hard to find any words, even the simple ones. This is an easy conversation starter to break the ice! 2. I really like this restaurant/bar/store. I come here pretty regularly. Do you come here often? Tailor this one to whatever setting you're in! You can mention that you like a specific part of the place you're in, like a view from a park bench or a place in the mall. If you're talking to a boy you like at school, change the ending to say what you like about the classroom or area of the school and ask if he has a favorite place to go at school, too. 3. Are you a sports fan? My favorite sport is (sport), and my favorite team is (team). What are yours? This works best if you're a sports fan. Girls, don't say you like sports if you don't! He won't hold it against you. You can be his girlfriend and like different things! It's best to be honest. But if you do like sports, this is a great way to let your boy know! 4. Do you like to travel? Where is the coolest place you've been? Where have you always wanted to visit? After he tells you his favorite places to travel and dream locations, make sure you tell him yours. You can bond over the places you like and the places you don't! 5. Do you use a lot of technology? What is your favorite technological thing that you own? In this day and age, pretty much everyone has technology all over their house. Asking the boy you like which one he likes best is a way to get him talking. Chances are, you'll like similar things, and you'll be able to keep the conversation going! 6. What is your favorite season? Ask some follow up questions about why the season is his favorite and what his favorite memories are surrounding that season. Include some stories of your own, too! 7. Do you have any party tricks? Show me! If he doesn't have a party trick, show him yours! It's best to only ask this question if you have something to show. Otherwise, it might get kind of awkward. Or you'll bond over not having a special trick up your sleeve! Who knows? 8. Have you ever been to a themed restaurant? What was it like? If not, would you consider it? This can tell you a lot about the boy you like. If he's interested in going to a themed restaurant, it could make for a really fun date! If not, you can always take your girls for a girls night out. He can survive without his girlfriend for a night! 9. Did you ever play sports as a kid? What sports? Do you wish you still played? Tell him if you played any sports when you were younger, too. Or if you both still play sports, you can bond over the workouts and practice sessions! 10. Do you have any siblings? If yes, are you close? If not, did you ever wish you did? Talking about family is a great way to get your boy talking, especially if he has a big one. Make sure you tell him about your family too!

Funny Conversation Starters for Girls

Guys love girls who can make them laugh. Funny conversation starters will break the ice and make him realize just how funny you are. Try some of these examples to get things started. The conversation will flow after this! 11. If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would you be? This question is just weird enough to be hilarious. 12. Let's say you had your own reality show. What would the theme song be? Not only will this make him think, but it's also funny to consider. Also, ask him what the show would be about! 13. What's the best joke you've ever heard? After he tells you his, make sure you tell him a funny joke of your own! 14. What is your most embarrassing moment? It's only fair that you follow this up with your most embarrassing moment too. 15. If you were to guest star on any TV show, which one would you choose? Why? Not only should you tell him what show you would be on, but it would be funny to tell him what show you think he should be on, too. Especially if it's different from his answer! 16. What is the worst nickname you ever had? Return the favor by sharing yours. Hopefully, his is worse! 17. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? This is a sure way to get some laughs. It's funny to hear what someone would do if no one could see them, and you can share your own thoughts on the subject! 18. Other than jelly, what is the best thing to pair with peanut butter on a sandwich? The ensuing debate is sure to be funny. What if he's a marshmallow spread guy and you're a chocolate hazelnut girl? You may have to be someone else's girlfriend. 19. Would you prefer to have your own chef or your own spa? Tell him what your answer is too. If he says chef and you say spa, maybe that means you need both! 20. What is the funniest movie you've ever seen? Do you agree or disagree with him? Tell him what you think the funniest movie is. Then go and watch both!

Conversation Starters about Life & Education

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As his girlfriend, you should be interested in his life and his schooling. Asking questions about the things he likes and what he wants to do with his life will let him know that you care about his best interests and want him to be happy! 21. Were you homeschooled or did you go to public school? Where do you think you'd be now if you'd been (the opposite of what they answered to the first question)? This is really important if you didn't know him in school. Talking about your early experiences is a great way to bond! 22. What are your life goals? If your life goals don't match up, it may be best to end things or at least acknowledge that you're not going in the same direction. But if you do have similar goals, this will just reaffirm your relationship! 23. What was your major in college? Maybe you weren't his girlfriend in college. You'll want to talk about the things you majored in so you know whether or not you had similar interests. This isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but it's best to have the conversation. 24. Do you plan on getting married eventually? Obviously, this is an important conversation to have. If you want marriage and your boy doesn't, there could be a problem. 25. Do you want kids? If so, how many? If not, why not? Again, an important conversation, so you make sure you're on the same page. 26. Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully, he sees himself with you. If not, maybe reconsider being his girlfriend. 27. What does your dream house look like? Where is it located? What if he's a city guy and you'd rather live in the country? You have to talk about it now before it's too late! 28. If you were to go back to school, what would you study? This one is just fun to know. A lot of times, girls and guys alike major in one thing even though they had a few different interests when entering college. This conversation starter will help you get to know his mind a little better. 29. Do you have any pets? Do you want any? Not wanting a dog even though you do probably isn't a deal breaker. Unless he's allergic, you can probably puppy dog eye him into agreeing. Still, it's best to know if you don't like the same things when it comes to pets! 30. Do you feel like your family influenced your life goals, or that you went your own way in life? What did your parents want you to be when you were younger? This one is pretty deep, but conversation starters are meant to get the conversation flowing. This will certainly get both sides going.

Do you want to...?

Do you have a question that you want to ask but you're not sure how to ask it? Try one of these conversations starters to get things going! 31. Do you want to hang out sometime? Sometimes it's best to shoot straight and ask exactly what you want to ask! 32. Do you want to try something new in bed? Break out that list of best new positions to try out with your boy. This is one of the hardest conversations to start, but it'll definitely be satisfying. 33. Do you want to move in together? Easing into this topic isn't really an option. If you're ready to make that commitment to go from girlfriend to live-in girlfriend, let him know! 34. Do you want to go on a weekend getaway together? This is a great way to prelude moving in together. You'll know if you're compatible enough to share a space if you're forced to on vacation. Plus, who doesn't like a romantic getaway? 35. Do you want to meet my family? It's better to pose this kind of thing as an option rather than saying, "Hey, let's go to my parents' house this weekend." Meeting the family is a huge step, so giving him a choice makes it seem like he has control of the situation. He's more likely to say yes when he thinks he's calling the shots.

Starters for Hard Conversations for Girls to Have

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Some conversations are more difficult than others for girls to have with their significant other. Don't worry about sounding funny or clingy when you really need to discuss something important with your partner. Try some of these conversation starters to get beyond that first hurdle so you and your partner can discuss things that are hard. 36. We're starting to get serious, and I know that pretty soon we'll probably sleep together. Would you be willing to get tested for any communicable diseases? I'll get tested, too. This is definitely not an easy conversation to have. A lot of people think discussing past sexual experiences puts a damper on new partnerships, but it's really important that you know you're both safe. Offering to get tested as well will make him feel more at ease, and when you get the results, it'll make you both feel better about taking that next step in your relationship. 37. I know this isn't what we were expecting, but I'm pregnant. We really need to talk about what to do next. Unexpected pregnancies are a thing a lot of couples deal with, unfortunately. Telling your partner that you're pregnant when you weren't planning on having children yet (or ever), is one of the most difficult conversations to have. Easing into it with understanding and being straightforward will make the conversation go easier. Plus, it opens up the topic for discussion on what to do next, which is something you both need to decide upon because you made the baby together. 38. We've been getting a lot more serious lately. I think it's important to discuss our financial situations so that when we move forward in this relationship, there aren't any surprises. What is your financial stability like? How is your credit score? Be prepared to share your own information, too. If you want to buy a house and get married, you'll have to know what your partner is making and what his credit score is. These things will determine the types of places you can live and the kind of life you'll have, so this conversation is vital! 39. Before we move in together, we should talk about our goals and how we see our futures playing out. I want (list your goals). How about you? It's tempting to jump right in and move into a shared space, but you don't want to take that step if it's only temporary. Make sure your goals line up so that you don't have to worry about the consequences of a break up after living together. 40. I care about you a lot, and I really want you to be happy. I don't think I can make you happy anymore. We should end this relationship now before we end up hating or resenting each other. A breakup conversation isn't the kind of conversation anyone wants to have, but sometimes it's necessary. This is a take on the, "it's not you, it's me" line because you're saying that the breakup is what is best for your partner's personal happiness. It shows you care and it gives a good logical reason for the breakup.

Conversation Starters for Texting

These conversation starters don't require a lot of explanation. Just send the question to your crush or partner and wait for their response. Asking questions when your text conversation hits a lull will help pick things back up again. Try these ten conversation starters tailored to texting. 41. What's your favorite way to waste time? 42. What is your favorite delivery food place? 43. Are you watching any TV shows right now? 44. What's your current favorite song? 45. What do you like to do when you hang out with friends? 46. How would you describe your perfect date? 47. Do you know any movie quotes off the top of your head? 48. What is the most interesting text you've ever received? 49. How often do you take selfies? 50. Do you have a current favorite meme? If so, what is it?

Conversations to Have After a Fight

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The first conversation after a huge fight is probably one of the most difficult conversations you'll ever have with your partner. Try these five conversation starters to help patch things up after different types of huge fights. 51. I'm sorry about what I said. I shouldn't have jumped to a conclusion so fast. You deserve my full trust, and you have it. I hope we can work this out. This is a conversation starter to use after accusing your boyfriend of looking at (or even cheating with) other girls. If you have no reason not to trust the guy, trust him - and let him know that you do! 52. What you said hurt me and it wasn't okay. I want to work through this, but we need to talk about boundaries when it comes to making jokes at my expense. Unfortunately, guys can be pretty dense when it comes to girls and sometimes they'll take jokes a little too far. Use this to let him know that what he said hurt you and to open up a conversation about what is appropriate and what isn't. 53. I shouldn't have skipped out on (event or dinner) yesterday. I told you I would be there and I should have kept that promise. Can we reschedule? Sometimes things come up, and you can't keep your plans, which can lead to a major fight. Try to soften the blow by offering to try again another time. Plus, this opens up a dialogue that might have been closed off by your argument. 54. You shouldn't have kissed that girl. I'm glad you told me about it instead of keeping it a secret. We should talk about how to avoid a situation where it could happen again. Guys make mistakes. If you find out your partner has kissed other girls and he tells you about it straight up, use this starter to talk about what he can do better. 55. You know my friends are important to me, so trash talking them was really rude of you. What is it that you don't like about them? Let's talk about it so we can avoid this happening again. Frankly, not everyone you love is going to get along. Your friends might not like your boyfriend, and he might not like your girlfriends. Talking about why he doesn't get along with your friends will help you keep him out of situations where he'll be frustrated, and it'll prevent future fights.

Book/Movie Conversation Starters

Some books you like, some books you don’t. It’s okay. • Though as a reviewer, you want to share your opinion and here comes the tricky thing. Well, it’s tricky for me so I assumed it could be suchlike for you. I hate writing reviews on a book I disliked. It sends goosebumps all over me, not very pleasant. However, with time and experience, I developed rules those help me A LOT in reviewing. Here they are: • 📖If you're going to share grudges, NEVER tag the author. 📖Learn from the mistakes. 📖Do not underestimate the circumstances. 📖Always remember that your opinion sets the tone to many-many of your followers. • You can have a better understanding of WHY these rules? and WHAT do they mean? while reading my last blog post on 📍 The link’s in bio and in my recent stories. • 📌 What was the recent reading you disliked?

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These are more straightforward conversation starters for girls. Use these questions/comments to start conversations about your favorite books and movies. 56. What is the last movie you saw? I saw (movie) and I (loved it/hated it). 57. Do you have a favorite genre of movie? Mine is (genre). 58. How many movies do you watch per month? 59. Do you like to see movies in theaters or do you prefer to watch at home? 60. Are you the kind of person who talks during movies, or do you need silence? 61. What is the last book you read? I read (book) and I (loved it/hated it). 62. Do you have a favorite genre of books? Mine is (genre). 63. What do you like best, ebooks, audiobooks, or physical books? 64. How often do you read books? I like to read (how often you read). 65. Do you like to watch movies based on books? What was the last adaptation you saw? Which was better, the book or the movie?

Conversations for Girls to Have with Friends

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Girls aren't just talking to their boyfriends. Here are a few conversation starters to use with your friends when you're not sure what else to discuss. 66. Who was your first crush? Do you still have a crush on that person? 67. When was the last time you did something for the first time? This one is fun because it requires a ton of thought! You have to try and answer it too! 68. How old were you when you had your first kiss? 69. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Are you happy with how it happened? 70. Which actor or actress would you most like to be friends with and why? 71. How many kernels of popcorn do you think you eat per year? 72. What is the weirdest thing you've ever done in public? 73. Have you ever played spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven? What was it like? 74. What is your favorite food to order in a restaurant? 75. If you were trapped on a deserted island with only one person, one book, and one food, what would you want the three things to be? Why did you choose those things?

Sexy Conversation Starters for Girls

Do you want to have a sexy conversation with your boyfriend but you don't know how to start it off? Here are ten super sexy conversation starters for girls to use that will definitely get your guy in the mood. 76. Guess what I'm wearing under this dress? I'll give you a hint: it's your favorite color. Works best whispered in his ear or texted to him with an accompanying picture while he's at work. 77. What would we be doing if we were together right now? Include a winking emoji, so he knows you want the X rated version. 78. What have you always wanted to try in the bedroom? Let's do it. Set limits, of course, depending on what you're comfortable trying. 79. How many different places have you had sex? Want to add a few more to the list? This gives you the opportunity to share past sexual experiences while planning out some new ones. 80. Hey, sexy. Want to go home with me? You can try this on a stranger if you feel safe enough to do so. Or try it on your partner when you're out together to create a strangers hookup vibe that'll turn you both on. 81. I've always wanted to (something sexy you've been dying to try). Do you want to try it out with me? 82. We're getting closer emotionally, and I think it's time we get closer physically, too. Are you ready to take this relationship to my bedroom? Great for when you want to move things to the next level, but you've both been hesitant to be the one to say "let's do it." 83. Tell me your role-playing fantasy. I'll act it out. This is best done with someone you're comfortable with already. Offering to act out his fantasies will spice things up in the bedroom and get you both talking. 84. I love you more than words can say, so let me show you. Again, if you're trying to take your relationship to the next level, try this one to break the ice. 85. That outfit looks great on you, but it would look better on my bedroom floor. Let's get out of here. Sometimes the best conversation starters are the ones that get you out the door and into someone's bed. It just takes a few sentences to break the ice and move things along! This is one way to let him know you're ready for more.

Good Morning Conversation Starters

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Getting a good morning text is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Make his day by sending some of these conversation starters designed to be sent first thing in the morning. 86. Good morning! I hope you have an awesome day. What are you up to? 87. Every morning I wake up thinking about you is going to be a great one. Do you think of me when you wake up? 88. Morning! What do you like to eat for breakfast? My go-to is (breakfast food). 89. I love you. Just wanted that to be the first thing you see in the morning. What does your day look like? 90. What do you look like first thing in the morning? Send me a picture so I can pretend I'm waking up next to you.

Conversation Starters for Confrontational Girls

Confrontational girls don't usually need help in the conversation starting department, but if you're trying to confront someone and you're not sure how to go about it, try some of these conversation starters. 91. Hey, I know what you did. Care to explain yourself? Giving him the option to talk is important, even if you choose to ignore him in the long run. 92. Let's talk this out like adults. Why did you do what you did? Even if you want to throw punches, conversation usually works best. Save your knuckles for when you really need them. 93. I saw you checking out my boyfriend. What do you have to say for yourself? Catching another girl eyeing your guy sucks, especially if she's the kind of girl who would go after a taken man. Show her who is boss while giving her the chance to share her side. Then tell her to stay far away from your guy. 94. I know you took my (money/object). Why did you do it? You have (x amount of minutes/days) to return it to me. If someone you know took something from you, confronting them before going to the authorities gives them a chance to come clean. If they refuse and what they stole is valuable enough, take it to the police. 95. I don't like the way you talk to me. We need to talk about this, or you need to stop talking to me altogether. This works with friends or a partner. If someone is talking to you in a way that is hurtful or uncomfortable, try to open a line of communication. If they won't take it, then close off communication completely. You deserve better!

Holiday Themed Conversations

Holidays are a great topic for first dates and long-term relationships. Try these conversation starters to get the words flowing between you and your partner. 96. What is your favorite memory involving (holiday)? Mine is… 97. Does your family celebrate (holiday)? What do you guys do? 98. Do you have a favorite Christmas food? Mine is… 99. What is your favorite holiday song? Mine is… 100. What is the best costume you ever wore for Halloween? I dressed as (costume). Did you have a favorite candy to get on Halloween as a kid? Is it still your favorite candy now?

Girls Can Own the Conversation Starting Game

Whether it be funny, sexy, sweet, or confrontational, girls can own the game by using these conversation starters. Once you break the ice, the conversation will roll smoothly. You've just got to take the first step! These conversation starters should do the trick.