15 Effective Ways To Grow As An Emotionally Strong Person

Life is composed of different obstacles and weakness will be your worst enemy while overcoming them. Here are some ways on how to become emotionally strong!

By Neko Yama
15 Effective Ways To Grow As An Emotionally Strong Person

Become An Emotionally Strong Person

There are people who go through constant episodes of laughter, while there are also several who are almost in the verge of believing that happiness is just a concept because of countless challenges and cruelty they face every day. That is how unfair life is—there would be ones who are on top of the world, and there must also be ones who’re underneath. However, we must not blame happy people who are enjoying their lives. We must not feel bitter about their achievements. We have to keep in mind that they probably went through hell too to experience the good life they have. And whatever good things life has to offer, everyone has the right to it. The question is how to turn your life around? If everyone has the right to be happy, why is it so difficult for some? The answer would depend on each person’s emotional and mental stability. The endeavors we take on everyday are actually just the same as other people’s. The end results just differ because we have different ways of overcoming them. Those who are on top of the world are the fearless, confident, and emotionally strong ones. Those who’re below are the weaker ones. If you are not emotionally strong however, no worries because it doesn’t mean that your life would be forever miserable; you just have to let positivity in your life to be happy. It’s easier said than done, but if you try hard and thrive, the results will be a lot different. To know the true definition of happiness, here are 15 effective ways on how to help you to become emotionally strong as a person!

1. Focus On What Is Happening Now

One of the biggest mistake people do on how to deal with challenges is completely ignoring them and hoping that it will pass. Although there are really obstacles that should not be taken as a big deal, you shouldn’t let yourself get used to escaping them every time. When an obstacle presents itself to you, take it and do something about it. When you ignore it, you might think it is passing but it’s actually just getting difficult and in the end, you may realize that it’s already a handful to handle. Always put your focus in the present and don’t take too long to decide on facing what’s in front of you at the moment. The longer you think about it, the more discouraged you’ll get.

2. Be Emotionally Strong By Embracing Hardships

Unfortunately, life is never easy. Even the happiest of all happy people still go through obstacles in life whether it’s about personal work, romantic relationships, family, etc. You have to remind yourself that adversity is a common thing, and that you’re not the only one dealing with them. Let yourself believe that misfortunes are what make life exciting so you can easily embrace them. Besides, achievement you attained with sweat and blood will bring you a much better feeling than those which just came suddenly.

3. Give Yourself A Little More Push

When an obstacle is too much to handle, most people have the tendency to give up easily in the middle of the overcoming process. Though it is not entirely a bad thing to give up since it’s you who knows your full limit, sometimes, you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone because that’s what will turn you into a confident, fearless, and mentally and emotionally strong person. Just like our body, when we suddenly stop working out in the middle of a good progress, our muscles tend to ache more, not to mention our efforts which have been totally wasted. That’s how it works with our mental health too. Forcing your way through adversity is one of the most effective ways on how to become mentally and emotionally strong.

4. How to Be Emotionally Strong? Challenge Yourself!

Every achievements should be treated important because it’s your effort which made you attained them no matter how simple some of them are. However, if you really want to find out the total definition of a mentally and emotionally strong person, you have to explore beyond what you only knew. Be fearless and take on challenges out of your comfort zone—try to lead a whole team at work or build a strong relationship with your bosses so you can learn new things from them. Explore your skills and talents. Believing in yourself is one of the things that will make you mentally and emotionally strong.

5. Take Away Any Negativity In Your Routine

Life is unpredictable; you can never be sure what is ahead of you. In short, you don’t have control on what is going to happen. However, there is one way to at least ensure that the ending of these obstacles will be good. How to handle these challenges would be the question. One of the few things you must remove in your attitude if you want to be emotionally strong is being pessimistic. Whatever comes your way, embrace it. Accept them with open arms and deal with them with a positive mind.

6. Be Emotionally Strong By Being Sensible

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Every now and then, it is just okay to break down from all the things that we go through. We are still human beings and it’s our right to get tired. However, be mindful of what exactly you give your full focus on. There are instances where we contradict ourselves when making decisions in life. We feel fear but at the same time we still try to encourage ourselves. We ask “what if” questions but there is also the just-go-for-it thinking. Assure what you really want to prioritize because having jumbled thoughts can cause your mental and emotional stability to diminish.

7. How To Be Strong? Face Fear Head On

It’s hard to deal with our emotions but what we feel sometimes helps us grow. Sadness give us lessons, happiness teach us that every life is worth living, anger teach us how to be not impulsive, etc. But there is one feeling that will be your worst enemy if you let it consume you and that is fear but even fear has its benefit too. Fear gives us the sign that we are in danger. However, if defied, we unconsciously grow mentally and emotionally strong because we eventually learn how to face challenges—easy or difficult. Do not let fear defeat you. Accept it but never conceal it.

8. Practice Self-Support Instead Of Self-Doubt

Some people enter relationships because they need the company. We hope to learn to be confident by our friends’ advice. We get encouragement from other people to face challenges. Although, it’s not wrong to ask their opinion, it’s you yourself who knows what you’re dealing with so never underestimate the power of self-talk. Look in front of the mirror and encourage yourself. Tell yourself that it’s okay to not be fearless sometimes. Self-support is one of the most effective ways on how to be an emotionally strong person.

9. How To be Emotionally Strong? Say 'I can'!

Sometimes, not feeling confident about doing something is just normal. Of course, you’re not a superhero who can do everything. It only becomes unhealthy when you doubt yourself more than you try making things possible because apparently, you’re really not going to be able to move forward with that kind of attitude. Be fearless every now and then because bravery will teach you how to be an emotionally strong person. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t do it!” change it with “I totally can do this!”

10. Embrace Failures

Real success can never be achieved in just a short time. Simple achievements might be, but to reach total happiness, expect that you are going to fail countless times. Failure is just normal. Just because you don’t succeed in your first try doesn’t mean you’re being punished or you’re already a jinx. Failure lets you learn things unconsciously and these new learning helps you to become stronger eventually. Do not lose your enthusiasm if you ever fail and fail. Remind yourself that you’ll get where you want if you enjoy your journey.

11. Find Solutions Rather Finding An Escape

Obstacles can either make or break you. But whatever or wherever you end up to, surely it’s your doing and it was because of how you have handled it. We have different ways of facing challenges and we can’t deny that most people tend to look for escape rather than solutions. Keep in mind that when we try to escape them, they don’t actually go away. They just get worse and come back to us when they’re much more difficult to overcome. Focus on finding solutions while the problems are not yet piled up.

12. Be Grateful For The Experiences You Went Through

Obstacles do not exist just to make people’s lives miserable. Sometimes they may almost break us and ruin relationships, but they’re also there to make life more exciting. You have to admit that getting what you want the easy way tends to get boring. Instead of feeling bitter about what you went through in life, be grateful that you got to experience them. Your experiences are actually teaching you how to be stronger for more life battles ahead.

13. Rest Every Now And Then

You are a human being and you get tired too. As much as it’s important to face head on your challenges, it’s important to take time to rest too. When you are starting to feel overwhelmed, sit for a moment and give yourself a chance to breathe. If you really want to know the true definition of an emotionally strong person, you should learn to balance. Remember that overworking is unhealthy for the brain and it can make your mental stability to get weaker.

14. Your Loved Ones Is The True Definition Of Happiness

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If there is someone who can understand your struggles better, it’s yourself. But it’s not bad to ask help from your loved ones either. Build strong relationship with your friends and family because they can also be your strength when you find yourself having difficulties in overcoming your obstacles. Their support will be your encouragement that will teach you how to become stronger.

15. Take Good Care Of Your Physical Health

Just because we’re talking about mental and emotional health doesn’t mean we have to focus only on them. If you really want to know how to be mentally and emotionally strong, how you treat your body has a big effect too. Take care of your physical health too. Try to get rid of your bad habits if there are any—excessive alcohol drinking, chain smoking, drug abuse, sleep deprivation, etc. Because when you abuse your physical body, your brain will have a difficult time to function normal.


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