15 Physical Signs To Know If Your Wife Is Cheating

If you have serious doubts whether your wife is having an affair, here are 15 physical signs to know if your wife is cheating on you.

By Janani
15 Physical Signs To Know If Your Wife Is Cheating

Is Your Wife Cheating?

Marriage is like being in a roller coaster ride. You get to see both the high and low points in the relationship. Sometimes, it gets really hard to be in a relationship as it gets monotonous. The romantic excitement that you had in your past dies in marriage after a certain period of time. You need to try and rekindle your past memories to keep the relationship going. This gets really difficult to do and either of the partners ends up cheating. It must be because of lack of excitement or just because your wife wants to experiment. So, if you feel that your wife has an affair with someone either at her work or someone new, then you need to watch out for the physical signs. Here are 15 physical signs to know for sure that your wife is cheating on you.

1. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - More Into Her Looks

One of the noticeable physical signs of cheating is your wife might dress up to impress. There will be a sudden change in her behavior where she might be too much into her looks. You will find your wife always grooming and trying to look good. In the past, she might have never bothered to dress up even for work. But if you find her paying too much attention to her style, chances are she has an affair. This is a physical sign that you must never ignore because she is trying to impress someone else with her looks. This is one way that you can prove that she is trying to cheat on you. If your wife has always been too much into her looks then it is nothing to worry about. Only when you find sudden noticeable changes in her grooming style, it is a sign.

2. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Receives More Gifts

In the recent past, you might have noticed that your wife gets back from work with a lot of valuable gifts. This might be because her special someone is showering her with gifts. When you confront her about the gifts she might never give you a proper answer, rather blame it on her friends. If you find that she receives more valuable gifts for unusual reasons then it is probably because she has an affair. You might notice that she names a lot of new friends whom she has never talked about in the past. You will also find her giving a lot of care for the gifts that she has received. This is one of the sure physical signs that will prove you that she has been cheating on you. If it is your wife's nature to care for her gifts that she receives then it might be her personality trait. But if you notice her to care for only a few gifts that she receives anonymously then it is because she is cheating on you.

3. Physical Signs Of Cheating - Hangs Out With Friends

You will find that your wife spends a lot of time with her friends. She might give some lame excuses and pull away from you. Most of the excuses would be to have a friends night out. You might even find her suggesting you take a night off and spend time with your friends and family. If this is her usual behavior then it might be because of her friendly nature. But, if you find some sudden changes in her attitude maybe it is because she wants to spend time with her special someone. This is one of the clear-cut physical sign that your wife is cheating on you. Be prepared for what needs to be done next. As a husband, be careful.

4. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Gets Independent

Your wife might never involve you in her decisions anymore. She might start to work independently than being a team in marriage. In the past, she might have been a wife who asks for your opinions and values it but if you find her just informing her decisions then you need to be a little more focused. Your wife might be getting advice from her special man and so your voice and opinion might not be valuable as it was before. But if that is the nature of your wife to always stay independent in her decisions then you need to respect her and value her. Don't jump to conclusions. If you see a drastic change in her dependency then it is a sure physical sign that she is cheating on you.

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5. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Never Calls You

Lately, you might find that it is really hard to stay in touch with her. She might never return your calls or text messages. Your wife will not appreciate talking with you or letting you know about her whereabouts. When confronted for not returning calls she might tell you that she had either technical problems with her phone or that she was really super busy. You may always notice that her phone will be silenced whenever she leaves home; it is probably because she wants to spend uninterrupted time with her special one at work. If you notice her not contacting you with you as before then it is a physical sign that she is cheating on you. If this occurs occasionally then you need not worry about your relationship, it might be because she is really busy. But if this happens on a regular basis then it is because of her affair with someone else.

6. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Always On Phone

If your wife is cheating on you, you might find her obsessed with her phone. She will always be with her phone even when she is away from her work. You will find her 'Online' in WhatsApp and Facebook, maybe she is busy sending messages to her new love. You might also find that all her chats in social media are with one particular person. You might notice that your wife might never leave her phone unattended. She might be taking it with her for bathroom breaks as well. She will have her phone locked at all times and will never let you use it. If this is her everyday behavior then you need not worry because she might have not like indulging in her private space. But if this is her recent weird behavior then it proves that she is cheating on you and having an affair.

7. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Lack Of Intimacy

In your relationship, you might feel that you have been missing out so many small moments like kissing, hugging and cuddling each other. These might be small gestures but they are the token of being in love. Being able to be cuddled in your partner's arms is a sign of love. But, lately, if you find these romantic moments missing in your life then it is because there is lack of love between you and your wife. If this is your case then it is a physical sign that your wife is having an affair and cheating on you with someone else. Sometimes, when really tired it gets difficult to show all these gestures of love. So make sure that you know for sure the real cause for your wife's behavior. Being her husband you must be able to figure out her nature.

8. Physical Signs Of Cheating - Office Schedule Changed

If your wife is cheating, you might find that her office timing has extended. She will be working for long hours than usual. She might either leave early to work or she might be late from office. Office infidelities are on the rise and a number of working wives tend to date their co-workers as per the study. So, if you notice that your wife has been working extended hours it is probably due to her time with her special someone. On the other hand, if you know that she is really busy and that she might be extending her office hours due to work, then you must be able to differentiate. Never blindly accuse her just because she is late. There must be other physical signs of cheating as well.

9. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - More Secretive

A cheating wife will become more secretive. You will always be in the dark. She might not open up about her feelings or her day at work. She will spend her whole day away from you but will never share the details of whom she spent it with. If your wife gets more secretive all of a sudden, it is the biggest clue that she is been hiding something from you. Even as a husband if you confront her you will never find proper answers about where she went or with whom she went. This is a physical sign that proves that your wife is having an affair. You must know her better, as, in the past, she might go blabbering about her day. These are small changes but they have a deeper meaning when it comes to being in a relationship.

10. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Demands Privacy

Your cheating wife might demand privacy and personal space if she is having an affair. She will feel that you are intruding her in life and shut the doors for you. She might never let you touch her phone or use her computer. Being active on social media will be her everyday life, but you will never be part of it. Your wife might act like a complete stranger and demand a lot of alone time in her life. When you confront her for her sudden need for privacy she might blame you for making her demand privacy. As her husband, you will be able to tell from her attitude if she really needs her space or is just using it as an excuse to push you away. The more you know her the easier it gets for you to prove that she is cheating on you. This is one of the physical signs that your wife is cheating on you.

11. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Picks Up Fights

If you are with a cheating wife, you will notice that she picks a fight in an unusual way. She might be finding faults with you for every other thing you do. She might find ways to make it hard for you and will show her hate towards you. In the past, all these petty issues will never be a topic to discuss but now even a small mistake goes unnoticed. She will make sure that she fights and drives you crazy. By this attitude, she gets to drive you away to avoid having conflicts with her and she ends up getting the space she needs. This is one of the physical signs that she is a cheating wife. You will be able to find a huge difference in her when she keeps fighting. As he husband make sure that you understand her intentions and don't get fooled around. If she picks up fights on a rare occasion it might be probably because she is exhausted, never confuse the signs with the reality.

12. Physical Signs Of Cheating - Avoids Having Sex

Of late, you might notice that your wife might escape having sex with you. She might suddenly feel turned down or will never have the energy. Your wife will always give lame excuses for not being able to have sex with you. She might have enjoyed having sex with you but in the recent past, it might seem like to make the impossible happen. It might be because your wife has a fun time with the special man she has an affair with and hence she avoids you. Avoiding sex with you proves that she is having an affair. Though the excuses for avoiding you might seem a little true, as her husband, you should know if she is really exhausted or simply avoiding you. If she is really avoiding you by giving some excuses then chances are she is having an affair. This is a noticeable physical sign that she is cheating on you.

13. Physical Signs Of Cheating - Shady Behavior

Your wife will show signs of shady behavior. One minute she will be all lovable and fun while the next minute she will turn into a creepy fighter. It will be like living with a someone who has a lot going on with herself. You will never know how your wife will react. She will be unpredictable. You will always be expecting the unexpected when you are with her. The reason behind her shady behavior will be her guilt feeling. She might be so funny and lovely whenever she feels really guilty for cheating on you. At the same time, she might be very annoying when she feels the hate towards you and the love for her special someone. This is one of the physical signs that she is cheating on you. If this is the behavior of your wife lately, then chances are she is having an affair. But if she behaves this way on a rare occasion it might be because she is little tired or exhausted. You need to know the difference in her behavior and know her best to prove if she is cheating on you or not.

14. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Emotionally Distant

You might notice that your wife gets emotionally distant with you. She will never be available for you when you need her. You can never expect the same level of care and support from her as you got. Your feelings will be out of scope for her and will never be bothered to know if you are doing good or not. The support that you received in the past will no longer be there for you. It will make you feel aloof and lost. She will never be interested in your affairs or anything about you. This is one of the physical signs that your wife is cheating on you. When you feel emotionally distant from your wife, you need to make sure whether she is cheating on you or simply because you are in a failed marriage. You need to know the situation and act accordingly in a way that is best for both of you.

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15. Physical Signs Of Cheating Wife - Shops a Lot

Your cheating wife is on a shopping spree. Your wife will be trying to get over the guilt and hence the shopping to make herself feel better. It might also be because she wants to look good for someone special and that she shops more than the usual. This is one noticeable physical sign if your wife is cheating on you. Although this might seem like a sign which exists in all women, you need to spot the mild difference in her during this period. The money will be out of the question and not a big deal, but in the past, she might rethink before spending too much. But now it is more fun with the same amount spent.

So, What Next?

These are the few physical signs that your wife is cheating on but there are a lot more of other signs that need to be noted. If in case, you find these signs in your wife then it is better to confront your wife about it. Have the talk and let her know why you feel this way, you can sort things out in a better way, instead of mulling over. Make a decision whether to stay in the marriage or leave, it is up to you to decide what needs to be done. Whatever the decision is, make sure that you do it fast before you make a fool of yourself! All the Best!