15 Psychological Hacks To Tell If He Is Lying

It is easy to tell when one is lying, especially if you pay attention to details. Here is how to tell when a man is lying by analyzing the signs.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Psychological Hacks To Tell If He Is Lying

15 Psychological Hacks to Tell If He Is Lying

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You will be surprised to know that more than 80 percent of lies go undetected. However, when you think back to when you were a child, it should not surprise you that lying has become common behavior. Most children were guaranteed to be punished when they admitted to a mistake while lying provided a safer outlet for punishment. The process that children use to get out of trouble sets up a basis for lying in the future. Most people always get away with lying. However, it is very easy to know when someone is lying if you know how to spot the signs. You can even spot the signs when you talk on the phone. If you want to know if someone close to you like a spouse, brother, or friend is lying, you first need to know how the person normally acts. Pay close attention to their facial expressions, speech patterns, and body language. Here are some signs that will tell you if he is lying or telling the truth.

1. Ask Neutral Questions

You can start by asking the person questions that are basic and not threatening. That way, you will be able to have a baseline to how he responds. Ask him something that will make him give a comfortable response, like his plans for the weekend or how he feels about the weather. When he replies, look at his facial expressions and body language. You want to know how he acts when he is telling the truth. Make sure you ask enough questions so that you can notice a pattern to his responses.

2. Look for the Hot Spot

As you move from the neutral territory to the lie zone, you should be able to see some signs, like changes in their body language, eye movement, sentence structure, and facial expressions. According to psychology, everyone gives out different subconscious signs when they are lying. That is why it is important to look out for the signs as you enter the lie zone.

3. Look at Facial Expressions

According to psychology, most people have a facial expression that tells that they are lying. However, some of the facial expressions are subtle and hard to recognize. You can tell your partner is lying when his nostrils flare, bites his lips, his facial coloration changes to a slight shade of pink, he blinks a lot, or he sweats slightly. Psychology says that these changes in facial expression show that there is increased brain activity when lying.

4. His Head Position Changes

This is a physical sign that shows that your partner is lying. If he suddenly makes a head movement when you ask him a direct question, it shows that he is lying. He might tend to tilt his head to the side, jerk back, or bow down right before he answers a question. This is a physical sign he will make without his knowledge when he is lying.

5. Change of Breathing Pattern is a Sign That He is Lying

When he is lying to you, he might start to breathe heavily. The reflex action is brought about by lying. When his breathing changes, his shoulders will rise, and his voice will become shallow-these physical signs show that he is out of breath because his blood flow and heart rate have changed. This happens when one is nervous- in this case, it is caused by lying.

6. He Stays Still

Staying perfectly still is one of the physical signs that someone is lying to you. Psychology says that when someone is nervous or lying, he or she tends to reduce his or her body movement or doesn't move at all. When things are normal and someone is calm, he or she tends to make some movement without their knowledge. Therefore, if your partner stays still when he is talking to you then he is definitely lying to you.

7. He Repeats Phrases or Words

This is one of the signs you can also notice when you are talking on the phone. When you find that he keeps repeating a word or phrase when you are talking face to face or on the phone, know that he is lying to you. He is trying to convince you and himself that the lie is the truth. He also does this as a way of buying time so that he can gather his thoughts and think of a better lie. It is a common sign that someone is lying. Therefore, when speaking face to face or over the phone, watch out for this telltale sign. You will easily notice whether he is being genuine or whether he is hiding something from you.

8. He Gives Too Much Information

آیا کسانی که وارد یک رابطه فرازناشویی می شوند، تا به حال به این نکته اندیشیده اند که واقعا چرا آن رابطه برایشان بسیار شیرینتر از رابطه با همسرشان است؟ در یک رابطه عاشقانه و رمانتیک که دونفر هیچ مسوولیتی در زندگی ندارند و فقط لحظات فراغت خود را در کنار هم میگذرانند و حرفهای زیبا به هم میزنند، مسلما رابطه خیلی شیرین خواهد بود. تا وقتی یک زن و شوهر به هم برسند که بار مشکلات زندگی روی دوششان است، مسایل اقتصادی، تربیت فرزندان، تحصیل فرزندان، توقعات فرزندان، بیماری یکی از اعضا، مسایل و مشکلات مربوط به فامیل و خانواده ها، مسایل مربوط به همسایگان یک آپارتمان و... و در میان این کوران مشکلات، همسران هرگز تایمی را برای با هم بودن و با هم خوش بودن نمیگذارند، هرگز تلاشی برای تقویت رابطه خودشان نمیکنند، هرگز سعی نمیکنند شور و نشاط را وارد رابطه ی خود کنند و همین باعث میشود، تنها صحبت‌هایشان با هم در مورد مشکلات و دلخوریها باشد. این وضعیت چند حالت را پیش می آورد: یا زوج رابطه ای سرد و خشک و قراردادی را تجربه میکنند، یا در طلاق عاطفی قرار میگیرند، یا دست به پیمان شکنی زده و به همسر خود خیانت میکنند و سعی میکنند، آرامش، شور، نشاط و هیجان را در رابطه ای دیگر جستجو کنند، یا دایما در جنگ و تعارض هستند و.... پس لازم است زوج سعی کنند رابطه خود را اصلاح و پربار کنند نه اینکه به دنبال رویاهایشان در رابطه ی پنهانی دیگر باشند.

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When your spouse gives you too much information than you had not asked for, there is a high probability that he is lying to you. He can do this when you talk on the phone or face to face. Someone who is lying will tend to talk a lot and give extra information in the hope that people will believe that he or she is being open. This is a sign that you should be careful about relying on because he could be nervous about something else and not lying.

9. He Covers or Touches His Mouth

This is a physical telltale sign that someone is lying. When a person is lying, he or she will automatically put a hand on their mouth because he or she does not want to answer a question or deal with an issue. If you ask him something and he puts his hand over his mouth, it shows that he does not want to reveal everything and he is lying to you. This is a sign that should tell you he is literally avoiding communication.

10. He Covers Vulnerable Body Parts

This is a physical sign that is hard to notice when you are talking on the phone. Someone who is lying will tend to cover vulnerable parts of his body like the abdomen, chest, throat, or the head. This is a subconscious thing one does when lying. The person is afraid that he or she is going to be called out on the lie and does not know what to expect from your outburst. If you notice your partner doing this, know that he is lying to you.

11. He Shuffles His Feet

This is a sign that the body is taking over when someone is lying. When he shuffles his feet, this tells you that he is lying. The whole situation is making him nervous and uncomfortable. It tells you that he just wants to walk away and leave the whole situation behind him. This is one of the best signs to know if someone is lying to you. Just looking at his feet will tell you a lot.

12. He Is Unable To Speak

If you have ever seen a video of a suspect who is guilty being interrogated, you might have noticed that with time, it becomes more and more difficult for him or her to talk. The same case applies when you want to find out if your partner is lying to you. If he is lying to you, he will struggle to talk to you. This happens because the automatic nervous system reduces the flow of saliva when someone is stressed. This, in turn, makes your mouth to become dry. Other signs you should be keen to look out for are pursing or biting of the lips.

13. He Does Not Blink a Lot

One of the signs that someone is lying is when he or she avoids eye contact. A liar can even go to the extent of maintaining eye contact to misguide and manipulate you. When he is lying to you, he will look at you longer than usual and at times, he will not blink at regular intervals. Most people when telling the truth, they tend to shift their eyes occasionally and can even look away from time to time. On the other hand, someone who is lying will give you a steady cold look as a way of controlling and intimidating you. This is a sign that you cannot spot when you are on the phone with him.

14. He Points a Lot

A person who is lying will become defensive and hostile as a way of turning the tables on you. If he becomes hostile, he is just angry that you have found out that he is lying. He will tend to point a lot as a way of distracting you from his lie. You might realize that the direction he points does not coincide with the direction he is looking. Just know that he is still lying and looking for a way out.

15. Direction of His Eyes Is One of the Signs He Is Lying

Most of the time, people who are lying will tend to look on the left. This is because they are trying to create an image or come up with answers in their brain. This is not the same as when someone is telling the truth or trying to remember a visual or audio memory. When someone is trying to recall a memory that is true, he or she will look to the right or up and to the right. However, you need to know that the direction of the eyes is reversed when it comes to someone who is left-handed. Therefore, you might think that he is telling the truth when he is actually lying. You should also know that this sign is not so reliable. People who are great at lying will avoid giving out signs and can even mislead you with the direction of their eyes to make you think he or she is telling the truth. Everyone has a different lying behavior. Therefore, there is no lie detecting method that is guaranteed. The most important things you can be on the lookout for are your partner or spouse's facial expressions, body movement, and eye movements. These are the signs that will let you know when someone is lying. Therefore, if you suspect your partner or spouse is lying to you, just look for one of these signs and you will know if you are right or just being paranoid.