20 Secret Tips To Impress Your Girlfriend On Whatsapp Via Chat

Getting a girlfriend doesn't mean the end of seduction. If anything, you'll have to learn all the tips on how to impress her especially via whatsapp chat.

By Auntrone89
20 Secret Tips To Impress Your Girlfriend On Whatsapp Via Chat

How to chat with your girlfriend on WhatsApp like a boss

Unfortunately, most guys stop trying to impress girls once they are officially their girlfriend. And that’s where they all go wrong. Girls happen to be incredibly amazing and need to be constantly teased, complimented, loved and impressed. You should, therefore, understand the importance of always looking for better ways to impress her – that’s if you want her to stay your life for the long haul. Below are romantic examples you can use to tease and impress your girlfriend via WhatsApp messaging. Feel free to come up with your smart ways of getting naughty with her over WhatsApp, and she’ll be more than impressed with you.

1. When chatting with her via WhatsApp, be yourself

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The first thing you always need to remember is that your girlfriend knows you inside out. And with that in mind, you shouldn’t even think about emulating someone or something you aren’t. This is simply because doing so would be a major turn off – one that’ll take her weeks to recover from. And if you have no other choice but to pretend to be someone/something else, then it should be in the form of a joke (or something of that nature). The latter applies to when you and your girlfriend are just starting out. Always try and flirt without pretense. Girls are in the habit of studying messages, and any sign of fakeness will make them immune to your charms. Therefore, always remember to be yourself at all times. Besides, she fell in love with the real you. So, what’s the point of trying to be someone else? And not the person you are trying to be.

2. Tease your girlfriend as you chat

Girls always look forward to chatting with interesting people. That said, you’ll be required to maintain being the interesting lad that you were when still trying to make her your girlfriend. Thankfully, WhatsApp gives you a chance, and you can feel free to use it to your advantage. Text her and tell her how much you miss rubbing and squeezing that nice, rounded butt while kissing her soft, sensual lips. That’ll drive her crazy, leaving her hot yearning to meet you. If you aren’t as good as you are supposed to at teasing, worry not. Just like everything else in the world, teasing is an art that can be mastered. Just avoid those cheesy flirtatious lines dating coaches sell you, and you’ll do just fine.

3. Complement your girlfriend via WhatsApp chat

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Apart from flirting and teasing her from time to time, another way to impress your girlfriend is by complementing her on a regular basis. Again, avoid coming off as fake by over complimenting. Over-complimenting can extinguish the attraction buildup in just a matter of seconds. So, how do you avoid making this blunder and end up being like the rest of the clueless guys in her friend zone? Well, it’s quite easy. First and foremost, make sure you’ve listed everything you like about your girlfriend. If it’s her hair you are crazy about, then compliment her hair. If it’s her nice, rounded butt then, by all means, give that butt a tap on the back (see what I did there? Ha-ha). P.S.: Always remember the importance of not overdoing it or you’ll come off as the romantically desperate guy that you aren’t. Girls don’t fall for such kinds of guys, and if you act like one, she’ll start wondering what attracted her to you in the first place.

4. Send her naughty voice notes via WhatsApp

The voice note WhatsApp feature has forever changed the flirting landscape for the better. Now, all you are left to do is learning how to work that deep, sexy voice before leaving her that thought-provoking message. If done properly, she’ll end up listening to it over and over again. And if she indeed likes you as much as she is supposed to, then the message will surely turn her on and make her wet for you. The only precaution you’ll need to take is not forcing a vocal tone you clearly can’t hack. Doing so will only backfire right in your face. This will give room too long stretches of awkward silence in the chatroom as your embarrassed girlfriend tries to figure out what just happened. You don’t have to be Vin Diesel to pull this one off. Just relax and talk as slowly and as passionately as you can.

5. Send your girlfriend nudes via WhatsApp

I know most guys have a problem with sending their girlfriends nudes. But sometimes giving her some visual stimulation while chatting can end up making her day. And if you want to do this right, consider sending it when she least expects it. Even better, you can send the nude over WhatsApp when in the middle of a steamy, erotic chat. That’ll make her obsess over you in ways you won’t even imagine. For this to take effect, you must know what body part your girlfriend can’t get enough of. That’s the part you need to snap and send over WhatsApp.

6. Send your girlfriend funny memes while chatting

Ask any alpha, and he’ll admit to using humor as his number one tool for impressing girls. And since you are an alpha who managed to score himself a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, you shouldn’t forget to use the same tactic to keep her. Again, you don’t need to overdo this. Moderation is always the best way. For example, if you come across a meme that makes you laugh so hard your ribs tickle, you need to send it to her WhatsApp immediately. This will not only make her happy but also keep her romantically attached to you. A Meme a day keeps the competition away.

7. Make use the WhatsApp video chat feature

Whatsapp has arguably the best features for chatting and for the naughty ones, flirting. Consequently, if you happen to miss your girlfriend while chatting, you can just click on the WhatsApp video chat and make things a tad interesting. Tell her you couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face and that’s why you decided to video call her. These are the kind of “boss moves” that make girlfriends fall for their boyfriends’ multiple times over. Girls love it when they feel desire. And something as simple as a WhatsApp video message can help achieve that effect. That said, if you have no idea on how to make a video call via WhatsApp, then it’s about time you learned how to. Thankfully, making a video call on WhatsApp is the simplest thing you’ll ever get to do.

8. Add your girlfriend to inner circle groups

Even though your girlfriend may never admit it, she loves when her boyfriend includes her. This can be in chats, conversations or a WhatsApp group. But you can start by adding her in every funny WhatsApp group and see how things go from there. Even better, add your girlfriend to the family WhatsApp group. This will make her feel a sense of acceptance as she bonds with your family. She’ll not only be impressed by the move but also be assured of having a long-term relationship with you. CAUTION: Only add her to WhatsApp groups that will either make her laugh or feel included. Don’t invite her into your guy-only groups because she’ll end up feeling alone. Besides, the topics we guys waste time talking about are just way too — never mind.

9. Put your girlfriend’s pic as your profile

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Chatting isn’t the only way to impress your girlfriend on WhatsApp. Putting her pic as your profile image can also do the trick. It is an example of the two of you being romantically connected. Doing so also validates your relationship. You just need to pick the perfect photo of her and post it – nothing complicated. And the safest way to do this is “stealing” the photo she has on her profile. Or even better, you can ask her to pick out the best photo of her and use it.

10. Send screenshots of cute love messages

Just because you weren’t born a poet doesn’t mean you can’t be “pseudo-poetic.” A “pseudo-poet” is one who sends his girlfriend love messages they screenshotted online. Of course, she’ll know they aren’t from you but will appreciate them nonetheless. The fact that you took the time to search for the perfect love message will earn you a lot of romantic points to be redeemed later. And if you want to do it like a pro, try mixing love screenshots with short, flirtatious WhatsApp captions. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can always take time and learn. Trust me, get to do this the right way and you’ll end up being appreciated by your girlfriend for the rest of your lives together.

11. Send your girlfriend a photo of her favorite meal

As you chat, you can decide to get a little creative and send her a photo of her favorite meal. By now, you ought to have known a thing or two about what makes her mouth watery. So, whenever she’s on her way home, and both of you happen to be chatting, surprise her with the “delicious” photo and work her taste buds. Feel free to include the caption: “This is waiting for you, babe.” Your girlfriend is a very visual being, meaning you can use this attribute to impress her while chatting via WhatsApp. If you can accurately pull this off, you’ll manage to always keep in suspense – and by extension, keep her thinking about you. This should always be the result to expect every time you and girlfriend are chatting. For the umpteenth time, if your chats pass off as boring, she’ll never look forward to hearing from you. And that’s a position you don’t ever want to find yourself in; trust me.

12. Send her cute memories via WhatsApp chat

You don’t have to wait for Thursday to send your girlfriend a proper throwback. The throwback can be that old picture you guys took when out on your first date. To multiply its effects, you can send it to her without captioning. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, why add more? It’s remarkable how something as simple as an old romantic photo can trigger intense, romantic feelings that’ll make your girlfriend fall in love with you once again.

13. Use WhatsApp to help her research

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is used majorly for socializing, it can also be used as a tool for studying and sharing research findings. For instance, if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to cook or exercise but wants to learn, you can find a “how to” video and send it to her via WhatsApp. Doing this will only show how thoughtful you are her a boyfriend, and impressing her while you’re at it. And apart from your girlfriend being utterly impressed and you’ll serve as an example for other dudes to follow. Do this in moderation unless you’d like to come off as romantically desperate.

14. Keep your chats short and to the point

Ask any master of flirtation, and they’ll tell you that keeping your chats short and straight to the point is the key to your girlfriend’s heart. If you keep on chatting nonstop, the chances are that your girlfriend will get bored. Even worse, she’ll get used to your chatting, and that’ll make impressing her much more difficult. Therefore, the trick here is keeping the chats short and on point. Also, be as unpredictable as you can. This way, your girlfriend always to your WhatsApp chats because she wouldn’t know what to expect next. And the more your girlfriend waits for your message, the more she’ll keep fantasizing about you. That’s when you know there is something you are doing right. And with that in mind, if you are the boyfriend that sends messages in the form of paragraphs, it’s high time you stopped. Learn how to text like the alpha you were born to be and witness great things happening in your relationship.

15. Don’t over chat with her

All your WhatsApp chats with your girlfriend should be aimed at stimulating her and not boring her to death. Unfortunately, a lot of guys are never aware of this fact and as a result of such ignorance, end up ruining what would have been an amazing chat session with their girlfriends. Remember always to end the chat irrespective of whoever started it. Learn how to look out for signs that she’s running out of things to say. And once you detect this, always wrap things up while her spirits are at her peak. Prolong the conversation a second longer, and you’ll water down all the hard work you’ve put in during the entire chat. One way of evading calamity is refraining overindulgence. Let her miss chatting with you for once!

16. Make her miss chatting with you

Girlfriends find being way too available especially via WhatsApp chat being such a turn-off. Therefore, you should learn how to only give her a taste of your awesomeness right before pulling a disappearing act. If she misses you, and she will then expect her to reach out. And once she does, tell her that you’d like to take some time off and work and opt to chat with her later. If this won’t impress her, then I don’t know what else will. Feel free to find an example or two on how to use absence to make her want to chat with you even more. If you do this right, you’ll only get romantically connected when all is said and done.

17. Always end the chats

Whether you are flirting or just chatting over WhatsApp text, always be the one to end the conversation – and do so on a high note. This is because your girlfriend (and girls in general) always remember guys from how they made them feel the last time they chatted. If you leave things on a high note, her eyes will light up the moment her phone buzzes as she sees its a message from you. That’s why girls who are impressed by their boyfriends are always quick to respond to their chats and messages. And if that’s not you, then you need to learn how to how to end the chats on a high note. Doing so shows you are the alpha and not clingy, needy omega.

18. Don’t entertain other girls

When you are busy chatting with your bae especially in WhatsApp group chats, other girls might end up flirting with you. In most cases, these girls might do so just to taunt your girlfriend. In this ever happens then don’t entertain these evil girls. Put them in their place and move on with your life. This will impress the panties off your girlfriend.

19. Don’t keep her waiting too long

I understand that being busy (or pretending to be busy) is meant impress your girlfriend. But you also need to understand that overdoing it or making her wait too long will only do more harm than good. Remember, there is a ton of single guys trying to grab your girlfriend’s attention in her DMs. So, instead of making her wait too long, give her a couple of minutes before texting her back. Don’t be an example of a romantically ignorant guy who pretends to be busy just to make his girlfriend miss him. If you do this and she figures you out, you might end up losing her.

20. Reassure her of your love via chat

Apart from flirting with her over WhatsApp messages, remember to tell your girlfriend you love her. If you think you are too “gangster” to do that, then it’s never too late to turn on a new leaf. And that should be before you end up losing her to someone who won’t have a problem reassuring her on a daily basis.


If you want to chat with your girlfriend on WhatsApp to be fruitful and make her want and get impressed by you, you’ll need to follow all of the above-stated steps. She’ll only be impressed if you put an effort towards putting a smile on her face with your chatting rather than bore her with all your dry, stolen jokes. Therefore, if you haven’t been putting effort into learning how to impress your girlfriend via WhatsApp chat, then its time you did exactly that!