22 Ways On How To Forget About Your Ex And Move On

Relationships aren't guaranteed to succeed. And if they do fail, it is important for you to learn how to forget your ex and move on with your life.

By Auntrone89
22 Ways On How To Forget About Your Ex And Move On

How to forget about your ex

A lot of people have a problem when it comes to forgetting and moving on from an ex. And thus, it becomes a major issue because it not only hurts them more, but also makes them have a difficult time moving forward with their lives. If you ever find yourself in such a predicament, it is important to first of all try and understand the reasons why your former lover became an ex. Once you have listed all the reasons, you can use them as a starting point then learn how to move forward without the ex. Always remind yourself that you’re better off without your ex and strive to do way better. Without further delays, here are some tips on how to forget an ex like he or she never even existed.

1. Learn how to avoid feeling guilty and move on

The fact that many people fail to see how dangerous guilt is…is the reason why they find it so hard to move on. The fact is and will always remain that the relationship didn’t work out. So, the best thing you can do is drawing as many lessons as you can then move on. Even if it was your fault that the relationship bit the dust, beating yourself up about it will only make matters worse for you. Therefore, instead of feeling guilty, you should focus on accepting the outcome and drawing as many lessons as you can. These lessons will come in handy in your next relation which should always be better than your former. Don’t you ever feel guilty even when your ex cheated on you or it was the other way around?

2. Forget your ex by pampering yourself

A relationship is usually characterized by a ton of sacrifices. Whether you are the boyfriend, wife, husband or the wife, you’ll always find yourself compromising at some point in order for the relationship to thrive. Therefore, it is always a good thing for you to reward yourself after the relationship fails to materialize. Pampering yourself is way better than beating yourself up over an ex who probably wasn’t even adding any value to your life. In short, never allow such kind of negativity to either cloud your mind or kill your vibe. One way you can reward yourself is by doing everything you wanted to do but couldn’t because you were in a relationship. For instance, go on that trip to the Bahamas just like you’ve wanted. Even better, go get yourself that Gucci belt and shoes you’ve been salivating over.

3. Avoid social media

Another reason why most people find it hard to move on from an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is that they keep sharing details of their heartbreak on social media. Always remember that most people in these virtual platforms don’t care. They are just looking for some hot gossip to share and cannot help you in real life. That said, if you ever feel like talking to someone after a breakup, then you can talk to the few real friends you have in real life. In short, only talk to people who have our best interest at heart. Forget about all the friends you made on Facebook or Instagram because they’ll only exacerbate the situation.

4. Learn how to vent using pen and paper

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Sometimes we fail to move on because of the many things we wanted to tell our exes but never had the chance to do so. If this is the case, then this is exactly what you are supposed to do. Take a pen and paper and unload all your feelings of hurt through writing. Make that pen bleed on your behalf. It might sound like a stupid idea especially if you are trying it for the first time. But once you try it, you’ll be surprised by how effectively therapeutic this exercise is. It will help you move on with your life much faster than expected. Just remember not to send the letters to your ex unless you want to spark a World War III, which should never be the case especially when you are trying to move on.

5. Forget about an ex and find yourself

Whether one of you cheated or things just didn’t work out, it’s time to move on and forget all about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. And one way of doing that is by taking some time off to carry out a thorough soul-searching. As earlier stated, being in a relationship, especially a long-term relationship, can result in loss of oneself. Therefore, the first step you need to take after the break up should be the reevaluation of your life goals and yourself as a person. If you do this successfully, you’ll end up finding purposes and being happier. And that’s how you successfully kick-start the process of forgetting about the existence of your ex.

6. Learn how to take cleansing baths after a breakup

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When you and your husband (or girlfriend) break up, there are times you’ll feel tainted by the relationship. We all have our thresholds as well as breaking points and there is nothing to be ashamed of them. If this happens to you, go through the pain and overcome it. It is important to acknowledge your feelings and hurt because it only shows you are a normal person. Don’t hide how you truly feel because doing so can easily destroy you. If you need to hide and cry, then that’s exactly what you need to do. But once you are over the pain (and by extension your ex), it would be time for some symbolic cleansing. Prepare and take that nice, warm, bubbly bath which should be a symbol of a new beginning. You’ll be surprised how effective this bath will be and you’ll forever be thankful you took it.

7. Don’t plan to revenge on an ex

You can forget about an ex who did you dirty without entertaining any negative thoughts of revenge. Revenge is for the weak. And with that in mind, if your ex-didn’t treat you right when you were still together, it’s better to accept the pain, cut your losses and move on. This is the only way you are going to heal. But if you choose revenge, it shows your feelings for your ex-are still strong and you’ll need to do something about it. Always remember that he or she is never coming back and that you are better off on your own or with someone else.

8. Don’t plan on makeup sex either

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When you and your ex-break up, it’s over! Therefore, the only way out of the pain you are feeling right now is acceptance and striving to move on. It’s absurd clinging to feelings that would never be reciprocated. Your ex-didn’t live up to your expectations then and will not do so now that you’ve broken up. If you are the one who cheated or messed up the relationship, accept the outcome and move on with your dignity still intact. Besides, you’ve been having sex with the same person the entire time you were together. Don’t think for a second that the makeup sex will be any different. Under such circumstances, cutting your losses and moving on is and will always be the best option.

9. Learn how to say no to mutual friends’ invitations

When you’ve just broken up with a boyfriend, a husband, a wife or girlfriend, stay the heck away from your mutual friends, at least for the time being. This is because when a mutual friend invites you to a party or a hangout, chances are that your ex-has also been invited to the same event. Brushing shoulders with your ex especially after a fresh breakup will definitely hinder you from moving on. So, the next time you get an invite from a mutual friend, a simple “no” should suffice. You also need to learn how to say no without explaining yourself because doing so will save you a lot of hustle.

10. Change your number and don’t inform your ex

Whether you are trying to forget your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, the first step you need to take is cutting them off completely. Many people prefer blocking their exes but exes always find a way around a blocked number since they memorized it off the head. Therefore, it is always a good idea to just change the number and starting all over again. You may only share the number with the few people whom you trust. Don’t forget instructing them not to share the number with anyone unless they obtain permission from you. If they are close friends and family, then they’ll understand you are trying your very best to heal.

11. Don’t entertain discussions about your ex

Moving on from an ex-lover involves dissociating with him or her in every sense of the word. You might find yourself in situations where your friends or associates are talking about your ex. If this ever happens, simply excuse yourself and avoid making a contribution. Your show of zero interest in contributing to such discussions will make people not talking about your ex whenever you are around. That way, you can comfortably move on with your life especially from an ex that disrespected and cheated on you.

12. Learn how to move on, block your ex on social media

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After breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, the best thing you can do is getting rid of them from each and every aspect of your life. And just like you blocked your ex on your phone, extend the same courtesy to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Doing this will help you move on because as the dictum says; “Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s a brilliant idea for you to focus on being at peak whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. It doesn’t matter if you just broke up with your husband or wife you had kids with. Block them and move on with your life! Just because you are expected to co-parent after a break up doesn’t mean your ex-husband or ex-wife has to be a part of your social life.

13. Forget about mutual social hangouts

Just like you ought to avoid mutual friends you share with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, you’ll be expected to do the same with your mutual social hangouts. This is because you are highly likely to bump into your ex in such places. Finding other places to hang out especially when your ultimate goal is to move on and forget about your ex is always encouraged. Forget about your ex by any means necessary and you’ll heal much faster than when you keep bumping into him or her. Just focus on your life and you’ll end up enjoying the process of forgetting about him I promise.

14. Forget about your ex-lover using bonfire cleansing

The bonfire cleansing is one of my personal favorites when it comes to forgetting about an ex. There is something therapeutic about watching something you hate burn down to ashes that I can’t quite explain. Burning their gifts and other attachment items will not only help you forget about your toxic ex but will also help you move on much faster especially after being cheated on. For the cleansing bonfire to get going, you’ll need to collect everything that reminds you of the ex you’re trying so hard to forget. Pill them all in a heap and set them ablaze. Try doing this and you’ll set yourself freeing from the emotional shackles holding you from forgetting an ex.

15. Learn how to be productive and forget your ex

When you are trying so hard to forget your ex-boyfriend (an ex-husband or ex-wife), finding ways to keep busy is always encouraged. But if you are the type to idle around, moving on will be a tad difficult because your mind will always drift towards your ex. And needless to say, this will effectively hold you back. And you already know what they say about an idle mind being the workshop of the devil. Therefore, you can choose to put your free time to good use rather than think about an ex. And if you do this right, you’ll forget all about your ex in a jiffy. You can choose to either hit the gym or take a cooking class. Thankfully, there are a plethora of things you can do and forget an ex while at it. For instance, you can decide to learn a new language or do pottery.

16. Forget about an ex by relocating

Though considered as a very drastic measure, moving has been known to be very efficient when it comes to forgetting about an ex. If everything in the house (and neighborhood) keeps reminding you of an ex (ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend) you want to forget, then you better move. But before moving, always consider all your options because moving is as expensive as it is time-consuming. But if that’s what it’ll take for you to forget an ex, then, by all means, do it. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on your mental health.

17. Forgive and forget

Another very effective way to forget all about your ex and move on is forgiving. Feelings of hatred will always keep you thinking about your ex. And the worst thing about hatred is that it always keeps you from happiness. It is therefore shrewd to learn how to forgive and forget. If you don’t know how to go about forgiving, it’s about you paid your priest a visit. I am sure he’ll be more than glad to teach you.

18. Tell your ex you need space

If you want to move on from an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend especially if they cheated on you, then you need to learn how to protect your space/energy. At times, an ex would want to invade your space just to make you feel nostalgic and run right back to their arms. Don’t fall for this kind of obvious, toxic trap. If an ex ever approaches you with this kind of talk, just be honest with them. Tell your ex to keep off and move on with your life as though they never existed. That’s how you’ll get to forget about your ex and not by tolerating their silly mine games.

19. Learn how to open up about your feelings

Almost all breakups are marred by bitter feelings. Therefore, if you want to get over and forget all about an ex, you’ll have to open up about your feelings and let them go once and for all. If you have a good friend or sibling who isn’t connected to your ex-husband or ex-girlfriend, then you can call him or her and talk about it.

20. Don’t forget to have tons of fun

Having tons of fun is encouraged especially if you want to forget all about an ex that caused you a lot of agonies. If the relationship was rocky, toxic and stressful, take time to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that you were strong enough to have survived the ordeal. CAUTION: Always have a healthy circle of friends to watch over you and your party like a Kenyan in 1963.

21. Don’t drunk-text your ex

The whole point of breaking up is so you can forget your ex and move on too much better things life has to offer. That said whenever you get drunk and start entertaining the urge to text your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend who cheated on you instead of moving on, stop and forget about it! That would be a good time to hand over your phone to a trusted friend and keep on partying!

22. Forget staying indoors and venture out

I don’t know the science behind this but going outside under any circumstance is usually therapeutic. Nature is so beautiful and can help a great deal when it comes to forgetting about an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. In short, embracing the outdoors can help you move on rapidly. You can either jog a little or even better, a simple walk around the park would do.

Final word

Moving on is part of life. It really doesn’t matter whether you’ve been cheated on by an ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend or whatever. Once the relationship is over, you’ll be expected to move on while your dignity is still intact. Just make sure you’ve given yourself a chance to hurt and accept the outcome before moving on. Doing so will give you the closure you’ve been looking for. Then remember to draw the lessons so that you end up enjoying your next relationship. Good luck and happy healing!