Best Sex Positions To Avoid Getting Pregnant

How to have sex and not get pregnant. Sex positions don’t really have to anything with conceiving and yet we have some positions that makes conceiving hard.

By Tanaya Nath
Best Sex Positions To Avoid Getting Pregnant

Best Sex Positions To Avoid Getting Pregnant


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Many couples avoid getting intimate because they don’t want to have a child anytime now. And we all know even protections and contraceptives could fail. Some men don’t like wearing condoms and women avoid contraceptives as they are not fail-safe and good for health as well. However, you don’t have to restrain from sex just because you don’t want to get pregnant just yet. So, here is the solution, these are not fail-safe either. If you want to spice up your sex life and not get pregnant, here are some sex positions that will help you in doing just that. No caveat should stop you from exploring other forms of lovemaking for avoiding conceiving and achieving a more satisfying sex life. But before we begin with, there are certain things that we must consider like:

Are There Sex Positions That Cause Or Avoid Conceiving?

If you are hopeful for this statement to be true, I am sorry to break your hearts. Although this fantasy has been fed by many sources, the truth is entirely different. No matter in what position, where or when you have had intercourse. If the penis has been inside the vagina, there are chances of becoming pregnant, especially if you don’t have proper birth control in place. So, if you are still not pregnant after unprotected sex, there must be another reason. And if you think ejaculating outside doesn’t cause pregnancy, you are wrong again. Even the pre-cum of the man carries enough sperms to get you pregnant. Unprotected sex is unprotected sex, no matter what. So, if you want to stay safe and avoid pregnancy, talk to your partner, adapt proper protections and don’t forget to use male and female condoms as protection from STDs. These are the only ways of ensuring that you are not pregnant despite all that unprotected sex.

If You Aren’t Conceiving Despite All That Sex, It’s Not The Positions

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Despite having sex without the protection of condoms, and you are not conceiving there could be several reasons for that. And if you chose not to use the condom and still don’t want to get pregnant, there are a few things that you can do. The timing of the sex is very important in the sexual relationship when not conceiving is the one thing on your mind. It is, in fact almost everything when it comes to fertilizing of eggs in each menstrual cycle. Sex should happen at the most fertile time of your cycle if you want to get pregnant and should be avoided then if you don’t want to get pregnant. A fertility window is the number of sex days which begins five days before the ovulation. So if a woman has a 28 days menstrual cycle, the ovulation happens on day fourteen. Allowing the fertile window range from day nine to day fourteen. If you have unprotected sex in between these days, there are fat chances that you will get be prime for conceiving. So, keep track of your cycle and avoid having sex in these days if you don’t want to get pregnant. Conceiving isn’t assured but can be ensured with enough safety practices in your sexual relationship. The other thing that affects your pregnancy is the ovulation. If you are not conceiving despite unprotected sex, there are chances that you might be experiencing ovulation dysfunction. It means you might be having a problem with egg ovulation and production if your menstrual cycle is irregular and has shorter and longer span that the usual 28 to 45 days. In this situation, it is hard to time your window to conceive. Another factor that impacts your pregnancy is infertility in men. Male infertility has become a fairly common factor in the inability to conceive. Another reason why you aren't getting pregnant despite the unprotected sex could be that you could have problems in the fallopian tube which could be because of many reasons like endometriosis, sexually transmitted disease or abdominal or pelvic surgeries. Other problems could be because of the problems in the uterus or cervix. Age is also an important factor that contributes to pregnancy. At a certain age, the female body diminishes even more with the normal ovulation period and getting pregnant keeps getting more difficult. A pregnancy rate starts to decline after a woman has crossed the age of 30 and gets harder after she has crossed the age of 35. It happens because as you rage, the number and the quality of the eggs in the ovaries of that woman declines. Studies show that if you are below thirty, the chances of you getting pregnant is 30%. Once you are thirty, it declines to 20%, and by the age of forty, it comes down to 5%.

How To Avoid Conceiving Without Using The Condom

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Many like to have sex without a condom and yet worry about not conceiving. Well, there are many other ways if you want to be not pregnant. To avoid conceiving there are many ways to for preventing pregnancy. However, they will not protect you from the sexually transmitted diseases like condoms do. There are options like female barriers like the diaphragm or the hormonal birth control options like pills. You can even go for the longer options like intrauterine devices which can help with when conceiving is not part of the plan.. And by avoiding having sex on your most fertile days will help you in avoiding unwanted pregnancy. For that, you will have to keep track of your fertile days and the ovulation days. On the average cycle of 28 days, the ovulation happens at day fourteen. So, the range of day 9 to day fourteen provide the most fertile window. Add two days to it for the safety and avoid having sex in these days for not conceiving. These are all just the calculations and estimations.

Here are certain sex positions that doesn’t result in not conceiving but makes conceiving hard. It will also add spice to your relationship. So try them out.

The Woman On Top Sex Position For Avoiding Conceiving

Also called cowgirl position, allows a woman to take control of the depth of penetration and frequency of thrust. Although gravity doesn’t have much to do with the ability of the semen to reach the cervix, yet, this position makes it harder for the semen to cover the journey in the shortest possible time. So, if you are using some protection and doing sex in this position, there is a fat chance of not conceiving. So, if you are not pregnant, it’s not the position, it’s the protection.

Standing Position

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This is a position where both the man and the woman keep standing while penetration. It could be that the woman puts one of her legs at an inclination, to provide easy access to her man. Or they could do it in the usual way, where the woman is hung in the arms of her man with her legs wrapped around his waist and her back pushed against a wall. This a little difficult situation and as usual comes with a warning. This position also takes the logic of gravity making it difficult for the semen to reach to the cervix in right time. However, we all know gravitation has little to do with semen traveling to the cervix.

The 69 Position

This is a position known to all especially for the oral sex. The couple lays either side by side or one on top of other with one’s face facing the legs of the other. Orgasms can be attained without the penetration as well. Please each other using your mouth and hands at the same time. When no semen is involved, the chances of getting pregnant becomes nil.

Dry Humping

Dry humping doesn’t involve any penetration. And you will need the lube for this. In this position, the man grinds his penis against the clitoris of the woman which is known to be the most sensitive organ. The woman's g-spot gets stimulated and provides ultimate pleasure to her, and the rubbing also pleases the man. However, it is said that even dry humping could cause pregnancy but on rare occasions. Reason being, when a man comes his penis is still at the mouth of the vagina. It might lead a few drops and the thousand sperms to the place where they shouldn’t be. But if you play it safe, you will not become pregnant. Not conceiving isn’t rocket science and so isn’t the ways on how to keep your sexual relationship spiced up.

Mutual Masturbation Sex Positions

Masturbation is a good way of getting the release and still be not pregnant. In this position, there is no penetration done. The man and the woman please each other with touch and the use of the mouth. They can also use the other body parts except for the penetration. Find new ways of masturbating and pleasing each other. When no discharge goes into the vagina of the woman, the chances of getting pregnant becomes nil. This position also gives them a chance of exploring each other and taking their sexual relationship at a more sensual and satisfying level.

On The Lap

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While the man sits on the edge of the bed or the sofa or anywhere else he feels comfortable, and the woman sits astride on his lap, facing him or away from him. Allowing for the woman to be an upright position and will make it harder for the sperm to reach to the uterus since it will be swimming against gravitation, hence preventing pregnancy. However, as said earlier, the relation between sperm reaching the uterus and the unfertilized if in the conceiving stage of ovulation gravitation is not significant. So you can’t take this as the sure way of avoiding pregnancy. Don’t forget to use the protection for optimum result, be not pregnant and staying relaxed in your sexual relationship.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

This position is much like the woman on top position. The only difference is that the woman rides the man with her back facing him gives the woman the power to control the pace of penetration and the depth of it. The reason behind considering this position safe for avoiding pregnancy is the same as above position. And it has already been said time and over again that it is not full proof safe. So don’t forget to use protection.

Spork Position

This is a position that allows the man to enter the woman from the side. The best way to enjoy it is to let the woman lying on her side, raising their right leg to allow the man to penetrate who is positioned between her legs at an angle of 90 degrees. In this position the legs of the woman form the shape of scissors, thus hampering the movement of the sperms inside her. It also allows some variations. If the woman is flexible, the left leg can also be raised a little for allowing the maximum penetration.

The Spider

This position needs a little more skill than the usual positions. Sit astride him, facing each other. Then lie back, both of you, until you both are lying on your back. Then raise your knees and hold on to each other’s leg for comfort and support. If you like keeping eye contact, you can prop yourself up on your elbows and look each other in the eye while you rock back and forth on him. You can also do slow wiggling for keeping each other aroused for a long time.


So, wrapping it all up, if you don’t want to conceive and yet enjoy sex, don’t just rely on these intercourse positions. Nothing guarantees that having sex in these positions will prevent pregnancy. So, use condoms when you are having sex because it not only prevents pregnancy but also protects you from the sexually transmitted diseases. If you take contraceptives, never miss a pill and never take it irregularly. Try to take them every day and at the same time. You know about the most fertile time, so avoid having unprotected sex at these times. People after think that it’s okay to have unprotected sex during periods which is not true. Sperms are called swimmers, and there is so much of fluid during this time that they can just fertilize an egg right on time. Also, it is a time of potential infections as well. There is another misconception that pulling out before ejaculation prevents conception. Most people don't know that even pre-ejaculation carries enough sperm to get a woman pregnant. Dry humping is not safe for the same reason. If your exposed genitals are in contact, even one drop could get you pregnant. And if you think fingering couldn’t get you pregnant, well you are right until the fingers haven’t touched the penis and have then entered into the vagina. There are chances that the precum of penis have stayed onto the fingers before entering the vagina, thus carrying enough sperms for making a woman pregnant. Same goes for touching the condoms after touching the penis. Some precum might get stuck on the tip on condoms, then entering the vagina with sperms. If you are having sex with condoms, don’t let the penis stay inside the vagina for too long. After ejaculation, the condoms become heavy, the penis shrinks and hence the chances that the condom might come off inside, spilling the fluids inside the vagina. Also, there could be chances that the condom had been damaged or have worn off during the intense moments. So, never forget your contraceptive or the morning after pill. The other precautions include diaphragm. This is a cup like rubber dome, which is thin and is inserted in the vagina to cover the cervix. Then there is depo-provera. These are the hormonal birth control method and is made up of hormones similar to progesterone. It is used in the form of infection on the back or on the arm and provides protection for up to three months. It prevents the menstrual cycle and is said to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. Then there are also implants. These arethusa devices of the size of a matchstick, placed under the skin of the upper arm. It releases steroid levonorgestrel, a contraceptive hormone. It prevents the pregnancy for three to five years. Nexplanon and Implanon are used commonly for this. Another way to prevent pregnancy is Intrauterine Device. These are T-shaped devices that are inserted in the uterus. It prevents sperms from meeting eggs and is effective for five to ten years. Before you take on this method of preventing pregnancy, you must consult your doctor. This device can only be inserted by a doctor and can cause cramping or abnormal bleeding after insertion. You can also go for tubectomy or vasectomy. Tubectomy is permanent and is done surgically. In this process, the Fallopian tubes are tied , thus preventing the eggs to travel from ovaries to the uterus. On the other hand, vasectomy is a permanent method for men. It is also done through the surgery where vasa deferentia, the carrier of the sperm is cut and blocked. It is not effective right after the surgery as there might be sperms that have already passed. It is effective after three months of the surgery. These are few ways through which you can enjoy the sex and yet not get pregnant. No matter where you are in the conceiving vs. not conceiving - practice makes perfect.