How To Leave Him Alone So He Comes Back To You

Your world can crumble like feta cheese when your boyfriend tells you to leave him alone. Here are ways you can use to not only cope, but attract him back.

By Auntrone89
How To Leave Him Alone So He Comes Back To You

Leave him alone if he asks for it

When your boyfriend or guy you like says he wants you to leave him, it might end up being tough on you and for a number of reasons. Even so, you’ll have no other choice but to grant him his wish since you can’t do anything about his decision. Therefore, giving him what he wants and embarking on self-development is what you’ll be required to do. More often than not, men usually come back, especially when women show signs that they can live without them. You also have to understand that following these steps to making him come back will be very difficult. But if many women before you managed to leave guys they loved alone forcing them to come back or at least die trying, then it means you are capable of doing the same. First and foremost, you’ll be required to accept the reality of his wish no matter how painful it may seem. Once again, there is absolutely nothing you can do about his decision to leave. Acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t have power over what you, as an individual, can do about it. And that is exactly what this article is all about. Once you’ve accepted the outcome, the steps that follow will be quite easy for you. Also, remember to keep yourself as busy as you possibly can. Being busy is what will keep your mind so occupied that thinking about him will seem like a total waste of your time – which is usually the case. Here are some of the things you can do to make him rethink his decision to leave and come back begging.

1. Leave social media and WhatsApp alone

When your man tells you he needs space, you can end up being devastated especially if you did all in your power to make him happy. But once you are done feeling pain, which shouldn’t take too long, by the way, it would be a good idea for you to consider moving on swiftly. Remember that holding onto him can neither make him come back nor stay. Instead, you can consider coming up with ideas on how you’ll end up moving forward. And if you end up hitting road bumps – which you will - always consider having friends or a support group to fall back on during these tough times. And after you’ve completely healed, the next step you’ll need to take is going MIA. Missing in action will definitely make him curious about your whereabouts. And getting him to think about you is exactly what will make him wonder why the heck he asked you to leave him alone. In the process of thinking about you, he might consider trying to call or inbox. But since you already blocked him on social media as well as your phone, he won’t have that pleasure which will only make him more curious. And that’s one pro-tip on how to make a man who initially wanted you to leave him alone consider coming back to you. And as you stay clear of social media and all the toxicity that comes with it, you should try and do something constructive with your time. Failure to do so will only have your mind drifting back to the breakup which can only make you vulnerable. It’s always the idle women that end up entertaining a man who was clear about wanting to be left alone. But that shouldn’t be you at any given moment. Instead, choose a different path and you’ll end up being more fulfilled and by extension, much happier.

2. Start seeing other people after you leave him alone

Nothing stings a guy more than the impression that he is replaceable. Speaking from a guy’s point of view, I can tell you that a guy can only get comfortable in the relationship only if the woman lets him. And when he gets to the point where he can comfortably tell you that he wishes be left alone, he’s either testing you or doesn’t really know what he wants. Therefore, be a good girl and give him what he is trying to have. And once you leave him, go as far away from him as you possibly can. Again, it might sting a little and that’s why you’ll need to take some time alone and heal. And once you are done mopping over him, always get back to the dating scene as soon as you can. This might also be a good time to make a grand comeback to social media and post all the best photos of you on dates while looking like a million bucks. Even if the guy is trying to move on, he can't and won’t stop ogling at your timeline. It’s just what men do. And when he gets the signs that you are doing just fine without him, that’s when he’ll start questioning his decisions. He’ll realize just how big a mistake it was for him to let you go and he’ll start trying to come back into your life. You’ll also need to understand the importance of making him sweat a little even if you are planning on taking him back. He’ll need to learn how to value you in the most painful way possible. Do this right and he’ll never make the same mistake ever again!

3. Leave him alone and still be happy

After breaking things off and giving him the alone time he so desperate for, you should start considering having tons of fun without him. More often than not, guys expect the woman to get crushed when they ask to be left alone. Some cold-hearted guys will even take pleasure in seeing their exes crushed when they make the decision to leave the relationship. That said, you should never give them the pleasure of seeing you break down. That’s even if you’ll be crushed when you finally leave him alone. And that’s why you need to leave social media alone for a while to heal then make that grand come back that’ll shake his confidence to the very core. Once you go missing in action, your ex-lover will naturally get curious about your whereabouts. After a couple of weeks or months, come back to social media looking like the Queen of Sheba and make him sweat. Go out with your friends or even other guys and don’t be shy saturating your timeline with photos of you having fun. Feel free to take a million selfies with your new hairdo or in that bomb bikini and make sure the captions aren’t about him or your past relationship. While you are at it, tagging some of your mutual friends wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Once he sees you happy, he’ll automatically feel stupid for asking you to leave him alone and will want to come back. And trust me, you’ll know the signs that he wants to come back when you see them. All you need to do is making sure you’re having tons of legit fun and not just pretending so as to attract him back. Own your happiness baby girl!

4. Leave him alone and hit the gym

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There is no better time for hitting the gym than when your guy breaks your heart when he asks you to leave him alone. The pain should always give you the opportunity and drive to become a much better person. The gym will also help you deal with all the pain, guilt and betrayal you’ll feel after the breakup. One way of getting rid of the anger is doing some push-ups. Pushups are effective when it comes to releasing pressure from your system through vigorous training. Harboring such emotions is the reason why women in such situations can't focus on guys with to be left alone. At first, you don’t have to be serious about fitness when you sign up to your local gym. But once you hit the gym and start noticing the results, you’ll love it and that’s how fitness will become your lifestyle. In the end, you’ll get your confidence back and move on with your life will be easy breezy. Feel free to post your workout photos online for him to see and kick himself in the backside. And even if he doesn’t see them online, you can bet your top dollar that some of your mutual friends will find a way of showing him the pics. And that’s all he needs before trying to come back into your life. Once he does try to reach out, you’ll need to know how to treat him. First and foremost, always act according to how you feel. Whether you want to take him back or not, you’ll need to analyze your feelings as well as the facts. So, whenever he tells you to leave him alone, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Just dedicate your time into building yourself and you’ll do just fine!

5. Leave him alone and don’t text or call him

When he asks you to leave him alone, please do so in every sense of the word. And don’t you dare forget to take back your dignity with you because if you lose it, you can't get it back. And once you permanently cut him out, he’ll automatically get curious and start second-guessing his actions as earlier stated. But that shouldn’t be any of your concern because, at the time, you’ll be busy rebuilding your life for your next boyfriend. And you can't jeopardize that for anything or anyone. After some time, he might try reaching out to you via text messaging. He might vaguely ask you how you are faring on or even worse, admit what you’ve suspected all along – that he misses you. Do yourself a favor; don’t fall for such petty tricks! This might be a good time for you to give him the cold shoulder and act as though his texts messages aren’t being delivered. Always remind yourself that he was the one who asked you to leave him alone and not the other way around. Ignoring him doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you are respectful of his wishes of being wanting to be left alone. Texting to “check up” on you is just one of the many signs that he misses you but doesn’t have the guts to admit it. Once he realizes that his texts are being ignored, he might try calling. If he attempts calling you, ignore him as well. And if you ever feel guilty for ignoring him, always remind yourself that he was the one who wanted to be left alone. And once you feel like you have punished him enough, text back after a decade with a “hi”!

6. Have some class and leave him

During the relationship, a guy can easily get used to you sacrificing and being there for him to the point of being entitled. And it’s because of such tendencies that they might have ended up taking you for granted. If that’s the case, then grant him his wish whenever he asks you to leave him alone. Even if you feel attracted to him, you’ll be required to back off because he’s showing you that he’s not a gentleman. A gentleman will always find a better, more respectful way of turning down a lady or ending a relationship. Telling you to leave him alone is not only arrogant but very childish. It is therefore important to keep reminding yourself who you are since that’s the only you’ll act accordingly. In short, if he can't see your value, then there is no point of wasting your time trying to prove yourself to him. Grant him his wish and walk away with your head help up high or else your crown will fall. You are indeed a queen who shouldn’t be wasting her valuable time trying to prove herself to a man who doesn’t see her worth. For the millionth time, if he wants you to leave him alone, leave him with a smile on your pretty face. And if he ever comes back to his senses and realizes that he messed up big time, it’ll be his loss and not yours. Whether he comes to his senses or not, make sure you are going about your business as usual, as if nothing has happened! Show the whole world that a little heartbreak can't bring you down.

7. Find out why he asked you leave him alone

There’s definitely a plethora of reasons why he wanted you to leave him alone. In some cases, the fault might actually be yours. If this is the case, always try finding ways to change your habits before you focus on moving on and branding him a jerk for leaving you. Soul searching is very important in that it’ll always help you draw lessons from the past and use them to brighten your future. Who knows, if you carry out soul searching, find your mistakes and learn from them, he might just start trying to come back into your life. Guys will always look for signs of improvement in the women before they decide to leave for good. So, if he takes notice that your efforts to becoming a better person, he’ll definitely make contact. This is because men can’t stay away from a woman who is keen on improving herself lest another man gets lucky. Once you realize that the breakup is your fault, try and give him a genuine apology. An apology is among the top signs of maturity because it’s one of the hardest things any grown person can do. After that apology, stay away and continue being the awesome person that you’ve always been. If he still doesn’t come back, don’t worry about it. The most important thing is that you took the time to own up your misgivings and become a better person. Therefore, be thankful because you’ll end up being a better girlfriend for your next boyfriend.

8. Don’t pay attention to him

There is a reason why he decided to ask for you to leave him alone. You’ll, therefore, need to also focus on more important things in your life and give him a complete blackout. You can't move on when you keep checking on him or do things just to gauge his reaction. Ignore him. And even you meet up, treat him like he seized to exist the moment he asked you to leave him alone. When he texts you confessing just how much he misses you, don’t fall for it. He is just realizing that staying away from you was the biggest mistake he ever made and is trying to come back into your life. Don’t hand him a second chance on a silver platter. Even if you are still in love with him and are planning to take him back, making him work his way back is always the best option. He has to understand there is a price for walking away and hurting your feelings. You also have to understand that keeping him at bay will be the hardest thing you ever do especially if you still love him. But if you put your heart into it, then you won’t find it impossible. Sometimes we just have to take the hardest road to happiness because when all is said and done, that’s all that matters.

9. Give him the dreaded “k” response

The moment your guy wants to get back to you after specifically asking you to leave him alone, you need to show reluctance. Showing signs of reluctance will only make him try harder to get back with you. This is because it sends the message that life is still good without him (if not better). So, whenever he decides to text you, the best option will be simply ignoring his texts. And if he insists on texting, respond but keep your responses as short as humanly possible. The longer the text messages you send, the more he’ll think you are into him. Therefore, you need to keep them as brief as possible. That’s when you’ll also know whether he’s serious about getting back with you or is just trying to test your stability without him. Either way, stand your ground and do exactly as I instructed. Showing reluctance will bring him back much faster than you expected.

10. Don’t criticize him after you leave him alone

If he asks you to leave him alone, do exactly that and move on like it didn’t even affect you in the first place. You need to fully understand that you can't stay away from a guy and then be seen or heard criticizing him. Instead, give him space like he requested and don’t look back. If he approaches you as a “friend”, talk to him with a warm heart but always remember to excuse yourself and leave before he gets way too comfortable. This will trigger a lot of questions in his head and before you know it, he’ll be trying so hard to come back into your life. And for the umpteenth time, don’t make it a walk in the park for him. Make it clear that he just can’t walk in and out of your life as he pleases because doing that will always attract unpleasant consequences. And if he really wants and loves you, then he can’t stop trying no matter how hard it would be for him. But if he was just testing to see if you are doing good without him, then he’ll leave. Either way, try staying positive and not show any signs of bitterness even when bitterness is all you are feeling.

11. Consider going shopping

Under such circumstances, I usually advise women to go shopping because it is therapeutic. Your ex-boyfriend will get to see how good you look in your new outfits and needless to say, grabbing his attention is among the signs that he wants to get back with you. Do this right and you’ll have him regretting why he ever told you to leave him alone. After updating your wardrobe, move on to setting new goals and working hard towards achieving them. Apart from making you look good and keeping you occupied, shopping for new outfits is also seen a symbol for change or a new beginning. And when you’re moving on becomes a reality, he’ll be knocking on your door asking for a second chance before you know it.

12. Thou shalt not be needy

Trying to get him back after he clearly asked you to leave him alone is the archetype of neediness. At this point, I’m confident that you’ve read all the articles about how unattractive neediness is. Therefore, shun away from showing just how needy you are even if you may be feeling that way at the moment. This is why I keeping emphasizing on working on yourself so that you don’t have time for begging. Begging for love is just the worst because it robs you of your dignity. And once you do that, he’ll never want you back, ever. Therefore, if you want to increase the chances of him coming back to you, keeping the neediness at bay should be your first goal. If he is to come back, then you’ll have to show signs of happiness the moment you leave him alone. Failure to do so will only make the chances of him ever coming back reduced from slim to none at all.

Final word

If you want your man or boyfriend back, then you’ll to exhibit the signs of a strong, independent woman. This should always be the case even when his asking you to leave him alone left you gutted like a fish. Accepting and moving on is a sign of confidence which, needless to say, is attractive as hell. More often than not, he’ll keep trying to come back into your life especially when things start working out for you. At that point, you’ll be the one to decide what you want to happen in your life. There are also times when a man means his word when he says he wants to be left alone. In this case, anything you do will never get him to come back. You, therefore, shouldn’t waste your valuable time trying to impress him. Simply remind yourself that you are better off on your own and as the case with everything else, time will bring everything back to equilibrium. You are better off without a person who doesn’t want to be with you. The good news is there are millions of single men out there who would kill for a shot to take a woman as beautiful as yourself out on a date.