15 Tips To Help You Kiss Someone With Braces

Kissing a person with braces can be a dicey affair. But with a little patience and determination - as well as trial and error - you'll end up doing just fine.

By Auntrone89
15 Tips To Help You Kiss Someone With Braces

Kissing someone with braces like a boss

Kissing is an art that has to be mastered by everyone. And this can only mean that when you throw brace into the equation, then the whole kissing game automatically becomes much more complicated. You’ll, therefore, need to kick back and learn a few tricks especially when dating a guy or girl fitted with braces. It can be tons of fun especially when both of you decide to practice together. You also need to understand that different people feel differently about having braces. Therefore, you’ll need to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend if they are ok with you learning how to kiss them with their braces on. If your approach is good, then they will accept and that’s where the fun will automatically kick off.

1. Be patient before kissing a person with braces

Being fitted with braces can be a totally new and strange experience. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to let your girlfriend or boyfriend feel comfortable first before venturing into their mouths looking for a passionate kiss. Thankfully, there are other ways of making out rather apart from kissing. Therefore, if your partner couldn’t access the Invisalign procedure that makes kissing easier, you can always take your time. And once your partner is ready to kiss you, make sure you are patient with him or her. Pull back at the first notice of discomfort and ease your way back when it’s all good.

2. Be gentle when kissing bae with braces

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As earlier stated, you’ll be required to be as gentle as you possibly can when kissing around your partner’s braces. People who aren’t patient when kissing around braces often end up getting stuck, which can be an embarrassing experience altogether. Getting stuck kissing someone with braces doesn’t mean you don’t have skill. It might be a cue for you to stop rushing and be patient. Therefore, with patience as your mantra, you’ll learn how to work your lips and tongues around the braces. Remember to work together so as to make the whole exercise as enjoyable as possible.

3. Diffuse the attention from his/her braces

As earlier stated, braces can make anyone very uncomfortable especially during the first couple of days after being fitted. For that very reason, you’ll need to learn how to divert the attention from your partner’s lips while kissing. For instance, you can choose to kiss his or her neck or cheeks right before circling back to the lips. This way, they’ll really get comfortable with the kissing and forget all about the braces. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t be shy away because learning this skill will be highly rewarding. Feel free to visit YouTube and check out videos on how to kiss their face in other places. These videos will give you a much more reliable visual aide on what you’re supposed to do.

4. Angled kissing helps avoid clashing with the braces

With thorough practice, you’ll definitely find the right angle for kissing someone with braces. Again, different people fitted with braces have different specified angles which they feel most comfortable with when kissing. And while you are looking for the right angle to kiss your partner, always remember to do it as slow and as lovingly as possible. Going all in and being aggressive will only make matters worse for you since you’ll only put yourself at the risk of injury. And whenever you feel your partner is feeling even the slightest of discomfort when kissing, don’t hesitate to pull back from the lingual action right before going back to the kissing. Remember, kissing is supposed to be fun and comfortable.

5. Kiss the lips, leave tonguing for later

When you are just starting out kissing someone with braces, you’ll be at a much higher risk of getting stuck. It is, therefore, a good idea to gently kiss him or her on the lips while still finding the best angle for French kissing. You need to understand that the Invisalign procedure isn’t available for everyone. Therefore, as long as your partner is fitted with braces, you’ll have no other option but to work your way around them. Sometimes in life, we are all required to work with whatever you are handed and go about enjoying our love lives. And once you’ve learned how to successfully work your way around the braces, your partner will appreciate your new found set of skills whenever you find your lips locked.

6. Eschew circular tongue movements to avoid braces

If you are kissing a guy or girl with braces and want to venture past the lips, then you’ll need to take extra precaution because it’ll mean the braces will be on the way. Making circular movements with your tongue - which is normal when French kissing - should be avoided at all costs. This is because your tongue is likely to brush past the braces and in the process, risk getting injured. Thankfully, there are ways your tongues can touch without the usual circular motion. And that’s exactly what the two of you will need to be doing until the braces come off. As earlier stated, you can always enjoy other ways of kissing that does not involve too much lingual action to be on the safe side.

7. Try up and down lingual movements to avoid the braces

French kissing a guy or girl with braces can be tempting because French kissing happens in the heat of the moment. If this ever happens, and I suspect that it will, then I’ll advise you try something totally different. Instead of the usual the usual circular lingual motions when French kissing, try the up and down lingual movement. That way, you’ll still derive lots of pleasure from the kissing as you would when French kissing but only without the risk of injury. What I am saying is a little improvising will not kill you. If anything, it will leave the both of you open for some really interesting and fun kisses you’ve never experienced before.

8. Trial and error while maneuvering past the braces

When you are about to kiss someone with braces, it is very important for you to create your own experiences. For instance, you need to try out something but if it doesn’t work out, always strive to back off. This will include trying different lingual movements, seeing what will and won’t work. Just because he or she doesn’t have Invisalign doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying the kissing.

9. Generally, distract the brace wearer

As earlier stated, a guy or girl with braces will always be conscious of them especially after the first few weeks. And it goes without saying that it will interfere with the kissing especially if you aren’t keen on distracting them. Therefore, pulling off and whispering something romantic in their ear about how beautiful he or she is before resuming wouldn’t hurt even a single bit. And that’s just one of the many ways of effectively distracting a guy or girl with braces while kissing. As you distract them, be careful not to rush back to kissing lest you risk getting stuck in their braces which is, needless to say, an unpleasant, embarrassing experience.

10. Don’t make a mistake more than once

When kissing a girl or guy with braces especially for the first time, you are bound to make mistakes. And so, in the event of making mistakes, the most important thing would be pulling back, apologizing and changing your kissing tactic. As I said earlier, kissing a person with braces is a totally different experience for everyone, meaning we are all bound to make mistakes.

11. More lips, less tongue

It goes without saying that different people have different tastes and tactics when comes to kissing. While some love smooching and lip-locking, other are into that deep, sensual French kissing. But when it comes to kissing a guy or girl with braces, you’ll have no other choice but to keep the lingual action down to the bare minimum. Fact is, you can still enjoy kissing with little to no tonguing at all.

12. Try kissing with your mouths closed

With the braces tact away from the inside, it would be utterly impossible for them to interfere when the two of you opt for closed mouth kissing. Some people would risk getting stuck in the braces since they believe this isn’t passionate enough. But that’s until they try it out and get their minds blown to smithereens. If your lover can afford the Invisalign procedure, then, by all means, let him or her do it so the both of you can enjoy “eating” each other during kissing without the risk of getting stuck or sustaining injury. This kind of kissing should also be used until the one with the braces is comfortable with the kissing. That’s when you can start exploring.

13. Use dental wax on the braces

Dental wax comes in handy especially when the braces are still new, ragged and sharp. The wax helps smoothen the braces so that the kissing is safe and almost natural even with the braces on. And if the dental wax isn’t efficient enough, a quick visit to your dentist for filing would do the trick. Once the edges of the braces have been smoothened, kissing will definitely be much better than before.

14. Make the brace wearer feel comfortable

Kissing is all about being comfortable. Therefore, if your girl or guy is wearing braces, you’ll need to make him or she feel comfortable before kissing. You can start with massage then slowly pick things up from there. Trust me, with a little practice, you’ll get your partner so comfortable he or she won’t even remember having braces when the kissing starts.

15. Enjoy the kissing

Once you have made your fair share of mistakes and have finally found the appropriate lingual movement, then it’s time to kick back and enjoy the kissing. Kissing is meant to be enjoyed and you’ll, therefore, need to focus on just that – enjoyment. Take your time, be slow and vocal about how pleasurable kissing your partner is. Worrying too much about what’s going to happen when you kiss someone with braces will suck out the joy from all of your kissing escapades. Therefore, taking your sweet time and practicing is mandatory. And once you are good at it, it will be time to kick back and enjoy yourself to the max, with or without the Invisalign procedure being done.


As stated, there are plenty of ways to avoid getting stuck in braces in the name of passionately kissing your partner. Patience is the key to successfully kissing a guy or girl fitted with braces. First and foremost, you’ll need to work your way around those lips and find the right angle to access your partner’s tongue. Take your time and learn how to explore and find the best ways to avoid getting in contact with his or her braces. This will take a lot of practice which can be fun especially if you and your partner agree on working together as a team. Last but not least, communicate as much as you can so as to avoid making the same mistakes.