Anna Stuart Wiki: Everything To Know About James Cromwell's Wife

Here is everything you need to know about the soap opera star, Anna Stuart, wife of the Emmy Award-winning actor James Cromwell.

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Anna Stuart Wiki: Everything To Know About James Cromwell's Wife

Who is Anna Stuart?

Anna Stuart, aged 69 was born on November 1, 1948, in Bluefield, West Virginia, United States. Stuart began her career in the soap opera series. In the year 1971, Stuart was cast in the Television series 'The Doctors' and played the role of a lab technician 'Toni Ferra' for nearly six years. In 1977 she performed 'Dr. Gina Dante' on the rival soap opera 'General Hospital'. In 1981, Stuart was featured as 'Vanessa Chamberlain' for the series 'Guiding Light' as a replacement for the star Maeve Kinkead as she was on maternity leave. Stuart's character as 'Vanessa' took her to great heights. With her impressive acting skills, she gained a lot of stardom in soap opera. Insert here

Here is a video of her hit TV show 'The Doctors' when Anna Stuart was only 23 years old. Only few photos of Stuart are available on Instagram.

Anna Stuart in 'Another World'

After the 'Guiding Light' star Maeve Kinkead's return from her Maternity leave, Anna Stuart's career was all frozen till 1983. In 1983, Stuart starred as 'Donna Love Hudson' on the series 'Another World' which was a huge hit for the star. Her role as 'Donna Love' was at first featured as a supporting character but due to her acting skills, she quickly became the lead actress of the famous soap opera series 'Another World'. Stuart, the American actress, played the role as 'Donna Love' in the series 'Another World' from January 1983 to November 1986. In November 1986, Stuart was recast by Philece Sampler and was panned by soap periodicals for the two consecutive years. Stuart then again expressed interest in returning back to 'Another World' so the contract signed with Philece Sampler was terminated. Stuart's return to the show was highlighted in the show's 25th-anniversary soap opera digest cover. Stuart then again appeared in the series from 1989. Stuart gained huge popularity from the show 'Another World'. Again in the year 1990, Stuart took a sabbatical and was replaced by Sofia Landon in the series. As time went by, the role 'Donna Love' was hardly recognized. In 1999, the show got canceled due to the deviation in the storyline. The character 'Donna Love' became bizarre and received unfavorable reviews.

Anna Stuart: Movie Career

Stuart then played many other parts after the end of the popular series 'Another World'. Alongside her Television series, In the year 1970, Stuart played a small part in the movie 'The Angel Levine'. Although Stuart received positive critics for the movie 'The Angel Levine' the movie was a big failure. Stuart even starred in the movie 'South Of Hell Mountain' in the year 1971. In the movie 'South Of Hell Mountain', Stuart played the lead role and received positive acclaim for her part. Stuart has played her part in few other movies as well.

Anna Stuart: James Cromwell's Wife

The romance between the Emmy Award- winner James Cromwell and Anna Stuart began in the year 2012. Anna Stuart and James Cromwell first met in the house of Charles Keating, a former co-star of 'Another World'. It was a New Year's Eve when the loving couple first met. As the romance began to bloom, the couple attended the Oscars together for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013. The couple took their romance to the next level in 2014 when James Cromwell and Anna Stuart got married. They got married in the place where they first met at late Charles Keating's home on the same day the met, at New Year's Day. A photo of these two lovebirds at the home of late Charles Keating is available on Instagram.

Anna Stuart: Facts

Here are a few facts that you need to know about Anna Stuart wife of James Cromwell. 1. Stuart had an unusual job of exercising horses at the race track. 2. Stuart considers Robert Redford as her role model. 3. Her role 'Donna Love' was created just for Anna Stuart as the producers were so impressed with her acting skills while she auditioned for the role 'Felicia Gallant' on 'Another World'. 4. Stuart lost her longtime companion David City due to heart failure in the year 2004. 5. Stuart is one of the very few actors who have appeared in three soap operas in one calendar year.

Anna Stuart: Net Worth

Anna Stuart's net worth is estimated to be around 850,000 dollars. Her net worth is estimated from her combined earnings from her television series and movie parts. Her net worth is set to increase when combined with her husband James Cromwell whose net worth is estimated to be around 8 million dollars.

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The 69-year old American actress has achieved great heights in soap opera. Although she has not made a major impact in the film industry her role as 'Donna Love' will be always remembered. Stuart has not yet received any awards but has been nominated for three consecutive years from 1994 to 1996 for the 'Soap Opera Digest Award' for the series 'Another World'. Even without any awards, Stuart has always done justice to her roles.