10 Sexy Pics Of Emma Roberts In A Bikini

'Scream Queens' actress Emma Roberts is one of our favorite characters from 'American Horror Story'. She also happens to be a 'Wild Child' who steams up Instagram with her hot pics.

By MJ Faublas
10 Sexy Pics Of Emma Roberts In A Bikini

Emma Roberts--'Scream Queens' actress and overall 'Wild Child'

Emma Roberts made history when she premiered on the hit television Show 'American Horror Story'. Since becoming a member of the cast of 'American Horror Story', Emma Roberts has become a fan favorite playing the role of 'Scream Queen'. Fans of Roberts wait with anticipation of her return each October as the television show displays its latest season with one key goal in mind--scaring fans beyond belief! Though fans of Emma Roberts know her from hit TV Shows 'Scream Queens', hit movies 'We're the Millers', 'Wild Child', and 'Nerve', however, Emma Roberts started her career back in 2001 when she was a part of the hit movie 'Blow'. Since making her first movie, Emma Roberts has gone on to become one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. As a young actress, Emma Roberts uses her voice and presence to promote the importance of art in both individual's personal and professional lives.

Top 10 Instagram Bikini Pics of Emma Roberts

#10: Hello Doggie

The 'Nerve' actress looks stunning while posing with this cute dog statue. How can fans not fall in love with the Instagram pics of Emma Roberts?

What are you looking at? @nickwalkerphoto

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#9: Emma Roberts Hi-Waist Diva

With this hi-waist bikini, Emma Roberts shows that sexiness can be expressed with class. The 'We're the Millers' actress looks breathtaking in this ensemble.

@shape ❤️ goodnight guys 💙goodnight #sunday 🖤

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#8: Partially Covered Betty

In this sexy pose, Emma Roberts is turning all viewers into 'Scream Queens' while they take in her beauty.

#Saturday 💃🏼➡️

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#7: Dipped Pineapple

Everyone, including, Emma Roberts needs some rest and relaxation but not all girls can look so stunning while enjoying some down time. Emma Roberts makes it look effortless.

You had me at Aloha 🌺🍍

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#6: Pretty in Brown

Another moment with Emma Roberts as she wears the color brown, cast out by some, avoided by most. Emma Roberts brings this color to life in her sexy bikini choice.

#5: Coated Bikini

Bad girls wear their bikinis with a leather jacket which means you're not a bad girl like Emma Roberts unless you sport your bikini with a hot leather jacket.

Nobody can rain on our parade @thealbinopig ☂️

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#4: Rollin with the Homies

What's the point of being young, successful, and sexy if you're not going to spend some sun-time with your friends? Emma Roberts chills out with one of her close friends while enjoying a sunny day while looking gorgeous.

Pale n proud @britelkin 🇺🇸

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#3: Peek-a-Boo

Peek-a-boo, Emma Roberts sees you. Roberts makes the color red seem as if it was created for her. While sporting some dark sun glasses, Emma Roberts enjoys another sun-filled day.

Throwing shade #Coachella #ShadesofCoach @coach #ad

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#2: Red-hot Roberts

Probably one of the sexiest actresses of our time, Emma Roberts enjoys some fun on the beach in a hot pink bikini.

#1: Beach-side Doll

Flawlessness is written all over her face while Emma Roberts enjoys her life of hard work and lavish vacations.

Wish you were here 💋 @bikinithief

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Emma Roberts: Fans BFF

As Emma Roberts enjoys more success from being an actress, fans are rewarded with her presence in 'American Horror Story', and the many movie projects that she is working on. All this success will only lead to more vacations and and more sexy bikini Instagram pics for fans to enjoy.