Courtney Love Net Worth, Bio, Dating Life And Career

Who is Courtney Love, her net worth and everything about her

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Courtney Love Net Worth, Bio, Dating Life And Career

Who is Courtney Love?

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Courtney Love is a name we have all heard of, even if you don't know exactly who she is, or what she does. How does she get this famous and become an American sweetheart? Who is Courtney Love?

Courtney Love is an American singer and actress, famous for her rebel girl image, but there's so much more to her than that, and we will find out. Love was born on July 9, 1964, in San Francisco. She is of Cuban, English, German, Irish, and Welsh descent. During her parents' divorce in 1969, her mother claimed her father had fed her LSD when she was a toddler, claims that her father denied. Her mother was granted full custody because of it.

Love spent much of her childhood in reform schools due to her troubled past and eventually became a stripper at the age of 16. She travelled around the world in her 20s before eventually returning to the US, where she decided to take her music career more seriously. She formed her own band, Hole, in 1989.

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Subsequently, she started paying more attention to her film career as well. Her role in The People vs. Larry Flynt got her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. Columbia Pictures was said to have doubts about hiring Love at first because of her troubled past, but Love surely proved to them what she's made of.

Till this day, Love continued to influence the world, especially with her female-fronted alternative acts. Her net worth is thought to be over $150 million. She's went through a lot, and she is still standing strong, making music to all her fans around the world. She is loved because she is the figure that shows you don't need to be perfect to make something. We all have our flaws, you just have to work through them. There's a chance for everyone.

About celebrity Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was an American musician, best known for his role in the rock band Nirvana. Cobain was married to Love from Feb 24, 1992, up until his death in 1994. Cobain was born on Feb 20, 1967, in Washington. Just like Love, he went through a rough childhood.

His parents got a divorce when he was still young, and he witnessed the domestic violence of her stepdad to her mom. His dad also got remarried and had two kids, leaving Cobain feeling abandoned as he was no longer getting the attention as the only kid in the family. His past made him feel distant and withdrawn.

Cobain put his energy on making music and was the guitarist for Nirvana. Cobain and Love met on Jan 12, 1990, at the Satyricon club in Portland. Cobain admitted he was attracted to Love but wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship so he was distant towards her at first. They met again in a show in 1991, where things started to heat up fast.

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They got married on a Miami beach in Feb, 1992, and welcomed their first and only daughter in Aug, 1992. Their relationship became Hollywood headlines for days because of how open they were about it. However, both suffered from drug abuse issues and the problem only accelerated after their marriage.

After suffering from deep depression with a few suicide attempts in Mar, 1994, Cobain eventually took his own life with a shotgun on Apr 5, 1994, leaving Love and their daughter behind. While still grieving over her husband's death, Love decided to read out the notes he had left behind on his memorial service, so his fans can have full disclosure of what he left behind.

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Losing her own husband wasn't the only pain Love had to deal with at the time. Hole's bassist Kristen Pfaff overdosed and died just two months after her husband. It was a tragic time for Love.

She struggled through her loss and managed to come back stronger. Her roles in the film and music industries have shown us what she can do, what she is made of. She showed the world the pain may bring her down temporarily, but eventually, she will come back stronger. 

Daughter of Courtney Love

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Frances Bean Cobain, born on Aug 18, 1992, in Los Angeles, is the only child of Cobain and Love. Due to the rumors of her mom using heroin during her pregnancy after finding out she was pregnant, parenting abilities were questioned by the public, and eventually authorities.

An investigation carried out by child services was launched against Love and Cobain, where the couple insisted the media took Love's words out of context, resulting in the false accusations. The couple was able to take her custody back. 

Cobain lost her dad when she was two years old, after his suicide. Cobain was raised mostly by her grandmother after Love's drug-related arrest in 2003. Finally, Love regained her custody in 2005. She then attended Bard College and started her modeling career in 2006 with Elle magazine.

Cobain recently opened up about her own fight against drug addiction in a podcast, saying it's hard for her growing up because Love was a drug addict, and it influenced her as well. 

Courtney Love Dating History till 2018

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Love was married to musician James Moreland briefly in 1989. Their marriage was annulled just a few months after, with Love saying her first marriage was 'just a joke' later on in her life. Then, Love was married to Cobain, their high-profile relationship had drawn them much of media attention, making their every move headlines in Hollywood.

After the tragic events following Cobain's suicide, Love began to be more secretive and protective towards her personal life. She dated actor Edward Norton for about 4 years in 1996, where they met on set while filming The People Vs Larry Flynt. The reason to their breakup was never confirmed, there're only rumors surrounding it. However, it's safe to say that they had ended things on good terms and are still friends with each other as Norton is still the godfather of Love's daughter.

In 2015, rumors said Love had begun dating Hollywood filmmaker Nicholas Jarecki and that the two had met through mutual friends. They kept their relationship low-profile and there's not much public discussion about it due to the fact that Love has tried to avoid the spotlight on her relationship, presumably because of her tragic past with Cobain where the two's relationship was constantly under spotlight, creating the pressure for the couple.

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Losing your love one is tough. It was said that Love was not ready for another relationship long after Cobain's death and had struggled a lot, resulting in her constant drug abuse. Some claim her relationship with Cobain was toxic as they were both struggling with their issues and they only got worse together. The couple was using drugs together regularly, leading to the investigation of their parenting abilities. Some claim they weren't a good match for each other because they couldn't help each other out of their problems, but only to make them worse.

Truth is, you can never know who will make an impact on you, and how. Love dedicated all she could in her relationships and tried to find a way to work through all her problems. She might not be able to work out her issues back then, but it's unfair to say that she never tried. All the medias criticising her is also probably the reason she chose to keep a low-profile on her personal life these days. After all, words can hurt a lot too, sometimes even more than physical abuse.


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Love is certainly a legend of her own. She went through a rough childhood, suffered from drug absue problems and had to deal with the loss of her love while trying to raise her kid alone. Her pain and hardship she went through is probably not imaginable by everyone. Yet, every time she manages to come back stronger with more good music and movies to give. Her fans are never disappointed.

We surely hope her hardships that she had to endure had ended. From now on she deserves to live the long overdue good life. We may never know what life throws at us, sometimes it may just be as shitty as it can be. From Love, we surely learnt a lesson that, life may through you off the cliff, but it will never kill you unless you give up on yourself. If you don't give up, you will always find a way to get back up. And when you do, you will only come back stronger. I'm sure all her fans that had went through all those years with her are excited to see what more she has to offer in the future.

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