20 Simple Reasons Every Guy Should Have A Girl Best Friend

Every guy should have a girl as their best friend! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. Here are 20 reasons why it's the best thing ever.

By magdadp
20 Simple Reasons Every Guy Should Have A Girl Best Friend

20 Simple Reasons Every Guy Should Have A Girl Best Friend

Is it really possible for a boy to have a girl that is just a friend, and nothing more? This is one debate that no one can answer correctly. But those guys that do have a girl as a best friend will tell you that there isn’t anything better. Yes, it is possible to be just friends with a girl without having any feelings for each other! These are 20 simple reasons why every guy should have a girl as a best friend.

1. No one else will give you the best advice on relationships like a girl can

Every man has some relationship problems sometimes. Who better to provide you with the answers you need than a woman? This is why a guy should have a girl as a best friend. She will be able to really listen to you when you have problems with your relationship, and to give you real advice based on a woman's perspective. It's the kind of advice that you will never get from fellow guy.

2. As a girl, she will be able to go shopping with you

One thing that boys generally don’t like is going shopping for clothes. Even if it's for themselves. But when you take your girl best friend with you, you will not need to stress about what's going to look good on you and what clothes you should avoid. A girl will have the best fashion advice for her best guy friend. If you're lucky, she will even do your shopping for you. All you need to do is to give her your credit card. Yes, you can trust your best friend with your credit card! A really good friend won't abuse this trust.

3. You will have a date for work functions if you aren’t in a relationship

Going to work functions is tough enough. But finding a date for them when you're single can be nearly impossible. What do you do when you don’t have a girlfriend to take with you? You just take your best friend. Having a girl as a friend can mean that you will never need to go to a function without a date again. You don’t need to worry about your married friends teasing you anymore.

4. Have someone to buy gifts on your behalf

Just face it, men can be really bad at buying gifts for family and friends. If you have a girl as your best friend, you can trust her to purchase the best possible gifts. Your friends and family will love the gifts that you've given them, and you don’t need to worry about this ever again. Girls naturally are more conscious about the finer things in life, and therefore they are able to know what type of gifts to purchase.

5. You will have a personal stylist at hand, thanks to a real girl

Style and fashion aren't that important for men. Therefore they don’t really care about how they look. But, for an important interview or a special date, you can always count on your best girl friend to assist you and to make sure that you are styled correctly. With her by your side, you will know that your trousers, your tie, and your shirt are going to match and that you are going to look totally stylish.

6. She can be the best roommate

Having boys as roommates can be a disaster. There won't be anyone to clean up behind you and to remind you to start washing your clothes and to clean the kitchen. With a girl and your best friend as a roommate, she will definitely encourage you to keep the place clean. She might even do your washing for you if you ask her nicely! And, if you are really lucky, you might find a warm meal waiting for you after work.

7. Getting really good girl advice about anything

Girls are good listeners. Because of that, they are able to give good girl advice about anything and everyone. Your guy friends might not know how to answer your questions, but the moment that you ask a woman, then you will get the best possible answer that will truly help. It's just in a woman’s nature to listen well and to be able to give real advice that you can trust.

8. She can set you up with her girl friends

Being single and having a girl as a best friend is going to be fun. This is because she can hook you up with her single girlfriends and send you on blind dates. What more do you really want? If you are roommates with her, then you can even have a room full of single women when she arranges a girl’s night in at your place.

9. You can call her anytime at night

Got dumped late at night and don’t have anyone to call? Dont' worry! You can call your girl best friend. She will always there for you, even in the middle of the night when you are heartbroken. And, by the way, she will be the only one to know that you are really heartbroken, even if you don’t tell her that. It's women's intuition.

10. You can get a proper dinner at her house

A man can only eat so much junk food. But if you live alone and you can't cook for yourself, you might not have any other choice than to eat fast food. However, if you have a really good girl best friend, then you can show up at her door just before dinner and she will most likely share her food with you. All that it'll cost you is a box of chocolates to say thank you. She knows you and she knows that you are craving some real food.

11. You can talk to her about anything

You might be angry or you might be crushing on a girl that doesn’t like you back or that is giving you the cold shoulder. Talking to your guy friends about it is out of the question. If you can’t talk to them, to whom can you talk to? Your girl best friend of course! She will be there always, and you can talk to her about anything. You know that she won’t tease you and she might even give you some great advice.

12. You don’t need to pay for her when you are going out

Sometimes you might be feeling like going out, but you don’t feel going alone or with your guy friends. Then you can ask your girl best friend out and know that you don’t need to pay for her as well. Because you are friends, everyone will normally pay for themselves. But it won’t hurt if you sometimes treat your girl best friend for all her advice and dinners by paying for her movie ticket or meal.

13. She can pretend to be your girlfriend if needed

To free yourself from your parents' teasing, you can always pretend that your girl best friend is your girlfriend. You can even take her to visit your parents so that they can see that there is really a girl in your life. They'll never know the truth! The same goes for friends that are teasing you about being single. Fool them by taking her along with you when you and your boys go out.

14. A girl can be crazy with you

Yes, girls can be crazy. Some girls especially don't care about following society's old-fashioned rules about how women should act. This can be a benefit for you as a man. You will have someone that is just as crazy as you, and you can have fun together and laugh as much as you want without getting judged.

15. Having the best wing woman has its perks

You might have gotten a guy as your wingman before, and it ended up in disaster. If you have a girl best friend, then you need to try making her your wingwoman. She will make sure that you are taken care of, and she will quickly notice when a woman in the bar is interested in you. You can trust her and know that she knows what sort of woman might be best for you.

16. You will have a friend for life

It won't matter if you are 20 years old or if you are 50. You will have a friend for life for sure. A girl best friend will always be there for you, until the end of time. So, if you are looking for someone that will walk beside you, no matter what, then having a girl best friend is essential. You will not find a better friend ever again.

17. She likes you for who you really are

You don’t need to fake it when you are with your girl best friend. This is because she knows and loves the real you. It's not about the amount of money you have, or what type of car you drive. She likes you for who you really are and not what you can give her.

18. She will always tell you the truth

A girl best friend will always tell you the truth. This is because she knows that you trust her, and she doesn’t have anything to gain by lying to you. When you ask her something, you will know that her answer is going to be truthful. Girls are always honest with their best friends.

19. Keep you on the right track

You might know this already, but men are can easily fall off the right track. You may find yourself doing things that you know aren’t right, but you keep it up anyway. This can get you into serious trouble and you even might lose some friends over it. However, with your girl best friend, you will know for sure that she's going to tell you if you're on the wrong path and you need to get back to who you really are. She is going to be your conscience.

20. The friendship might just change into love

Many true friendships can develop into love. If that happens, you'll know that you're going to marry your best friend. There isn’t anything better than knowing that for the rest of your life, you are going to have your best friend right beside you and that you are truly in love with each other. A girl as a guy’s best friend? Yes, it is really possible. In fact, it is recommended by those guys that already have a girl best friend. You can still have serious relationships and know that she will be there for you as a friend, no matter what. These reasons are proof that every guy should consider having a girl as their best friend.