Top 10 Signs That A Girl Likes You

Are you too scared to confess your feelings to a girl? Use this guide to read her body language signs and find out if she likes you back.

By emily iris degn
Top 10 Signs That A Girl Likes You

Don't be scared to like a girl!

Ever liked a girl but weren't sure if she returned your feelings? No idea whether she knows you exist or just likes you as a friend? Want to know if a girl is giving you a sign that she likes you? Ever just wanted to know what's up with a girl? You've come to the right place! Here are your top ten signs that will totally give away the fact that a girl likes you.

Sign #1: Does the girl like your company?

One obvious sign that a girl likes you is how she spends her time. Is she asking to hang out with you a lot? Does she invite you for lunch dates and movies? A girl will always want to spend time with you if she likes you. She will find excuses to be in your company. An especially dedicated girl will sometimes even organize events just so that she can invite you to something.

But how do you know if she wants to spend time with you because she likes you, or if she just sees you as a friend?

Does the girl invite you to things that might involve some quality time alone? Is she frequently inviting you to outings or parties? The key here is that balance between frequency and quality time. Lots of invites is a good sign. Alone time is also one of those good signs! Bonus: if she invites you to see a chick flick. Dark movie theater plus romantic film? Yeah man she likes you.

So what do you do?

This is the part where you start inviting her to things also. Invite the girl to hang out someplace romantic like a park, or ask her to have dinner at your place. Don't be scared to make it feel more like a date. If she likes you, she won't mind. Ask her to go to a party with you, take her out to lunch on her break, or just ask if she wants to check out that cool flea market downtown. It doesn't matter what you end up doing; just asking her to be with you more often will be a good sign.

Sign #2: How does she present herself around you?

A girl will always look and smell her best around the guy she is interested in. Her appearance is one of the surest of signs to look for. Pay attention to a few key points:


First of all, can you tell she's wearing makeup? If yes, look for these signs. Does she wear shiny lip gloss around you? Does she typically wear mascara and maybe even eyeliner when she's with you? Drawing attention to her face and especially lips is one of the clearest signs that she likes you. When a girl likes you, she will always try to wear just enough makeup to highlight her best features. She won't be scared to play those up because she wants you to notice them. Another sign is when a girl puts on chap stick in front of you, especially if she does it slowly. She is trying to make you think about her lips, and eventually about kissing her. Don't be scared to take the hint if you are sure she is interested.


Is the girl usually wearing perfume? Does she smell like cotton candy or roses or vanilla when you're with her? Wearing perfume is one of the many signs that a girl wants to get a guy's attention. Smell is one of our most powerful senses and the one that locks into our memory the longest. Perfume is a way for a girl to make sure that she is on your mind for a while longer than say, your friends are. When she likes you, she will not be scared to spritz on a little extra scent.


When a girl wears red or brighter colors, it can be a sign that she into you. She might wear something a little more flirty like a skirt or show a little more skin. Pay attention to whether or not she wears tank tops or things a little more low cut. The way she dresses is one of the signs that she likes you. Sundresses, skinny jeans, lacy tops, polka dots, and more form-fitting things are all signs of interest. If she tends to wear nicer clothing around you and more expensive brands, that can also be a sign she likes you. A girl will try to dress with quality when she wants to snag a guy.

Go ahead and compliment the girl and her style sometimes. Like the dress she is wearing? Don't be scared to say so! This will be a great way to flirt with the girl, and she will be free to either throw out more signs or even take action. Just don't be afraid to be flirtatious and compliment her perfume or her red lipstick that she prettied herself up with.

Sign #3: If a girl compliments you, she likes you.

When a girl always tells you that she likes your shirt, or your voice when you sing in the car, or how good you smell all the time, or that you're cute, it is a giant sign that she is probably into you. If a girl likes you, she will try to subtly (or in most cases not so subtly) let you know through sweet compliments and confidence boosters. If she thinks you're good looking she will most likely let you know. Girls love to boost a guy's confidence when they are into them. They will find excuses to do this at all times. Don't let it make you cocky though! But make sure you let her know you like it if you want her to know you are like her too.

Sign #4: She groups you two together because she likes you

If a girl says things like "us" and "we" rather than "him and I", then this is another sign she likes you. A girl will want to hint at the fact that she likes you with her and thinks you two are better together rather than apart. If she says "we loved that movie!" to her friends rather than just saying that it was great or that she liked it, then she is starting to view you two as a possible couple and may be mentally trying it out for size. Another way a girl might group you with her is by teaming up with you. Having a game night? She will probably try to be on your team. Have an opinion that your buds are combating? Not to say that the girl will change her own opinion, but she will definitely try to see your side of things, or at least defend your opinion. She will want you to feel like you guys are a team, and might be giving you signs that she wants to try being a couple later on. She probably likes you! Don't be scared to sometimes return the favor and say "we" or "us" also. She will notice.

Sign #5: The girl tries different things for you.

A girl will be down for anything if she likes you. A big sign of this is trying new food when you ask her, even if she's usually a picky eater. If she likes you, she will come with you to that new place you raved about, or even go there herself and let you know about it. Another sign is when you recommend music that she usually wouldn't listen to and she gives it a try anyway. When she likes you she will always try to expand her horizons. It's a sign of her wanting to integrate your passions and hobbies into her life. A girl will usually try to be more adventurous for you if she likes you. She wants you to think that she is fun and that you can have a good time with her. Being adventurous is sexy, and she wants you to see her as exactly that when she likes you.

Want to test out this theory? Next time you two plan on eating out, try to head somewhere exotic. Ask her to try something neither of you have tried before. If she says yes and seems down for it, it could be a sign that she likes you.

Sign #6: Gives you her full attention when she likes you

No, this doesn't mean that she will be at your beck and call. Rather, it means that she will ask about your day and actually want to know the real answer. A girl who likes you will ask how you are and really wants to hear about how you truly feel. When you tell a story the girl will nod, lean forward, and ask questions because she actually cares about it. She will ask about your pet peeves so that she can avoid being guilty of any of them. The bottom line is if a girl likes you, one of the signs will be she will really care about getting to know you better and will pay attention to the things you tell her. She might bring up things you told her in the past as a sign that she pays attention. This is all a huge sign that you mean something to her, and if she likes you she will make sure to show you that she cares. If a girl likes you, the little details about you, and even the things that don't interest you, will interest her. Take it as a sign.

Sign #7: What's this girl's phone etiquette?

Don't just pay attention to her phone habits when she is apart from you, but also when the girl is with you in person. If she isn't constantly on her phone and glued to her Instagram or texting other people, then this could be a sign that she likes you! This is her way of giving you her full attention. What do you do when things get awkward at a party or when you meet someone new? You pull out your cell phone and either really text a billion people to keep busy, or just pretend to be very fascinated by whatever it is that you are reading on there. Girls do the same thing. They don't want you to think that their body language means they're not interested. They want you to think that you are way more interesting to them than anything on their phone and say things way funnier than anything their friends are texting them. If she doesn't pull out her phone a lot or at all, feel free to take that as a sign that she probably likes you.

Does the girl text you right back (obviously not immediately but within a few minutes or so) when you text her? This could be a sign that she likes you. Does she use a lot of smiley and winky faces in her texts to you? When a girl likes you, she will flirt not only in person but over text too. This is the way a girl will go about that! Yes, emojis are also a sign of attraction. Texts are a great way to know if she likes you, so pay attention to those.

Sign #8: She entrusts you with things since she likes you a lot

Everyone has secrets that they would rather not have advertised in public. She no doubt has things that she doesn't tell every single person she knows. If she tends to let you in on secrets that she doesn't want many people to know, then once again here is a sign that she likes you. She trusts you, and people often are attracted to those they trust and vice versa. She will probably specify to you that it is, in fact, a secret to let you know that it is a big deal she is telling you. Also, let's be real - secrets are hot and who isn't into that?! Be careful not to confuse secrets with common knowledge. Some people are just super open about things that may seem personal. We are the generation of blogging about our food and posting about our depression. Get a feel for what type of person she is before you jump to conclusions about how much she trusts you.

Sign #9: Do you make her happy?

A universal sign of joy is smiling. If a girl that you are interested in likes you smiles a lot around you, then you obviously make her very happy. If she shows off those dimples and pearly whites, then go ahead and take it as a sign that yes, she probably does in fact enjoy your company and likes you a lot. No one would be into someone if they made them sad or even just neutral all the time. Liking someone takes a certain amount of powerful chemicals like endorphins, and so fancying someone will never be associated with mild emotions. Luckily, happiness is not one of those.

Laughter is the best medicine and a great sign that she likes you.

If she laughs at all your jokes, you should know two things. First, that she probably likes you because (secondly) no one's jokes are ALL that funny. She is trying to throw you a sign that she digs you even if she doesn't dig all your lame jokes.

“She may smile and look away, or even smile or laugh a little more with her friends or someone she may be talking with, again this makes her more approachable,” says Dr. Martinez, a clinical sexologist and also author.

Sign #10: What is her body language telling you?

Body language is such a great way to determine whether or not someone likes you. Some things are just ingrained in us as humans when it comes to attraction, so when it comes to whether or not a sign is foolproof, these signs are pretty close to it.

Voice Changes

Does her voice differ with you versus when she is hanging with her friends? This goes back to our primal instincts when we used such techniques to find a mate. She probably won't even notice that she is doing it most of the time. Sometimes it will mean that she is talking a little higher pitched, or she might speak in a more sultry tone than usual. Either way, these are strong signs that she likes you.

Eye Contact

Does she meet your eyes? Do her pupils dilate when she is looking right at you? Eye contact is a big sign that someone likes you. It is a sign that they are really attracted to you and like what they see. If you notice her staring a little, or making extra eye contact, or holding your gaze for a little longer, then there is a pretty good chance that she likes you! Her body language is saying that you're good looking and she doesn't want to stop staring.

She Closes the Gap

Does she try to sit closer to you? That is a good sign that she likes you. When you go to a restaurant she might sit on the same side of the booth as you, just so she can have that physically boundary closed. When you tell her a story she might lean in a little closer to "hear you better", and will most likely nod and listen more intently. Again, a possible sign she likes you! Her body language will always say a lot about what she wants, and if her body language is saying something like "you're too far away", then be a dear and close that gap. Does she find excuses to hug you? Yet another sign. When a girl likes someone she likes to be close to them and hugs are a great way to not only flirt, but send out a sign that she is okay with you being a little closer to her body. If she touches you a lot and brushes up against you, she is also trying to send the message that being physically close is okay with her. She might touch your arm or knee when she laughs. Be careful to not misread this action though, so pay attention to whether or not it is purposeful. Being physically flirtatious is a girl's way of giving you signs that yes, she likes you, and she is hoping you take the hint.


If a girl likes you she will more than likely play with her hair. When she likes a guy she will twirl it and flip it a little over her shoulder, or simply flick it away from her face. Whether it is intentional or subconscious, she probably likes you. Another fidgety thing she will do is play with her necklace or whatever jewelry she wearing. She might adjust her outfit, cross and uncross her legs a few times, touch her face, and pretty much just not sit still. While the hair thing might be on purpose to grab your attention, the rest is all probably unintentional and will be a great way to determine whether or not she likes you. If she likes you she will be in motion even when she is not paying attention to her body. You most likely make her restless if she likes you, and it will be pretty easy to tell.


Rosy cheeks are one of those more direct signs in body language. It is a universal sign for embarrassment or feeling a little coy. If she blushes when she is with you, she could like you. You make her feel a little nervous in a good way, so don't be afraid to make your feelings known to put her at ease.

About Face

Which way is she facing? If she likes you, then she will be facing you. Her legs will be pointed towards you, her upper body will usually always be facing you, and her head will be direct. If you guys are standing, look down. If her feet are pointed towards you, she probably likes you, honey. Take her body language as a sign that she is interested because whatever signs she's sendin through body language are not done on purpose. She can't resist you and her limbs subconscioulsy reflect this desire.

A girl can get really frustrated if you don't show interest in her after a good amount of time spent showing you that she likes you. Don't wait too long to let her know that you fancy her too, and want to get to know her on a different level. Try not to leave her hanging. Thanks to your new knowledge of the signs, you will be able to proceed accordingly.

What to do now?

If the person you are interested in is exhibiting a handful of these signs, you can be pretty sure that they are falling under your spell. You can be coy and flirt back a little. Ask her out for drinks and get a feel for what the two of you want from there. Or you can play it cool and wait for her to make the first move. Make sure you are sending her back some feel-good signs that you are into her too. The next move is yours!