100 Flirty and Dirty Dares For Guys Over Text

Truth or Dare is one of the oldest games around. Read on and dare to have some extra playful fun in your relationship.

By Sharon S.
100 Flirty and Dirty Dares For Guys Over Text

A tale as old as time - guys and dares

We triple dog dare you to read this post about texting dare messages to guys! The 21st century dates are nothing like what your parents had. The advent of new technology and social media has made sure of that. Back in the day, you had to meet someone in person or even speak on the telephone first. This was after they walked through six feet of snow, with no shoes on of course! Fundamentally, dating has not changed - just the way we go about it. Whether it is on Snapchat or Facebook, you are swiping left or right or meeting up after your online profiles match, dating is all for the same purpose as it was long ago. Guys and gals may not meet at the neighborhood ice-cream shop for sundaes as much as they used to, but we all still want a good, funny relationship, and a partner to share it with. Something else that has not changed is keeping the spark alive in a relationship. Truth or Dare is one of the oldest games in existence (going back centuries), a way for friends and couples (even frenemies) to get to know each other better, or challenge one another to accomplish stunts. The braver and more imaginative you are, the more risky the stunts get. Whether you instill a ‘penalty’ for not performing is up to you. Dares in a relationship can be a funny, exciting way to interact with your partner; with the aim being a mostly innocent experience. Playing a dare game really does not need a lot of pre-planning ahead of time. The game can be completely spontaneous, off the cuff, and a way to kill boredom. Sometimes it may be more fun that way, since everything being dared is spontaneous and does not need to be mulled over or considered. Other times, you can make a night or day of it. Why not a week-long competition? See who can accomplish the most dares. And everyone comes out a winner, anyway! Since we message each other incessantly all day long, why not add a little more interest to the proceedings? There is nothing wrong with a plain old dirty and flirty text, but sometimes that simply will not cut it. Technology has given us the ability to reach out instantly, and we should take advantage of that - and take advantage of the ability to get our partner all hot and bothered in any time flat! Guys, try some of these dares out. You can thank us later!

Love your partner? We dare you to try these fun dares!

Text, guys and videotape

What is a videotape? Just a little blast from the past! Videotape is the 80's version of Snapchat, Instagram stories or Facebook Live. It could be permanent, unless you taped over it. With text messages and games, it’s good to have a sense of humor. Guys, it doesn't matter if the nature of your texts is flirty and funny, or dirty and sexy - make sure none of it is done maliciously. When you text message dares, make sure your partner is fully onboard with everything you are doing, and vice-versa. Likewise, make sure anything and everything you share online has the 100% consent of your partner. Otherwise, chances are slim to none that no one will ever want to play a game with you again, let alone trust or date you. Do not make us take your cell phone privileges away! Forever! As long as there is mutual consent in posting naughty things in public (not too naughty - you would not want to get banned from anything), it can be an exhilarating experience to know it simply takes a few words to get your partner all hot and bothered - for you. Do not chance messing it up by showing off for your friends and hurting a person who really cares for you.

Instagram, Snap, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube...it can all play a role in your roleplay.

Getting a return text from guys

You know how it goes. You send a text. Then a second text. Then another. You are a constant and unashamed texter! You might live and breathe by the little ping sound your cell makes each time a message comes through, but other people are not keen, so have their phone attached to their hip. Or fingertips, as the case may be. When it comes to some guys though; they seem a little slower on the reply. Maybe they are at work, maybe they are even sleeping. Does he not know you are just waiting to enrapture him with your funny witticisms and commentary? Whatever the reason, it is never quite a good enough excuse since they should be responding to you right away, and awake 24/7! We exaggerate, but know it can be hard to be patient for a return text, especially with sensitive material such as dirty and flirty texts. Your mind can go in ten different directions, worrying about a reply; what your partner is thinking, and if you went too far. Be confident, and take heart; rest assured your partner may feel the exact same way and is too shy to reply. If that is the case, reassure and encourage them to play along with you. Nothing is surefire, but try to entice your partner to respond with some fun dares. Start out small and casual, and work your way up to something bigger and more daring. You can start out flirty at first, and then test out some more risque ones. That will get his attention, ASAP.

You have made waiting into an art form.

Flirty dares for guys over text

A little flirting never hurts. Flirting is good for the psyche. It can boost self-confidence, make you or someone else feel attractive, and best of all it is usually done all in good fun. It is a great way to show your interest in someone. Even if you are not currently in a relationship, flirting is traditionally a good jumping off point if you want to be in one. Couples, or almost couples, use flirting as a communication tool between one another for their mutual benefit. Flirting is all about certain behaviors of give and take: body language (a tilt of the head, a quirk of the lips), talking, creativity, playfulness, even the way you make eye-contact. One does not need to be a social coquette pro to engage in flirtatious behaviors. Sure, the more confident you are can play a role in how open or far you go, but generally speaking, flirting can be a minimal encounter. A wink, a sideways glance, a compliment, can all go a long way when flirting. Sometimes overt explicit advances are looked down upon (unless mutual), so flirting is a great way to entice your partner without getting outright and blatantly sexy. Flirting is about the long, slow, tease. It can hint at greater intimacy, a more solid connection that goes deeper than a physical act. The double entendre is a figure of speech that works well when engaged in flirting behavior. You say one thing, and mean another - a seemingly innocent turn of phrase means something much more suggestive. The game is afoot! Never discount the importance of flirting, no matter how long you and your partner have been together. Over the course of a courting and a relationship, a little flirting can go a long way. There's still pep in your step! Here are 100 great flirty dares to text guys, both in private and in public. So, how flirty and daring are you willing to get?

Your heart goes pitter patter, and leaps out of your chest. Just like in cartoons!

100 flirty, funny text dares for guys inside the house

Get cozy. It's gonna be a long night.

Feeling a little shy? If you are new to the relationship or flirting in general, start small. Wait until you are both in a safe place at your most comfortable, and play a little daring game on the couch. You flirt with him, he flirts with you; everyone is a winner. Unless, of course, you want to incorporate ‘rules’ in your flirting game! 1) Perform a belly dance - with music 2) Get tickled relentlessly 3) Kiss your hand 4) Tell a funny joke 5) Message you a compliment 6) Film themselves singing a love song, and message it to you 7) Post a silly love message on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat - basically where everyone you know will see it 8) Speak with a French accent 9) Write a love note for each day of the week 10) Give you a back rub 11) Give you a foot rub 12) Make a romantic dinner for the two of you 13) Cuddle while watching a movie or TV show together 14) Bake a delicious dessert you can share 15) Set the table for a candlelight dinner 16) Message the cutest picture 17) Take a selfie of you kissing 18) Write a romantic poem 19) Lip sync a song on Facebook Live and dedicate to your relationship 20) Instagram story how you met 21) Leave love notes where you can find them 22) Dedicate a song on the radio 23) Make you a homemade card or coupon book 24) Come up with a cute nickname for you 25) Netflix & Chill 26) Text a photo of what they are doing (if not with you) 27) Describe you in three words 28) Tell you what foreplay you enjoy 29) Tell you what they wear to bed 30) Define love 31) Say what they find most attractive about you 32) Tell you what their ideal date is 33) Feed you strawberries 34) Spell out a secret message on your back 35) Text you a message using only emojis 36) Name a guilty pleasure 37) Talk about your secret talent 38) Tell your cheesiest pickup line that worked 39) Act out a romantic soliloquy from a play or novel 40) Be the Mr. Darcy to your Elizabeth - English accent is a bonus 41) Wear their underwear over their pants 42) Play a strip -drinking game 43) Nibble your ears 44) Re-enact the flying scene from Titanic; being Jack or Rose is their choice 45) Draw a picture of you 46) Take your photograph 47) Play dirty Scrabble 48) Take a pottery class together, then act out the scene from Ghost 49) Play sexy I-Spy 50) Tell their favorite dirty joke

Flirty texts and outside dares for guys

We won't tell if you won't!

For the more adventurous couple, take your relationship outside and let everyone around you bask in your cuteness. Remember you are in public though, and while it can be thrilling to put your new (or old) love on display, we cannot guarantee you will not garner some eyeballs with any overt behavior. If you only have eyes for each other it does not matter anyway what anyone else does, let alone thinks. 1) Have a couples’ massage day at a spa 2) Go out to Karaoke and dedicate a song to you 3) Stand on a chair in public, shouting your love to the world 4) Pick flowers to present you with a pretty bouquet 5) Plan a romantic day or night out 6) Spontaneously slow dance in public 7) Throw a picnic in the park 8) Go skinny dipping 9) Camp out under the stars or at the beach 10) Dress alike and hit the town 11) Try out pick up lines on you 12) Fill your car with flowers 13) Perform a funny comedy act 14) Flash you 15) Lick your ear or neck 16) Kiss while riding a Ferraris wheel 17) Win you a giant stuffed animal at a carnival 18) Share an ice-cream sundae (shout out to old-school style dating) 19) Have an actual phone conversation, and not text 20) Split a popcorn bucket at the movies 21) Take in a Shakespeare romantic comedy 22) Put Googly eyes on things around town 23) Give you a piggyback ride 24) Visit a strip club together 25) Wear their clothes inside out all day 26) Pull a "Say Anything" and play music outside your window 27) Serenade you - badly or not (bonus if there's a guitar involved) 28) Go up to a stranger and tell them how much they love you 29) Make out in a dressing room in a store 30) Go shopping and only buy silly sex toys 31) Take a mini-vacation for a weekend 32) Rent a tandem bike to ride around 33) Visit one of those old-time photo places and dress up for a picture 34) Go roller-skating 35) Go ice-skating 36) Hold your hand all day 37) Write your names together in the sand 38) Act out a conversation with any object as if it's you 39) Find a jukebox and play all of "your songs" 40) Go engagement ring-shopping 42) Propose in public 43) Send multiple ‘I love you’ texts 44) Let you have their cell all day 45) Take a train ride together 46) Do the unexpected; like skydiving or zip-lining 47) Buy a rose from a street vendor 48) Ask a stranger to take our photo 49) Grab coffee together, but give the names Romeo and Juliet instead 50) Take an exercise class - then go home and shower together

Get down and dirty: text timimg

How do you go about dirty texting? It's all about the timing. You can text your partner while they are at work; however, it does depend on the message you are trying to send. Do you want to make them shiver with anticipation for eight hours until they see you? Or would you rather text them at the end of the day when you know they are on their way home to you? Maybe not send a flirty text during an important meeting, or when driving. Distractions can be good, but they can also go very wrong.

One might be scuba diving, you never know. Chances are they are snuggled in bed, out like a light though.

Sexting your guy: what to text

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap, as the lyric goes! You may be a little shy at first when sexting your guy. It can take a lot of courage to start talking dirty, especially if it’s all new to you. If you and your significant other are in a comfortable place in your relationship though, go for it. And the more details you give, the better. He may need to get out of his comfort zone as well, so a little prompting doesn't hurt. Get creative when dirty texting! The message you should get across to your partner is that you want them and need them, and absolutely no one else will do. Let your wildest fantasies out, and your inhibitions go; here are 50 dirty texts to explore.

Texts right to the point.

100 dirty text dares in and around the house

Don't rip the shirt though

Dirty dares for you and your partner

When you want to go to that next relationship level, get some dirty text dares in the mix. There's no shame in your texting game, guys! Set the mood for a good time, and have at it. 1) Massage your body for at least 15 minutes 2) Take out a cherry from your mouth and eat it/tie the stem in a knot 3) Kiss you on a new location on your body 4) Unzip your pants 5) Unzip their pants 6) Take off your clothes with their teeth 7) Take a sexy photo and send it to you when you are busy with work 8) Call you when at work and talk dirty to you 9) Shower together for a week 10) Rub an ice cube all over you until it melts 11) Let you use an ice cube orally on them 12) Walk around the house naked 13) Sleep naked for a week 14) Give you their best "O" face 15) Leave an R-rated voice mail message for you 16) Film a dirty video and send it to you 17) Send you an R-rated email 18) Get spanked 19) Give spanks 20) "Arrest" one another using handcuffs 21) Get blindfolded in bed 22) Perform a sexy striptease 23) Talk about their deepest fantasy 24) Act out that fantasy with you 25) Bend over and lick your feet 26) Take a nude photo of the two of you 27) Play with themselves in front of you 28) Put whipped cream on you and lick it off 29) Make a sex tape together 30) Let you tease them and see how long they last without touching you 31) Try out a new position in bed 32) Give them a lap dance 33) Explore their body with your fingertips 34) Explore their body with your tongue 35) Role play 36) Play strip poker 37) Watch an X-rated movie and act it out 38) What is their favorite body part of yours? 39) What would they like to do to that part? 40) Excite them just by kissing - no hands allowed 41) Get them excited by only using a feather 42) Let you excite them using only your mouth 43) Show off their most flexible moves 44) Order a sex toy online 45) Talk dirty all night 46) Sing to you naked 47) Play seven minutes in heaven 47) Have sex somewhere besides the bedroom 48) Have sex on a counter or table 49) Go home for afternoon delight 50) Put their lips together and blow 51) Pretend to be a bucking bronco 52) Trade clothes 53) Do whatever you tell them to 54) Tell the number of times they've done it in one day 55) Cook dinner in the nude 56) When you get home, greet you naked 57) Revisit the first time you slept together 58) What would they do differently? 59) Unhook your bra with one hand 60) Film you touching yourself 61) Film themselves for you 62) Talk dirty over the phone 63) Sext you photos 64) Send naughty memes 65) Send naughty emoji texts 66) No talking 67) Rub oil or lotion all over each other 68) Play dress up 69) Use honey or chocolate syrup 70) Have sex in the shower

No other explanation needed.

Dare level: Boss! For the really daring and brave, bring your exhibitionist out to play. Just don't get caught. We cannot be held responsible or liable, but we do dare you to try any of these outside. 71) Go streaking 72) Do body shots on you at a bar 73) Swim naked together in a pool, lake, or ocean 74) Get kinky in the backyard 75) Test out your car's backseat 76) Make out for two minutes in full view of everyone around you 77) Feed you 78) Kiss you like it’s the first time 79) Kiss you like it’s the last time 80) Fool around in the back of a movie theater 81) Take off your bra 82) Visit an adult store 83) Buy some sexy lingerie for you to wear 84) Go out with no underwear on 85) Drive while receiving oral 86) Get hands-y under a table 87) Get it on at a drive in theater 88) Converse only in innuendos 89) Rent a hotel room and be really loud 90) Have sex on the beach 91) Order only naughty drinks 92) Fool around on a roller-coaster or top of the Ferraris wheel 93) Get busy in a dressing room 94) Get busy in a parking lot 95) Lick your face 96) Lick your neck and ears 97) Go under the boardwalk 98) Pretend you are strangers meeting for the first time 99) Shop for an adult toy together 100) Have sex in public during the day (but don't get caught!)

Text me, maybe

A text can be a lot of things - informative, short and sweet, long and detailed. Lots of emojis or abbreviations, or perfect grammar! Either way, it's a good way to have some fun. Flirty texts are funny, cheeky, maybe filled with some inside jokes about your relationship. Dirty texts can be as naughty and sexy as you want them to be. Texting can be a great way to communicate desires when saying them face to face is impossible. It can also add a bit of spice to your relationship. Being in sync with a partner in a committed relationship is like nothing else in the world. Sharing your most innermost thoughts and deepest desires creates a shared experience that will only cement your feelings for each other. It's so exciting to receive a text from that one person you love the most in the world, as your heart does an extra little leap, and you smile reflexively.

If its not on social media, did it really happen?

In a nutshell

You and your partner can be as adventurous or moderate as you want to be. The possibilities for texting dares or other messaging games are endless. Texting dares can be a one=time thing or you can incorporate it into your regular role play. Want more? Watch the video below for more text tips. Hashtag #relationshipgoals