The Ultimate Romantic Compatibility Guide Based On Venus Signs

Venus is the sign of love and though she sits opposite mars (sign of war). Let's use Venus to explore your compatibility in love, sex, and great dates.

By MJ Faublas
The Ultimate Romantic Compatibility Guide Based On Venus Signs

Your Zodiac Sign

Many of us found ourselves attracted to the zodiac when we were young, exploring our horoscope and other astrology readings. By now we're all too familiar with our sun signs know and understand how accurate the readings are and how to apply what we read. However, very few are familiar with their moon signs, venus signs, and other corresponding relations to the zodiac. 

To understand the full interpretation of your zodiac readings, you must understand that there is more than one aspect of the zodiac. Such things as the 12 houses affect all 12 zodiac signs, the planets, moon rotation, and more have all types of effects on you (the person), along with your behavior and overall zodiac reading and interpretation.

So as you read below, check out your sun sign, the house you were born in, and which key planets affect your sign to properly apply your Venus compatibility and make the most use of this guide.

Your Sun Sign

Here's a brief list of all 12 sun signs and their birthdate ranges for added help:

1. Aries: The Ram
Birthdate range: March 21 - April 19th
Element: Fire
Positive Traits: Brave, Direct, Fearless, Independent, Deep Sense of Justice, Natural Leader
Negative Traits: Aggressive, Self-centered, Pushy, Inconsistent, Bad-tempered, Selfish

2. Taurus: The Bull
Birthdate range: April 20 - May 20th
Element: Earth
Positive Traits: Steady, Driven, Tenacious, Enduring, Persistent, Trustworthy, Patient
Negative Traits: Materialistic, Resistant to Change, Indulgent, Possessive, Stubborn

3. Gemini: The Twins
Birthdate range: May 21 - June 20th
Element: Air
Positive Traits: Intelligent, Adaptable, Agile, Communicative, Informative, Connected
Negative Traits:  Talkative, Exaggerating, Deceptive, Cunning, Superficial, Inconsistent

4.  Cancer: The Crab
Birthdate range: June 21 - July 22nd
Element: Water
Positive Traits: Nurturing, Supportive, Healing, Compassionate, unconditionally Loving
Negative Traits: Dependent, Indirect, Moody, Passive Aggressive, Unable to Let Go

5. Leo: The Lion
Birthdate range: July 23 - August 22nd
Element: Fire
Positive Traits: Brave, Playful, Leader, Fun, Warm, Protective, Generous, Charismatic
​​​​​​​Negative Traits:  Egotistical, Dominating, Stubborn, Controlling, A Show-off, Vain

6. Virgo: The Virgin
Birthdate range: August 23 - September 22nd
Element: Earth
Positive Traits: Modest, Humble, Orderly, Altruistic, Logical, Responsible, Organized
​​​​​​​Negative Traits: Obsessive, Critical, Excessive Attention to Insignificant Details, Perfectionist

7. Libra: The Scales
Birthdate range: September 23 - October 22nd
Element: Air
Positive Traits: Charming, Harmonious, Diplomatic, Easy-going Nature, Polished
​​​​​​​Negative Traits: Indecisive, Superficial, Hypocritical, Gullible, Passive Aggressive

8.  Scorpio: The Scorpion
Birthdate range: October 23 - November 21st
Element: Water
Positive Traits: Passionate, Driven, Perceptive, Emotional, Sacrificing, Determined
​​​​​​​Negative Traits: Vindictive, Paranoid, Destructive, Possessive, Jealous, Clingy

9. Sagittarius: The Centaur
Birthdate range: November 22 - December 21st
Element: Fire
Positive Traits: Ambitious, Lucky, Moral, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Open-minded, Versatile
​​​​​​​Negative Traits: Gluttonous, Lazy, Restless, Irresponsible, Blindly Optimistic, Tactless

10. Capricorn: The Goat
Birthdate range: December 22 - January 19th
Element: Earth
Positive Traits: Driven, Patient, Strategic, Determined, Disciplined, Responsible, Persistent
​​​​​​​Negative Traits: Pessimistic, Greedy, Cynical, Fearful, Ruthless, Rigid, Miserly

11. Aquarius: The Water Bearer
Birthdate range: January 20 - February 18th
Element: Air
Positive Traits: Intelligent, Inventive, Humanistic, Friendly, Altruistic, Reformative
​​​​​​​Negative Traits: Emotionally Detached, Scatterbrained, Irresponsible, Impersonal

12. Pisces: The Fishes
Birthdate range: February 19 -March 20th
Element: Water
Positive Traits: Mystical, Intuitive, Creative, Romantic, Compassionate, Sensitive
Negative Traits: Escapist, Unrealistic, Submissive, Self-pity, Dependent, Co-dependent

Now that you have the information needed regarding your sun sign, you will better understand the compatibility of your Venus sign.

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Venus: Sign of Love (Opposes of Scorpio & Mars)

When we think of love, we think of the planet, Venus. Just as when the thoughts of battle and war come up, the planet Mars and sign Scorpio automatically come to mind. So, it is only right if you are looking for love, you must look to the planet of Venus for help. 

Venus is not simply the sign of love and harmony, but also of friction. So understanding your signs compatibility in the planet Venus is prevalent to having happiness, balance, and stability in your relationships of love, sex, and while simply going on dates. Along with love and harmony, Venus is also known as the "icebreaker" during the initiation of relationships. During those awkward "getting to know each other" moments, it is planet Venus; depending on your compatibility that interjects and brings the sparks on creating an atmosphere of bliss and joy.

Venus, however, does not work alone. To keep a relationship fully functional (be it dates, love, or just sex); Venus teams up with your sun and moon signs to seal the deal. Of course, you know your sun sign represents your true nature, while the moon signs reveal your hidden emotional side. But quite a surprise to many is Venus' use of Mars to establish a relationship fully. Yes, Venus (though she is of love) must share compatibility with Mars (though he is of war) to have a long-lasting effect on all relationships; which makes many confused in the oppositions that the signs of Venus (Taurus) and Mars (Scorpio) share incompatibility. 

But, because Mars is the fire starter, and ideally fire is needed in all relationships, it is only right for Venus to find compatibility with Mars. For example, Mars is known for turning up the heat in all bedroom affairs. Mars represents masculinity and is most attracted to Venus as she is all femininity all the time. As masculine as Mars can become, Venus, matches him toe-to-toe with her soft and feminine way; and in the end, though they are opposite, the best dates, love, and sex is experienced when Venus and her beloved Mars are present and playing the compatibility game.

Mars & Venus Signs of Compatibility

The true reason and meaning for finding your Venus sign are always to find true love. No matter who you are, finding love and a true companion is important to you. Why not find the best compatibility match that might be out there. Your astrology sign has many meanings and can be the beginning blueprint for creating your life, finding love, and building a promising career. However, if not done with care, you may overlook key important signs that will lead to heartache, headaches, and more. 

Keeping in mind that Venus and Mars are opposers of one another can prove to complicate when playing the game of compatibility; however, if Venus can make one promise, it will be that with Mars by her side, you will always have a smile on your face.

Mars and Venus work well together and though sometimes perceived as oil and water, are the two key signs that you are mastering duality. The ability to be in love while experiencing some level of war is not easy or simple, but the signs show that the experience will be more than worth it.

How to Find Your Venus Sign

Below is a link to follow to find your Venus sign:

What's My Venus Sign? Find Out Here!

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Venus Signs & Compatibility

Now that you've taken the time to find your Venus sign, let's discuss the different signs and there true meaning:

Venus Sign in Aries & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Aries is attracted to firey, outspoken, challenging, independent women. These women keep him on his toes with their bossy reactions which he finds enticing and uses to play-fight with her resulting in a strong love and sex life. 

Women with a Venus sign in Aries are down-to-earth, and more comfortable with male companions. These women find that their Venus is ruled by Mars adding the spice that she needs in love and sex. The true meaning behind her will never be revealed on the many dates she goes on as she will always be seen as the "tomboy" friend.

Venus Sign in Taurus & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Taurus is attracted to feminine, down-to-earth women resembling the 1950s housewives. He appreciates her sensual side and the fact that she is caring, kind, and maternal.

A woman with a Venus sign in Taurus is a true romantic. She enjoys the softness of a man while exploring his masculinity. This woman is grounded and brings a great deal to any relationship be it while searching for love via several dates, after finding love, or while exploring her intimacy levels during sex.

Venus Sign in Gemini & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Gemini is attracted to intelligent women (borderline genius mentality). He loves having conversations with her and sharing ideas. But this man also enjoys the mystery that his woman's mind brings to the table.

A woman with a Venus sign in Gemini is clever, drawn to bright minds, has many acquaintances, and few close friends. This woman is vivacious, a social bee, funny, restless, playful, changeable, sharp-witted, friendly, trendy, and active. In her relationships, she enjoys the freedom to be herself, laughing, and is sometimes wary of finding the "One."

Venus Sign in Cancer & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Cancer is attracted to sensitive, compassionate women. Though some of these women can become clingy and emotionally invasive, he handles her with care and gives her the utmost respect and much attention.

If you are fortunate to land a girl with a Venus sign of Cancer, you've struck gold. A woman with a Venus sign in Cancer will fall madly in love with you, become you are a shoulder to cry on. Though she may come off as super protective at the start of the relationship, once she opens up to you, you won't want to let her go due to the strong emotional bond you two will share.

Venus Sign in Leo & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Leo is attracted to superficiality, so women who focus on their bodies, looks, and popularity are always go-to for them. These men find women who are proud and confident in who they are irresistible.

A woman with a Venus sign in Leo wants to be admired for who she is. She holds great generosity, though can be a bit dramatic. This woman is creative and finds a celebration for all of life's adventures.

Venus Sign in Virgo & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Virgo shares the highest compatibility with women who are practical and simple. He adores her for her natural styles and keeps clear of women who need too much makeup to feel pretty. This is superficial, and he is not a superficial man. This man adores books and wants a woman who is detail-oriented because he always notices the subtle changes in his lucky lady.

A woman with Venus sign in Virgo is a traditional girl. She is conservative, sensitive, and wants a man who is patient and old-fashion like herself. In love, this woman appreciates a thoughtful man who is a bit resistant to her ways as it spices up the communion.

Venus Sign in Libra & Compatibility

The man with a Venus sign in Libra is the artsy type, so he is most attracted to the romantic, feminine female. Yes, those "girly-girls" win this round. He is into literature, film, music, the arts, and wants a woman who appreciates the same. Women with the mouth and vocabulary of a pirate steer clear of this man as he will be turned off by her brashness and offensive tongue.

Women with Venus in Libra are harmonious women who appreciate a balanced relationship. She loves the arts and wants a man who shares similar appreciations.

Venus Sign in Scorpio & Compatibility

A man with a Venus sign in Scorpio is notorious for being attracted to the mysterious types of women. The more secrets she keeps from him, the better. He likes a woman who has raw sex appeal with an immense emotional connection.

A woman with Venus in Scorpio brings intensity to her relationships. Though she can become obsessive and overdramatic, her heart is in the right place. She can be seen as a gothic heiress, finding true beauty in the dark side of life.

Venus Sign in Sagittarius & Compatibility

A man with Venus in Sagittarius is fun and adventurous and wants the same out of his woman. He has a great sense of humor and wants a woman who will make him laugh. He likes his woman to have deep conversations with him and be intelligent.

A woman with Venus in Sagittarius needs a lot of freedom in her relationships, she is turned off by heavy emotions and simply wants to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer. The more adventures there are in her relationships, the better. She is known to be physically fit and a bit artsy.

Venus Sign in Capricorn & Compatibility

A man with Venus in Capricorn is attracted to powerful women. He'll probably find a deep attraction with his boss. He likes a woman to be ambitious, disciplines, and authoritative. 

A woman with Venus in Capricorn is traditional and family-oriented. Her significant other will radiate status, and together they will help each other reach their highest potential while attaining great success. Wealth is greatly important to this woman.

Venus Sign in Aquarius & Compatibiity

A man with Venus in Aquarius likes a woman who's different, meaning, rebellious, revolutionary types. The more political stances she has, the better. He likes his woman to be authentic.

A woman with Venus in Aquarius is attracted to men with beautiful minds. Her man will not stand for social norms and his love for humanity will be the icing on her cake. This couple will always be planning for the future and creating a life filled with change together.

Venus Sign in Pisces & Compatibility

A man with Venus in Pisces is more laid-back than the rest, and he wants his woman to be the same. But of course, this man wants warmth, and sweetness that a woman brings to relationships. He likes her to be vulnerable and passive.

A woman with Venus in Pisces is soulful, a protector, and is empathetic. She is artsy and sensitive. She likes a man who can be intimate with her in both their sex life and with his emotions. The more he shares the closer she is drawn to him.

Now Go & Find Love

Now that you have the blueprint needed for love go out there and find love. You can now say goodbye to senseless dates, and endless sex affairs that have no meaning. You now can go out into the world with a broader understanding of yourself and the type of man or woman you seek to attract and keep.