25 Fun Sexting Games To Play With Your Boyfriend When You're Bored

Long gone are the​ days when relationships had to be boring. With a phone in hand, you can access a handful of chatting games to play with your boyfriend.

By Auntrone89
25 Fun Sexting Games To Play With Your Boyfriend When You're Bored

Scintillating chatting games for you and your boyfriend

Honestly speaking, there are more than enough ways of making your relationship to not only work but also be hella exciting. One of these ways involves playing naughty chatting games with your boyfriend. Thankfully, the only thing both of you need is a phone each. Most of these games don’t even require internet access since all you need is text messaging.

Before you and boyfriend can enjoy these extremely naughty chatting games, you’ll have to get their set of rules right. Understanding the rules will ensure you are both using these games to engage each other while painting steamy mental images in your heads. Playing different games will do your relationship a lot of good because that’s how monotony becomes a thing of the past.

As earlier stated, different chatting games have their own special set of rules. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to play each one of them before engaging your boyfriend. Teaching him how to play some of these chatting games can be romantic and at the same time help in fostering stronger bonds in your relationship. That said, here are 25 exciting chatting games that you and your boyfriend can enjoy:

1. The ‘where am I?’ chatting game

If you ever feel boredom creeping up your spine, do yourself a favor, access your Whatsapp and start chatting with your boyfriend. Then suggest playing the ‘where am I?’ chatting game and be entertained in every sense of the word. What makes this game is incredibly amazing is how it allows you and your boyfriend to become descriptive.

It involves the both of you describing different places while allowing your minds to run wild and untamed. This naughty chatting game also leaves a lot of room for naughtiness which is healthy for every relationship. Apart from being super exciting, the ‘where am I?’ chatting game can help you understand how your boyfriend thinks hence loving him right.

While playing, be careful not to ask obvious questions as it’ll end up sucking all the joy and excitement out of the chatting game. Thankfully, ‘where am I’ is one of those scintillating chatting games that doesn’t have many rules, meaning it can be mastered and played within the shortest time possible.

2. Play ‘fill in the blanks’ with your boyfriend

What makes the ‘fill in the blanks’ chatting game super awesome is the fact that it always leaves a lot of room for creativity and most importantly, naughtiness. You’ll start by writing a simple sentence which will be followed by a blank. Your boyfriend will then be required to text you back with the blanks filled with a fitting word or phrase.

Once he does that, you’ll tell him if he is right or wrong before he sends you his sentence. Be sure to tease him with naughty responses because guys, just like girls, love being teased from time to time. And once you take the lead, your boyfriend will have no other choice but to follow suit. In the end, both of you will be craving for a piece of each other.

In other words, the more playful both of are when playing ‘fill in the blanks’, the more you’ll fall in love with each other. Lucky for you, learning to play ‘fill in the blanks’ is as easy as telling a B from a bull’s foot. All you need to do is learn how to play, let your mind run wild and have the time of your life.

3. The ‘breakdown’ chatting game

Just as the name suggests, the ‘breakdown’ chatting game is all about strategically breaking down different words. If played right, this game will likely have you looking like a happy fool smiling at her mobile phone for hours. And the beauty of the ‘breakdown’ is that you don’t even have to be online for you to play. You’ll start things off by suggesting a naughty word to your boyfriend via text or Whatsapp.

He’ll then attempt breaking it down either into smaller words or rearranging it into a totally different word. Feel free to make up your own words just so you both can have a good laugh out of it. If you and your boyfriend develop a knack for playing this hilarious game, you’ll definitely end up taking the relationship lexical density to a whole other level. Just remember to be as naughty as possible while you are at it.

4. Play the ‘rhymes’ chatting game with your boyfriend

Another incredibly easy but exciting chatting game to play with your boyfriend when bored is ‘rhymes’. You can either play it over text or Whatsapp, depending on which one floats your boat. You’ll start off by sending your boyfriend a word or phrase and he’ll be expected to respond with a word or phrase that rhymes. If done properly, the ‘rhymes’ chatting game can go for hours, bringing nothing but rib cracking laughter to the both of you after every few minutes.

You can also come up your own funny words that rhyme simply because you’re too cool to lose. What I am trying to say is there are so many ways to make this game hella exciting apart from steamy. At the end of the day, all you need to do is focus on what really matters, which is having as much fun as you can.

5. The ‘emoji translation’ chatting game

Before engaging in the ‘emoji translation’ chatting game, both you and your boyfriend are required to have smartphones with emoji keyboards. You’ll then start by sending him a random emoji and ask him to guess what it means. Don’t forget to give him enough time to brainstorm because that’s where the real excitement lies. Once he’s given you the answer, wrong or right, it’ll be his turn to send you an emoji.

It’ll then be your turn to guess what the emotion meanings. This game has a plethora of advantages besides being scintillating and effective at killing boredom. Couples who play the emoji translation have so much fun amidst getting know each other better. The ‘emoji translation’ is quite easy to learn, play and can easily be turned sexual with the right emoticons!

6. Engage your boyfriend in the ‘reversed writing’ game

Anyone with a phone can play the ‘reversed writing’ chatting game and have a ball with their better halves. To kick-start the ‘reversed writing’ game, you’ll write your boyfriend a naughty message but in reverse. Be sure to spruce things up a little by making the message sexual.

This will undoubtedly motivate your boyfriend to hurry up and ‘decode’ the message. After successfully decoding your reversed message, it’ll be your boyfriend’s turn to ‘slap’ you with a reversed sexual message of his own. What makes this game super exciting is it can last hours on end without the both of you noticing.

To enjoy this game further, both of you have to be as open-minded as possible, allowing your creativity to go through the roof. You can read about the ‘reversed writing’ game online and how it’s been successfully used to spruce relationships up for years.

7. The ‘confessions’ chatting game

The ‘confessions’ chatting game is many couples’ all-time favorite whenever they feel bored and this is so with good reason. Just like the name suggests, you and your boyfriend are expected to confess to guilty pleasures without any judgment. What makes this game special is how intense and sexually exciting it can get.

As a matter of fact, many girls - and guys - have openly admitted to getting turned on while playing ‘confessions’ with their lovers. The key to playing the ‘confessions’ game effectively is being as vivid as you possibly can. This is the only way you and your boyfriend will end up being into the game.

Playing this game will help you understand your boyfriend better and to some extent even give you an idea of how to please him sexually. Just make sure you are returning the favor so that in the end, it can be a fair game. Chatting either happen on Whatsapp or over text, depending on whatever tickles your fancy.

8. Play ‘strip poker – the text version’ with your boyfriend

Strip poker – the text version - is one of those extremely important games that every girl needs to have in her arsenal of naughty games, you know, for the sake of her relationship. It is a fact that boyfriends love their girlfriends’ bodies and therefore wouldn’t mind seeing them naked from time to time.

And that is exactly what makes ‘strip poker – the text version’ chatting game hella important. This game is very effective when it comes to stimulating your boyfriend’s mind. You’ll start by texting your boyfriend, asking him how many clothes he has on his body.

You’ll be expected to return the favor as soon as he answers. After this, proceed to the next step which entails asking him the not-so-obvious questions about your relationship. If he fails, he takes off whatever you ask him to, and vice versa. Always keep the questions sexual.

9. The ‘truth or dare’ chatting game

Truth or dare has to be the oldest hookup game in history, meaning it needs no introduction here. Thankfully, anyone can replicate it on their phone instead of spinning the bottle and still end up having the desired effect! Since we’re using the same old truth or dare template, you’ll begin by texting your boyfriend, asking him to pick the two options, truth or dare.

And depending on what he picks, you’ll proceed to lay your demands out without flinching. As always, make sure your truth or dare questions are sexually inclined. That way, your boyfriend will gladly jump on the bandwagon which will result to the both of you having a ton of fun.

Never shy away from ‘borrowing’ a few ideas online. But in the event that you do, always be smart enough to tweak them a little, making them as original as possible. If played the right way, the ‘truth or dare’ chatting game will elevate the chemistry in your relationship to an all-time high.

10. Text sex with your boyfriend

Whenever you feel bored and alone, try playing the ‘text sex’ game with your boyfriend. Simply put, the ‘text sex’ chatting game is the text version of phone sex. Being vivid in your expressions when chatting over text or Whatsapp is what makes the ‘text sex’ super exciting. Once you’ve texted your boyfriend, you are supposed to give him ample time to respond as vividly as you did. As far as ‘text sex’ is concerned, the devil is always in the detail.

If done the right way, you and your boyfriend will go back and forth without noticing the time. Text sex, just like her cousin phone sex, allows both you and boyfriend to be as freakish as you wish. Needless to say, this will not only help you bond but also accept each other for who you both are.

11. The ‘would you rather’ chatting game

The ‘would you rather’ chatting game is incredible especially when it comes to building strong sexual tension. This game will also give your boyfriend the opportunity to not only get creative but also show you exactly what he wants. I can’t even begin to reiterate how important this game will be to your relationship. All you need to do is try it out and find out for yourself.

To begin on the right track, you’ll be required to ask innocent but strategic questions. For instance, you can ask your boyfriend where he prefers to take you on a date, giving him two options. But after playing for a while, you’ll be expected to go in deep, leaving no sexual stone unturned. Setting the pace is the only way he is going to let loose and give you what you need – an exciting and sexual chatting experience.

12. Send your boyfriend raunchy pictures

As the dictum says, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, expect a raunchy picture to be worth a couple thousand. So, how about using your camera phone to take some sexy photos of yourself then Whatsapp him? Only take provocative photos that you are sure will end up teasing him. This means you’re limited to taking photos closest to the ‘good stuff’ if you know what I mean.

The goal here is giving him something to lust over at the same time leaving him begging for more. The element of mystery is what makes any relationship exciting. Meaning if you don’t send him provocative photos that ooze with sex appeal, then there is no point in playing this game in the first place. Feel free to check for samples online as the internet is awash with raunchy photos that you can use as a template.

13. The ‘horny pen pal’ chatting game

The ‘horny pen pal’ is another mind-blowing chatting game that you and your boyfriend can play to effectively kill off any boredom lingering in your relationship. The ‘horny pen pal’ chatting game is almost like the ‘roleplaying’ chatting game. The only difference comes with it having a totally different approach as we’ll get to see in a jiffy.

To start things off, you and your boyfriend pretend to have just met online and are trying to get to know each other. You can choose to play this game on whatsapp or via text. Either way, it is such an incredible way of discovering new things about your boyfriend while presenting a million chances for getting naughty.

Always remember that the fun lies in the dumb, obvious questions as it does in the naughtiness. As the wise once said, practice makes perfect. Therefore, go for it and make as many mistakes as you can because that’s how you’ll become a guru at this.

14. Roleplay text with your boyfriend

Roleplay texting is another one of those steamy chatting games that are likely to grow on you and your boyfriend from the moment you start playing it. And just like you would do on a normal day, you’ll start off by picking different roles, preferably the ones you know he really loves. If you have no clue about his preferences, then always play safe by going for the naughty ones.

For instance, he’ll really be excited if you play the role of his night nurse or even better, his personal stripper. And as you play the game over text or Whatsapp, try your level best to make it believable. If you do this right, your boyfriend will not only be automatically turned on but will also have the conversations playing in his mind all day.

In essence, every guy wants a girl that is naughty exclusively for him. Thank God, we have games such as roleplay texting that help establish just that. And if you play the game right, you’ll not only make your boyfriend crave you but also make lovemaking experience out of this world.

15. The ‘kiss, marry, kill’ chatting game

‘Kiss, marry, kill’ is arguably the most popular online chatting games that you and your boyfriend can play at any given time and have the time of your lives. Quite conveniently, the game can also be played when your phone is offline. For those who don’t know, the ‘kiss, marry, kill’ chatting game involves you and your boyfriend taking turns suggesting popular famous people and the other choosing whether they’d kiss, marry or kill them.

In as much as this game is quite enjoyable, it can also be used to create a lot of fun memories in your relationship. And the good news is that you can never run out of names when playing with your boyfriend whenever you feel bored. Whether you play it over text or Whatsapp, ‘kiss, marry, kill’ will always be scintillating.

16. Play ‘song lyrics’ chatting game with your boyfriend

Whenever you feel bored or have nothing important to do, consider playing ‘song lyrics’ with your boyfriend and have a blast. What brings a kick in the ‘song lyrics’ game is the picking of raunchy, sometimes overtly sexual song lyrics. These sexual song lyrics are not only meant to entertain your boyfriend but also plant naughty ideas at the back of his head.

In order to start off this game the right way, you’ll be required to quote a raunchy line from your song of choice and sending it to him via text or Whatsapp. He’ll then be expected to respond with the name of the song before taking his turn to text you his lyric. Apart from sending the obvious song lyrics, try sending him unfamiliar ones and make him sweat a little. That’s how you’ll end up making the whole chatting experience much more memorable.

17. The abbreviations chatting game

Despite not being as popular as the other games on the list, the ‘abbreviations’ chatting game can give all the other chatting games a run for their money in terms of offering incredible entertainment to couples who play it. All you and your boyfriend need to do is learn the ropes and in a moment, you’ll be playing it right. You’ll start off by playing it coy and buttering him up by sending him obvious abbreviations.

Then when you feel he is ready for some butt kicking, you’ll switch it all up and go in deep and sexual. Using sexual abbreviations, he isn’t aware of will force him to look them up. Imagine his surprise – and joy - the moment he realizes just how naughty you truly are. And in typical boyfriend fashion, he’ll strive to come back with a few tricks up his sleeves.

18. Play ‘I never had’ with your boyfriend tonight

The next time you’re seated at home bored with nothing to do, grab your phone and text your boyfriend with the ‘I never had’ chatting game in mind. This game is simply about asking your boyfriend to list the things he’s never done despite wanting to. It’s also important to note that you should only play this game if you’re ready to return the favor.

If you’ve never played this game before, then looking for tips online wouldn’t such a bad idea. Once you’re ready to play, remember to always go in for the kill without hold anything back. Of course, you begin by testing the waters a little. And once you notice that he is ready, then unleash your naughty side to his delight. And that’s how you’ll take control of your relationship and make it super exciting.

19. The personal trivia chatting game

The personal trivia chatting game involves asking your boyfriend specific questions about personal stuff that you don’t know yet. This is a great way to get to know him while passing time especially when you’re bored. You can turn up the heat up a notch when it’s your turn by simply talking about how you enjoy kissing or making love to him, or both – who cares it’s all fun!

And your boyfriend, being the visual creature that he is, will definitely enjoy each and every bit of the personal trivia, especially when it turns sexual.

And the more he enjoys this, the more he’s likely to chip in on the naughtiness galore. If you’re both chatting via Whatsapp, you can make the game a tad interesting by sending voice messages. If you didn’t know, your boyfriend loves your voice. So, by all means, use it and make him enjoy every single bit of the encounter.

20. Play the ‘what if’ game with your boyfriend

You can always count on the ‘what if’ game to be super exciting irrespective of the time and place it’s being played. To start this game off, you’ll be required to ask your boyfriend what they’ll do if they ever found themselves in certain situations. And because you want this game to go down the steamy road, you’ll have to take charge and lead the game that exact way.

For example, you might wanna ask him what he’ll do if you let him have your butt for a day. Just make sure you aren’t jumping right into the juicy stuff just yet. Learning how to take things slow often yields better results in the long run. Then once your boyfriend has eased naturally into the game, you can switch the tone into a naughty one. Always remember to have as much fun while you are at it.

21. The guessing chatting game

The guessing game is yet another intriguing chatting game that you and your boyfriend can play over the phone. You’ll start by asking your boyfriend to guess a bunch of randomly selected things. This will range from whatever is on your mind at that particular moment, your cravings all the way to the color of the thong you’re wearing.

A little beforehand practice before engaging in this game will always end up doing you some good. Your boyfriend will then have a chance to ask you to guess about anything as soon as he’s done guessing at your request, whether he’s wrong or right.

Feel free to spruce things up a bit by promising him a reward when he guesses it right and a spanking when he gets it wrong. Carry out ample research online in order to get a grip on how this game is played. Don’t forget to be playful which is an important part of any relationship especially as far as bonding is concerned.

22. Engage your boyfriend in a name game

Apart from being easy to learn and play, the name game can be played indefinitely, meaning that you’ll never feel bored even without your boyfriend around. You also won’t need to be online to play the name game. All you need to do is start by texting him a random word like ‘sex’.

Your boyfriend will then be expected to use the last word to form a totally different word. In this instance, he’ll use the letter ‘x’ to form a word, let’s say ‘Xerox’. Then the game will continue from there until one of you taps out. The trick here is to always form sexual words until he gets the message. And that is how you make a relationship super exciting.

23. The ’20 questions’ chatting game

The ‘20 questions’ game is a tad bit complicated. But once you and your boyfriend get a hang of it, you'll have no other option but to enjoy every single bit of it. To play the game correctly, you’ll be required to choose an object or person, then ask your boyfriend 20 questions about it.

He’ll then try using these questions to find out exactly what the object or person is. Again, you can always direct the conversation down a sexual path because you are the one in control. If you haven’t understood how the game is played, then carry out further research online. I promise that it will be worth it as far as your relationship is concerned.

24. Treat your boyfriend to steamy storytimes

The story time game is meant to be played whenever you feel bored. You’ll start things off by texting your boyfriend with a suggestive beginning to a story. He’ll then pick up from where you left and write a couple of paragraphs. You’ll continue with the next couple of paragraphs and the game goes on and on.

Apart from being hella exciting and arousing, this game can end up coming with incredibly hot storylines. This makes the ‘story time’ chatting games a good idea for bonding as well as arousing each other by simply chatting on Whatsapp.

25. Your boyfriend will love ‘I spy’

The ‘I spy’ game has been popular for ages and the good news is that it can also be played on the phone. You can play it when both you and your boyfriend are either online or offline, on Whatsapp or via text. You’ll start by asking him to guess where you are.

You’ll then give him ample time to think about it before asking him further questions. The best place to be when playing this game is in the bedroom especially when you’re bored and have all the time in the world.


Chatting games are a very important part of any relationship because they help a great deal when it comes to bonding and knowing each other more. They are also meant to be fun, meaning that you and your boyfriend should exactly that – have fun. If you haven’t incorporated chatting games into your relationship, you have absolutely nothing to worry about because it’s never too late to start.

As mentioned earlier, most of these games are easy to play and all you need is your phone. You can always go online and learn all you need to learn about them if the need to do so arises. Last but not least, always remember to play as many games as you can to avoid monotony in your relationship. 


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