250 Cute & Sweet Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is special to you and beyond his given names, you should have some cute and romantic nicknames you call him both on phone and real life.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
250 Cute & Sweet Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend: Why?

Most people know your boyfriend by his first and last names and he bears this in many of his documents and profiles. You certainly want to connect with him at a level beyond that of every other person, don't you? Of course, you would want to. Guess what? Hot names and romantic nicknames remain one of the means of achieving that.

Boyfriend nicknames are cute in that you can have them stored on your phone and no one checking through your contact names can easily detect that he is your boyfriend. It's not that you are not proud of your boyfriend, but sometimes, for boyfriend security (if there is anything as suchblush) coding with some funny nicknames is the way to go.

That said, you can run out of ideas trying to come up with the right hot names and/or unique nicknames for your guy and that is why we have helped you with some 250 cute boyfriend nicknames that you can start calling your boyfriend with right away. If you are ready, here are the unique nicknames for a boyfriend that you consider unique to you.

Cute Boyfriend Nicknames Relating To Food

1. Honey Bunch: This is one of the romantic names that can be used for boyfriends that are compassionate, sweet, and easy to live with.

2. Gum Drop: One of the cute and funny nicknames that suits a hot and sexy guy.

3. Sugar Pie: cute and unique nickname for a hot boyfriend.

4. Oreo: This is among the cute nicknames for a boyfriend that is great in look, dark in complexion, and sweet in character. Save this on your phone to disguise his identity too.

5. Butternut: Also a unique nickname for a boyfriend softens your heart always.

6. Pancakes: A cute nickname suitable for your guy that is simply adorable and cute looking.

7. Cuddle Cakes: make use of this name for your boyfriend that is cuddly and sweet.

8. Cinnamon: Add this to the contact names on your phone for a boyfriend that flavors up your life often.

9. Love Muffin: Cute and romantic nickname for your boyfriend.

10. Marshmallow: This is cute for a boyfriend with an extremely delicate, kind and friendly heart.

11. Chef: Cute for a boyfriend that cooks extraordinary meals for you.

12. Snookie: Cute nickname for a guy that is unique in nature.

13. Mustard: A cute name that is used for a boyfriend with a harsh and sweet character at the same time.

14. Yummers: Cute for boyfriends who you basically can't avoid eating

15 Sugar: cute for a sweet and a loving boyfriend,

Cute Boyfriend Nicknames To Call Him On Phone

16. Peanut: Cute for boyfriends that appear to be tough but in reality are crunchy.

17. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is one of the unique nicknames suitable for a boyfriend that has a soft heart and is also sensitive.

18. Shortcake: This should be among your contact names for your boyfriend that is uncommonly adorable.

19. Pudding Pop: Pudding pop can be used for boyfriends whose company are always enjoyable.

20. Cherry: Cute for boyfriends that appear innocent.

21. Honey Buns: Consider this as one of the romantic names for your ever-adorable boyfriend.

22. Sugar Muffin: Cute for boyfriends that are incredibly sociable and amazingly energizing almost at the same time.

23. Apple: If your boyfriend is of a high value to you; Apple is a perfect nickname for him.

24. Butterscotch: An African-American guy can be referred to as butterscotch.

25. Suga: this is used in place of sugar for boyfriends that are sweet in all ramifications.

26. Pumpkin pie: use this as part of your contact names for your boyfriend that you view as special

27. Mushroom: A cute boyfriend with a delicate heart. 

28. Adorable: Adorable is one of the romantic names for boyfriends that you easily go out with.

29. Amore Mio: This is one of the hot names in Italy meaning "sweetheart".

30. Amante: Cute Spanish nickname to appreciate boyfriend.

Cute & Romantic Names For Boyfriend On Phone

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31. Amigo: romantic name for a dependable boyfriend.

32. Anchor: You can adopt this as part of the unique nicknames to call your boyfriend who occupies a big position in your heart.

33. Baby: Just another method of saying my affection. 

34. Avatar: cute and romantic name to call a somewhat divine boyfriend on phone.

35. Baby Boo: part of boyfriend names to call a guy that is just starting a relationship with you on phone. 

36. Chook: Dope, cute, and romantic name to call him on phone.

37. Apple of My Eye: An adorable and cute name used most especially for someone who has been part of your life totally.

38. My All: cute boyfriend names like this restore life to a crashing relationship.

39. My King: If he has assumed control over your heart, he is most likely your lord and king. This is one of the unique nicknames that can constantly remind you of who he is to you.

40. Love of my Life: This is a romantic name for your genuine love.

41. My Beloved: an exemplary epithet for a person you need to grow old with.

42. Major: This is used for a boyfriend with an awesome and executive look and who knows how to manage a lady.

43. My Sunshine: a cute and romantic name for a boyfriend who lightens up your life. Consider storing it among your contact names on your phone.

44. Chuf chuf: Use this for a cute boyfriend who is sprightly and entertaining. Store it among your contact names too.

45. Pooh: Is he charming, amenable, loveable, and delicate just as Winnie the Pooh? If yes, this cute nickname is for him. It should get a spot on your contact names too.

Lovely & Cute Boyfriend Nicknames (To Save On Phone)

46. My Beautiful Beloved: Absolutely cute for your boyfriend that you adore interminably without limits.

47. Chubby bunny: cute for a person who is pudgy yet charming and cute.

48. Lord of the Vikings: One of the unique nicknames for a tough boyfriend who is loud, hot, and vocal. Should be among your contact names

49. My right hand: cute name for a guy that is simply your companion. 

50. Love: one such cute nicknames that communicate affection to your boyfriend.

51. My Drug: Only for boyfriends that you are totally depended on and can't live without.

52. My World: This cute name is for your boyfriend who is your beginning and end.

53. My Boy- cute nickname for that boyfriend you regard as the man of your life.

54. Hugster: cute and romantic nickname for a boyfriend that is charmingly huggable.

55. My Prince: cute name for your boyfriend that you regard as your majesty.
56. Blue eyes: one of the cute hot names applicable to a boyfriend with blue eyes.


57. Boo Bear: cute nickname used for a guy of an attractive and sweet character.

58. Santa Baby: This can be used for your boyfriend that keeps giving you gifts almost everytime.

59. Bright Eyes: cute for a person who is loaded with soul and vitality combined.

60. Ghosty: one such cute names good for a boyfriend that walks fast.

61. Lifemate: One such cute and hot names to call a boyfriend you intend spending your life with forever.

Boyfriend Nicknames That Are Petty

62. Light Priest: One such cute nicknames used for guys that are always concerned about bringing out the best or talent in you.

63. Monster: One such funny nicknames suitable for your very energetic boyfriend.

64. Lifeline: Include this among the hot names to call your boyfriend that is always standing by you.

65. Honey Bunny: Only for boyfriends that deserve your total honor

66. My Caesar: If he has assumed control over your psyche and heart, at that point this one is one of the hot names to call him.

67. Cuddle Buddy: Do you cherish to cuddle him? Then using this name is right for him.

68. Hotshot: this is an adorable name for folks who are extremely enchanting.

69. Hubby: For a boyfriend that you intend to get hitched to and grow old with.

70. Shot Glass: This is a pleasant name for a person that makes you distraught and inebriates you terribly.

71. Huggies: A cute name used for your boyfriend that you love hugging or embracing almost every time you see him.

72. Babe: The most widely recognized pet name young ladies use whenever they want to make their guy feel high in terms of the way he dressed. 

73. Sweetie- an extremely regular pet name used by those that are married.

74. Spiky: it is a perfect name for a boyfriend that adores you so much by touching you or kissing you almost all the time.

75. Hot Lips: Hot lips can be used for a guy that is known for being extraordinary while kissing you. 

75. Sparky: this is usually reserved for that guy that illuminates your fire of enthusiasm each time you set your eyes on him.

Cute & Unique Boyfriend Nicknames Contd

76. Oreo: a cute & charming pet name for your boyfriend who is dark, good-looking, and sweet.

77. Pitbull: This one is a cute pet name for an unpleasant and intense person.

78. Stud: this is used for a hot boyfriend who turns huge amounts of head each day.

79. One and only: cute nickname used this for your boyfriend that is your only true love.

80. Burning rice eater: funny nickname suitable for that naughty boyfriend of yours.

81. Chicken: cute and funny nickname for a guy that has a heart of a kitten.

82. Collywoggles: cute nickname for a guy that exhibits both hot looking attitude and intelligence.

83. Cuddly Bear: the cuddly bear is cute for boyfriends that are caring and kind-hearted.

84. Dara: a cute pet name for your boyfriend who is dark, good-looking, and sweet.

85. My Superman: use this cute name for your boyfriend that excels at almost anything.

86. Doodles: Doodle is a cute name for guys that are playful, naughty, and cute.

87. Hunk: cute and funny nickname for an extremely hot guy

88. Jellybean: cute nickname for a great boyfriend with a soft mind and heart.

89. My Lil chicken nugget: cute nickname used for guys that cannot live without you.

90. My One and only: in case you are planning to spend your life forever with him, then this cute name is applicable.

Funny Nicknames To Call your Boyfriend On Phone

91. Panda chicken: cute and unique nickname for a guy having that loves surprises.

92. Papi: what a cute name for a cute and romantic boyfriend!

93. My angel: most guys used this for their girlfriends, but it applies to guys that are of pure heart.

94. Poopy: funny nickname fitting for that cute boyfriend of yours that is of sour and sweet flavor.

95. Squishy: cute for a boyfriend of yours that you love hugging most of the times.

96. Stallone: cute and unique nickname is a way of calling your boyfriend stud in an Italian culture.

97. Strawberry: funny nickname for a guy that is seductive.

98. Superstar: This is a cute name for folks who are extremely enchanting.

99. Huckleberry: cute nickname for a boyfriend always on point.

100. Huggy Bear: cute and funny nickname for a person who influences you to have a craving for embracing.

101. My Superman: If he has your back at whatever point you cause harm, use this cute and hot name for him

102. Honey: There is nothing as sweet as the nectar. It should make your contact names

103. Cowboy: this is an adorable & cute name for your boyfriend with authority characteristics and dependable.

104. Crocus Blossom: cute and funny nickname for somebody so nice-looking that he makes every one of your contemplations.

105. Sticky bear: one such hot names for a dapper & decent boyfriend who spreads grins wherever he goes.

More Cute Boyfriend Nicknames To Call Him On Phone

106. Great looking: if his great looks stop the whole world for you, this one is an adorable name to call him.

107. Nectar smack: hot names like this are cute for a boyfriend who is a fantastic kisser.

108. Hercules: This is cute for a masculine and macho person simply like the actor Hercules.

109. Sugar dumpling: cute for a boyfriend who is somewhat chubby however hot at the same time.

110. Saint: for that your cute boyfriend that always delivers you from any kind of inconvenience.

111. Panda: Cute for a macho, major, mentally and huggable boyfriend fit this cute name.

112. Niny: Cute for a person who is excessively enthusiastic and delicate.

113. Nemo: does he make everything vanish when he goes into the room? If yes, this is a perfect nickname.

114. Eye candy: Cute for your romantic-looking boyfriend

115. Muscleman: Cute for a person with an awesome macho worked with executioner looks.

116. Huge boy: cute for a trustworthy, commendable, and dependable boyfriend.

117. Flawless: Cute for your spotless boyfriend

118. My Right: hot names like this are cute for your boyfriend who is constantly right.

119. Boo: a wonderful name that is generated from the French language.

120. Darling: this is another way of calling your cute boyfriend sweetheart.

Other Cute Boyfriend Nicknames To Call Him On Phone

This morning I came into the kitchen and just watched Shawn for a bit as he was making our smoothies. 🌱 I always express gratitude for the stuff he does, but I just took a minute to let the gratitude wash over me and REALLY sink in just how lucky I feel to have him in my life and that our paths somehow crossed. I don’t think he gets nearly enough appreciation for everything that he does every day! . From making me coffee (I still don’t know how to 🤣), cooking us suppers (I don’t have the attention span for this!), making sure I text him so he knows I got home safe after dropping him off on the days that I work from home, to cleaning up cat vomit because I’ll throw up if I have to, and putting toothpaste on my toothbrush for me at the end of the night - he does all of these little things without a second thought. It turns out that these little things really are the big things! 💫 . I’m also so grateful for his never-ending and unwavering support of my wellness coaching business. He’s never once made me feel silly for chasing after my dreams, encourages me to be brave and talk to more people, and pushes me to take opportunities to learn and grow as a person even when anxiety tells me to play small and be invisible. . I know he just does these things and doesn’t expect recognition because of who he is as a person but I still wanted to share! Love you babe! 💕 . . . {photo credit to the wonderful @joiphoto !} 🏜

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121. Beau

122. Snuggle baby

123. Batman

124. Beast

125. Bestie

126. Captain

127. Champ

128. Charmer

129. Chewbacca

130. Foxy

131. Heartthrob

132. Bossman

133. Boss

134. Cowboy

135. Cupcake

136. Darling

137. Deary

138. Dreamboat

139. Eye candy

140. Fella

141. Cool Hand Luke

142. Chunk

143. Chunky butt

144. Cookie monster

145. Cutie Patootie

146. Fox

147. General

148. Good-looking

149. Goofball

150. Gorgeous

151. Fly guy

152. Goofball

153. Gumb drop

154. Gummy bear

155. Heartbreaker

156. Hercules

157. Hero

158. Honey

159. Honeybun

160. Hot lips

161. Hot stuff

162. Hotshot

163. Honey

164. Honeybee

165. Honey badger

166. Hubby

167. Hun

168. Hunk

169. Iceman

170. Ironman

171. Hottie

More Cute And Unique Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

172. Hugs McGee

173. Jellybean

174. Jock

175. Kid

176. Kiddo

177. Knock out

178. Love

179. Lovebug

180. Loverboy

181. Meatball

182. Mon Amor

183. Mister

184. Monkey

185. Monsieur

186. Mr. Big

187. Muffin

188. My Boy

189. My Guy

190. Old man

191. Muscleman

192. Panda

193. Papa

194. Papa Bear

195. Pookie

196. Pumpkin

197. Sailor

198. Sexy

199. Shmoopie

200. Sir

Still On Cute Boyfriend Nicknames On Phone

201. Sweetness

202. Tator Tot

203. Tiger

204. Warrior

205. Wolverine

206. Wonder Boy

207. Snookums

208. Snuggle baby

209. Sugar Plum

210. Sweet Thang

211. Sweetie Pie

Contact Names To Save Your Boyfriend On Phone

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212. Cupcake

213. Darling

214. Deary

215. Eye candy

216. Cool Hand Luke

217. Cutie Patootie

218. Goofball

219. Gorgeous

220. Fly guy

221. Goofball

222. Gumb drop

223. Gummy bear

224. Heartbreaker

225. Chunky butt

226. Hero

227. Chunk

228. Honey

229. Honeybun

230. Bossman

Finally On Boyfriend Names

231. Cutie Patootie

232. Fox

233. General

234. Good looking

235. Goofball

236. Gorgeous
​237. Boss

238. Cowboy

239. Cupcake

240. Darling

241. Deary

242. Dreamboat

243. Eye candy

244. Fella

245. Cool Hand Luke

246. Chunk

247. Chunky butt

248. Cookie monster
249. My Rib
250. SoulMate 


What a long list of cute and hot names to address your cute boyfriend! As you can see, some are indeed funny while some are romantic names. If you keep contact names on your phone, you should save that of your boyfriend with any of these.



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