25 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

Is your man in this for the long haul? Does he think you're the one? See our list of all the signs to look for that indicate he wants to marry you.

By Veronica
25 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

Sign He Wants to Marry You #25

You've met his parents

Has he brought you home to mom and dad? This is a sign he's proud of being with you and wants to share the person he might marry someday with his parents. Guys don't bring just any girl home. (Unless they live at home, in which case, think about if he purposefully invites you over when they're not there.)

Sign He Wants to Marry You #24

You're the background on his phone/computer

To look at a face 1000 times a day, every time he sits at his desk or checks his phone, is to love someone. Does he see it and say "That's the person I'm going to marry"?

Sign He Wants to Marry You #23

His friends like you

Hanging out with the guys is a big sign he's ready to wife you up. If his friends like you, they'll be his groomsmen when he marries you someday. Bonus points if you're the girlfriend everybody playfully hates for being so good at Mario Kart. Who wouldn't want to marry that girl?

Sign He Wants to Marry You #22

He knows your favorite menu items in restaurants

Has he said to you "But babe, you always get the filet o' fish!" to which you respond "Yeah, but I'm feeling the McChicken today,"? This is a great sign that he pays attention to you. You definitely want to marry someone who can remember what to get you when they're picking up food on the way home.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #21

His co-workers know all about you

Remember last year when you went to the Christmas party at your boyfriend's job and every person said "Ooooh so you're the one we've heard so much about!"? If so, that's a great sign he wants to marry you! Talking about you at work means he's missing you during the day.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #20

You're already living together

This is a top sign indicating he wants to marry you. Do you live in harmony together? Or do you guys have some issues to work on? Either way, if you're already living together and he's happy with that, I hear wedding bells.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #19

You're on his phone's favorites list

Are you sandwiched between "Mom" and "Work" in his phone favorites? Do you guys text nonstop? That's always a sign he enjoys conversations with you. Everyone hopes to marry someone they can carry on a conversation with!

Sign He Wants to Marry You #18

His kids love you

If you happen to be one of the many who find themselves in a relationship with someone who already has kids, how they feel about you is crucial. His children will want him to marry someone who they wouldn't mind having as a stepmom. So if his kids are always excited to see you, that's a great sign!

Sign He Wants to Marry You #17

He talks about the future with you

A sign you're the girl he wants to marry is if he thinks of you when considering his future. Does your man talk about a 10 year plan with you in it? Does he share future aspirations that include you?

Sign He Wants to Marry You #16

He talks about you on social media

Is he always sharing posts and tagging you with captions like "This reminded me of you!" or "This is so you"? This might be a cute sign that he is thinking about you and isn't afraid to make it public on his profile.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #15

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His pets love you

Does his cat always warm your lap? How about his dog? Maybe his bird knows how to say your name! If so, that's a great sign he might someday want to wife you up! Much like kids, pets give their owner insight on whether you're the person to marry or not.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #14

You're his emergency contact

Does he put you down as his emergency contact on forms and applications? If so, he literally trusts you with his life! And as we all know, marriage is built on trust.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #13

He lets you choose what movies to watch

Whether it's chick flicks or Disney movies, if he enjoys watching movies or TV shows with you that he normally wouldn't, that's a sign he really loves you. But remember, it goes both ways. So next time he wants to watch Munich or football, you should do it with him.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #12

You guys have a "song"

If there's a song that you two have designated to represent your relationship, that is definitely a sign of marriage someday soon. In fact, it might even be what you'll play as your first dance at your wedding!

Sign He Wants to Marry You #11

He's basically friends with your mom

If your mother and boyfriend get along like peas and carrots, that is always a good sign. A man who is respectful and courteous to your parents is probably a man you should marry someday.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #10

He shows affection often

Is your man always hugging you and putting his arm around your shoulders when you're walking in public? Not only is this a sign that he's comfortable with you, but it's also indicative of a healthy physical connection.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #9

He lets you pick the music when he's driving

If he hands you the aux cord when you get in the car, that's definitely a good sign. This probably means he's open to your tastes and shares the same (or somewhat similar) musical preferences with you. Who would wants to marry someone who doesn't like any of the same music they do?

Sign He Wants to Marry You #8

He likes to attend hokey events with you

Does he like going to the carnival in the summer with you? What about pumpkin patches and the Renaissance Faire in the fall? Whatever the season or reason, if he just likes spending time with you outside of his living room, you might be the one he wants to marry. It shows he genuinely enjoys your company, no matter how underwhelming or cheesy the event is.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #7

He tries his hardest to cheer you up when you're down

Will your guy stop at nothing to lift your spirits? It's a sweet sign that shows he truly cares about you and your experience. You definitely want to marry someone that knows all the signs when you're upset and goes to great lengths to console you.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #6

He's talked about having kids with you

Has he brought up the possibility of the pitter patter of little feet? If he's already talking about procreating, he must have contemplated the possibility of you being the person he's gonna marry.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #5

His siblings love you

Are you and his sister best friends? Maybe his brother and you have bonded over your favorite Super Smash Brothers character. It's all a sign that you belong in his family! Bonus points if the siblings are younger and look up to you.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #4

He's talked about buying a house with you someday

Do you watch HGTV together and discuss your dream house? Do you both love shiplap and farmhouse style furniture? If he sees you in his future dream house, that's a big hint that he sees himself marrying you.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #3

He eats food off your plate and vice versa

The level of comfort required to not only share your food, but directly from each other's plates, is directly correlated with the strength of the relationship. A good marriage is a generous one.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #2

He has asked you about your dream wedding

Does he beat around the bush when asking you about your dream wedding or does he ask you straight up? Maybe he's planning for a wedding not so far in the future! It's possible he's just curious, but it's definitely a great sign.

Sign He Wants to Marry You #1

He has literally proposed to you.

Has he taken you to the restaurant where you had your first date and knelt down on one knee, presenting you with a ring that he used 3 months of his salary to pay for? Did he utter the words "Will you marry me?" This is the surefire way to know, positively, whether he sees himself being married to you.


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