20 Body Language Signs Of Men Girls Often Mistake For Flirting

There are certain signs that men often give that can be easily be mistaken for flirting especially by women. Without further ado, here are 20 of these signs:

By Auntrone89
20 Body Language Signs Of Men Girls Often Mistake For Flirting

Signs men give that are often mistaken for flirting

Just like it’s the case with every other male in the animal kingdom, men often exhibit specific signs, especially when flirting with a woman they happen to like. And while a good number of the signs of flirting are usually dead on, others can easily be misconstrued. This is often the case because such signs being vague. Here are some of the signs exhibited by men that can easily be mistaken for flirtation:

1. Always the gentlemen around you

Unfortunately, most men are perceived as flirts especially for being kind and gentle especially towards women. This is quite unfortunate because, believe it or not; there are parents in this time and age who raise their boys to become gentlemen. The latter means that these men always ensure that the women around them feel as safe and as secure and possible without trying to get a reward out of it.

2. When men smile with their faces

Most women conclude that when a man is constantly smiling at them with his entire face, then the chances are that he’s interested. This might be true but only to some extent. Sometimes, a man will smile with his entire face simply because he is genuinely, and wholeheartedly happy.

This means that you can’t solely rely on how a guy smiles to determine whether he likes you or not. Instead, try looking out for other signs that might point to flirtation before confirming your suspicions.

3. When protection isn’t a sign of flirting

Sometimes men instinctually jump in to protect women from harm’s way not because they are attracted to them but simply because it’s the right thing to do. Most men understand that protecting women is their genetic responsibility and will, therefore, do it without a moment’s hesitation. If this happens, it’s not the body language of attraction.

4. When a man gives you his coat

More often than not, men being considerate to women is, without a doubt, a strong body language for flirting. But there’re times when a man will be considerate to a woman simply because it’s the right thing to do. For instance, he might give a woman his coat when it’s cold or an umbrella when it’s raining.

5. When attention isn’t among the signs of flirtation

In most cases, men will only give their full and undivided attention to women that they like. But what makes this sign a not-so-reliable one is a simple fact that men can still give their attention to a woman they aren’t attracted to for a whole lot of reasons besides flirting. For instance, he might pay close attention during a conversation simply because it’s the polite thing to do.

6. When he likes hanging out with you

When a man likes hanging out with you, the chances are that he likes you. But there are times when a man would want to chill with you simply because you offer some fantastic company. He might also want to chill because he’s either concerned about you or wants to give you assurance and protection, but only as a friend. Therefore, it’ll be shrewd for you to look out for other signs of flirtation before drawing any conclusions.

7. Raised eyebrows during conversations

Again, a guy with undeniable attraction towards you will always be eager to hear your voice. But this can also apply to the guy who isn’t attracted to you but is only eager to listen to what you’ve got to say. Therefore, I’d strongly advise that you also look out for other signs of flirtation using body language before you do anything else..

8. When he’s always manly around you

Just because most women use manliness as a yardstick for measuring attraction doesn’t make it reliable at all. This is simply because men were created to be. . .drumroll - manly. Therefore, you’ll be better off either giving it time and observe how he behaves around other people or even better, grow a proverbial pair and ask him if he likes you.

9. When he’s always there for you

Another one of the many signs that are often mistaken for flirtation is when a man is always there for a woman. Nowadays, genuineness and loyalty have become so rare that a lot of things get easily misconstrued. And the latter might be your case especially when a particular man is always there for you simply because he's a good friend.

10. Strong eye contact

In some cases, men give strong eye contact simply because they are confident and have a clear conscience. Therefore, if you’re suspecting such a man of having the hots for you basing on his strong eye contact, then chances are that you might be in for a rude shock. You might want to swallow your pride and ask him what’s up than making your assumptions. 

11. When he’s comfortable with your touches

Sometimes women conclude that men like them simply because when they reached out to touch, they never flinched. And in as much as this might be true, there are a good number of men who are confident with their body and therefore wouldn’t mind you touching - as long as it isn’t inappropriate. That said, it’ll be very wise for you to keep an eye out for other subtle signs of attraction before taking a stand.

12. When he’s always talking to you

In most cases, guys will not spend much of their time talking to women they aren’t attracted to. But when he does, it still won’t automatically translate to an attraction. Sometimes a guy may like talking to you simply because you’re an eloquent, high-value woman with value to add in his life.

Or maybe the reason he likes talking to you is simply that he trusts you. That said, it’s always wise not to misinterpret this body language in as much as it may have some bearing to it.

13. When he always faces you during a conversation

When a man is always facing you during conversations, then the chances are that he likes you. And that’s why he’ll try using this body language as a means of flirting. But in as much as this might be a very reliable way of telling whether a guy likes you or not, sometimes it can be inaccurate. This is simply because its normal for someone to face you when talking to you.

14. That deep, sexy voice

In most cases, men deepen their voices a little bit when talking to women they’re attracted to. Signs such as these shouldn’t be ignored especially if the guy in question doesn’t have a naturally deep voice. But in as much as deepening one’s voice is a reliable sign of flirtation, it won’t apply to guys who talk with a naturally deep voice.

15. When he always neat

When a man truly likes you, he’ll always make an effort to dress up nice right before meeting with you. But you shouldn’t jump into any conclusions just yet until you’ve known him some more. This is simply because he might be a clean dude who is self-conscious and loves being clean at all times.

16. When he always fiddling with his shirt/hair

Sometimes when guys fiddle with their hair or shirt, they’re simply because nervous or uncomfortable. And as we all know, nervousness is caused by a plethora of things besides attraction. That said, it is important for you to pay close attention to other signs of attraction before making any assumptions.

17. When he apologizes rather too quickly

If he never wants to offend you, the chances are that he is into you. But in some cases, the reason for him always apologizing might not be among the most reliable signs of flirting and here’s why. For starters, he might not be a big fan of arguments. That said, it’s always important not to put all of your eggs in this proverbial basket until you are 100 percent sure.

18. When he’s always nervous around you

First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge the that nervousness is one of the most reliable signs of attraction. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that every man who happens to be nervous around you wants to flirt with you. Once again, a ton of things can make a man nervous. It may be because you’re just a scary person.

19. When he teases you…A lot

Some guys can’t help teasing their friends just for gags. Therefore, if a guy teases you for fun it does not, by any means, shape or form, show that he intends on flirting with you. Unfortunately, most women will automatically assume the exact opposite - don’t be like most women.

20. When he invades your personal space constantly

When a man keeps invading your personal space, then the chances are that he might be trying to flirt with you, subliminally. But sometimes a guy would do this only because he thinks of you as his adorable little sister. Therefore, pay close attention to the other signs of flirtation before drawing any inaccurate conclusions.

The final word on signs mistaken for flirting

As far as love and attraction are concerned, a lot of things can be misconstrued simply because a lot of emotions are often involved. And that’s why you’ll have to pay close attention to the signs flirting before concluding that a man is not only attracted but is flirting with you. To be on the safe side, you’ll have to experience at least five of the signs as mentioned above of flirtation before you can safely conclude that a man likes you.


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