Gorgeous Organic Baby Clothes that are Affordable

Comfortable organic baby clothes made for newborn boys and girls

By Rachel
Gorgeous Organic Baby Clothes that are Affordable

The types of organic clothing to consider for your new baby

Dressing up your babies might be your favorite part of the day, considering the other times they are either crying or sleeping. To keep your baby’s health all secure, clothing is one of the important factors which has to be taken care of. So are you just dressing them up or even contemplating the material of their clothes which they are wearing?

If your answer is yes, then you should start checking clothing labels before you put them on your baby. Most of the everyday fabrics are made of toxic chemicals, so it is definitely a good option to pick a better fabric for your baby’s wardrobe. 

Find out what are the types of organic baby clothes you can get for newborn boys and girls, as well as our recommendations for affordable organic baby clothing brands that are made in USA! 

Organic baby clothes for newborn girls

White pink for newborn girls are a primary choice for most parents, you can also explore other pastel hues while shopping for your kiddo. Below are some organic clothing attire ideas for newborn girls.

Beanies and caps

Especially useful during cold seasons, beanies and colourful caps are perfect accessories for a newborn. Choose organic materials for a more comfortable fit.


Pick the perfect cute little top and shirt for your baby which is made of soft organic fibre and pick the ones with the lap-shoulder designs for easy wear. Newborns have wobbly neck muscles and this would be easier to dress them with! 

Cute romper set

Clothing sets are usually very well coordinated and that saves parents from stressing out on mixing and matching the entire outfit for baby. Choosing organic fibres will prevent your babygirl from getting allergies and inducing rashes from the fibres/ dust/sweat that are easily absorbed by other materials.

Playsuits and Dresses

Having an outing with your baby and want to dress her up? Just because they are new babies does not mean they can only wear rompers all day along! 

Pants and Skirts

The bottom wears made of non-organic material always cause uneasiness, therefore it is necessary to buy the skin-friendly organic wears. Make sure you do not buy pants which are too fitting so that it does not cause any discomfort to your baby.


Some nice pretty little, colorful, and printed pyjama sets are perfect for your girl. Pick the ones which are breathable, relaxed and are incredibly comfy.

Organic baby clothes for newborn boys

Pick the vibrant range of clothing, in vibrant colors for your boss baby. Put your handsome little boy on the map by making him wear the perfect clothes in organic style.


Make your baby boy wear some nice printed and graphic tees with catchy slogans. And do not forget to add that organic fiber to it.


Newborn babies tend to grow up faster than you can imagine, therefore when you are buying them bodysuit, make sure to buy them a bigger size so that they can at least wear them for three to four months.

Hooded rompers

Snuggle up your baby boy in a hooded romper which is crafted in 100% organic cotton. The rompers are the perfect starters for your baby boy’s little collection of outfits. Make sure the one-piece have expandable shoulders and are a bit loose so that it is easy to remove over the head.

Shorts and Bottoms

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Cloth your baby boys in colorful shorts and bottoms which are super soft and are made with washable fabrics of the purest organic cotton. Be sure about the size which you pick, as fitted or tight bottoms can really cause discomfort.


Affordable organic baby clothing brands made in the USA

Picking the right fibre and material of clothing is as important as being in trend. So let’s blend both of our requirements and get the best. So here are some of the affordable organic baby clothing brands made in the USA which are perfect for your little ones.


Hanna Andersson

They manufacture clothing for babies, toddlers, kids, and women. Almost 60% of their products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and are made with organic cotton. They are known best for their cozy sweaters and sleepwear. They provide the thick and durable fabric with quality construction. And they affordable as well, as their price ranges from $5–$40.


Baby soy

It is one of the great brands known for its natural baby clothing and accessories. They are popularly known for their sleepers, bodysuits, and romper outfits which are designed for providing the maximum comfort and are convenient to use. Out of the many fabrics, one of the important fabrics used in their products is azlon which is a natural textile extracted from soy and it is incredibly soft and has excellent retention qualities added to it. They also include the clothing made of 100% organic cotton. Their price ranges from $18.00 to $20.95.


Cat & Dogma

It is a brand known for its high quality, organic, and cute outfits for both boys as well as for girls. Their entire apparel line is 100% organic plus GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and what makes them unique is their designs that are as cute as they are functional. Their designs are also cloth diaper friendly. And they use no chemicals in their dyeing and finishing of the products. Their price ranges around $24.99.


Dordor & Gorgor

The clothes from Dordor & Gorgor are incredibly soft, and they make 100% organic cotton cloths with other baby items. Their designs are really cute and classic which are best for basics and layering. Plus they provide tons of different stylings to choose from. They use no chemical dyes or any other harsh irritants in their production line. It is an affordable brand and their clothing last for months even after being used as constant wears. Their price ranges around $21.99.



They provide all the elements which a person looks for in an organic baby cloth. Though their fiber is nice and thick still it is breathable and stays warmer for months. The clothes are super soft and with each wash, they become much softer. Their patterns are really unique and adorable, and the designs just grow with your child and last for months and years. Their clothing is pocket-friendly as well, as their price ranges from $14.38 to $19.00


To sum it up

It has become important to dress babies in organic baby clothing as it is the perfect choice for their health as well as for the environment. Plus Organic cotton, wool, and other natural materials are more comfortable, breathable, softer, and have much less of an environmental impact. Thus dress up your gorgeous babies in organic material and provide them with the best comfort and health.