Baby Summer Clothes: How to dress your baby for the heat

Let us help you to sort out your baby's summer clothes

By Aey
Baby Summer Clothes: How to dress your baby for the heat

Misconception of dressing your baby for summer

It is safe to say that no amount of clothing is a lot when it comes to babies. Do you remember the time when you started to stack up baby clothes just after hearing about the arrival of your newborn? Or the fact that your mother used to hand knit sweaters out of love for her unborn grandchild? If you come to notice now, baby clothes made home in your house way before the actual baby came! That’s how special they are.

When we are around babies, we go to every extent we can to keep him warm! Even though we’re doing our best to provide the most suitable environment we can but because it is impossible for us to know what the baby is actually feeling, we sometimes tend to do exactly the thing we aren’t supposed to. For instance, it is common knowledge that a mother’s womb is warm therefore the baby feels colder than adults and need to be kept warm. This fact drives us to dress the baby into warm clothes.

Sometimes mothers forget that warm doesn’t mean he/she is freezing and out of motherly overprotective instincts, they dress the baby in extremely thick clothing in summers. This can be very problematic and make the baby feel uneasy. To avoid mistakes like these, this article will cover appropriate ways to dress your little one to maintain his/her temperature! Enjoy. :D

What you should know about summer season

Summer can be as intense for babies as it is for adults. Though it comes for about 3 to 4 months, depending on where you live, but you must certainly be prepared for it before its arrival. Summer season can be great for babies as the summers come with the sun which means lots of Vitamin D for the baby! 

Tips for dressing your baby in summer

As mentioned above, dressing your baby appropriately in summers can be very tricky. What’s too hot? Is this too thin? Will the baby be too cold? If you dress him/her too hot, you’d instantly regret it as soon as the baby starts showing their irritation in the only way they communicate; loud burst of cries. Other than crying and ruining your outing, dressing your baby very warmly in summers can also make him/her sick with fever.  This section is dedicated to provide you with all the facts so you don’t have to face these troubles.

First and foremost, you need to stop comparing the womb temperature and the real-life one. Sure that the baby needs to stay warm but not as warm as it was inside of you. I kind of understand where this hysteria stems from. I know that you vaguely remember everybody running to cover your baby in warm clothes as soon as he/she was born. Even if you don’t, you must have heard this somewhere or seen it on television. To bust this misconception, a baby is only covered in warm clothing because, to make you understand better, it’s similar to when you come out of a warm bath tub and instantly feel cold when the cool air touches your skin.

Now that this misunderstanding is cleared let’s proceed by busting another mistaken belief. Don't dress your baby in extremely thick socks just because of hearsay that it is supposed to be this way for a newborn. It is not! When it’s smoking hot outside, your baby shouldn’t be dressed for winters either!'

The best way to dress your baby is by going with your gut. If you think the clothing is way too much then it probably really is. Don’t let others talk you into what you’re hesitant about. You’re the mother and you know your baby best. 

Another best way to see whether you’re dressing the baby appropriately is by his/her reaction. Let me list a few indicators that show that you’ve dressed him/her too warmly. 

  • Very flushed cheeks and face overall
  • Fast breathing
  • When you touch the skin, it is unusually warm

After dressing the baby, if you want to check, feel the baby’s temperature by putting back of your hands on the neck of your baby. It shouldn’t be too warm! If it is, take off a few layers. Babies should be cool in summers and warm in winters. To have a win-win situation, don’t wrap them up too much in summers and too less in winters.

Baby clothes for day to day

So, babies need to be dressed comfortably every day. It’s their basic need. Their day to day clothing is just as important as their attires for special events.  Some of the important things that you should keep in mind are that their clothes should be of a soft material, not too tight and not too loose. The utmost priority while selecting the design should be the comfort of the baby means i.e. no beadwork etc.  Here are a few must-haves for your baby closet. 


First Favorite Star Shorty One-Piece

Cute kimonos

Hello Baby Top

Body Suits!

Newborn Sky Blue Hey Bodysuit 3-Pack

Pajamas for summertime nights

There are lots of options when it comes to baby pajamas! If it is summer, you can lightly dress the newborn and then swaddle them so that they can feel cozy while they sleep. The pajamas should be very comfortable for the baby or they won’t sleep and throw a tantrum which means that you’ll have to say goodbye to your beauty sleep too.

To save you from such a disaster, here are a few cute recommendations for their pajamas.

The snap footie

The Baby Snap Footie

Magnetic Footie

Magnetic Me Magnetic Footie

Night Night Sleepers In Organic Cotton

Night Night Sleepers In Organic Cotton

Wedding attires for the summer season

Selecting attire for your little one to go to a wedding is most certainly a tricky choice. The dress should be appropriate for the wedding and comfortable for the baby or they’ll throw a tantrum and embarrass you in front of everybody. If you’re dressing a baby girl, the safest option is to not dress them in something that has bead work on it as the baby can pluck it and put it in the mouth. The best option is a formal looking frock or body suit. Here are few recommendations that are perfect for such occasions!

Ponto Por Ponto white & navy baby boys outfit

Baby boys white & navy romper

Sarah Louise Baby Blue & White Romper

Baby boys blue & white romper

John Lewis Baby Linen Sailor Christening Romper, White

Baby Linen Sailor Romper, Cream

2-Piece Blouse

2-piece blouse + skirt outfit

Baby hats to fight the sun rays

Here is a list of few things that you should look for while buying a hat for your baby!

The fitting:

Size of the hat should be just right. Not too loose as it wouldn’t stay and not too tight because if it isn’t comfortable for the little one, it won’t stay. So the moral of the story is, if the size isn’t right, the hat is coming off either way.

i play. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat: Toddler Hat: Clothing

UPF material is better!:

UPF stands for Ultra Violet Protection Factor. As the name suggests, the material is specially made to protect the wearer from the harsh rays of sun. It’s a win-win if you can find the hats in this material.

Toubaby Kid Boy's Dolphin Sun Hats Boy's Reversible Hat Cotton Blue 0-6t: Clothing

Size of the brim:

The size of the brim can add up to the protection of your baby from the rays. Try to find hats with bigger brim size. A few extra inches mean a bigger shade for the baby’s face.

Style matters:

Don’t think that safety is everything. You’d have a hard time making your baby girl understand that when she wants to style her own outfit for the day and the dull grey hat that you bought isn’t matching her 2 year old fashionista sense. Even though safety is a priority, try to find hats that are stylish and cute too because the pictures are going to stay forever.

Well ventilated soft sole shoes to ease those tiny feet

Just yesterday I was at a grocery store and there were many people because of some sale going on. As I was exiting, I saw a baby shoe that might have slipped out from some baby’s feet and I realized how important getting the right size is. Getting the right size and shoes that are comfortable are the utmost priority when you go out for shoe shopping. The shoes should also be soft for the baby feet and have good ventilation so that it doesn’t get uneasy for your little one. Here are a few recommendations that will definitely make your life easier!

Robeez Aiden Oxford First Kicks

Aiden Oxford

Robeez Beach Break Navy Mini Shoez

Navy Beach Break

Robeez Beach Break Hot Pink Mini Shoez

Hot Pink Beach Break


If you're a new parent then you've done your part by reading the complete article and I congratulate you for reaching here.Now, you're all set for your summer shopping. Hope you have a great summer with your baby and make lots of amazing memories. Enjoy!