Top 40 Subjects To Talk About With Your Crush On A First Date

You finally scored a date with your crush – now what do you talk about?! Here are some intelligent yet flirty subjects to discuss on your date.

By Alessandra
Top 40 Subjects To Talk About With Your Crush On A First Date

1. Travel

This is probably one of the most common subjects to talk about on a first date, and for good reason. Discussing travel is a great way to test each other’s global knowledge, cultural aptitude, and adventurousness. If you are someone who prefers to be a homebody but your date travels every few months, you might not be the most compatible match.

2. Literature Subjects

Again, another common talk to have on a first date. Literature is important for many people nowadays as technology seems to take over our world. Discussing books on your first date will help you learn more about your crush’s interests and creativity.

3. Movies, cinema, TV...

Having similar on-screen interests makes for future boyfriend or girlfriend material. One of the subjects you talk about on your first date should be about what you two watch. You might discover you love the same film topics or rave over a certain actress or actor. You will also learn how your senses of humor overlap.

4. Music Talk

While a potential boyfriend or girlfriend does not necessarily have to have the same taste in music as you, it's definitely a bonus. You can talk about what concerts you have been to, which artists you regularly listen to, or your favorite lyrics.

5. Instruments you play

Or maybe you and your crush will bond over the instruments you both play. Talk about which instruments you've learned or given up on your first date to really understand the importance of music in your crush’s life. For some couples, this subject might not take a while, but others might spend their whole evening talking about instruments.

6. Leisure activities

Does your crush like to run outdoors or exercise during their free time, or do they prefer to immerse their mind into a virtual world with video games? Talk about your frequent and favorite leisure activities to learn how your crush enjoys their free time.

7. Friends and social life

How does your crush socialize? Do they like to go out every weekend with their friends or do they prefer to chill at home with friends over some beer or wine? One of the subjects to talk about with your crush are their social habits. Down the line, if you continue to see each other, sharing these habits will be important.

8. Family

Talk about their family dynamics and learn how important family is to them. While it might not be one of the most comfortable subjects for a first date, you could also ask what their future hopes are for a family.

9. Languages learned

How many languages has your crush learned? Which ones can they still speak fluently? Why and how did they learn them in the first place. Talking about languages can lead to many more subjects, like what they have read in different languages and traveling with said languages.

10. Current job

It is a good idea to talk about your current jobs on your first date. This topic will help you get a sense of what your potential boyfriend or girlfriend does for their work and if they enjoy it.

11. Future jobs/plans

Along the same lines, follow up by discussing your future aspirations for your respective careers. Talk to your date about what their dream is. With this, you will also learn more about what motivates them in life.

12. Past jobs

Another follow up: what past jobs has your crush had? Again, these questions will help you learn more about if their passions have changed or remained the same.

13. Cooking

If your crush cooks, chances are they’re a keeper. Talk about how they got into cooking, and their favorite dishes. Other subjects include if they follow any specific diets, like cooking without animal products or excluding a certain ingredient from their recipes.

14. Food preferences

This is one of the most important first date subjects. Common food preferences between a girlfriend and boyfriend are pretty essential to making a relationship work. After all, you do not want to have to always order from different restaurants throughout your relationship. This is also the time to talk about specific diets they follow, like vegetarianism or being gluten-free. Be understanding and hear out all their reasons for eating a certain way.

15. Fashion interests

As a wonderful way to express individuality, fashion is a fun talk to have on a first date. You will learn how important dressing up or feeling relaxed is to your date and their interpretation of the fashion industry. Follow-up subjects include trends and sustainable fashion lines.

16. Money talk

If you choose to be bold on your first date with your crush, talk to them about their money habits and/or desires. Do they hope to be financially comfortable or do they not care to much about it?

17. Political subjects

There are numerous subjects to discuss in politics, though it can be a risky discussion on a first date. Still, learning about a potential girlfriend or boyfriend’s political preferences is important early on. Topics include recent elections, the news outlets they prefer, or their take on current conflicts in the political arena.

18. Global warming and sustainability

This aligns well with political subjects. However, you can choose to open up the discussion to include sustainability. For example, does your crush contribute to sustainable living? Find out their opinion on eco-housing, the dairy/meat industry, prohibiting older cars on the roads, and growing their own produce.

19. Role models

To learn more about their personality and motivations, talk about who your crush’s role models are. Do they admire a parent or sibling, a celebrity, or even a fictional character? This will speak to how they want to live their life and who they aspire to be when they are older.

20. Humor

Talk to your date about what makes them laugh, and you might just find that your senses of humor overlap, which is super important in a relationship. You do not have to focus on TV or movies here; you can also consider stand-up comedy, satirical art, and parody music.

21. Relaxing

You might at first not consider this as one of the most crucial subjects to talk about on a first date. However, learning how your crush unwinds and achieves a calm state of mind can let you know how important their mental health is to them and how they deal with stress.

22. College experience

For some, it was the time of their lives. Others could not wait to get out. Ask your crush what their experience in school was like. What majors did they venture into, what were their favorite subjects, and who were their favorite professors? Find out what stimulated their intellect. You should also ask about their extracurricular activities to see how they really lived in college.

23. Past relationships

If you or your crush is just getting out of a relationship or once had a bad dating experience, you will want that on the table! You do not have to discuss the specifics; just get an idea at what their experience is with relationships and commitment.

24. Childhood experiences

You can talk about how your crush grew up. Find out what things in their childhood has followed them through to their adult life and what they were happy to leave behind. How did their past shape the person who sits before you today?

25. Sports you played

Talk to your crush about the sports you two played in school or college and which have remained a part of your life. People who play(ed) sports will find they have a lot to discuss with each other. Bond over stories of team experiences, what positions you played, and how intense you could get on the field or court.

26. Pro sports

Alternatively, you could talk about pro sports with your crush on your first date. See which teams and players they take an interest in and share your thoughts too. You might even get to have a flirty debate.

27. Nature

Finding a partner who loves the outdoors is very important to some people. Discussing subjects like hiking, backpacking, and the best places in the world to do so will surely help you and your crush bond. Impress them with trips you've already gone on and suggest flirtatiously that they are welcome to join you on your next adventure.

28. Animals

Your crush does not have to be an aspiring veterinarian to care about animals. Like nature, topics on animals are really important to some people. They may be a huge dog or cat lover, a major animal activist, or just would like to go on a safari one day. This is a really special thing to find out on a first date.

29. Dream home

"What is your home like compared to your ideal home?" How your crush lives will tell you a lot about their good and bad habits. Ask them how they would change their current abode, what they would include, and where the dream location is. Do not settle for answers like "It would be bigger."

30. Writing subjects

Time to discover their creative side. Does your crush write? Talk to them about their favorite writing media (screen/playwriting, poetry, journalism) and their preferred subjects.

31. Concerts, raves, festivals

If you enjoy events like Coachella and Desert Hearts, how cool would it be if your future girlfriend or boyfriend enjoyed them, too? Find out on your first date.

32. Social media

You may choose to talk about which platforms you two use and how often you are active online. You could also go deeper and discuss your dislikes of social media and the conditions of living in the age of social media.

33. Technology

Your crush might be addicted to their phone or spends entire evenings on their computer. Or maybe, your crush is the type of person who tries to navigate without the maps app on their phone. Find out how their use of technologicy compares to yours!

34. Favorite corners of the internet

An interesting talk to have on a first date is what your crush does on the internet. You are bound to learn something about them, whether they troll the depths of Reddit or watch funny videos all the time. Try to avoid talking about social media platforms in this case.

35. Current and past traditions

This talk does not just have to be about religion and ethics, although by asking this question, you are bound to learn how important spirituality and family are to them. You could also ask about simpler things like monthly gatherings they have with a group of friends.

36. Random/not so random habits

Find out their quirks or just little things they do so often that they have become routine. Maybe you'll discover if your crush is a bit neurotic.

37. Current life goal

What keeps your crush motivated right now; what gets them up in the morning? Is it their job, wanting to get more fit, or just trying to be a more positive person? You deserve a genuine answer.

38. Let's talk about sex, baby

It is quite bold to talk about sexuality on a first date, but it could also be important. You may be surprised to learn that your crush is comfortable with sleeping around, or you might discover that they prefer longer relationships.

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39. Why your crush asked you out/agreed to go out with you

This is one of the more flirty subjects. Learn exactly what about you intrigues your crush!

40. Future dates you'd like to have together

Here's a cute way to end the night! It's an easy way to both call it a night and make plans to see each other again soon.