Find Out What Are The Different Love Relationship Bases

The much talked about relationship bases in the boys world

By Caren M
Find Out What Are The Different Love Relationship Bases

What Are the Meaning of Relationship Bases?

Sometimes I just sit around a group of boys and listen to them talk because it’s always so interesting to decode their language. Like bases. Ever heard a guy say that he hit a triple or got a home run, with a  big goofy smile on his face and wondered just what he meant?

You might have heard of the terms first, second or third base in movie scenes or when your peers talk about the things they’ve been doing with their partners but you’ve never really got the hang of it. You might have a vague idea of what the whole thing really means because they seem to be talking about the physical things they do; but what represents what?

The termbase comes from the famed baseball game and all terms associated are derived from the game and it started way before our parents were born. Bases represent the different physical stages of being with someone, from the fairly simple first base to the coveted home run.

No one actually sat down and came up with these terms for relationships and the meaning may shift from one group to the next but the general consensus is that there are four bases of a physical relationship and the further up the ladder you get, the more intense things get.

The List of Physical Relationship Bases for Couples in a Relationship

Let’s take a much closer look at these terms. To help you understand better what we are talking about; the picture that you and your boyfriend are home alone, watching a movie, the lights are dim, there’s a bowl of popcorn between you and you’re sitting really close to one another. He has one hand around your shoulders and your head is lying on his chest. All in all, you’re pretty distracted and the whiff of his aftershave is doing dangerous things to your nervous system.

1. First base

The movie is playing but as we established, you’re distracted and you keep thinking about how you just want to know the taste of his lips. And he’s probably thinking the same about you because he’s looking at you with those hooded eyes and the electricity between you two is very real. Soon, you’re leaning in and he’s leaning in and the movie is providing the backdrop noise that you won’t even recall later.

And then it happens, the distance between you two is closed and you’re kissing. Like your lips are getting to know each other a little better. Then the kiss changes course and it isn’t so innocent anymore. It’s deeper, his hand is probably in your hair, sticking you to him and he is skimming the outline of your lips with his seductive tongue before he plunges in for a real taste and you have to hold on for support. We don’t have to mention the dirty things your tongues are doing while on their exploration journey but there are tingles on your arms and your entire body is on fire.

Welcome to the world of bases. You just nailed the first one with your serious kissing skills.

2. Second base

The first base was pretty intense and while his mouth continues to rain havoc to your senses, you’re thinking you want something more. By this time, the movie is forgotten. I mean, what movie? You just want something more so your very talented man drops the hand that was in your hair and starts skimming your back, making you melt into him while his other hand starts playing at your waist. Before long, he’s laid you down on the couch and his hands are doing some serious exploration of your upper body. Your waist, up to your sides, up and down your arms, on your very sensitive stomach while his thumbs rest oh so casually on the underside of your breasts.

Woman's Left Hand on Person's Back of Head

At this point, your hands are going on journeys of their own and you’re discovering the ridges and grooves of your man’s ripped body and enjoying the hell out of it. Meanwhile. He’s decided to let his lips join in exploring your body further and his mouth is on your neck going down and your toes are curling in and a tornado couldn’t compare to the sensations playing around in your body right now.

3. Third base

In the third base, things are getting pretty heavy, I mean the top clothes are already off and the upper body is giving way to the lower half because you want to feel even more. At this point, it’s more of a need and you both know this because his hands and lips keep inching lower and then he slips his hand down there and he begins doing some devilishly good things with his fingers that have you speaking some incomprehensible language and arching up into him.

Next, lower clothes are coming off; your hands say hello for the first time to his other head and you’re both so in your good sensations, your moans are drowning out any other noises that may be coming from the house. And, that’s before your mouths join the downtown fun and at this point, you don’t care who hears you. His tongue is magic and his mouth is the perfect blend of saint and devil to really get you going.

4. Fourth base

If you’re following the procession then I guess you know what’s coming next. Clothes are off. Your engine is revved up and ready to go and he’s standing at attention, ready for the home run. He’s leaning in asking for access and you grant it and then finally, finally, bodies are joined. In short, you guys are in the act of sexual intercourse and you’re both going for it, enjoying the sensations every step of the way.

This is the point where you’re no longer a virgin if you were one. It’s important to note that you should go to bat wearing the proper gear. If you’re thinking of going all the way with your partner, then it’s important to discuss contraception and other modes of protection as you see fit.

Other terms

While the first to fourth bases are used to describe the stages of physical intimacy between couples, there are other terms that are used as well.

5. Grand slam

If your man is as good as he’s been proved, then he’ll be striving to achieve a grand slam. Basically, he wants to give it to you so good that you reach that much-coveted female orgasm. As far as bragging goes, the phrase fits perfectly if your man can make you achieve this.

6. Doubleheader

Imagine having sex so great that you have to do it again, just so you can prove that the first time wasn’t a fluke and also because your bodies can’t get enough of each other. A double header going on two rounds of sexual intercourse in one night.

Important to note

Although thinking of hitting all the bases is fun, it can be scary, especially if it’s your first time so please don’t feel the pressure to do anything you don’t feel up to doing.

It’s your body and only you should dictate what you do with it. Just take it easy and listen to what you want along the way. A good sexual experience is where both partners agree on what they want to do so don’t feel shy to talk to your partner about what you’re comfortable with and how far you’re willing to go. You can stop at any point in the stages if you feel like you’re not up to more and your partner should be able to understand.

Protection is important when it comes to having sex. Make sure you are protected by using contraceptives; either hormonal or condoms to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are great because they protect you from contracting STDs as well.

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Now that you know what the bases all represent, you don’t have to plunge around clueless when your friends are talking about it. Also, it can be a fun code language to use when you’re around other people and you want to tell your friend what you did without having to go into details.