20 Hot Ways To Be Romantic With Your Boyfriend

Men love to be wooed and that's what makes it romantic. These ideas have the tendency to rekindle even a dying romance within your relationship.

By Aadil Raval
20 Hot Ways To Be Romantic With Your Boyfriend

Woo Him, make him fall in love with you again & forever..

The understanding women are something really not comprehensible for men. On the contrary, men are much more easy to contemplate and understand. Sometimes we do romantic things out of curiosity or sometimes to surprise our partners and many times, it is more of an effort to rekindle the lost romance within your relationship. Men or more precisely, husband or boyfriend is someone who is pretty simple to understand because they love little things and tag it as romantic and that is what you can use as a leverage to reignite the fire of love within their hearts. Follow the ideas or tips and see your relationship grow healthy and romantically fantastic by every day.

1. Surprise him with a 'guys only' hangout

Well, you might think this is something funny but it isn't. Sending you boyfriend or husband out for a hang-out or a movie is equally important for him as you would enjoy a girl's night out. Surprise him with the trip or movie would make him feel loved and overwhelmed. And who knows? What if he returns after the trip romanticising about you.

2. Stick a Note

As a human nature, we all need constant reminders that there is someone who loves us. What better way than a sticky note. Left early for office? Stick a note on the fridge or on his phone so that your husband knows how much you love him. Being flirty and teasing him would make it work pretty awesome. Forgot to stick a note? Why not send a text message about how great yesterday's love-making was or plan out for tonight.

3. Change your Outfit

If you ever watch a romantic movie, you would have noticed how a partner dress-up in her red flirty gown or something her partner wouldn't resist staring at. Well, this tip works just right for any and every occasion. Pick up some ideas for fashion websites for instance. As a woman, you already love getting ready and wearing beautiful clothes or gowns, then why not use it to attract your man towards you. Remember the context, boyfriend or husbands will get fascinated with this small change in you.

4. Hang a romantic picture

If you are tech-savvy, you could opt for modern digital frames but if you believe me, traditional photos work real best when it comes to recalling the memories. Hanging a framed picture of you and your boyfriend celebrating your anniversary or the day when you went for a movie or so will definitely bring you closer to him and eventually ending on a bed. Wink!

5. Construct new romantic ideas for sex

If your original setting is like you literally lead him towards a room on the bed for a love-making episode, change it. Experimenting with new ideas for sexual encounters will keep your relationship roaring like a car's engine. Most of the relationships end abruptly because they give up on experimenting with sex. Grab some romantic movies, talk about his sexual desires, etc and next thing you know, you are already live in action on your bed or kitchen or couch or exceptionally anywhere. It is all about experimenting with new positions and places altogether to keep your sexual desire engaged in action.

6. Spill the beans - a secret or ideas

We feel empowered and trustworthy when someone takes us as their best friends by telling a secret of them. This is something a couple must have. Telling a secret won't only enable you to feel lighter or even great but it will form a bond and connect between you and him. Many studies have suggested that telling a secret translates that you have a deeper trust in that person. This tip has been added in this explicit guide because men assume it to be romantic and if you are successful in spilling the beans, you have hit the bull's eye just right.

7. Turn your home into a dancing arena

No, I am not advising you to literally turn your home into a dancing arena but the ambiance and the vibes. Put on some of his favorite romantic songs, grove on a jazz or salsa beats and ask him to join you. This tip has proven to bind the couple emotionally and physically closer. Now that you know it, why don't you try it?

8. Binge-watching

Men are usually attracted towards movies and series of action, thriller, sci-fi, comedy and somewhat romantic genre. Note if your boyfriend is watching any particular movie or tv series and keep murmuring about it at all time. This is your shot. Here you can arrange a binge-watching date with your man while playing his favorite show or movie. It will overwhelm him if you arrange something like that on his birthday or on your anniversary which you wish to celebrate at home in privacy with just him.

9. Strengthen your relationship with the 'best friends' tag

Sharing all your secrets and ideas with him and receiving the same feedback is a sign that he takes you both as a best friend and being in love. Why not flaunt? It was recently proven by a study where relationships between couple rose to a higher ground with deeper trust and understanding when they assumed each other as their best friend and showcase love, affection, gratitude, and trust with each other.

10. Humor and Laughter is a great romantic activity to perform

It takes some time to understand each other but once you understand about your boyfriend's likes, dislikes, interests, etc, you can use it to benefit your relationship. What makes him happy? Note the things he laughs at which could be a comedy gig or you doing something incorrectly or so. Many couples bond over laughter and as said, 'Laughter is a Medicine'. So watch out for the next comedy gig and book a ticket with your boyfriend and get him to laugh with you.

11. Ideas for an experience

According to National Retail Federation, more than 50% of the participants aging between 25 to 34-years opted for a gift or outing with their partners rather than celebrating an occasion at home. This fact allows you to choose from hundreds of ideas available. Going on an outing to watch a movie, a football match which makes you and him happy is one of them. If he likes long drives to the lost corners of the world, be it. For an aviation enthusiast, what will be a better gift than a trip to his favorite place or across the globe. Celebrate your anniversary or any special occasion out somewhere.

12. Plant Kisses

Welcome him home with a peck on his chicks. Plant a morning kiss when you wake him up from his bed. There is so much that you can do with an 'effortless' kiss. It's the best way to keep him lively through the day during his hectic work hours.

13. Do you need a massage?

Most of the office work is either while sitting binge on a chair or doing jogs across counters and places. This means he might have a neck pain or a back pain or a headache and a good chance for you to show your affection and passion towards him. Give him a little massage and it might transform into a romantic love-making scene.

14. Breakfast in Bed

A lot of romantic movies show that taking breakfast to the bed is romantic and indeed, it is surely a fantastic experience. This will allow you to dive deep inside his eyes. You can think of ideas such as putting or carving a smiley on the cup of coffee or engraving a smiley with ketchup on the sandwich, etc.

15. Speak French because he likes it

This particular tip is regarding his hobbies. If he recently discovered a new hobby or if he has been flaunting his old hobbies, why don't you learn the same? If he likes talking in French or Espanol, take a few classes at least enough to establish a formal conversation. If he likes driving cars, try experimenting with it.

16. Play a scavenger hunt

When you are truly madly in love with someone, everything becomes so romantic. You can ignite the fire within your relationship by playing a scavenger hunt. No ordinary but more of a romantic hunt. Leave notes across the house while teasing him to find the right answer. Quote a special reward in return which could be a nicely planned date or anything which suits you well.

17. Skip monitoring his phone

A lot of the couples do monitor their partner's phone to check if they are infiltrating or playing a game with them. If you do the same, it symbolizes the loss of trust and that will make him uncomfortable sharing anything with you. So leave checking out his phone so that he can be comfortable around you.

18. Make lunch and dinner

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What will be better than making him special lunch and dinner that he loves eating? As the saying goes, 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'. Well, it's an idea which applies to all the men on the face of Earth. If your boyfriend is a gym freak, opt for a healthy and balanced diet or a more delicious cuisine on his cheat day.

19. Sing a song

Does he love singing songs? Learn the lyrics to his favorite song and you are set to go. Trust me, no one can resist a singer or someone singing a song. Ask him to join in where you can jam and sing karaoke together. There are a bunch of romantic songs that you can choose from if you insist on taking up a love song.

20. Gifts are no-brainer

This is a pretty ambiguous and universal tip that came in at the 20th position because you probably know it at the very first. As a girl, you must have received numerous gifts from your boyfriend but once for a change, why don't you gift him something that he likes. You can pick hints from his hobbies or interests for ideas on the type of gift. The occasion is not a boundary since, gifting someone doesn't rely on any occasion and can be done for absolutely any reasons such as Promotion, anniversary, birthday, first salary, change of company, transfer, first car or plane, anything.

Bonus Tips

What does a relationship mean to you? It is all about sharing, caring, loving, and much more importantly, being loyal, honest, and trustworthy. Sometimes just a mindful conversation and peaceful time with your partner is enough as a romantic activity. If your boyfriend loves it simple, why don't you take some time off from your work and home and surprise him with ideas such as a visit to his home or office? It is great to show affection towards one another.



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