Top 10 Infant Head Support For Baby First Year

Protect infant wobbly head for the first year with these support

By Merri
Top 10 Infant Head Support For Baby First Year

The first year of a newborn is fully dependent on the care and concern of the parents. It is important for us, as parents to be fully aware of the physiology of our newborn and do our very best to reduce any risk to our loved ones.

About Baby's wobbly neck muscle

Plagiocephaly is a condition that leads to a flat head syndrome in babies. The soft nature of a baby's skull makes it easy to be affected by undue pressure on its surface. More so, the pressure on the baby's pliable skull during birth can alter the head's shape. Even after birth, they can develop flat spots on their heads when the skull presses against the mattress. Their vulnerability should make mothers place them on their backs while sleeping. Positional plagiocephaly can alter the skull's shape while babies are in the womb. In the case of positional plagiocephaly, their movement is restricted in the uterus is for some medical reasons. However, improper positioning on a mother's arm during feeding can cause the flat head syndrome. Babies with severe plagiocephaly can use special pillows, and custom-fitted helmet (cranial orthotic) to correct plagiocephaly.

Babies have a soft skull and wobbly neck muscles before they are 6 months old. It’s essential to consider head and neck support; it reduces the risk of aches, or sprain during sleep. Moms should prevent their infants' wobbly head, and use pillows to check flat head syndrome. The issues about baby wobbly neck muscle that worry pediatrician is how babies lie while asleep. There are misconceptions about sleep positions. However, between the ages of 4 to 6 infants like to roll on their tummy. This position is cozy for them, but to sleep on their back position is the ideal position. Sleeping on the back reduces the chances of sudden infant death syndrome - SIDS.

When babies sleep healthy, it reassures mothers and helps proper muscles and brain development. Infants are likely to roll and sleep their tummy than their back positions. The tummy position increases the risk of having wobbly neck muscle.

Infant Head Support for First Year : Baby Pillow Head Shaping | Newborn Pillow for Sleeping | Breathable & Washable Prevent Flat Head Infant Pillow | Include Baby Shower Gift 2 Baby Bibs and Ebook : Baby

The infant head support pillow is an important crib accessory. These are little cushions with ergonomic head and neck support for babies. During their first year, it's important to prevent infant wobbly head syndromes. The soothing effect that head support accessories minimise infant wobbly head syndrome and at the same time lower the risk of SIDS. Pillows for infant pillows help the formation of tough neck muscles, and skull development.

There are various head support accessories for infants that are available for sale. Many of them go by the traditional name of baby flat head pillows. Here are some trendy names for top quality brands.

•             Infant memory foam pillows

•             Baby head-shaping pillows

•             Nursing pillow loungers

•             Adjustable nursing pillows

•             Infant-to-toddler head and neck support

•             Infant neck and sleep gear

•             Memory foam cushion

•             Self-adjusting pillows

•             Anti-SIDS foams for newborns

•             Infant head support and strap covers

Apart from the soft texture of these head support products; their average dimension is about 13 X 9 inches, and the thickness is 2 inches. Some have built-in memory functions that work smartly. Smart pillows can self-align the head, neck, and shoulders of infants.

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Even in the car, care is taken to align the baby properly. The marketplace is filled with several infant head support for car seats. Head support for car seats products have options to detach or have built-in cushions for kids. The accessory gives support to newborns because they are prone to a flat head syndrome. By adding ultra-soft cotton, the headrest becomes more appealing to use. There are many designs of baby car seats, baby gym, strollers, bassinet, and swing with inserts of soft foams.

Infant head support for stroller Summer Infant 2-in-1 Snuzzler PiddlePad Infant Support for Car Seats and Strollers: Baby

In the infant head support for strollers, there are foam inserts - crafted to give comfort. This feature (foam inserts) boost the head and neck support and reduces the risk of injuries while on the go. Apart from the pillows being machine-washable, head supports with breathable fabric covers support ventilation.


The use of polyester and cotton fabrics as cover for head support is evolving. Many manufacturers of 'smart pillows' are studying how they can add more tech features. More so, many infant head support and pillows are fitted with memory foam cotton. It aligns the shoulder, neck, and head correctly while they sleep.

Infant head support pillow

Moms should include tips to spot good head support pillows in their pre-shopping checklist. Before you purchase any pillow product for infants, be sure to have read the label. There are many items, and fill materials that manufacturers use. Stuffing flat head pillows with body-friendly materials will ensure better sleep quality. They allow your baby's body (neck muscles, spine, shoulder, and head) to develop quickly.

Some fill materials for high-quality baby pillows are;

•    Polyfill (polyester non-allergic),

•    Cotton, hypoallergenic foam

•    Fiber.

A good filling material should be well-stuff, and pleasant for sleeping.  More so, the head support pillows must have composite shape and boost healthy posture while sleeping.

Infant head support and strap covers

During the first year of birth, your baby’s head, and limb movements that can alter their balance. Since they can't self-adjust, mothers need to guide their early development to prevent deformations like the flat head syndrome. Strap covers of infant head support and gears have unique inclinations that balance shoulder, neck, and spine.

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Baby's first-year development is the most important period in their lives. The first generation of infant head support had basic designs. Then, the donut-hole shapes appeared; so pillow has become stylishly designed. Their ergonomic features allow the perfect head shape for children.

Since they have no control of their weak neck muscles, using the soft pillows effectively should be the only option for mothers, and guardians. More so, parents should avoid the use of very soft pillow because of a suffocation risk. : LIFEREVO Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow Natural Latex Inner with Removable Organic Cotton Pillowcase, Prevent Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome (Cookies) : Baby

Firmer neck muscles

Your infant's crib should have a firm mattress with baby-friendly pillows. Proper positioning is key because blood circulates to head - the heaviest part and other areas of their body.  Ensure the room has a normal temperature as you put the child to rest or sleep on her back position. Motherhood is filled with responsibilities; especially in the first year. Moms should learn to cradle the neck and head of babies’ neck while carrying them softly. Even in a sitting position, there are small head breasts that infants can use. They will naturally develop head control with firmer neck muscles as they turn into toddlers.

Safety to note

Infants are very sensitive to germs - they readily develop infections from specks of dirt after birth. So wash your hand and use hand sanitizers when you have a chance to lift newborns. Only experienced couples find it easy to get comfortable while holding newborns. Infants have soft skulls, weak neck muscles, and sensitive to-of-the head spot.

Their delicate structure might make naive people feel uncomfortable. It takes care to keep them unhurt because of their fragile nature. So, cradle their heads, use firm arm support, and position them properly on their back while sleeping. A few months after their birth, toddlers will be able to control their heads with ease. 

Children have better coordination of their neck when they're 8 months old. A great way to bond and keep infants warm is to cuddle and lift them. Paying attention to them starts from breastfeeding after their birth. Usually, sleep comes after feeding your infant; this process starts the development of their bodies. Use pillows that have cushioning features for wobbly heads, and tender body muscles.

Naturally, shaking an infant’s head during as a sign of play can cause brain hemorrhage - even death. Every part of their soft bodies develops from blood circulation.

Safety procedure

Here are a few tips on safety for head support:

  • Don't place toys or crib accessories under the pillow. This mistake can weaken the neck muscles of infants.
  • Use products with pure hypoallergenic fillings because they enhance the passage of air for proper ventilation. More so, breathable fabric covers and air mesh promotes ventilation of the sleeping space.
  • Always position sleeping infants on their backs, and not on their tummy. The best sleeping position for infants that are less than 12 months old is on their backs.
  • Insist on machine-washable clothes and sleeping accessories. Fabrics with generous padding will ensure greater comfort. The padding feature also enhances neck support, muscle development, and prevents flat skulls in the formative months of toddlers.


Newborns are precious and as their parents, you would want to give them the best start. It's imperative to know how to handle your newborn to reduce any risk of flat head syndrome and SIDS since your little one is fully dependent on you. 

Now armed with better information, shop around to find the most suitable head support for your little one!