Parents chose these 10 best baby bassinet for bed

The top 10 baby bassinets for bed that you'll make room for

By Evelyn
Parents chose these 10 best baby bassinet for bed

What is a baby bassinet for bed?

Are you gearing up for your baby's arrival? Have you decided where your baby is going to sleep or rest during the day? Do you buy a crib or baby bassinet? 

The answer depends on whether you'll feel comfortable or not with your baby sleeping in another room or right next to you.  Also if you had a C-section, hoisting your baby up to putting him in a tall crib could prove to be very painful. Keeping an eye on him during the day could be easier if you can easily move him to wherever place in the house you're going to be with something that is more portable. 

So, considering all that, your best choice of sleeping time gear would be a baby bassinet. But what exactly is a baby bassinet?

A baby bassinet is a sleeping space smaller than a crib. They're lighter, portable, not as tall as a crib, and generally, they're less expensive. Baby bassinets are designed for younger babies, your baby can sleep in them until he's like four months old, farther than that will depend on his development. If he's a big baby, he can feel uncomfortable in such a snug place.

Baby bassinets could be placed next to your bed so you have easy access to your baby throughout the night and during the day. As most bassinets are mobile, you can place the baby bassinet in a place near you where you can watch him take naps.

A baby bassinet has multiple benefits. It can really help make your middle-of-the-night nursing sessions easier and more manageable. When he's ready to feed at that time of night, you only have to reach over to pick him without leaving your bed. That's a real plus don't you think?

Another benefit is if you're a new mom and are still recovering from the delivery (especially if you had a C-section) and have limited mobility. It's easier and less painful to just reach over to pick your baby than to hoist him up from a tall crib.

If the baby bassinet is position at the same height as your bed, you'll sleep better knowing you can see or touch your baby and know that everything is fine. 

Just remember that while baby bassinets are great, they're not a permanent replacement for cribs. They're not as roomy as a crib and as your baby gets older they can be tight. Also, they are not as sturdy as cribs, so when your baby starts to push or roll over, the sleeping arrangements will need to change. 

There are a lot of options of baby bassinets in the market, choosing one that's right for your baby and you could prove challenging. We would like to help you, so here are 10 baby bassinets that parents are choosing today.

Baby bassinet for sleeping in parents bed

If you want your baby to sleep right next to you, there are two options: you either want a baby bassinet that is kind of mini-crib that stands right up to your bed or a baby bassinet to bed-share with your baby. 

The following brands offer these varieties. 

1. Fisher-Price Rock N'Play

Source: Fisher Price

This baby bassinet is portable, doesn't have wheels and is easily picked up so you can move it around the house. It is also easy to fold so you can pack it up and bring it to grandparent's home for the weekends.

This model has a slick rocking movement to help your baby get to sleep and all you need to do it to just give it a little push. If you don't want that option then you can lock the feet and it won't budge. It comes with a rattle and a little baby mirror. It's perfect for those adorable chubby babies as it holds up to 25 pounds. 

Check it out moms, this Fisher Price Rock 'N Play Portable Bassinet sounds like a good choice. 

2. Swaddleme By Your Bed Sleeper

Source: Amazon

If you live in an apartment or a small house you need this baby bassinet as it is sleek and has a space saving design so you can put it next to your bed and slide the legs under it. It has two reclining positions and the height of the legs can be adjustable. 

This bassinet offers manual rocking for when your baby needs a little soothing to help him sleep and you can also move it around the house to watch him during the day.

Get yours at Summer Infant

3. Swaddleme By Your Side Sleeper

Source: Summer Infant

The brand Swaddleme offers the By Your Side baby bassinet if you prefer bed-sharing with your baby. It provides a safe and comfortable sleeping space. The sturdy metal frame protects the baby in case the parents roll over. The side walls are compressible so you can reach your baby easier.  

Find it at Summer Infant

4. Halo Bassinest Essentia Swivel Sleeper

Source: Halo Sleep

This baby bassinet has a 360 degrees swivel and an adjustable stand that gets the bedside position just right. You can tuck the base under your bed, so it's convenient for small spaces too. It makes moving the baby out from the bassinet and into the bed easy because of the retractable wall, it lowers easily which is ideal especially for moms who had a C-section.

It is a really sturdy bassinet, so that means that it's heavy, so moving it around is no recommended.

Get yours from Halo Sleep

5. Serta iComfort Infant Sleeper

Source: Amazon

If you have a king size bed and you want to bed-share it with your baby, this baby bassinet is the right choice. It's wider and more spacious so it can accommodate a growing baby. It comes with a built-in light, lullabies, and natural sounds. The frame is sturdy to keep baby safe and doesn't require assembling.

Find yours at Amazon

6. Rockwell Modern Bassinet by Monte Design

Source: Monte Design Group

If you're looking for the ultimate modern luxury in baby bassinets, then check this one by Monte Design. It has basically two parts: the base which is made of chrome for the stand and walnut for the rocking feet, and an upholstered basket that can be removed. You have the option of putting the removable basket in your bed if you prefer to have your baby closer.

Find yours at Monte Design

7. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Source: Graco

You have a multitasker with this baby bassinet. It is cozy, it's mobile and it also functions as a changing table.  You can place it alongside your bed. It has an integrated storage where you can keep the baby essentials which comes handy when the baby needs changing in the middle of the night. All you need in one place! 

It also comes with a built-in two-speed vibration for when the baby needs soothing. 

Find yours at Graco

Bedside attachment for baby bassinet

These next three baby bassinets can be attached to your bed.

8. Babybay Bedside Sleeper

Source: Baby Bay

This baby bassinet attaches securely and safely to your bed, so your baby can sleep right next to you in his own bed. You can attach it to any bed and it will fit flush and secure. As you can see it has a half-moon design to mimic the protective feel of a hug. It can also transform into a portable bassinet.

Find yours at Baby Bay

9. Arm's Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

Source: Arm's Reach

This is like a sidecar to your bed, it could be used as a breastfeeding bassinet but the key benefit is that it drops down on one side so you can use the strap and attach it to your bed. Scooping up your baby for feedings turns easier that way. Plus it has a storage space under for diapers and baby essentials. 

Find yours at Arm's Reach

10. Arm's Reach Concepts Cambria

Source: Amazon

This baby bassinet is narrow enough to fit in your room without hogging space. You can attach it to your bed using the adjustable strap that goes under the mattress. When it is attached you can leave the sides down for easier access to your baby.

When you moved it to another room, remember to back up the sides. It also features a storage space.

Find yours at Arm's Reach

Baby bassinet safety measures

There are some safety measures you need to observe when purchasing and using a baby bassinet. 

1. Get a bassinet that meets modern safety requirements

Get a bassinet from a trusted source, that way you can be sure it's safe and that it has been certified, and that's one big safety checklist to strike off. 

2. Mesh walls are good to have

Get a baby bassinet with mesh walls, they offer more airflow and improved visual monitoring.

3. Check and lock the wheels

Make sure that the wheels on your portable baby bassinet are locked when stationary, especially if is near stairs, other children and pets.

4. Don't put anything extra inside the bassinet

A bare bassinet is a safer one. Eliminate any extra objects like toys, pillows, and blankets while the baby is in the bassinet to eliminate the chances of suffocation.

5. Use fitted sheets

Using fitted sheets is better, purchase the one the fits the dimensions of your baby bassinet. Additional cloth laying around in the bassinet is uncomfortable for the baby and it could cause the baby to suffocate.

6. Soft mattresses and bumper pads are a no

A firm mattress is better for your baby during his firsts months of life. Most baby bassinets have soft and breathable walls so bumper pads are not needed.


Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Baby bassinets are a great solution for co-sleeping with your baby. They offer a safe sleeping space where your baby is comfortable and cozy so that you can get that much-needed sleep during those first months of his life.