22 Little Things You Can Do To Make A Man Happy

Men can be confusing. Do you think making your man happy is hard? It isn't. You can make your Man happy is easy with these 22 little steps.

By K Stan Heiden
22 Little Things You Can Do To Make A Man Happy

How to make any Man Happy

So, you’ve got a man. Naturally, when you are in a relationship you want to make your man happy. But, men may appear to be alien. Never really talk much about their feelings. Leaving you guessing “what does he want?” Men probably won’t open up and tell you what they want. Luckily keeping and making a man happy is simple. There are several areas men crave. You can use these ideas to make any man happy. Best of all they don’t require great action. The major areas are; • Make him feel important • Support your man • Be present with him • Give him space • Take care of your man • Keep things sexy and steamy If always due even just a few of these it will go a long way towards making your man happy. Men aren’t mystical. Through this article, you’ll hear the simple small things you can do to make any man happy. Follow these tips and it will go a long way towards making sure your man is happy

Make your Man Feel Important and Happy

The first step is to make your partner feel important. This is an important step for any loving relationship. The couple must make the other feel important. It is simple to make the other feel important. There is no need to complicate it. Men are shockingly simple. The following tips are also surprisingly simple. These are the key to a good relationship

1. Make him a priority

Men will never be happy not being important to you. His interests, needs, and goals should be among your top concerns. No one wants to feel ignored. This is most important in your partner.

2. Compliment your man

Compliments are wonderful ways of showing people they are important. Who doesn’t love a genuine compliment? Your man will feel happy to know you think so highly of him.

3. Praise him when others can hear

Taking the last step even further. Saying the same compliment in front of others makes your man even happier. Hearing a compliment builds on any connection. Doing a public compliment increases the effects. Each ear hearing the compliment increasing the happiness of your Man. The one major issue is you must honestly mean it. An empty compliment will backfire. An empty compliment is a flattery. Hearing flattery will only upset your man.

Support your Man

The next step towards making any man happy is to support him. Everyone needs some support. It means the most coming from their partner. Follow the next set of tips to strenghten your relationship

4. Support Your Man

Be there for him especially with things in his life go wrong. This is when men need will need you most. Feeling supported makes every man happy. This tip will help him feel special and strong.

5. Don’t talk behind his back

The fastest way you can make a man unhappy is by talking bad about him to your friends. Cut that behavior out and your relationship will improve. Even if he doesn’t hear or ever know about it. Negative feelings will enter the relationship. If there are negative feelings your loved one will never be totally happy.

6. Defend your man if necessary

Couple this with never talking bad about him and you will make any man happy. Stick up for him will do wonders for your relationship. Simply doing this will increase intimacy by deepening your connection. This action spreads positive feelings. Not only will he love you for defending him. You’ll feel happier with him for defending him.

7. Cheer your man towards his goals

Your man has dreams. Though he may act like he can, he can’t do it alone. Men need their lady to help pick them up if they need it.

Be Present with Him to Make him Happy

Another simple way to increase the happiness of your man is to give him your attention. Really connect with him by listening and talking. The happiness will follow. These tips make it easy to keep that spark. Make him the center of your world.

8. Look at your Man, not your phone

This tip is a big one. We’ve all been guilty of looking at the glowing screen of our phones instead of our partner. It is impossible to find a happy connection while staring at your phone.

9. Make Eye Contact

We’ve all heard eyes are the window to the soul. Looking deeply into the eyes of your man gives him your undivided attention. It also deepens your connection with him.

10. Be vulnerable in his arms

Men have an instinct to protect their loved ones. Tap into this deep desire. Step into his arms and be emotionally, and physically vulnerable. Feeling like a protector your man strives to be will make him happy.

Give your Man Space

The man in your life loves you. He wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Men and women are different. He will be happiest when he has time and space to be on his own. While at first, these tips may be hard to follow they are vital for healthy relationships. Keep that jealousy in check. Nothing sinks a relationship faster than jealousy.

11. Give your Man alone time

Everyone needs time alone to recharge. It doesn’t mean you make him unhappy if he wants to be alone. It is necessary to be alone sometimes. It is okay for you and him to have different interests. That time apart can ironically make you grow closer. There will be plenty more to share.

12. Trust your man

Couple this with the simple action above and happiness will flourish. While he is apart from you, you will have to trust him. Media likes to sell the idea of men chasing any halfway attractive woman. If your man is happy with the relationship he won’t stray. If you show you don’t trust him. That will take away any happiness you have given him.

Make him Happy by Taking Care of Him

Just as men have a natural leaning towards protection. They also have a natural leaning towards women who are nurturing. Men like to be babied. Not to mean he wants to be baby talked. Take care of him by being the woman of his life. That will make him swell with happiness. These tips will make him feel like the giant baby he secretly wants to be.

13. Cook for him

Cooking is an ancient and vital skill. Cooking for someone else is a loving and intimate action. You’ve provided a requirement of life, food. Don’t worry you don’t have to cook a gourmet meal. A simple pasta or his favorite dessert will do wonders towards making any man happy.

14. When you shop for yourself, get him something

Make sure you let him know you are thinking of him. When you are going out to get yourself something keep an eye out for something for him. Getting him something he wants or need for no reason is a great way to show appreciation. When you show appreciation, this spreads happiness. Your man will be happy when you appreciate him.

15. Pick up a little thing for him randomly

A great simple way to make your man happy is to simply buy him a little thing. Next time your out buy him his favorite snack or drink, or any other little thing he would likely buy on his own. This shows you think about him even with simple things.

16. Make him feel lucky

If you take care of him and support him he will feel lucky. Keep him feeling lucky by continuing to do things big and small. It means the most when he doesn’t have to ask for simple things. There is one pitfall. If you do it too much he may get used to and expect it. The key is to not overdo it and yet still do it enough. It doesn’t have to be every day.

Keep your Man Happy by Staying Sexy and Steamy

Any long-term relationship faces challenges in keep things steamy. A loving relationship strengthens with a mutual and consistent sexual excitement. Make your man happy by taking steps to keep things interesting. It can and does start with your own feelings.

17. Have body confidence

This may be difficult. It is important to maintain a positive body image. Nothing robs your desire for physical intimacy like the negative view of your own body. It will seem strange that your idea of your body will make your man happy. Men love a woman who is comfortable in her skin. Feeling sexy is a great way to become sexy.

18. Look good for him

Make your man happy by keeping your effort towards looking your best. Letting things slide, will dull the spark you share. The flame won’t extinguish it just won’t be as hot. If your man knows you are looking good for him it will make him feel special. As mentioned before making him feel special makes him happy. As long as you keep a body positive image the next idea is simple.

19. Stay open to His desires

Your man may have strange ideas of what is sexy. If it doesn’t ask anything morally wrong try to keep an open mind. If he wants to do something try not to tell him how gross it could be. If it is what he likes, making it sound gross will make him feel gross to you. Make him happy by giving his desires a try. If he feels safe to try his desire he will be much

20. Don’t do something you don’t want to

This is an exception to the idea before. If it is something you don’t want to do don’t do it. This will fill you and your relationship with resentment. You may not express it but he will feel it.

21. Don’t turn sex into a chore

Further taking the idea of keeping things steamy. To make your man happy. Don’t have sex feel like a chore. You won’t always be in the mood at the same time. Once you start to think of it as something you must do it loses all the excitement. Once it starts to feel about as exciting as the laundry or the dishes, it’s time for a change. That could be a break, or something new. It doesn’t matter, you just need to change it.

22. Don’t punish your man with no sex

Your man will make you upset. This is normal in a relationship where people opening expresses themselves. What will sink any happiness and relationship is holding out on sex as a punishment. A healthier way is to remove yourself from the situation. Calm down, meet later and discuss with your man what happened. Then you can have to make up sex! If you want of course.