35 Proven Turn Ons That’ll Make Any Girl Wet

35 ways to turn on your girl, guaranteed to make her wet and begging for more! These are ways to really get her to cum every time.

By Jennifer Ann
35 Proven Turn Ons That’ll Make Any Girl Wet

1. Tease! Tease! Tease! to make her wet

This is the first and most important entry on this list. If you want to make a girl dripping wet and turn her on instantly, be sure to tease her by gently kissing just under the panty line and her thighs. She’ll be so wet that she'll take her panties off for you! Even then, keep taking your time and kiss right on top of her and back to her thighs and stomach before finally going in for the kill.

2. Find her clit and she will cum

Every guy thinks that they know where the clit is. The reality is that many actually don’t. Explore with your fingers and tongue. You should be able to see it, but you’ll definitely be able to hear her reaction when you hit it. If you’re not sure, ask! Asking and being vocal is a turn on.

3. Listen to your girl

Listen to what she says. Pay attention to what makes her moans get louder and breathier. Pay attention to her body language. She doesn’t have to tell you exactly what she wants. Her moans and her body will tell you what’s a turn on and what's not.

4. Kissing her neck is a huge turn on

While making out, be sure to lightly kiss her neck. This makes so many girls melt. Don’t leave hickies though. It’s immature and trashy, and no woman wants to go to work with hickies on her neck the next day.

5. Compliment her to get her hot and wet

Girls love compliments! If you want the clothes to start coming off, it’s important to make her feel sexy and beautiful. Don’t just compliment her looks. Tell her she's strong, intelligent, and a good person, too. It's a turn on when a man tells his girl everything he likes about her. Then go back to complimenting her for being sexy. You know what her favorite compliments are, and you can use compliments as foreplay.

6. Hold her head when you kiss the girl

Put your hands in her hair, pull her toward you, and kiss her passionately. When you hold her tight, it shows a bit of dominance or manliness that will make her feel very feminine. This alpha male attitude is a big turn on for a girl.

7. Look into her eyes and make her orgasm

Every girl wants a man’s undivided attention in the bedroom. Look her deeply in her eyes every now and then while making out. But be sure not to go overboard and turn it into something creepy.

8. Buy her sexy lingerie

The best way to get a girl wet is to make her feel sexy herself. Buy her a present of sexy lingerie. She can be a turn on for herself! Be sure to get something that accentuates her best features. Also, know her size before buying it. It's not much of a gift if she has to get it replaced.

9. Don’t forget the heels

Every girl loves heels. Plus, women look good in nothing but heels. You’re a fool if you forget this part of your sexy present. She'll feel sexy which is an instant turn on, and a new pair of heels is almost enough to make any girl cum. Almost!

10. Bring champagne - it's a turn on

The goal here is not to get sloppy drunk. Just have a glass or two of champagne to loosen up. Having sex should be fun, and it’s okay to unwind a bit while enjoying time together. She may even be tipsy enough to let you do something weird. Just remember not to drink so much that she passes out before you can get to the fun.

11. Have fun and be playful

Sex is supposed to be fun. Help make it more enjoyable by maintaining a relaxed and fun demeanor. Feel free to make some jokes and goof off a bit. It’s a great form of foreplay most people forget.

12. Gently rub her nipples

Nipples are a big erogenous zone for most women. Lick your fingers and gently rub her nipples while making out or making love. Blow on them when they’re wet, too. Blowing on wet nipples is a huge turn on! If the girl likes it a little rougher, feel free to pinch and twist and bite her nipples if she's game.

13. Bring out toys for your girl

Even just seeing a sex toy will put dirty thoughts into her mind. They are a huge turn on. There are so many options out there that you’re bound to find something that she will think is fun. Get a cock ring or a bullet to use on her during sex if you don’t know what she might like. Those are generally safe bets.

14. Set the mood with candles and music

Great sex needs good ambiance. Put on music that you both like and light some candles. It’s a good idea to clean the bedroom first, too. You don’t want her to walk in the bedroom and be reminded of the laundry that needs to be done. Having a clean room with candles and music is a turn on.

15. Take time to make yourself presentable

Girls are not the only ones expected to look good in a relationship. Taking care of yourself is a turn on and will show her that you are putting in effort to look good for her. That’s hot! So take a shower and trim your facial hair.

16. Be vocal in your desires

Tell your girl exactly what you want to do to her. Hearing your desires will spark her imagination and will be a huge turn on. Her body is going to get all warmed up for you. Don’t jump straight into the dirty talk though. Build it up. Start by telling her that she looks hot, go into detail about exactly what parts of her you think are hot, and then tell her what you want to do with those parts of the body, getting more and more explicit.

17. Put on porn

Watching other people have sex will make her think about sex and want to cum like the women in the porn video. If you’re not sure how she’ll react, ask her if she wants to watch it first. And look for things that she would like - not stuff that you usually watch.

18. Read erotic poetry or prose

Not every girl is into porn. That’s fine. There’s plenty of erotica out there, or poetry if you’re looking for something classier. Some girls think poetry can be a turn on.

19. Flirt throughout the day

Send her flirty texts and tell her that she has a big surprise waiting when she gets home from work. (Hint: the surprise is in your pants!) The anticipation will be such a turn on for any girl.

20. Clean the house

If you want your girl to really get hot and wet for you, clean the house. Coming home to a clean house will make her happy and relaxed. Plus, she’ll have more time to devote entirely to you. You could even clean in front of her while she relaxes with a glass of wine in front of the television.

21. Be emotionally supportive

Every girl needs emotional support from her lover to feel close. If she’s stressed, listen to her. Being a good listener is a turn on. Once she has gotten out what she needed to say, she’ll feel more connected to you and will want to express that feeling physically.

22. Give her a massage

Relax her and rub her down. Don’t forget to pick up some scented oils or lotion. There are even some made specifically for erotic purposes!

23. Rose petals are a turn on

They may be around for a couple days after your night of passion, but laying down rose petals is a sure way to make her beam and want to lay in those petals naked, have sex, and cum.

24. Try something new to help her orgasm

Talk about something new that you might want to try. Feel free to make suggestions, and pay attention to what sparks her attention. You can make these suggestions while just hanging out on the couch to keep in mind for a later date.

25. Take your time to make her cum hard

Too often, sex becomes something that a couple does as a chore. Kids, work, and a million other things can cut into your private time. Make a point to set an entire night aside just for the two of you if finding time for each other is a problem.

26. Kiss her all over

Kiss her lips, her neck, her arms, her legs, and her stomach. Take your time and go over areas of the body she seems to really like to know what really is a turn on.

27. Try a fun outfit to get her excited and wet

There are a number of outfits that can make her feel hot. Schoolgirl and nurse are oldies but goodies. Don’t think those are your only options though. You can always use Halloween as an excuse to dress up in the bedroom. She isn't the only one who can dress up. A man in uniform is sexy too! Seeing you dressed as a fireman or police officer will have her asking for handcuffs and ready to cum.

28. Do it somewhere new

When was the last time you took her on the kitchen counter or in the car? If you’re even more adventurous you might be able to find a place in public. Have fun and get creative!

29. Wine and dine her

Take her on a date night. Pay for dinner, and let her have a couple glasses of wine. Tell her how beautiful and smart she is. Flirt with her. She’ll be ready for you by the time you get home.

30. Cook now and she will orgasm later

You don’t have to take her out to dinner if you want to save money. You can make a dinner right at home. It's a turn on for a girl to see her man in the kitchen making a romantic dinner. Even if you’re not great at cooking, you can ask friends for help or search online for simple meals. No matter what you make, be sure to take her tastes and preferences into consideration.

31. Be confident, and she will cum

This does not mean that you should behave in an arrogant manner. Too many men make this mistake. You should, however, hold your head high, speak with some confidence, and, when it comes to the bedroom, at least pretend you know what you’re doing.

32. Nibble on her earlobes

Don’t bite hard, but a gentle nibble could be a turn on and enhance the mood. Also, feel free to whisper something dirty in her ear which can also be a turn on.

33. Find the G-spot to make her orgasm

Similar to finding the clit, every guy just assumes that they know where the G-spot is. Do some research to learn exactly what positions and motions are most likely to hit her spot. Knowing her body will be a turn on. Also, look for toys that are made specifically to hit her G-spot.

34. Chocolate

Feed her some chocolate-covered strawberries or small pieces of chocolate. Food isn’t always welcome in the bedroom, except for chocolate. Chocolate is always welcome. Being fed chocolate will be a turn on and get her hot and bothered, and she'll be ready for more than just a food orgasm.

35. Say “I love you”

A girl associates sex with love. Telling a woman how you feel about her is a turn on and one of the best ways to get her in the mood. Expressing yourself makes you seem like a strong man who understands how important it is to connect to his woman. Of course, it’s important not to say these words unless you actually feel that way.