Christina El Moussa Splits With Boyfriend Doug Spedding

Flip or Flop is a top-rated show and Christina El Moussa is cleaning house, rather than flipping it for a change, in a shocking split with boyfriend.

By Nikki Flux
Christina El Moussa Splits With Boyfriend Doug Spedding

In The Beginning

Christina El Moussa is no stranger to the winds of change. The very reason she and ex-husband have a coveted TV show on HGTV, Flip or Flop, is precisely because of adversity. After years of running a successful real estate company called "The El Moussa Group," the whole industry took a belly flop with the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008 and the stock market crash, the same year. It created a perfect storm of financial wreckage. Christina went from living wealthy, to living in a cheap rental. And then, came the idea of sending an audition to HGTV and showing people how to flip houses. The show is now in its 7th season and shows no signs of stopping. The one thing that did fail is Christina's marriage. The strain of the show and motherhood took a toll and Christina and Tarek El Moussa divorced in 2016. The couple are amicable and still happy to co-star with one another, as well. It was around the time of the divorce that Christina reconciled with an old flame, wealthy businessman, Doug Spedding. And her hopes were high. Unfortunately for her, so was Doug Spedding, who has since checked himself into rehab, for multiple addictions. The only choice when reality hits in real life, as opposed to reality TV, is to brush yourself off, flip off your exes and flop into the next incarnation of who you are meant to be. And Christina El Moussa is a strong, single mother of two - 2 year-old Brayden and 7 year-old Taylor and like most single mom's, you have to be stronger than you ever thought you could be, for your children.

Christina El Moussa Flips Her Ex Husband Tarek El Moussa And Ends Up Flopping To Doug Spedding, Only Flip Him For Cheating

Christina El Moussa has led a charmed life. After being single for a year and divorcing her co-star, Tarek El Moussa, Christine vowed to put the children first and leave dating on the back burner. She tentatively re-kindled her relationship with her old flame, Doug Spedding and it wasn't long before the popular mother of two, El Moussa, discovered that her boyfriend of 4 months, businessman Spedding, had been displaying less than model behavior. He was cheating on her with his ex and when caught, immediately checked himself into rehab for multiple addiction issues. Putting her children first, played a huge part in the split. A dramatic end for a hopeful beginning.

What Went So Wrong?

Christina was no stranger to PDA with Doug Spedding this past summer and El Moussa was planning on spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend, when all hell broke loose before their planned family camping trip. Friends had long warned her about Spedding, who has a history of drug abuse. But Christina El Moussa gave him a shot, believing her boyfriend had changed his ways. This was not the case. In 4 short months - it all came to a screeching halt. Cheating on the model mom was the least of the issues and her boyfriend checked himself into rehab, shortly after their split.

The Low Down AKA The The Idiots Guide To Christina El Moussa's Private Life

Once a cheater - always a cheater. It seems the 4 month bliss is completely over for El Moussa. The model mom and TV star flipped, after catching her boyfriend Doug Spedding texting an old flame; she sent him packing - right to rehab. Christina El Moussa has been through a LOT the past two years - splitting from her co-star Tarek, after a dramatic gun incident at their home and a run-in with Child Protective Services, earlier this year. All told, she hopes to put the past behind her and focus on being a mom, not looking for another boyfriend and continuing to shoot the hit show Flip Or Flop.

Old Habits Die Hard For Christina El Moussa and Doug Spedding AKA The Final Analysis

After leaving her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, Christina El Moussa reconciled with old flame Doug Spedding. Rumors of an impending engagement surrounded the couple throughout their tumultuous relationship. But, old habits die hard. We all know the feeling. That one guy that you just can't stay away from. Like Carrie and Mr Big in Sex And The City. Or Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. Sometimes, we just can't help but be attracted to the bad boy. And Christina El Moussa gave it her all and hoped for the best. And like Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford's may/december romance, in "The Way We Were," Spedding, 55 and El Moussa, 34, retraced their love-affair and seemed to be extremely happy. That happiness only lasted 4 months. In truth, they have a history of on-again and off-again behavior and were dating prior to her 8 year marriage to Tarek. But, it wasn't meant to be. Demons demand payment and new boyfriend Doug Spedding succumbed to temptation. El Moussa's love couldn't save their relationship. Shortly after reconciling, Doug began cheating on her with his ex- Tracy Diaz. It should be noted that Christina El Moussa was backing a bad horse. In 2011, Doug Spedding seemingly had it all. He retired at the top of his game with a booming luxury car dealership, only to be caught for possession of methamphetamine. Mending his ways, only served to please the court and didn't last. And his demons re-surfaced in 2017. After being caught cheating by Christina, he entered rehab for undisclosed MULTIPLE addictions.

"Christina supports Doug's decision to seek treatment and remains in contact to support his recovery," a source told People.

El Moussa on Doug Spedding.

RECAP: You Came In Like A Wrecking Ball AKA Doug Spedding And Christine Moussa's Inevitable Split

Insiders close to Christina El Moussa were familiar with Doug Spedding's history of drug abuse and cheating. She was warned. E Online reports that the model and TV star El Moussa, is glowing and happy since their split. Perhaps she has moved on so quickly, because she knew exactly what to expect. Behind closed doors, the truth is always the best defence and Christina El Moussa was armed with a bevvy of information on her boyfriend before they split and he entered rehab.

A second insider adds, "Doug has had a huge history of drug and alcohol abuse and Christina was warned when they first started dating. It has gotten pretty bad this past month and Christina's friends urged her to end the relationship."

Says an insider close to Christina El Moussa on her latest split

Christina El Moussa Is No Stranger To Drama - Or Gunplay

It was only in May 2016 that Christina split from her husband and co-star Tarek El Moussa, after a dramatic incident involving the police, which ultimately led to their separation. After a heated argument, Tarek left their property by jumping the couple's fence at their Yorba Linda property, with a gun. Christina El Moussa was worried and the police responded to the call about a "suicidal male with a gun." Ultimately, it was a misunderstanding and no charges were filed. Christina and Tarek have remained amicable since the incident and their divorce and are today, model parents to their children, since their split.

2017 Has Been a Rough Year for Christina El Moussa And The Only Engagement She Had Wasn't To Doug Spedding - It Was With Child Protective Services

According to ET Online, Christina El Moussa was interviewed by Children and Family Services, after her son Brayden fell into the pool of her Orange County home, in early 2017. Her nanny was in care of El Moussa's son when the accident happened. El Moussa immediately took her son to the local hospital where the Children and Family Services rep interviewed all parties about the occurrence. They were cleared of any possible neglect. Not a good start to 2017, for El Moussa.

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"Christina just wanted to be overly cautious,” the source notes, adding that the family is “thankful Brayden is OK."

A source close to Christina El Moussa on the incident with Child Corrective Services

A Triple Nightmare 2017 For Christine El Moussa

Between Christine's split from her co-star on Flip Or Flop, Tarek El Moussa, a visit from Child Protective Services in March 2017 and followed by a disastrous, ill-fated romance with old boyfriend Doug Spedding - it's been a trifecta of dramarama for Christine El Moussa. Here's hoping she doesn't listen to gossip speculation that she will take Doug Spedding back, once he's released from rehab.

SIDE BAR - What Ever Happened To Gary Anderson?

For those of you that don't know the checkered dating history of Christine El Moussa, read on and proceed with caution and an Ipad to take notes. Before Christine El Moussa shacked up with newly-dumped boyfriend Doug Spedding, she was dating Gary Anderson - a contractor who worked for Christine and Tarek on Flip Or Flop. Anderson himself was going through his own divorce before becoming Christine El Moussa's new flame, earlier in 2017. He's been missing in action ever since the middle of 2017, when Christine suddenly had a flashy romance with new boyfriend Doug Spedding. Gossip needs to stop about any kind of engagement from Christine El Moussa because the only thing she's engaged in, is bizarre leapfrogging from one rebound to the next. And obviously, it makes sense that Tarek was so angry, when you understand the depth of the drama going on around Christine El Moussa. Gary apparently was a witness the day that Christine called police on her now ex husband. He just conveniently happened to be NEXT DOOR and heard the argument between Christine and her husband. Then, after the drama unfolded - suddenly Gary Anderson was briefly the next boyfriend on the arm of Christine El Moussa. What happened to him, for real? Was the saga too much for a man embroiled in his own messy divorce? Probably. But, a word to the wise to Christine, as 2017 draws to a close. Christine, slow your roll, girl. Let the dust settle and see what the wind brings into your life, but like, way later.

I Said Foreplay, NOT Gunplay!

Drama seems to surround Christine El Moussa. Maybe it's just simple: choose more stable men. Or stay single for as long as it takes for your head to hit the pillow. All in all, there seems to be a pattern here and the common denominator in this, is Christine El Moussa. Not that she is RESPONSIBLE for these manchilds acting out, but she is responsible for her choices. Just saying.

Not A Chance In Hell Of An Engagement

Any chance of engagement to Spedding have been dashed, with the recent turn of events in El Moussa's life. Her life has been turned upside down by the discovery of a text from Spedding's ex in his phone. And it is a truly sad turn of events, given an interview Christina El Moussa had given on E TV about her caution around dating and being focussed on co-parenting.

At Least One Exes Is On His Best Behavior - Christina El Moussa's Ex-Husband Tarek

Since mending fences, the couple are all smiles and happily divorced. Christina and Tarek El Moussa realized that reconciliation was not the healthiest option on the table and chose instead, to be a modern family, by co-parenting their children, without rancor.

"My kids are doing great," El Moussa said. "They're happy, they're amazing, they're so much fun. Co-parenting is going really well...and we're both doing great as well."

Christina El Moussa states, emphatically, about her parenting with her ex-husband and co-star Tarek El Moussa.

A New Beginning for Christina El Moussa, Is On The Horizon

After a failed marriage and a cheating boyfriend in rehab, it's no surprise to those close to the model mom, how quickly she has moved on, distancing herself from the fallout from the situation and immersing herself in motherhood. She's no stranger to adversity and starting over. And like all good stories, there is more to come. Christina El Moussa is doing what she does best - rehabbing her personal wreckage and building a new paradigm for herself. In fact, El Moussa is firmly staying in her lane and keeping her mind only on positive things - like a renewed season of Flip Or Flop and a future filled with possibilities.

“There is no shame in beginning again, for you get a chance to build bigger and better than before.”

Says Christina El Moussa on her recent split from boyfriend Doug Spedding.