8 Signs that Tell You When to End a Relationship

Ending the Relationship before you feel suffocated in it

By Chelsea Lane
8 Signs that Tell You When to End a Relationship

Warning Signs and Reasons that Tells You When is Time to End the Relationship

The way to a fulfilling, purposeful, and reasonable relationship is not all the time alongside with happiness. Sometimes, you have to admit that there are certain attempts where an enduring relationship turns out not to be like that. You may find yourself traveling on a bumpy road with nowhere to go. That’s what dating is all about, right?

Getting to know the person and hoping he or she is compatible and can sustain a relationship over a long period of time can be tricky. Sometimes, you feel unsure about your feelings and think whether breaking up is the right thing to do. Other times, you may feel like your decisions are too abrupt, thus devastating and confusing you even more. Whatever your qualms are, you should know first-hand when it’s already time to let go.

What could be the reasons for deciding to let go the person you loved most?

Imagine you’re standing in a crossroads. You saw your partner on the right side smiling and good memories flashback in your mind. On the left side, you saw him trying to console you and convincing you to not end the relationship. You’ve hurt so bad, but you still think that he might be worth a second chance and that your relationship might be saved.

Is it worth fight for? Do you still give another chance?

Relationships always face many hardships and challenges, and the process of breaking up with someone is one of them. If you’re contemplating about breaking up with your partner, it’s only natural for your emotional wellbeing to be affected. That is why it’s essential to pay attention to the patterns of how your relationship is going through. When all the failures and mistakes keep on repeating over and over again, it might be a sign that it’s time to break up with your partner.

Here are 8 signs that tell you when to end a relationship:

1. You’re not Happy Anymore

Perhaps, this is a very common sign to every relationship and a good reason to let go. Arguments and quarrels are part of a healthy relationship, but it should not get to the point that it’s becoming toxic.

Misunderstanding is a one-way ticket to break-ups. Someone who is in a good relationship will always find ways to get you back and solve whatever petty arguments you have. In general, a person who is satisfied and contented with the relationship is going to be happy.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where petty issues are becoming more unpleasant and unhealthy and take a lot of time to get resolved, maybe it’s a clear sign that the person is really not meant for you.

2. Your Communication is Consistently Fading

This is probably the starting point of digging up issues and long-haul arguments. When in a relationship, intimacy, the exchange of deep sense of feelings, dreams, thoughts, and fears are required, but without communication, this wouldn’t happen. Having a good sense of communication makes every relationship stronger over in the long run, so consistency is the key.

Whether you live far away or on the other side of the planet, getting enough time and attention from your partner will always make a way to a much prosperous and healthier relationship.

The inability to be on the same page is common for breakups. If you notice that your partner is not communicating well, try to reach out at least once. Do not let your relationship suffer. But, if you think that your partner is not consistent anymore, maybe it’s time to let go.

3. Your Partner’s Emotional Well Being is Unstable

There is no other quality that is important in a healthy relationship than emotional health. If the person you thought to be your partner for the rest of your life shows signs of being paranoid, self-centered, easily gets upset, jealous, overly defensive, and anything that proves to have an emotional deficiency, then those are the strongest pieces of evidence that you’re not with the right person. To make the relationship strong and enduring, both of you must be fully functioning and committed at the same level. After all, attitude does the rest.

When one of you is not ready to face whatever problems your relationship encounters, then your efforts are wasted. Does your partner possess flexibility, integrity, honesty, and strong-will of responsibility? If so, you’re on the right track. If not, try to find another one.

4. You Doubt Everything

Evaluating your partner is natural and healthy. However, when you see red flags, always pay attention to your instinct that is telling you something. But, when you think you’re getting out of hand with the doubting, do reconsider things.

If you constantly doubt your partner, regardless if he or she did something, it’s time that you think about pursuing the relationship or not. After all, it’s not healthy when you always get flustered thinking about irrational thoughts. Every relationship should be built with trust. Without it, you’re going to have a hard time.

5. You can’t Find Ways to Work It Out

One of the greatest reasons of breakups is when no one can figure out how to save the relationship from dying – either you can’t come up with a working solution or you’re not interested anymore to pursue it. Sometimes, you ask yourself:

Is there any reason this relationship is worth saving? Am I still willing to give in and make everything right?

Although, sometimes, commitment is what makes you stop from breaking up, always make sure to make every ending healthy. Try to talk about your concerns and lapses and keep yourself cool to further advance your relationship to the right path. If not, then it would be best to distance yourself away.

6. Your Friends Tell You to End It

The truth is, ending your relationship is not just all your decisions. Sometimes, talking to your friends, whom you trust and are the closest from your heart, give advice that is worth listening to.

If the people you dearly know tell you to go away from the person you’re dating, maybe they think he or she is just not the right person for you. If they give you a go signal to date that person, then that person is worth dating.

However, it’s not all the time that your friends are right, it pays nothing if you listen to them, though. If your gut tells you that they’re right, you better trust them.

7. The Cons Are More Than the Pros

There’s no other better thing to do when deciding to end the relationship than listing the things that made you decide to do so.

So, try to close your eyes and think again why you want to terminate your connection with that person. If just thinking won’t work, you might want to visit a coffee shop, sip a hot coffee, and prepare your small notebook. List down the advantages and disadvantages if you continue your relationship.

If the cons outweigh the pros, then don’t waste your effort.

8. You Start Wondering What Else is Out There

Occasional doubts and questions are totally normal when there’s a sudden shift in your relationship. Sometimes, when you are already in a relationship, you might wonder what would happen to you if you didn’t answer yes in the first place.

When there’s an abrupt transformation on attitudes, beliefs, and dreams that you did not see it coming, the relationship will definitely suffer. And, if it happens that it cannot be fixed, then it’s a surefire move to end the relationship.

How to End Relationship without Hurting?

It is totally impossible to terminate your connection with the person you thought to be with for the rest of your life without getting hurt. Ending your relationship takes a lot of transformation and is time-consuming.

Every relationship has its own ups and down. Although both of you vowed to love each other for the rest of your life, if your decision is already final, you might want to look at the possible ways to end the relationship with less hurting. Here’s how:

  • Let your partner be the first one to know that you’re breaking up with him or her. This makes it less painful and more mature of you to do so.
  • Don’t prolong it. Set a proper time where both of you are calm and talk it out.
  • Be sincere and honest. He or she deserves to know the reasons why you’re leaving.
  • Be straight to the point. Don’t try to sugarcoat everything.
  • Do it in person. This shows that you have respect.
  • Find a private spot where both of you are comfortable.
  • Answer them truthfully.
  • Be ready for some emotional outbursts. Be compassionate, but be firm with your decision.
  • Be distant as much as possible after the breakup. Cut all contact to start healing.


Your relationship depends on both of your actions. If both of you are happy, surely, the relationship is going the right way.

However, if both of you keep on having misunderstandings and arguments, then it will eventually lead to your relationship deteriorating.

No matter what happens, it is you who decide whether to continue your relationship or not so make sure you won’t regret it at the end of the day.


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