Teaser: 25 Naughty Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Play some naughty games with your boyfriend to change the mood of your relationship. Be the feisty girlfriend you were always meant to be!

By Monalisa Murmu
Teaser: 25 Naughty Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

How vibrant is your relationship?

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We’ve all come across that beautifully odd couple that always grabs the attention of onlookers just because they are so friggin’ adorable! No matter where they are, they’re either completely lost in each other, oblivious to the world, or they have such a fun chemistry that you might be forgiven for thinking that they’ve only just met. Ideally, that couple should be you and your boyfriend! Not someone else you see on the subway or in the park and think with a sigh, “I wish my relationship with my boyfriend were as fun as theirs.” A relationship should not feel like a burden for sure. It should not feel like a series of tasks to fulfill by the end of the day. It should feel like a celebration, no matter what the occasion. And it should feel like an endless journey of fun and frolic, no matter how many years you’ve been together.

Naughty playfulness ups the ante

If you’ve been thinking that sort of a honeymoon phase only lasts for a short while and cannot be extended well into the better part of your life, think again. You can undoubtedly make the fun in the relationship last as long as you are wish. And one very effective way of doing so is being experimental in your relationship with your boyfriend. Don’t settle for a less-than-extraordinary life thinking that is how a relationship is meant to be. Think out-of-the-box and get a little playful. Sure you’re adults but don’t let the child in you die yet. Naughty, flirty games are a great way to revive a monotonous relationship and to make a new relationship more fun too. By that I don’t mean manipulative behavior, rather the type of games that help you tease and tantalize each other lovingly. And the mood of these games can vary from being naughty in a clean manner to the very raunchy, dirty type. It all depends on the occasion and the mood. We’ll walk you through each type in the following segments of this post. Take note and gear up for a fun ride!

Games to play over text

It isn’t always possible to be together to play a game, is it? Which is why a lot of these games need to be text and phone-friendly so you can still be together while being away. Plus, playing these games are great to kill time while commuting or waiting in a queue.

Sexy story time

Story Time is a game that is played with one of you starting a story with one word or a few words. For example, “Once upon a time…” The other player then follows with a few words of their own to basically finish the sentence and thereby creating a story as you go. This game is a harmless, innocent one but can be played dirty in an instant by starting with something on the lines of “Once upon a time there was a princess locked up in a tower who lost all her clothes…” It will set your boyfriend’s heart racing in no time at all!

Strip poker – text version

This game can’t be played on the commute, of course, if you’re both being honest about the stripping bit. But if you’re only saying you’re stripping (as a fantasy game) and not actually doing it, pick up the phone and play wherever you are! Just be aware of the consequences though. You also don’t really have to play poker; you can play any game and place bets. The bets are of course, each item of your clothes. It is always more fun if you do actually strip though. And I quote Natalie Portman here: “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off but it's better if you do.”

Guess what I’m thinking

If you’re attracted to your boyfriend and are in a naughty, playful mood, there’s no prize for guessing what you would be thinking. But let your boyfriend be eligible for one. Turn this into a fun game by asking him to guess and explicitly state exactly what is going on in your mind at that moment. Say the closer he gets to guessing, the more the chances of the thought being executed. And give him clues to help with the guesswork. Clues like, “It involves the buckle of your belt.” Get it?

Sexy 20 questions

Yes, it’s a game meant for kids but who said you can’t turn it dirty? All you need to play it dirty is the right frame of mind. And all that is required of you to do is to pick the raciest thought you can have and ask your boyfriend to guess it with the help of not more than 20 questions. Simple!

Kiss, marry, hook up

This is always a fun game to play if you’re getting bored waiting for something somewhere. It takes no preparation and no extra tools to play. Just pick random people and ask your boyfriend to choose which of them would they kiss, marry or hook up with. The game gets better if you pick people that you both know, so it becomes awkward trying to sideline them.

Games to tease your boyfriend

The real fun begins when you learn that there is a whole other level of playfulness in teasing your boyfriend. Men like it when they are given a chase and some teasing games ensure that your boyfriend gets the taste of the old chase that he had when he was wooing you.

Guess what I’m writing

Soft touches on the skin is erotic and fun. Your boyfriend will hardly be able to even focus on what you’re writing on his arm or back (or wherever you fancy), let alone guessing it right!

Erotic reading

Erotic reading is fun when you’re both together and there is a Mills and Boon involved. But you could also do it over phone by reading out excerpts your book and sending out voice texts. Or you could simply just call your boyfriend and read to him. Make sure you have your sexiest voice on so your boyfriend knows they’re not just words you’re reading, they’re your feelings.

The VS Show

Channel your inner goddess and give your boyfriend the show of a lifetime! Unleash the Victoria’s Secret model from within and strut your stuff in the most itsy bitsy lingerie you can lay your hands on and invite your boyfriend to a private show. It can be played as a game in itself or can be paired with another, serving as a reward for winning the previous game. And I must say, some reward!

Find the dice

It can be anything in place of a dice. Actually, the dice is pretty much inconsequential. The idea of this game is to wear multiple layers of clothes and hide an object somewhere within those layers, and asking your boyfriend to find that object out. As you can probably tell, this task isn’t even remotely possible without a lot of touching and groping - which is what makes this game so naughty! The smaller the hidden object, the better, obviously.

Games that will (pleasantly) surprise your boyfriend

There is the teasing and then there is the pleasing. These are two important pillars in the game of a healthy relationship and after you’re done teasing your boyfriend enough; it is time to pleasantly surprise him with the following games.

The Privileges card

You know how you get shopping privileges right? Well, your boyfriend is about to get one of his own from you (and undoubtedly become a very happy man as a result). Every time he does something good, like remember to get pick up laundry without a reminder, tell him he gets privileges. And that all those privileges add up the entire week and then, at the end of the week, he can claim them. In form of whatever he wants you to do. Not only does that make your boyfriend feel special, the wait for the weekend makes this game even more fun.

Fantasy retail therapy

When we put “fantasy” and “retail” in the same sentence, you know it is undoubtedly going to be one very special game to play. And it is! To play, ask your boyfriend to visit a store with you, either a physical one or online shopping on the phone, and ask him to pick out anything that he wants you to wear (lingerie) or use (toys). Don’t let him pay though, then it just becomes glorified shopping. Say it’s on you, but the choice would be his. And then make use of whatever he chooses to play out his fantasy.

Pick a card

Play a game of card but with a naughty twist! Assign sexy little tasks to each sign of the card, for example, a ten-minute long kiss for the hearts, or an hour-long massage for the spades, etc. Then ask your boyfriend to pick one card to start the game. You’ll have to do the task that is assigned to the card he picks. And when you’re done, it is your turn to pick a card and his turn to fulfill his end of the game.

Who blinks first – steamy version

Let’s get one thing straight: this version of the game is going to be the most difficult either of you have played. The rule of this game is simple: The one who blinks first loses. The only catch, you are both going to be undressing simultaneously. So basically, you’ll have to resist the urge to look down or away while your boyfriend undresses, and you’ll have to do the same! Told you this game was going to be tough to play!

Games to play with your boyfriend

There is only so much teasing and taunting you can do to your boyfriend. When the temperature rises, it is essential for him to join in too! Make him participate in these fun games to get the naughty meter up to an unprecedented high.

Guess the body part

You might have already seen your favorite YouTube couples play this game, and we still can’t get over how cute Zoe and Alfie were in theirs. But the fun isn’t just limited to them; you can have your own session of this cute, yet hot game. To start, one player has to be blindfolded first and the other player takes their finger and makes it touch a chosen part of their body (sounds interesting already, doesn’t it?) the blindfolded player now has to guess which body part they just touched. Remember, only a slight bit if touch is allowed; you can’t grope around for too long. If the player has successfully guessed it right, it is now the turn of the other player to be blindfolded so the process continues with them. It might not seem very difficult (“I know my boyfriend’s body, duh”), but sometimes, with the blindfold and all, it gets downright impossible to tell. The only downside to this game I can think of is that you can’t play it over text.

Role playing

Role playing needs no introduction. Most people would unanimously agree to how effective this game is to keep boredom away from the bedroom. Pick any role that your boyfriend fancies for yourself and have him pick one that you like. For best results, dress the part, but also work on the body language, voice and accent (if any). Make it as authentic as possible. Interestingly, you can play it over the phone as well, either on text where you assume the alter ego of someone else or by calling your boyfriend on his phone and just using your voice to act like someone else. Hot stuff!

Dance Off

While a VS show is great for teasing the boyfriend, a dance off does the same for both of you! Play some nice jazz music, dim the lights and challenge each other to a session of competitive dance, the goal for which is to tease each other. If you have access to a pole, great! If not, a good old striptease always does the trick. But make sure it is a two-way show and both of you participate.

Truth or dare

This old fashioned game can be played with or without a spinning bottle and you can simply take turns in challenging each other. Either of the two options of truth and dare make for a fun game, because you either get to learn a new truth or you get to challenge them to a naughty dare of your liking.

Games to take outside the house

Some games, for the most fun, need to be taken outside the realms of your bedroom or even your home. Scary? It is. But that is also why it is more fun. Change the setting of your games by playing in a different arena.

Public role playing

This game is a one-up from the simple role playing game. Many of you are also probably familiar with this style. It is simply the old fashioned role playing extended outside the house and thereby made more dramatic. Go out on a dinner date dressed as and pretending to be completely different people. And don’t leave character until you’ve come back home and in your bedroom (that’s kind of like the whole point).

Mock blind date

For this game, you’ll need the help of a trusted friend or colleague. This game is a good way to feel like new lovers again. To play, ask your friend (make sure you trust them, or you could end up as a butt of jokes in your circle) to organize a blind date for you and your boyfriend, pretending that you both don’t know each other. Let them pick out the place and time too, and inform you and your boyfriend where you both will be meeting. Even if you’re in a live-in relationship with your boyfriend, and get to see each other before the day of the blind date, don’t talk to each other about it. Keep pretending, or better still, BELIEVE, it really is a blind date. Then dress up and show up. And carry on a conversation like you would if you both were newly dating, getting to know them and their passion in life. It is greatly helpful in rekindling that old romance.

Never have I ever

This game can be played between two people, but it is better played in a group. So get together with a few of your couple friends or go on a double date of sorts where you can play this game. Making this a drinking game, of course, increases the fun some more.

Games that are downright naughty

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It is time to pull out all stops in your tryst with the romantic games with your boyfriend. Cute just got outrageously dirty. But I can bet neither you nor your boyfriend is going to mind.

X marks the spot

The rule is simple. You mentally mark a spot in your body that you call X. Now you challenge your boyfriend to figure out the spot and kiss it. One caveat, he can’t use his hands to point out the spot; he needs to use his lips; which means he has to keep kissing you everywhere until he ends up kissing the right spot. If you’re feeling particularly sly, you will of course not tell him even if he does find that spot at the first attempt!

Strip poker

Unlike the text version of the game, this time it is, *ahem* all out in the open. You play poker, man to man. And strip down every time one of you loses a bet. And just keep going until you either have no more clothes to take off, or it just isn’t possible to continue playing any longer.

Sexy taste test

What is the one thing better than eating dessert? Eating it off of each other’s bodies! And that’s exactly what you need to do to play this game. Pick a bunch of food items in different flavors, like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, raspberry jam, etc. and smear them strategically on your body. Have your boyfriend blindfolded and ask them to taste and recognize how many different flavors are to be found on your skin. The prize for guessing all flavors right is the most obvious part of the game.

Relationship trivia – naughty version

This is the ‘How well you know me’ game gone incredibly dirty. To play, you’ll have to be naked on the bed and use it as the opportune moment to ask him trivia questions about your relationship. Every time he answers correctly he gets to take a step closer to you. But with every wrong answer, he has to step back!

Get naughty with your boyfriend this instant!

Why are you even reading this conclusion? You’re now armed with the most insanely naughty ways to get playful with your boyfriend. Use them to the best of your advantages and then come back to Panda Gossips for more such zany ideas!