A List of 20 Pros and Cons of Dating Younger Men

Find out what their older partner feels about dating younger men.

By Adina Mazilu
A List of 20 Pros and Cons of Dating Younger Men

For a woman, dating a younger man is like a long-awaited validation. It’s a proof that she still has it, she’s still beautiful, energetic, and fresh enough to keep up with a partner that’s a bit or a lot younger than her. And while people usually tend to fall in love or develop interest towards people of similar age, that has not always been the case. In fact, throughout the years, society accepted that an older man dates a younger woman without much problem while the other way around was always frowned upon.

Well, this should not be the case anymore as women nowadays are free to date whoever they want and by that, we also mean much younger men. They are free to choose their own path which shouldn’t be guided by society norms any longer. That said this doesn’t mean that dating a younger man comes without issues. This is why, in this article, we will be talking about some pros and cons of dating younger men. Keep reading!

Dating a Man 5 Years Younger


1. Feeling fresh

Probably one of the very best parts when it comes to a woman dating a younger man is that this relationship makes her feel fresh once again. And by fresh we mean capable of things that she thought were only possible ten years ago. Regardless if it’s traveling, having fun, drinking, dancing, or even having sex, this newly-found feeling will make a woman want to continue down this path. Should she? If it makes her feel good and younger, of course, she should do it! It doesn’t matter what others may think as long as she is feeling happier than ever!

2. Feeling carefree

With a younger man also comes some sort of relief which can only be translated as feeling carefree for the first time in years. A young partner will definitely make his significant other leave all those cares at home, hidden deep inside a closet and feel amazing once more. After all, what good is such a relationship if it doesn’t make the woman grow new wings and fly? Yes, all of those problems will still be there when you go home, but at least you can enjoy forgetting them for the time being and while you’re with your younger half. It must feel nice, right? 

3. A lack of “history”

Just think about it. A younger man most probably doesn’t have so much dating history going on when you meet him. He will not have had previous marriages and children to worry about, which means more time for the two of you without anyone interfering. No ex-wifes, no ghosts to haunt him, no kids to look after (not that this would be a bad thing, we love kids), and no responsibilities to attend to. All in all, this could mean a definite feeling of freedom that will certainly help you, as the older half, deal with life a lot easier and enjoy the little things once more.


4. Different principles

Unfortunately, there are also some cons that we must take into account when such a relationship is happening. Usually, the different principles that the partners have can be a big problem. You might think that this is because of the age difference, which is true, but it’s not always the case. Still, if you find yourself thinking completely different than your younger partner, that’s probably your signal to get out. Don’t stay in a relationship just because of the fun parts if you feel like you are not compatible with that man. Which brings us to the next con.

5. Different goals

With different principles come different goals and dreams, especially in the long run. You may not want a new marriage, but he may do. You may not want any more kids, but he may want some because he’s young and ambitious. Your careers might be on different levels because he may be inexperienced and not that financially-stable, while you may be a lot more advanced in this part of your life. This could mean trouble for your relationship, fights, and eventually, a breakup. So, if this sounds familiar, you may want to stop it now before it’s too late. Having a younger partner might be fun, but when your lives are completely parallel with each other, it’s time to let it go. 

6. Lack of experience

Also, a lack of experience from his part might prove to be the nail in the coffin for such a relationship. It could happen in bed, professionally, or simply when it comes to the interactions between you two. He may not know how to handle various situations when you’re in dire need of a man’s helping hand. You may not be entirely satisfied with his behavior in the bedroom or even in society. Such a situation is difficult to handle indeed and if it doesn’t get solved quickly, it may just be the end. 

Dating a Man 10 Years Younger


7. More physicality

You know what this means! No, it’s not about longer workout sessions for the two of you but more fun in the bedroom. This is one of the nicest parts of dating a younger man and you should benefit from it as much as you can. Also, you can count on him to do the handy work around the house and help you when you need to open a jar of pickles. Sounds nice, right? Indeed. 

8. More respect

This might sound bad, but younger men tend to absolutely worship the woman next to them. They often think of her like a goddess that can teach them a lot about life and love in general. His friends are jealous and his self-esteem level goes through the roof. If this is the case, then you should definitely gain from his adoration of you. Yes, it may not last forever, but while it does, make the best of it. 

9. He’s your mirror

Yes, it does sound strange, but a younger man can make you see just how far you’ve come yourself. You may see yourself in him when you were ten years younger and realize how lost and inexperienced you were. This can make you want to teach him more and make him avoid the same mistakes you did.  Just like a teacher who takes care of a student. It’s just like saying “I was like you once, but you were not like me so listen carefully!”


10. A childish behavior

One of the most annoying parts of dating a younger man is their usually child-like behavior in certain situations. Remember that men grow up very slowly or not at all, so it’s your job to teach him how to man up. If you are easily annoyed or don’t want to act like a babysitter, then you are not suited for such a relationship. Sure, not all men are the same, but this happens frequently. 

11. Cluelessness

Being clueless in a lot of aspects of life is usually what drives an older woman mad. These men don’t usually know how to act during a fight, how to make it up to you, or how to behave in general. It doesn’t have anything to do with his education, but with his lack of experience. It’s your choice if you want to deal with that. 

12. Financial instability

This is also a big problem when you’re dating a younger man. He is young and therefore, financially unstable. He changes his job often looking for the best one, which can get annoying for an older woman after a while. So, if you are willing to also support him during his searches, then go for it. If not, such a relationship may not be for you. 

Dating a Man 15 Years Younger


13. He’s always impressed with you

Dating such a younger guy will inevitably make him very impressed with you and all that you do. So, be a good partner and give him something to think about every day. He has to cherish the queen that’s by his side, right? 

14. He changes your perspective

A younger partner can definitely change your perspective, and especially the perspective on yourself. If he liked you it means that you are beautiful, sexy, and intelligent, regardless of your age. This will offer you a boost of confidence and make you feel a lot better about yourself. 

15. You give society a lesson

It doesn’t mean that you should choose a younger guy just to brag about it, but it can be a lesson for society if it works out. Who says that woman cannot date much younger guys? Exactly, nobody says that anymore! 

16. He makes you proud

Just think of how amazing it can feel to have a handsome, smart young man at your side at all times. Now imagine the jealousy too. Actually, don’t think about that because it won’t do you any good. Your relationship is all that matters now. 


17. The judgemental eye

We are not talking about judgment from strangers here but from your own family. Such couples might face some weird looks from the more traditional part of your family, like your parents. However, if things go great between you, this should matter at all. Try to also tell them this! 

18. Lack of organization

This is not such a big problem because you can organize for you both if he can’t do it, right? Still, it can get annoying after a while.

19. You can become a babysitter

Or worse, you can become his mother and you don’t want that. You want a man, not another baby to raise. Make him understand that too!

20. No commitment

By this, we mean that a young man will still want to hang out with the boys or go watch a game. He may also be easily attracted to temptations, so be careful! Make sure that your partner has everything he needs to stay by your side. Also, don’t be too strict with him because he might leave.

Relationship Advice for Older Women dating Younger Men

The best one would be to allow him some freedom to be himself. Don’t try to educate and make him grow up forcefully! In time, he will come around and will become more used to you and your mature behaviors. After all, he should love you for who you are and age is just another number. Until then, don’t be his mother and don’t be too strict. Remember to also have fun and let him be the fresh voice in your mind that tells you to live your life to the fullest.


In conclusion, it appears that dating a younger man has both good and bad sides, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone. Any relationship has ups and downs, but the important thing is how you overcome problems and keep things interesting. Age is definitely just a number, so who says that you cannot have fun if you are no longer in your 20s? Nobody should say that.


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