10 New Dating Rules for the New-Age Generation Singles

The new dating rules of the 21st century - updated in 2019.

By Adina Mazilu
10 New Dating Rules for the New-Age Generation Singles

It’s 2019 and, like it or not, a lot of rules have changed or have completely disappeared. That includes dating rules too. It may be partly because of the technology that we have access to and to the fact that people feel like their ideas have evolved and want to change a thing or two.

Things like sex or who should make the first step are no longer taboo but daily conversation topics. This is why the so-called “new-age generation singles” have a hard time adapting and figuring out how to get their hand on the one they like. To make their job easier, we have prepared this article that might shed some light on the new dating rules that govern today’s modern world.

Read carefully and put into practice!

Traditional Dating rules vs Modern Dating Rules - What has changed?

The easiest answer to this question would be that a lot of things have changed over the years when it comes to dating. Nowadays, dating has little to do with the old times when men brought flowers or talked to the parents and ask them for permission to take a girl out. This doesn’t mean that there are no men who still do this, but it’s definitely a lot less common than a while ago. Those traditional dating rules included long talks over the phone, meetings in daylight, elegant outfits, and that nostalgic feeling of shyness and butterflies in the stomach.

Modern dating rules are a little bit different. Ask any young person and they will tell you the same. Romance has become a lot more flexible these days. There are no strict suggestions as to how a man or a woman should behave on a date and there is nobody telling you how you should go about your date with a potential partner. However, even for a young person, these new dating rules might be difficult to get a hold on. You can now do things that your parents might have told you that you don’t necessarily have to. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of traditionalism versus modernism. Who will win? It remains to be seen. Here is what you should now!

2019 Dating Rules for Women

1. You can see other men too

You know how a while ago it was frowned upon for a girl to be seeing more than one guy at a time, right? No, we don’t talk about cheating on your boyfriend, but about that dating stage when you are still carefully balancing your options. For example, take the famous dating app called Tinder. Let’s say you just went on a nice date with a guy, but you come back home to find a few other matches that look interesting. Who says that you cannot meet them too?

This is a very important thing to know, especially for women. Nobody will look bad at you if you continue to test out your options and look for the best available potential partner. Why continue to see a guy who you don’t necessarily have a connection with? Go out there and find the best match instead! Girls who know exactly what they want are very attractive!

2. You can pay for the date too

The times when the guy was expected to pick up the check after a date are long gone. Now, if you feel like it, there is nothing stopping you from doing it yourself. Unless the guy insists that he wants to pay, you can tell him that the next date it’s on you. This is a flirty way of telling him that you also want to see him a second time. Still, it would be a nice gesture for him to at least offer to pay. Certain rules might be dead, but chivalry is not.

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3. Don’t wait for him to make the first move!

Just do some research or ask your friends and they will definitely offer you clear examples of long-lasting relationships in which the girl made the first move. By making the first move you are certain that you want to get to know that guy better and you are also offering him a sense of security. Still, once the first step is taken, let him move too. Don’t do everything yourself! If he doesn’t, let him be. He may not be what you wanted anyway.

4. Sex is a good way to test your chemistry but only if you feel comfortable!

We know that a girl should wait a bit before going there with a guy. However, thanks to these modern dating rules, that might not be necessary if you feel like you want to test out your chemistry. The thing is that there have been too many cases in which everything went well and when the couple went to bed, it was lights out. So, if you don’t want to be disappointed in your lack of sexual chemistry, you can always take this step much sooner. However, make sure that you are prepared for the emotional part of this and for an eventual disappointment. If you are not comfortable doing this, then don’t and tell your date that this is your way of doing things. If he is a worthly date, he will definitely respect your boundary.

5. Approach any subject you want

Don’t be afraid to go up close and personal with your date. After all, this is how you get to know them! Yes, it was once advised to avoid going into too much detail about your life on a first date. It was also not recommended to talk about things like politics, the economy or other similar subjects. Thankfully, times have changed and now you are definitely encouraged to talk about anything you want as long as you keep it polite.

Keep things interesting and it really depends on which stage of dating you are in to broach on a sensitive topic but do avoid doing so in the first date unless you are sure that both of you hit it off instantly. 

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2019 Dating Rules for Men

6. Text her whenever you feel like it!

Never forget that we are in an age when everything seems to be done remotely. So, if until now it was considered inappropriate to keep calling or texting someone after a date, don’t be afraid to do it! Keep them in check, see what they’ve been up to and schedule a second, third, fourth date. The girl will definitely realize that you really liked her.

7. Quick dates are a go!

No, it’s no longer considered rude to invite someone out immediately after meeting them or talking to them on an app. The girls should not see themselves as second choices but actually as desired as soon as possible. So, guys, don’t be afraid to ask her out after a few hours of talking. It may all just end up extremely well.

8. Connections after one-night stands

One-night stands are no longer just that. Nowadays, they have become the spark of a possible serious relationship. Guys should no longer keep themselves from chatting with someone that they’ve recently had a one-night stand with. Who knows what could happen if you reach out? Just try it, at least once.

9. Netflix and chill can be a really good date

Who says that watching Netflix together while having some popcorn is not the ideal date? Gone are the days when a first date needed to happen in a fancy restaurant, dressed elegantly, and behaving in a very stiff way. Being natural and being yourself is what people want nowadays. So, if you can be that way while watching the new episode of “Game of Thrones”, why not do so?

10. Be careful with social media stalking

Ok, there’s nothing wrong with stalking your date’s Facebook and Instagram profiles just to find out more about them. You can also do this simply because you like them a lot and are curious about their pictures, friends, passions, and pets. However, don’t cross the border and become straight up creepy. Don’t like random old pictures or talk about certain things that you shouldn’t really know about unless you’ve been stalking her. Don’t be that guy, please!


All in all, these modern dating rules seem to not have anything in common with the traditional ones that we know from our parents and grandparents. But who says that’s a bad thing? Yes, there are still things that girls and boys must do in order to make a good first impression. However, certain strict rules are long gone and this only proves how our society’s norms have changed over the past few decades. It also shows how people have evolved and came to know their rights, what they like, what they don’t like, and they are not afraid to say it out loud. We say that’s a very good thing. What is your take on modern dating then? It is a new year, so try out new ideas and perhaps you may find the ideal partner. 

Good luck and all the best in your dating life!