8 Serious Dating Red Flags You Should Steer Clear Of

Keep clear of these dating red flags in every relationship

By Evelyn
8 Serious Dating Red Flags You Should Steer Clear Of

A checklist of 8 serious Dating Red Flags warning signs for every relationship

How is your dating life? Going good we hope. Dating could be so exciting and so exhausting all at the same time, right? We invest a lot of time, a lot of energy and of course, we invest our heart, so we hope that the person we are seeing is worth all that investment. We know though that once in a while we have set our eyes and heart on the totally wrong person.

At first, we didn't see anything wrong with him because we had little hearts in our eyes that blurred the reality a little and thanks to that, we put up with a lot of very bad behavior. Once the little hearts break we started to see the light only to discover that he was Mr. Wrong (again).

If that has happened to you and are not willing to go through all that pain again, then you should be on the lookout for dating red flags. There are many and maybe they're difficult to observe at first, but if the guy you're dating is showing one of them, run in the opposite direction.

You deserved someone good, you're worth it! Take a look at these 8 dating red flags so you don't waste your time.

Warning Signs to Look For in a Man

How to spot a Mr. Wrong? There are some serious dating red flags that if spotted, you shouldn't ignore. Be on the lookout for them and if your current man shows any of these signs, step out and end things. You'll save yourself a lot of heartaches. 

1. He lies from the very beginning and you never know what to believe

Trust is a big issue in any relationship, you have to be able to trust the person you are with, right? If you don't then, what's the point? We could be in awe of his looks (he's so handsome), or we could be impressed by his job or blindsided by all the money he is throwing in our direction (that weekend resort was absolutely wonderful and so out of our budget) but all that is not going to matter if he's constantly lying. Ladies, a man like that really has no value.
Being with someone that you know you can't trust is no picnic. And what about not being sure of what to believe because he's always exaggerating the truth! That is so annoying, he's told you that he has a very important position in his current job, well it turns out that he's just a desk jockey or that he could get you a promotion because he's very good friends with the company's CEO, turns out he knows him but, that's it.

Lying and truth exaggeration are not healthy behaviors, they are big red dating flags, so if you catch him doing it constantly or just the one time, get out of that relationship, he's not worth it.

2. It's all about him, all the time

He's totally selfish, your voice and what you want simply don't matter to him. It has to be about him all the time, so in this kind of relationship, your needs are never going to be met. You'll notice that in small things like picking a place to eat, or a movie to watch, it always is a battle. 

If he was to understand the meaning of compromise, then he would know that the more you put into the relationship the more you get out of it. But for him things like a concession, compromise, finding a middle ground or negotiation don't exist, they don't have a place in the relationship. Do you really want to be with someone like that? Just turn around and walk away.  

3. You are the one putting all the effort

This sign is pretty obvious, if you're the one putting all the effort to make the relationship work, then something is definitely not right. Your relationship is one-sided, you're the one doing all the planning, you're the one making everything just to please him and making sure he's happy. Don't you find this exhausting? and so unfair, you're supposed to be a couple, so the effort must be in equal terms.

It's going to be very hard to sustain a relationship this way, it's just not possible and it's unhealthy. 

Warning Signs in Early Dating

Going on first dates is risky and exciting and you get so nervous, right? If you want to find someone with whom you can have a meaningful relationship, you have to date. But going on first dates can also be a great opportunity to spot any red flags. 
It could be hard at first because you're just getting to know each other. Some people take longer to get out of their shells but don't be fooled there are some pretty obvious signs that are not acceptable. If you spot them on those first dates, don't pursue that relationship, it's not worth it.

4. Turning up a half hour late without any explanation

That is extremely rude and a sign that he doesn't value your time. Your date could be late for a lot of reasons: got caught up at work, traffic, flat tire but it only takes a couple of seconds to send a text to notify you. If he doesn't do that, then maybe you should cut loose from the beginning.

It's true that sometimes the phone's battery could die or you may find yourself in areas with no signal, and you should consider that. Just be aware of it so it doesn't become a habit.

5. They tease you but NOT in a friendly manner

Teasing each other could be a good sign because it means that both of you are comfortable enough to make fun of each other. The problem is when his "friendly banter" borders on the line of offensive and rude, that's your red flag. 

When he starts to make jokes about you that are hurtful or mean, please don't take ir, you need to call on him and express your discomfort. Don't be afraid to do that, he has no right to treat you that way even if the comment sounds innocent, if it feels toxic to you, don't take it. You need to step away from this relationship immediately.

6. His attention is elsewhere

If during the entire date he spends more time talking on the phone or checking messages than speaking and sharing things with you, something is not right at all. Also if he is more interested in what is happening around than in you, he might as well not be there, it feels the same, right? Not good.

Granted, he could be expecting an important phone call or message, but he needs to be upfront with you and explain the situation so you don't have to wander and make your own conclusions. If he doesn't explain anything, it shows that he has no respect for you or for your time together. Don't ignore this red flag, stand up and leave. 

Serious Dating Red Flags on Social Media

Technology can be your best friend to make a little research regarding that guy you're dating. You can glean on your date's life through his Social Media profiles and history. It can definitely save you a lot of time, by doing a little browsing on his profiles.

There are some elements that are considered red flags, be aware of them so you don't end up with a loser. 

7. He brags about everything

Talking about your big accomplishments is OK, almost everyone does it, but if he finds the most menial (or stupidest) things to brag about, like his cuff collection or how he's always on time for work (please!?) you may want to reconsider going out with him.

This kind of guy already has a relationship with his ego, there's no room for someone else.

8. His pics on Instagram or FB are full of other girls

Who would want that kind of competition? That could be a major red flag, it says that he's a player and if you're looking to get serious with this guy, all the other women are going to be in your way. And it's not just the pics, it's all the comments on his posts like all these women are trying to compete for his attention and he seems to enjoy all this.
You should pay attention to the images of himself. If there is not one single pic where you can see how he really looks, you know, without sunglasses or hats or blurry focus, maybe he has something to hide. Consider that before going further.

You really don't need this, you deserve better.


Dating these days seems like a battlefield and as we said before it could be quiteexhausting. If you're looking to find someone good with whom you can have a meaningful relationship then take these dating red flags seriously and if you spot them on your potential guy, turn around and walk the other way. smiley