30 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He’ll Treasure Forever

Being the best girlfriend your boyfriend ever had isn't rocket science. Every girl can do it. As a matter of fact, here are some tips you can use.

By Auntrone89
30 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He’ll Treasure Forever

How can you be the best girlfriend he's ever had?

Before you start getting any funny ideas, you need to fully understand that you will always be compared to your boyfriend's ex-girlfriends, even subconsciously. But instead of being pressured into being what his former girlfriends were like, always try being yourself and everything will work out perfectly. And on top of that, you can also do the following:

1. The best girlfriend is a little dorky

There's no guy out there who'd hook up with a girl who doesn’t look smart. A bit of light reading and watching the news will go a long way in the relationship. There's always a catch though, so if you want a perfect relationship, then you need to actually read things and not pretend to know it all because those are two very different things. If you read and look the part, you will almost always challenge him. He will love you for thinking critically and intelligently. It won’t be long before he decides you are the best girlfriend he's ever had since you are exhibiting a good quality that every guy wants in his girl.

2. Surprising him will make you the best girlfriend

Another very important quality all of the best girlfriends have is surprising their man from time to time. Men love coming home to find you looking ravishing in that nice, tiny bikini, ready to rumble. You can also plan a surprise party for him with lots of food and booze. If he is a staunch Christian, surprise him with a new bible or a nice DVD from his favorite preacher. He is your man, for crying out loud! That means that you should know a thing or two about his interests and kinks if you want to be the best girlfriend ever. Always make sure that your surprises are perfectly tailored to him so that he can appreciate them. If you have no clue about what he wants, you should spend more quality time together and when the opportunity arises, just ask him what’s up.

3. Matching outfits is a hallmark of the best girlfriend

It might seem a little childish, but men sure love it when their girls get them matching outfits since shopping is usually seen as a girl affair. And since you are the best girlfriend he's ever had, it is your responsibility to go out there and get your hands on the perfect matching outfits. If not, you can just print out cute slogans like "her king" and "his queen" on t-shirts and he will most certainly be pleased with your efforts. It will go a long way in cementing your relationship with you seated comfortably on the throne as the queen. A little effort spent on matching outfits shows that you love each other and that you are the perfect, high-quality woman for him. And that is how you win the title of the best girlfriend ever.

4. The best girlfriend has makeup-free days

Though your man won’t admit it, he prefers you when you are makeup free, especially when you are cuddling together in bed. The best girlfriend is comfortable with or without makeup. So, inasmuch as you look perfect with your makeup when going out, always make sure that you are doing your best to look good without makeup too. Don't feel pressured to look perfect all the time for him. It's okay to decide not to wear makeup for a casual weekend. As the best girlfriend he's ever had, you need to show him that you are perfect in your own skin, since it shows that you are a high-quality woman. Unfortunately, hiding under a ton of makeup 24/7, 365, won't help much if you want him to fall in love with who you really are.

5. The best girlfriend can wield a joystick

The perfect definition of the best girlfriend ever is a girl who is good when it comes to video games. Guys are competitive in nature, especially when it comes to video games. And to have a woman who knows the joystick controllers like the back of her own hands will most certainly make the relationship a little interesting. If you quarrel on who should do the cooking next, you can settle the debate with a round in Super Smash Brothers or Tekken. Playing video games is also a great way to blow off steam and bond. If you do this, or at least show some interest in games that he enjoys, then he will most certainly love you and put you on a pedestal as his best girlfriend. It takes time to perfect your moves with a joystick so practice with your man.

6. The best girlfriend is sporty

A girl who loves watching or playing sports will always make the best girlfriend for any guy. Why is this so? It’s because men stereotypically love sports. And if a woman loves sports too, she will be more eager to discuss sports with her man, which will make things easier for him. The best girlfriend doesn’t have to know everything when it comes to sports, but if she shows an effort, then the man will be happy. But remember, don’t force yourself! Especially if the sport isn’t your thing. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t support him. Is his home team playing? Put on his oversized jersey and eat your popcorn, and his popcorn, and everyone else’s popcorn while the match is on.

7. Cookers and cleaners make the best girlfriends

The best girlfriend knows how to cook and clean. I know girls today are all about empowerment and I couldn’t agree more. It’s time that women got the recognition that they wholeheartedly deserve. However, knowing how to cook and clean are still important life skills. Everyone, man or woman, single or taken, should know the basics of cleaning your own house and be able to make at least a few delicious meals. Take turns in the kitchen. If your man cooks today, make a point of cooking tomorrow. Sometimes you can decide to cook and clean for the entire week just for the sake of it. Doing that will help him see a future with you as the best girlfriend he's ever had. Even if your cooking isn’t perfect, you can always work on it. Trying hard to learn is a very amazing quality that any woman needs to have.

8. The best girlfriend always has goals

There is nothing more arousing than a girl who has goals because it shows she is of the highest quality. And the best girlfriend will not only show that she is high quality but will also make it perfectly clear that she can’t be with a man who doesn’t have goals too. And if that isn’t going to challenge you, then you are definitely never going to win in your entire life. Any man in his right mind will want to have a woman who challenges him over and over. That will make you his best girlfriend ever. And if you are his best girlfriend, then it shows that both of you do have a future together that goes beyond sharing a bed for a night.

9. The best girlfriend can slay in any outfit

A man has an ego that needs occasional stroking. Good thing the ego-stroking can be done in countless ways, which is an advantage only the best girlfriend can make good use of. She knows she is already hot and she will use her fashion sense to accentuate it, just so her man can get that street cred for having the hottest girl on the block. That is why men don’t have a problem with their girls taking an entire decade behind closed doors applying makeup and getting dressed. If your man is keen on fashion or simply patient, you can ask him to help you choose what to wear. You can also get some hints from women's magazines, which will most certainly give you a head start in almost everything happening in your wardrobe. The same also applies while in bed. You want to put on those nice, provocative outfits that will leave your man drooling over you long before he takes you to bed. Remember, research in this sector is key. Find some hot styles that don't just look good, but make you feel great too.

10. The best girlfriend is always handy

One of the best things that a girlfriend can do is be handy around the house. When your man is fixing the plumbing, always be on the lookout and ready to hand over the flathead screwdriver, even if it will take you an hour to find it (because you have no idea what that means). You can also hang around when he's changing the lights and you can hold the ladder for him. You'll also come in handy if you want to break in certain furniture pieces like the bed, if you know what I mean. The best girlfriend knows that doing such things, even though she doesn’t have to, are definitely going to make her life amazing at the end of it all. Even though you might suck at being handy at first, you will be perfectly fine with time because, well, someone once said that practice makes perfect, right?

11. The best girlfriend takes cute random photos

Nothing catches an authentic emotion than a spontaneous photo. When told to pose for a photo, people always fake happiness, emotions, and body language. But the best girlfriend knows that nothing beats a random photo when it comes to bringing back special memories. A time will come when you are both old and wrinkly and have pictures of your honeymoon, or the day one of you was promoted. Just by seeing that, it will cheer you up and allow you to look back on all the good times you had together. Taking photos while you are in bed is especially sweet, and seeing them decades later will only make your relationship even stronger. You should, therefore, make a habit of taking such random photos and everything will definitely work out in your favor.

12. Pranksters make the best girlfriends

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The best girlfriend knows keeping the relationship exciting requires effort on both sides. And one way of keeping up her end of the bargain is by playing funny pranks on her man over and over. Doing this will make him wonder what you have up your sleeve next. It is that kind of unpredictability that makes a relationship out of this world. A very important quality of a woman who's considered as the best girlfriend a guy ever had is creativity. Just make sure that the pranks don’t go way too far to the point that he feels his life is in danger. For instance, don’t go planting a snake in the bed, unless you want to kill him. If you want to learn more about cute pranks you can use on your boyfriend, make the internet your friend and you will never be disappointed.

13. The best girlfriends have a sense of humor

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The best girlfriend can always make her boyfriend laugh. Since you have been in a relationship for a while, you'll know what he finds funny and what he doesn’t. And since we live in a stressful world, a man will always run back to his girl especially if he associates her with having a good time. The good thing about being funny is that it’s an art that is easily learned. If you aren’t funny in person, no matter how hard you try, you can always share funny memes with him, whether by tagging him on social media or showing him when you are both lying in bed. Do that and you will most certainly be the best girlfriend he's ever had. If you can, do some funny impressions and watch him laugh till tears come out. You don’t have to pull off a Jay Pharaoh perfect impression, but the effort will be worth it.

14. Dirty talking is always a plus

If you want to give your man the best fantasies that any girlfriend could ever give, then how about you try your best to bring some dirty talk into your sex life. If you do it right, you'll be able to instantly turn him on in bed and he will surely love you for that. Men always have a weakness for a woman who know how to use dirty talk just right. Just like every other thing in life, being naughty is an art that is learned over time. Try it out and see your sex life make a turn for the better. As the best girlfriend ever, always do your best and everything will definitely work out for you.

15. Don’t sweat the small stuff

As his girlfriend, always try your best not to sweat the small stuff. For example, if you text and he doesn’t text you back, go ahead with other productive things and forget about it. And whether he texts back or not, don’t let it get to your head. Always give him the benefit of the doubt and you will definitely be the best thing in his life. It will show that you trust him enough to give him freedom. Don’t try checking his phone when he is in bed or continuously ask who called or texted. Never interfere when he is out with his boys and he will be more than happy to keep you around for life. That is how you keep your relationship strong and healthy.

16. The best girlfriends always have something interesting to say

Being a woman with an interesting point of view is the best woman a guy can have a girlfriend. You don’t have to overthink to say smart things. For instance, you can just start by giving your honest opinion on something you have observed. You can also try to give very useful pieces of information about a problem or even come up with a working solution. Always strive to whisper words of wisdom in bed or anywhere else and your man will always appreciate you. The best quality in a girlfriend is always helping her boyfriend improve, making him an all-around good human being. Doing so is what will make the relationship work and needless to say, make him love you even more.

17. The best girlfriend loves the gym

You will know the power of being fit when you get naked for your man before jumping into bed with him. A bit of exercise will always work wonders in your relationship. And the good news is that he won't just check you out at bedtime but even during the day too when you're out and about. And if you are reluctant to hit the gym, you can always start with quick morning jogs while monitoring what you eat. Doing this will not only work wonders in your relationship but will also get you healthy and full of energy.

18. You always defend him.

Your man will always love it when you come to his defense without being summoned. Even though we look like we can handle business, because that is what our egos lie to us most of the time, we usually lean on our women for moral support. So, when you choose to support him, he will be stronger and for that matter go ahead and make the best out of every situation which is quite impressive. Even if he is wrong, always stand by him and get to correct him in private where you are highly likely not damage his ego.

19. The best girlfriend initiates lovemaking

A real girlfriend and the best one shouldn’t have a problem making the first move in bed. Sometimes men get tired of doing so. You should always go for it when you want it. Your man will love you more if you do this because it shows you want him and that is such a turn on for him. You might be shy at first but as you make a habit of making the first move, the more confident and sexy you will be. Remember, always be as comfortable and as confident as possible since it is the only way you can make things happen the way you want them to go. You can also start by slow, gentle, and very strategic touches that will most certainly end up with him getting turned on.

20.You're concerned about hygiene

Make a habit of taking a bath before going to bed and as soon as you get up in the morning. Also, make sure that your general body hygiene is spot on if at all you want to enjoy your relationship. Your man will get turned off if you don’t know how to take care of yourself and that is exactly what we don’t want to happen.

21. You open up to your man

As a principled woman who is in a serious relationship, opening up is something that you should do regularly. Holding in your feelings is what breeds resentment in a relationship.

22. You tell your man the truth

It's better to hit him with the ugly truth, even if it hurts, than keeping him happy and entertained with pretty lies. Your man will love you forever and ever if you are always 100% honest and open with him.

23. You'll be the best girlfriend if you reward your man from time to time

Always reward him for good behavior, just like his momma used to, and he will love you like he does his mother. For example, bring him breakfast in bed on weekends. Truth be told, boys don’t really grow up, they just get bigger. It doesn’t really take a lot to make a guy happy. There's no need to overthink the relationship and hopefully, that won’t be the case when you finish reading this.

24. Splits the bill

You should always be willing to split the bill because it's all about equality these days. It shows that you are a team and that you will always be there for your man during the hard times. But if you're the kind of girl who is always depending on her boyfriend to pick up the check, even though you have money in your pocket, don't expect your relationship to last very long. Even better, it would be nice if you sometimes surprise him by picking up the bill when your man is still checking his wallet. Nothing makes a man feel more secure than a woman who has his back.

25. The best girlfriend doesn’t have jealousy issues

It's important to take both your time and your man's very seriously. Don't waste energy and mind space on petty jealousy. As one wise man once said, jealousy is a weak emotion. If you aren’t the jealous type, then it would be an added advantage because your man will definitely take notice and love you all the more for that. Not being jealous will also show that you completely trust your boyfriend and that will definitely make him love you even more. Remember, you shouldn’t worry about other people are up to because it will only hinder your personal growth. However, if your boyfriend is trying to make you jealous for whatever sick reason, then you need to put a stop to it because that is what the best girlfriend does. You shouldn't play around with dumb relationship games.

26. If you love him unconditionally, you're already the best

You must choose to be with the guy that you love unconditionally because it is the only way your relationship will stand the test of time. Make sure that he is the only one in your heart and let him know that over and over. If you do that, everything will always have a way of working out in your favor since you will definitely be the best girlfriend he ever had. It is also important to note that love is a doing word. You can't just tell him that you love him over and over but not to do anything to show him proof of your feelings. Try your best to make sure that you are treating him like a king, or at least a person you care for deeply. Just don’t make it seem as though you can’t live without him because that shows desperation which is a definite buzzkill for any guy.

27. Do you think about the future?

Another quality of the best girlfriend possible is that she is always concerned about the future. For instance, if you think that your man spends way too much on you, you won’t have a problem asking him if he is still saving for the future. Or if he is always joking and messing around when it comes to his studies, a good girlfriend will call him aside and give him a piece of her mind and ask him to change. That shows that you not only care for him but also see being with him for the long haul as a big possibility. Therefore, it is very important for you to take note of these little but important details because doing so will make sure that you remind him of the fact that he has the privilege of being with a high-quality woman who has her life together.

28. You treat his friends and family with respect

The best girlfriend will always be cordial when dealing with her boyfriend’s close family and friends. She will always do her best to look good and make a good impression on them because she understands that they are an important part of her man's life. She will always crack funny jokes when around his friends and be very respectful when talking to her boyfriend’s family. And the good thing is that your man will always know that he has the best girlfriend because you will manage to do all the above without any problems at all, which is truly an amazing thing. So, if you aren’t doing this right now, it’s never too late to start because it’s something that you can easily learn through a bit of practice.

29. It's good if you don’t judge him

The best girlfriend a guy can ever ask for is one who doesn’t judge him a lot, especially during hard times. Even though guys don’t say it, men go through a lot since society expects so much from us. Even as kids, when their dads went on vacations or business trips they would look into these young boys' eyes and tell them that they were the men of the house and that they needed to handle things. Unfortunately, the pressure doesn’t stop there. Men are forced to take on so much responsibility and society expects them to be strong, stoic, and bear it all in silence. So, it is only natural that men break down or lag behind from time to time. It takes an amazing woman to cheer up her man when he's feeling especially down. If you do that wholeheartedly, it goes a long way to show him that you are the best girlfriend ever and he will love you for that.

30. You keep your cool on the road

One of the most important qualities in the best girlfriend ever - and indeed, in anybody! - is the ability to drive. It's a very underrated and often overlooked skill, but you should know how to stay calm when driving, especially when stuck in a traffic jam or driving along a tricky mountainside road. It's an important life skill that's frequently taken for granted when it should be honed, as it gives you more independence and confidence, and teaches you to focus. Driving can be a scary experience, especially in crowded cities or on busy highways. But from time to time, your man will appreciate it a great deal if you take responsibility and the wheel. Do this and you will cement your place in the best girlfriend wall of fame somewhere in his heart. Sidenote – if you and boyfriend don’t own a car, kindly skip this point as it doesn’t apply to you.


Aside from following the tips in this article to appeal to your boyfriend more, it is also more important that you do the above and keep at them because they will make you a better person. It is very important for you to always learn things that will give you new skills, whether they are life skills or people skills. As emphasized previously, you shouldn’t just get into the habit of doing things because you want to look good. Instead, do them because they make you a person of high quality, someone who is worth knowing and dating. It is not a good idea to always act like a person you are not because it will most certainly backfire in your face. The above-mentioned tips are just a number of things that you can do to be the best version of yourself. Always feel free to do your own research by surfing online as well as asking your loved ones for help. You shouldn’t be too shy to ask your mom how she is still your dad’s favorite girl after all these years. You might be surprised just how much your mom knows about men! So, get to asking around and cheers to starting to enjoy your relationship. Here’s to a better, healthier relationship with you as the queen of your boyfriend’s heart!