15 Great Tips on How to be a Good Girlfriend to your partner

15 Ways on how to be the best girlfriend he has ever had in love

By Anastasia K
15 Great Tips on How to be a Good Girlfriend to your partner

15 Tips on How to be a Good Girlfriend to a Boyfriend

Maybe you haven’t been in the dating field for quite some time now and have decided to give it a chance and now, you have the perfect man. Or, you could be in a relationship where you feel like the love flame is dying out and wondering how to revive it. 

Such kinds of situations will put you on edge on how to do things right for your relationship, and be the perfect girlfriend for your perfect man. Being a good girlfriend does not necessarily mean knowing how to cook his favorite meal or performing the house chores, or being good in bed. It involves being able to understand your man in order for you to better yourself in the relationship.

Hence, you might often worry about how to ensure that you please your man without seeming clingy, a nag or monotonous. However, being in a relationship should not be such hard work and constant worrying. Yet, it does pay off to know some tips on how to be a good girlfriend and enjoy a happy and long-lasting relationship.

So to put your doubts on how to handle your relationship aside, here are 15 ways on how to be a good girlfriend. These will help you worry less and relax more as you become the best partner your boyfriend could ever have.

1. Trust him

A relationship needs to have trust in order for it to work. Showing your man that you trust in him will make him feel less judged and even more open to you.

2. Be an honest girlfriend

Trust goes hand in hand with honesty. To step up your girlfriend game, you need to ensure that you are honest with him at all times. Maintain open and honest communication as this improves the trust between both of you.

3. Be loyal

Avoid making him jealous through flirting with other men and instead make him understand that you only have eyes for him through your actions.

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4. Appreciate him

Make your man feel special whenever he puts in the effort for you by showing him that you appreciate and treasure him. This will make him work towards bettering your relationship and making you happier. 

5. Quit nagging

One of the things men dread is a nagging girlfriend. This is a habit that annoys them and being a nagger will cause more damage than good to your relationship.

6. Forget the past

A relationship can only get stronger when partners move on after a disagreement. Bringing up his past mistakes each time does not help you. So, let bygones be bygones.

7. Treat him right

This is the time to exercise your cooking skills by pampering him with good food, buy him gifts, and be naughty and wild in the bedroom. Anything to always give him nice things.

8. Be an independent girlfriend

Even if your boyfriend wants to feel needed by you, being an independent woman will make you a good girlfriend. This way, you do not have to constantly rely on him.

9. Provide personal space

Since you are not always going to be with or around him. Thus, give him his space to hang out with his friends, or have his alone time. Avoid keeping tabs on him or needing to follow up on his activities.

10. Be respectable

In order to improve your girlfriend status, you need to behave and carry yourself like a respectable woman. That way, he will take you for a no-nonsense kinda gal.

11. Be spontaneous

Avoid being a predictable and monotonous girlfriend who does the same things every day. Be spontaneous by dressing up for him, surprising him, trying out new things in your love and sex life. Let it be something fun in which the both of you will enjoy.

12. Support his dreams and passion

Being a good girlfriend to your boyfriend involves being his number one fan and supporter towards accomplishing his dreams and passion.

13. Accept his shortcomings and flaws

As no one is perfect, your partner is bound to have flaws. Accepting his shortcomings will build a stronger and healthier relationship for both of you.

14. Listen and be his lean-on shoulder

If your man tells you his problems, as a good girlfriend, one of the things you can do for him is to listen and be there when he needs you. This way, you can encourage him and even provide a solution to his troubles.

15. Love messages

Constantly remind him of your love for him by telling him or sending him love messages to make him smile and let him know that you are thinking of him.

How to be a good girlfriend in a long distance relationship

Contrary to what many people think, long distance relationships can work. Despite the various hardships such as the distance and loneliness, long-distance relationships have their perks too. Here are ways in which you can become a good girlfriend in a long distance relationship.

1. Be creative and regular in your communication

Besides the greetings, find nice things to talk about in order to keep each other updated about your lives. As a girlfriend, you can put in the effort by making videos, taking pictures and even audios to send to him.

2. Talk dirty

Just because you are far away from each other does not mean that you cannot enjoy teasing him and building the sexual tension.

3. Avoid compromising situations

Avoid making him suspicious or worried when you end up in compromising situations. An example would be going to the club till late night knowing that your boyfriend will be displeased if he found out.

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4. Maintain honesty

It is common to experience certain emotions such as jealousy, fear, insecurity and more in a long-distance relationship. However, open up to your partner and express your worries, and need for support to improve communication.

Good Girlfriend Qualities

Most men who are ready to date and settle will often come into the dating world after considering the kind of girlfriend they want. Thus, here are some qualities of a good girlfriend that will help you partner up with the right guy for a long-lasting relationship.

1. Loyalty

Since the relationship is monogamous, a good girlfriend will remain loyal by avoiding flirting and cheating on you, as well as stay by your side during the tough times.

2. Best friend

A girlfriend who is a best friend as well as a lover to her man will often have a healthy and happy relationship.

3. Shows her true colors

For a successful relationship, a good girlfriend does not shy from being herself around her boyfriend.

4. A good listener

Relationships are not always fun and games. A good girlfriend will provide an attentive and compassionate ear to her man and even help him through his problems.

5. Her world is his world

Being in a relationship means making the decision to share your life with someone you love. Thus, a good girlfriend will include her boyfriend in her life by introducing him to close friends and family and creating time for her man.

How to be a Good Girlfriend Books

Want to know more about spicing up your relationship by being a better girlfriend? Here are some books to help you understand love and become a good girlfriend.

1. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus – John Gray, Ph. D.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex: John Gray

This is a relationship guide book in which the author brings out the problems men and women face in relationships due to the psychological differences in both genders.

2. The Power of the Pussy – Kara King

The Power of the Pussy (Part Two) - (Dating, Marriage, and Divorce Advice for Women)

A book containing 12 secrets that will turn any woman into a strong and desirable woman who can have the respect, love, and relationship she deserves.

3. Make Him BEG For Your Attention – Bruce Bryans

Make Him BEG For Your Attention: 75 Communication Secrets for Captivating Men to Get the Love and Commitment You Deserve

This book will help you understand how to not only improve your looks but also your feminine quality to keep a man captivated by you.

Good Girlfriend Quotes

Only you can make me smile after having a bad day.

I believe that dreams can come true because mine did when I met you, my love. I will always love you. I swear.

I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more – Angelita Lim

I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then – Cassandra Clare

Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.


When in a relationship, staying committed to being the best girlfriend he’s ever had will most definitely improve your relationship and increase the level of intimacy between both of you.

However, it also requires the both of you to put in the effort in bettering your relationship. Chances are, the better you become at being his girlfriend the more he will want to return the favor.


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